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"Volume XI 





22 1 


. I 


Accessions. See New York Public Library — Accessions. 

American Naval Affairs, 1798-1802, Letters relating to. . . 411-419 

Ballads, List of Works relating to. ....... 187-226 

British Board of Trade and Plantations, Report of Decem- 
ber, 1703 469-497 

Director's Report for 1906-07. ........ 463-468 

Documents printed from Manuscripts in the Library: 

American Naval Affairs, 1798-1802. ...... 411-419 

British Board of Trade, Report of December, 1703. . . 469-497 

Donors. See New York Public Library — Donors. 
Drama, List of Works relating to Jewish. ..... 18-51 

Engineering, List of Works relating to Hydraulic. . 512-552, 565-626 

Folk Songs, Folk Music, Ballads, etc., List of Works relating to. 187-226 
Great Britain. Report of Board of Trade and Plantations, De- 
cember, 1703. ........... 469-497 

Hydraulic Engineering, List of Works relating to. . 512-552, 565-626 

Jewish Drama, List of Works relating to. ..... 18-51 

Law, List of Works relating to Muhammadan. .... 8-17 

Maitland, Alexander, Resolution adopted by the Board of Trus- 
tees ON the Death of. ........ . 563-4 

Manuscripts, See Documents printed from Manuscripts in the 

Muhammadan Law, List of Works relating to. .... 8-17 

Music. See Folk Songs. 

Nautical and Naval Art and Science, Navigation, etc.. List of 

Works relating to. .... 239-287, 299-345, 359-398, 420-436 

Naval Affairs, Letters relating to American, 1798-1802. . . 411-419 
Navigation. See Nautical and Naval Art, etc. 
New York Public Library: 

Accessions, List of Principal. 52-55, 84-91, 126-135, 169-179, 227-231, 

288-291, 346-351, 399-403, 437-455, 498-5031 553-555> 627-631 

Donors, List of Principal. 56, 92, 136, 180, 232, 292, 352, 404, 456, 504, 

556, 632 
Report (Director's) for 1906-07. ...... 463-468 

Report (Monthly). 3-7, 59-63, 95-98, 139-142, 183-186, 235-238, 295- 
298, 355-358, 407-410, 459-462, 507-511, 559-564 
Report. See New York Public Library — Report. 
Schuyler, Philip, Resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees 

ON the Death of. ......... . 7 

Songs. See Folk Songs. 

Virginia, List of Works relating to 64-83, 99-125, 143-168 


-2/V ' K I h^ ■ / ^9^11 • I 





Volume XI • ]N^ umber 1 

Report for December, and Summary for July-December . 3-7 

List op Works relating to Muhammedan Law . . . 8-17 

List op Jewish Drama 18-51 

Principal Accessions in December 52-55 

Principal Donors in December 56 



William W. Appleton. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. J. Pierpont Morgan. 

John L. Cadwalader. Morgan J. O'Brien. 

Andrew Carnegie. Stephen II. Olin. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. Alexander E. Orr. 

John Murphy Farley. Henry C. Potter. 

Samuel Greenbaum. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Charles Rowland Russell. 

John S. Kennedy. George W. Smith. 

Edward King. Frederick Sturges. 
Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street. 


Lafayette Street, 425. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, Sqo. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 33. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Riving roN Street, 61. 

Le Roy Street, 66. (Hudson Park.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. ((Dttendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) , 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (Muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 

67th Street, 32S East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (St. Agnes. Blind Library.) 

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues. 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 

145th Street, 503 West. (Hamilton Grange.) 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (MoTT Haven.) 
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (Tremont.) 
230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 




Vol. XI. 

January, 1907. 

No. 1. 


The following table shows the operations of the Reference Department of the 
New York Public Library for December, 1906, with the corresponding figures for 
the last six months, as compared with the corresponding six months of 1905: 

No. vols, purchased, accessioned 

No. vols, given, " 

No. pams. purchased. 

No. pams. given, " 

No. vols, actually received by purchase 

No. vols. " " " gift . 

No. pams. " " " purchase 

No. pams. " " " gift . 

No. prints " " " purchase 

No. prints " " " gift . 

No. maps " " " purchase 

No. maps " " '' gift . 

No. vols, received in exchange 

No. pams. " " " 

No. vols, sent out .... 

No. pams. " " . 

No. vols, sent to outside binders 

No. vols, sent to Library binder 

No. maps mounted by Library binder 

No. books catalogued 

No. pams. catalogued 

No. cards written .... 

No. slips written for copying machine 
No. cards from copying machine 
No. readers and visitors . 
No. readers. ..... 

No. readers, desk applicants 

No. vols, consulted by desk applicants 

Daily average of readers . 

No. readers, periodical department . 

Daily average " " 

No. periodicals consulted . 

(No. taken from rack) 
No. readers, Russian department 

(No. works consulted) 

During the calendar year ending December 31, 1906, the number of volumes 
actually received was 30,966 and of pamphlets 70,401, of which 13,381 volumes 
and 29,113 pamphlets were gifts, and 6,916 volumes and 36,404 pamphlets were 
received by exchange. 










































































































1. 371 







The number of volumes catalogued was 30,335, and of pamphlets 33,044. 

There are now on the shelves of the Astor and Lenox branches of the Library, 
available for readers, 696,365 volumes and 268,712 pamphlets. These with the 
570,789 volumes in the circulation department give a total of 1,535,866 pieces in 
the whole system. 

The total number of readers and visitors during the calendar year was 2 10,065 ; 
the number of desk applicants was 180,782, and the number of volumes consulted 
by these desk applicants was 802,874, as shown by the following table: 

^^^'^ VOLUMES. 


AsTOR day service: total 146,328 684,530 

monthly average i 2, 194 57,044. 16 

volumes per reader, 4.67. 

Astor evening service: total 20,925 43)36i 

monthly average i, 743-75 35613-41 

volumes per reader, 2.07. 

Astor day and evening: total 167,253 727,891 

monthly average i3?937-75 60,657.58 

volumes per reader, 4.35. 

Lenox (9 A.M. to 6 P.M.): total 13,529 74,9^3 

monthly average 1,127.41 6,248.58 

volumes per reader, 5.54. 

Astor and Lenox: total 180,782 802,874 

monthly average 15,065.16 66,906.16 

volumes per reader, 4.44. 

In 1905 the total amounted to 160,172 desk applicants and 677,946 volumes, an 
average of 13,346.83 desk applicants and 56.495.5 volumes per month, each reader 
using an average of 4.23 volumes. Increase of 1906 over 1905 amounted to 20,610 
desk applicants and 124,928 volumes. 

During the calendar year ending December 31, 1906, the Circulation Depart- 
ment (36 branches) circulated for home use 4,973,078 volumes; the number of 
readers consulting books from the shelves was 632,182; the adult reading-room 
attendance was 512,847, the total of such attendance being 807,289; the number 
of volumes accessioned was 96,770, giving a total of 570,789 on the shelves. 

During the year four new circulation branches were opened, three of which 
provided new buildings for already existing branches, and one a new branch for 
the lower West side — the Hudson Park branch at 66 Le Roy Street, opened on 
January 26. The new building for Muhlenberg was opened at 209 West 23d 
Street on February 19, for St. Agnes at 444 Amsterdam Avenue on March 26, 
and for Webster at 1465 Avenue A on October 24. 

The assembly rooms of the Hudson Park, Tompkins Square, 125TH Street, 
and Tremont branches were used experimentally by the Board of Education for 
the spring season of the evening free lectures; these same four branches have 
been used for the same purpose since the beginning of the winter courses, in all 
cases the Library remaining open for half an hour after the lecture to enable the 
hearers to withdraw books should thev so desire. 





East Broadway, 33 

East Broadway, 197 

Rivington Street, 61 ' 

Le Roy Street, 66 

Bond Street, 49 - ■ 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue 

loth Street, 331 East 

13th Street, 251 West 

22d Street, 230 East 

23d Street, 209 West 

34th Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

42d Street, 226 West 

50th Street, 123 East 

51st Street, 463 West 

59th Street, 113 East 

67th Street, 328 East 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue 

Travelling Libraries 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A 

79th Street, 222 East 

81st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue 

Blind Library 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

96th Street, 112 East 

looth Street, 206 West 

iioth Street, 174 East 

123d Street, 32 West 

125th Street, 224 East 

135th Street, 103 West 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. 


140th Street and Alexander Avenue. . . 

176th Street and Washington Avenue. 

Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933 


Port Richmond 















































































































Among the books received during the month may be mentioned those from 
the American Philosophical Society, volume i of its " Record of the celebration 
of the 2ooth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin," at Philadelphia, 
April 17-20, 1906; from the University Library of Breslau, 5 volumes and 72 
pamphlets, dissertations for degrees, etc. ; from Theodore L. De Vinne, his 
" Practice of typography," 4 volumes; from Mrs. Henry Winthrop Gray, a copy 
of the report of the trial of Prof. John W. Webster for the murder of Dr. George 
Parkman, Nov. 23, 1849; fi'om the Universitilts Bibliothek of Jena, 10 volumes 
and 89 pamphlets, being dissertations for degrees; from Lady Meux, her elaborate 
issue of the Ethiopic text and translation into English of the life and miracles of 
Takla Haymiinot (1905); from Daniel F. Cohalan "Annals of the Four Masters,'* 
edited by John O'Donovan, Dublin, 185 i, 7 volumes. 

At the Lenox branch the exhibition of photographs of Italian paintings, 
selected from the A. A. Hopkins Collection, remained on view, as did also the 
exhibit of etchings by Adolphe Lalauze. At the Astor branch the exhibition of 
plates and text from the "Etcher" (1881) remained unchanged, as did also the 
print exhibits at the various circulation branches. 

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
circulation branches were as follows: 

East Broadway, Books on Japan, Music and musicians, Visits from St. Nicho- 
las, Whittier; Rivington Street, Indoor games; Hudson Park, Henry D, 
Thoreau, Western life. College sports; Bond Street, Spain, Constantinople, 
Foods; Tompkins Square, Snow; Jackson Square, Story hour; Muhlenberg, 
Railroads, Sports; George Bruce, Sea stories, Manhattan new and old, The 
drama. The horse; 67TH Street, Santa Claus and his workshop, North Ameri- 
can Indians, Hiawatha; Riverside, Babyhood, Tales of the sea, Indians, Animal 
friends. Sports for women, Dutch boys and girls; St. Agnes, Automobile stories; 
96TH Street, Buildings in New York, Reading lists; Bloomingdale, A British 
liner, His Majesty's navy; 125TH Street, Volcanoes, Child labor, College and 
school, Coal and coal mining; Mott Haven, Michael Angelo, Some great 
explorers; Tremont, Colonial customs, Constitution, Dewey in Manila, Dickens,. 
Friendship of books, Hague tribunal. Home life in the Philippine Islands, In the 
days of Elizabeth, Monroe Doctrine, Panama Canal, Winter; Port Richmond, 
Polar regions; Tottenville, Reproduction of famous pictures of Madonna and 

In addition there were bulletins on Christmas at twenty-two branches, on new 
books at seven branches, on the new year at five branches, on December birthdays 
of celebrated men and women at two branches, and on winter at two branches. 

The collection of menus, formed largely by Miss Frank E. Buttolph, amounted 
at the close of 1906 to 15, 194 pieces. Of this total 3,305 represent American daily 
bills of fare, priced; 363 belong to the group of foreign dailies; 239 were issued 
by railroads, and 5,041 for Atlantic and Pacific steamers. Among menus for 
special occasions 1,026 are classified as complimentary banquets, and 388 as mili- 
tary and naval banquets, and 337 as menus for national events. Patriotic societies 
number 393, and social clubs 534; commercial organizations number 616, and school 
and colleges 255. 


At the meeting of the Board of Trustees held on January 9, 1907, the following 
minute on the services of Philip Schuyler was unanimously adopted: 

" Philip Schuyler died suddenly, as the result of a railway accident, on 
November 29, 1906. He was essentially and by inheritance a distinguished citizen 
of New York. His ancestry was remarkable and distinguished on both sides. 
Major-General Philip Schuyler of the Continental Army and a Senator of the 
United States was his great-grandfather, as was Alexander Hamilton upon his 
mother's side. He was entitled from such progenitors to the possession of unusual 
qualities and to become himself in turn a marked American. 

" Mr. Schuyler was born in the City of New York, on June 20, 1836. He spent 
some years at Harvard at the Lawrence Scientific School, afterwards attended 
scientific lectures for some time in Berlin, and subsequently entered upon the 
study of the law. 

"The breaking out of the war, however, put a definite end to thoughts of a 
civil life, and he soon sought to place at the service of his country the training he 
had acquired in the Seventh Regiment, and in April, 1861, in response to the call 
of the President, marched as a private with his company for the protection of 

" Toward the close of this temporary service he promptly sought service in the 
regular army, and his commission, signed by Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Cameron, then 
Secretary of War, as a First Lieutenant in the Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry, 
bears date August 17, 1861. In the service of the United States, with the perti- 
nacity which distinguished him in life, he clung to the particular service in which 
he had enlisted, and remaining with his regiment or on the staff, served through 
the war as a regular, always faithful and distinguished, becoming Captain July i, 
1864, and Brevet-Major in the Army of the United States, April 9, 1865, — "for 
gallant and meritorious services during the recent operations resulting in the fall 
of Richmond, Virginia, and the surrender of the insurgent army under General 
R. E. Lee " — after which he retired from the service. It is not possible here to 
refer at length to his army record, which is a part of the history of the country. 

" He brought into exercise in private life the same qualities which distinguished 
him as a soldier. He was capable, public-spirited and efficient, with liking and 
capacity for public affairs, and with temperament and manner making him a 
charming co-worker and companion. He was able to accomplish results by gentle 
insistence and kindly interest where others might fail, and in the effort he endeared 
himself to all with whom he came in contact. 

"He became a Trustee of the Astor Library on February 14, 1894, and a 
Trustee of the New York Public Library on its formation, and was a most 
enlightened, useful and attractive member of the Board. He bore his full share 
of service on various committees and always with the same efficiency and in the 
same spirit. 

"This minute cannot assume to deal with his personal qualities, his capacity 
for friendship, his charming social spirit, his sweet conception of the character of 
a host and of a friend. He has left nothing but kindly recollections, with thank- 
fulness for his services and respect for his memory." 



Prepared by Miss I. A. Pratt under direction of Dr. Richard Gottheil. 

Order of Arrangement : 

General Works. 
Various Schools: 




Minor schools. 


North Africa. 

Malay archipelago. 


Ahl^vardt (\V.) Die Jurisprudenz. (In his: 
Verzeichniss der arabischen Handschriften der 
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V. 2. Personal law of the Mahommedans. Containing the 
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General Works, cont'd. 

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Paging continuous. 

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other commentary entitled Nur al-anwar by Ahmad 
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a supercommentary on the Nur al-anwar, entitled 
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supercommentary by Ahmad al-Tahtawi.] Cairo, 
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special reference to the disposal of civil cases. On 
the margin another work on the same subject by 
Abu al-Walid Ibrahim Muhammad called Ibn al- 
Shihnah, entitled Lisan al-hukkam.] Cairo, 1892. 
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al-Shaibani.] Bulak, 1886. 136 pp. 4°. 



Hanafite School, cont'd, 

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commentary on al- Nasafi's Kanz al- daka'ik or, trea- 
tise on Muhammadan law according to the Hanafite 
school. On the margin the comments of Muham- 
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khalik ala al-bahr al-raik.] Cairo, i^qji- 8 v. 4°. 

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8, 232 pp. 4°. 


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according to the school of Malik. On the margin 
a commentary entitled al-mahasin al-bahiyyah fi 
madhhab malik imam dar al-hijrah al-nabawiyyah 
by Abdal-Majid al-Sharnubi.] Bulak, i<:)Oi. 48 pp. 
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school, entitled al-Mukaddimat al-ashmawiyat. 
Ahmad ibn Turki's commentary is on the margin.] 
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Precis de jurisprudence musulmane ou, 

Principes de legislation musulmane civile et religi- 
euse selon le rite malekite. . .traduit de I'arabe par 
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4°. (Explor. scien. de I'Algerie, 1840-42. Sci. 
hist, et geog. v. 10-15.) 

Table analytique et alphabetique. . . 

par M. Perron. Paris : Imp. Impc'riale, 1854. 
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Precis de jurisprudence musulmane, suivant 

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Same. Paris: Soc. asiatique, i'q'&Ji- 2 p.l., 

ii, 234 pp. 5. ed. 8°. 

Dardir (Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-). Akrab 
al-masalik. [An introduction to Muhammadan law 
according to the Malikite school, founded upon the 
Mukhtasar of Khalil ibn Ishak, with the author's 
commentary and a supercommenitary entitled 
Bulghat al-salik by Ahmad al-Sawl. The com- 
mentary of the author is printed on the margin. 
Cairo, 1903-5. 2 v. 4°. 

Harashi (Muhammad ibn Abd Allah al-). Sharh 
al-muhakkik. [A commentary on Khalil ibn Ishak's 
al-Muhtasar or, Compendium of Muhammadan law 
according to the school of Malik. On the margin 
a supercommentary by Ali ibn Ahmad al-Adawi.] 
Bulak, 18S2. 8 V. 4°. 

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al-kadi ala muhtasar al-muntaha. [A commentary 
on Ibn al-Hajib's Muhtasar al-muntaha.] Constan- 
tinople, 1889. 2 pts. 15, 496 pp. 8". 

Karafi (Ahmad ibn Idris al-). Anwar al-buruk. 
[A series of disquisitions, juridical, philosophical 
and philological, with reference to points of prac- 
tical jurisprudence according to the Maliki school. 
On the margin a commentary, entitled Idrar al- 
shuruk, by Ibn al-Shatt.] Tunis, 1885. 4 v. 8°. 

Kinani (Abd Allah al-). Al-ikd al-munazzam. 
[With special reference to civil cases. On the 
margin of Yamari (Durban al- Din al-) Tabsirat al 
hukkam.] Cairo, 1883. 2 v. 4°. 

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(Muhammad ibn Abd al-Baki al-) Sharh ala muwatta. 
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vant le cadre du code civil fran9ais. Rite malekite. 
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muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Asim. Tuh- 
fat al-hukkam. [A treatise on the principles of 
law written in Rajaz verses with the commentary 
of Muhammad ibn Ahmad called Mayyarah of Fez. 
On the margin the glosses of Abu Ali al-Hasan 
ibn Rihal al-Madani.] Cairo, 1897. 2 v. 4°. 

Tuhfat al-hukkam fi nukat al-ukud wal 

ahkam. Traite de droit musulman. La Tohfat d'Ebn 
Acem. Texte arabe avec traduction fran^aise, 
commentaire juridique & notes philologiques par 
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Sijilmasi (Abu Abd Allah Muhammad al- 
Filali al-). Kitab fath al-jalil al-samad. [Metri- 
cal treatise, with a commentary.] Tunis, 1873. 
553. I P- 8°- 

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(Rit de Malek). Legislation criminelle. Paris: 
Joubert, 1842. 127 pp. 8°, 

Yamari (Burhan al-Din al-). Tabsirat al-huk- 
kam. [On the functions of a Malikite judge and the 
cases which come under his jurisdiction. On the 
margin al-Kinani's al-ikd al-munazzam.] Cairo, 
1S83. 2 v. 4°. 

Zeys (E.) ^Traite elementaire de droit musu/ 
man algerien (Ecole malekite) spe'cialement redige' 
. . .a I'usage des candidats au certificat inferieur de 
legislation algerienne et de coutumes indigenes. 
Alger: A. Jourdain, 1886. 2 v. 4^. 

Zurkani (Muhammad ibn Abd al-Baki al-). 
Sharh ala sahih al-mmvatta. [Text of and com- 
mentary on the corpus juris of Malik ibn Anas ac- 
cording to the recension of al-Masmudi.] Cairo, 
1862. 4 V. in 3. f°. 




Ahmad ibn al-Husain ibn Ahmad. Precis de 
jurisprudence musulmane selon le rite chafeite, par 
Abou Chodja. Publication du texte arabe avec 
traduction et annotations, par S. Keijzer. Leyde: 
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Bahuti (Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Abd 
al-Muta' al-). Kitab al-mataiib al-muhimmat fi 
ahkam al- ibadat . [On the margin the same author's 
Hawvvash latifah \va tahkikat munifah.] Bulak: 
al Ilairiyyah, 1S92. 4, 128 pp. 4°. 

Banani (Mustafa ibn Muhammad al-). Hashi- 
yah ala sharh al-Mahalli. [Glosses on the com- 
mentary of Muhammad al-Mahalli on the Jam 
al-jawami, or principles of Muhammadan law, of 
Abd al-Wahhab ibn al-Subki. With the commen- 
tary are printed notes by Abd al-Rahman al- 
Sharbini.] Cairo, 1S90. 2 v. in i. 4°. 

Diinyati(Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad Shata al-). 
lanat al-talibin. [Glosses to the Fath al-muin, a 
treatise on Muhammadan law according to the 
Shafiite school by Zain al-Din al-Malibari. On the 
margin the Fath al-muin is printed with the addi- 
tions of Sayyid Bakri.] Cairo, igoi. 4. ed. 4 v. 
in 2. 4°. 

Ghazzi (Muhammad ibn Kasim al-). Fath al- 
Qarib. La revelation de I'omnipresent. Commen- 
taire sur le precis de jurisprudence musulmane 
d'Abou Chodja par. . .G. Texte arabe, public & 
traduit par ordre du gouvernement Neerlandais par 
L. W. C. Van den Berg. Leide: E.J. Brill, 1894. 
xvi, 742 pp. 8°. 

Grasshoff (Richard). *Die allgemeinen Leh- 
ren des Obligationenrechts (Verpflichtungsfahig. 
keit, Stellvertretung, Biirgschaft, Konkursund Ver- 
gleich) sowie die Lehre vom Kauf-, VoUmachts-, 
Gesellschaftsvertrage und von den Realcontrakten 
nach der Rechtsschule des Imam Esch-Schafii. Ein 
abschnitt aus dem kitab el buju des Abu Ishak 
Esch-Schirazi.iibersetzt und commentiert. [Konigs- 
berg.] Gottingen: W. F. Kiistner, I'&g'-,. 139 pp., 
I 1. 8°. 

Haithami' (Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-). Al- 
fatawi al-kubra. [A collection of Fatwahs, or legal 
decisions, according to the Shafiite school. On the 
margin are the fatwahs of Shams al-Din Muhammad 
ibn Shihab al-Din Ahmad alRamli.] Cairo, 1S90. 
4 V. in 2. 4°. 

Ibrahim ibn Ali al-Shirazi. Jus shafiiticum. 
Al Tanbih auctore Abu Ishak as-Shirazi quem e 
codice Leidensi et codice Oxoniensi edidit A. W. T. 
Juynboll. Litgdnni Batavorttrn: E.J. Brill, 1S79. 
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396 pp. 8°. 

De hoofdregelen der Sjafiitische leer van 

het pandrecht met eenonderzoek naar haar ontstaan 
en naar haren invloed in Ned. -Indie. Leiden: 
E.J. Brill, 1893. V, 91 pp. 8°. 

Kalyubi (Ahmad Shihab al-Din al-), and 
Umairah. Hawashi al-imamim al-muhakkikin. 
[A supercommentary on Jalal al-Din Mahalli's com- 
mentary on the Minhaj al-Talibin of al-Nawawi ; 
on Muhammadan law according to the Shafiite 

school. Jalal al-Din's commentary is on the margin.] 
Cairo, 1888. 4 v. in 2. 4°. 

Keijzer (S.) Ilandboek voor het Mohamme- 
daansch regt. . . 's Gravcnhage: Belinfante, 1853. 
4 p.l., 426 pp., I I. 8'. 

Mawardi (Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Habib al-). 
El Ahkam es Soulthaniya. Traite de droit public 
musulman. . .traduit et annote d'apres les sources 
orientales par. . . L. Ostrorog. Paris: E. Leroux^ 
1901. Tome I. 4°. 

Kitab al-ahkam al-sultaniy ah. Maverdii con- 

stitutiones politic;v, ex recensione Maximilian! 
Engeri accedunt adnotationes et glossarium. Bon- 
jice: Apud Adolphuni Alarcutn, 1853. xvi, 64, ii, 
432 pp. 8°. Arabic text. 

Kitab al-ahkam al-sultaniyah. Mawerdi's 

publiek en administratief regt van den Islam met 
een inleiding over de toepasselijkheid van dat regt 
in Nederlandsch Indie door S. Keijzer. V Gravcn- 
hage: II. C. Susan, 1862. xxxii, 253 pp. 8°. 

Mukri (Ismael ibn Abu Bakr al-). Kitab unwan 
al-sharaf. [A compendium of Muhammadan law 
according to the Shafii school, so written that the 
first and last letters of each line and two other per- 
pendicular columns form, when read from above 
downwards, four other treatises : On prosody; On 
the Rasuli dynasty of Yemen ; On Grammar ; On 
rhyme.] Aleppo, 1877. 114 pp. f°- 

Nawawi (Abu Zakariya Yahya al-). Minhadj 
at talibin: Le guide des zeles croyants. Manuel de 
jurisprudence musulmane selon le rite de Chafii. 
Texte arabe public. . .avec traduction et annota- 
tions par L. W. C. van den Berg. Batavia, 1S82— 
84. 3 V. 4^ 

Ramli (Shams aldin Muhammad al-). Nihayat 
al-muhtaj ila sharh al-minhaj. [A commentary on 
the Minhaj al-talibin of Abu Zakariya al-Nawawi, 
together with super-commentaries by Ali al-Shabra- 
millisi ; and Ahmad al-Rashidi.] Cairo, 1SS6. 8 v. 

Sachau (Eduard). Muhammedanisches Recht 
nach schafiitischer Lehre. Stuttgart: IV. Spemann, 
1897. xxxii, S79, 27 pp. 8'^. (Konigl. Friedr. 
Wilh. Univ., Berlin. Lehrbiicher des Seminars fiir 
oriental. Sprachen. v. 17.) 

Muhammedanisches Recht nach schafii- 
tischer Lehre. Snouck Hurgronje (C.) Anzeigen. 
(Zeitschrift der Deutschen morgenlandischen Gesell- 
schaft. V. 53, pp. 125-167. Leipzig, 1899.) 

Salim ibn Sumair al-Hadri. Safinat al-naja. [A 
manual of Muhammadan ceremonial law according 
to the Shafiite school, with a commentary, Kashifat 
alsaja, by Muhammad Nawawi al-Jawi and al- 
Riyad al-badaiyah on the same subject by Muham- 
mad Hasb Allah ibn Sulaiman.] Cairo, ii?>?>. 116,. 
2 pp. 4°. 

Sharbini (Muhammad al- Khatib al-). Mughni 
al-muhtaj. [A gloss to the Minhadj al-talibin, a 
work on Muhammadan law, by al-Nawawi.] Cairo, 
i8go. 4 V. in 2. 4°. 

Sharkawi (.\bd Allah ibn Hijazi al-). Ilashiyat 
ala sharh al- tahrir. [Glosses on the Tahrir, treat- 
ing of Muhammadan jurisprudence, of Abu Yahya 
Zakariya ibn Muhammad al-Ansari. On the margin 
a commentary on the Tahrir by Mustafa al-Dha- 
habi.] Bulak, 1S91. 2 v. in i. 4°. 



Sc/iafi'ite School, cont'd. 

Wuestenfeld (Ileinrich Ferdinand). Der 
Imam el Schalii, seine Schiller und Anhanger. 1-5. 
Gottingen, iSgo-gi. 4°. (Konigl. Gesellsch. d. 
Wiss. z. Gottingen. Abhandl. v. 36-37.) 

1. Der Imam el Schafii. 

2. Die unmittelbaren Scliiiler des Schafii. 

3. Die Anhanger de.s Schafii bis zum Jahre 300 d. H. 

4. Die gelehrten Schafiiten des 4. Jahrh. d. H. 
5- " ^ " " " 5- " 

Uber das Leben und die Schriften des 

Scheich Abu Zakarija Jahja el-Nawawi nach hand- 
schriftlichen Quellen. Gottingen, 1850. 4°. (K. 
Gesellsch. d. Wiss. z. Gottingen. Abhandl. v. 4.) 

Minor schools. 

Huguet (Joseph Juiien Aristide). Sur le Kitab 
n Nil. (Soc. d'anthrop. de Paris. Bull, et mem. 
ser. 5, V. 4, pp. 381-391. Paris, 1903.) 

The Kitab n Nil is a compendium of the religious, civil and 
criminal law of the Muhammadan sect of the Abadhites. 

Ibn Hanbal (Ahmad ibn Muhammad). [Mus- 
nad, or collection of traditions. On the margin the 
Muntahib kunz al-ammal of Ala al-Din ibn Husam 
al-Din al-Mutakki.] Cairo: Matba a Mairiianiyyah, 
1893. 6 V. 4°. Arabic text. 

Jauziyah (Muhammed ibn Kaiyam al-). Al- 
turuk al-hikmiya fi al-siyasat al-shariya. [Hanbali 
school.] Cairo, 1899. 15, 308 pp. 8°. 

Sacy (A. I. Silvestre de). Droit civil. Affaires 
des Druzes dont la connaissance est reservee aux 
ministres unitaires. Mariages et divorces. (In his: 
Expose de la religion des Druzes. Paris, 1835-38. 
2 V. 8°. V. 2, pp. 696-706.) 

Sachau (Karl Eduard). Muhammedanisches 
Erbrecht nach der Lehre der Ibaditischen Araber 
von Zanzibar und Ostafrika. n.t.-p. Berlin, 1894. 
159-210 p. 4°. 

Extr.: Konglich Preussischen Akademieder Wissenschaften 
zu Berlin. Sitzungsberichte 8. 

Sadi (Jumayyil ibn Hamis al-). Kitab kamus 
al-shariah. [A complete system of Muhammadan 
theology and law according to the Ibadi school.] 
Zanzibar, 1880-83. 9 v. 4°. 

Yahya ibn Adam. Le Hvre de I'impot foncier 
public d'apres le manuscrit unique appartenant a 
Charles Schefer. . . par Th. W. JuynboU. Leide: 
E.J. Brill, 1896. X, 142 pp. 8°. Arabic text. 


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la revision en droit penal egyptien. Le Caire: F. 
Diemer, 1899. viii, 2 1., 321 pp. 8°. 

Kanun al Mahkamah al-Mukhtalitah. [Code of 
laws for the mixed tribunal in Egypt.] Bulak, 
1876. 6 pts. in I V. 8°. 

Kanun al-akubat al-ahli al-Misri. [The 
Egyptian penal code; February 14, 1904.] Cairo, 
1904. 159 PP- 12°. 

North Africa. 

Abd al-Aziz. Droit Mozabite. De la tutelle. 
Extraits traduits par Hureaux. . .et annotes par el 
Hadj Salah ben Mohammed. Alger: J. Lavagne, 
1882. 16 p. 8°. 

Bidi (El). Nos justiciables musulmans. Faut 
il abroger le decret de i8Sg? Reforme de la justice 
criminelle. Usure et usuriers. Constantine: D. 
Braliain, 1902. 85 pp., i 1. 8°. 

Bompard (M.) Legislation de la Tunisie : 
recueil des lois, decrets et reglements en vigueur 
dans la regence de Tunis au le"" Janvier, 1888. 
Paris: E. Lerotix, 1888. xxiii, I 1., 543 pp. 4°. 

Goguyer (A.) Choix splendide de preceptes 
cueillis dans la loi. Petit manuel de droit immo- 
bilier suivant les deux rites musulmans orthodoxes 
de la regence de Tunis traduit sur la premiere edi- 
tion du texte arabe. . .et annote par A. G. Paris: 
RIaisonneuve et Leclerc, lii'i'^. 2p.l.,io8pp. 12°. 

Hanoteau (Adolphe), and A. Letourneux. 
La kabylie et les coutumes kabyles. Revue etaug- 
mentee des lois et decrets formant la legislation 
actuelle. Paris: A. Challamel, 1893. 2. ed. 
3 v. in 2. 4^. 

Isaac (Pierre Alexandre Ildephonse). Rapport 
. . . [sur la] (Justice fran9aise et musulmane). Police 
et Securite [I'Algerie]. Paris: P. Mouillot, 1895. 
423 pp. 4°. (France. Senat: Session 1895. No. 

Laune (Etienne). Formulaire arabe d'actes de 
procedure. Oran: Paul Perrier, 1890. 22, 106 pp. 

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la Tunisie; droit musulman et loi fonciere. Tunis: 
F. B. Borrel, igoo. xviii, 378 pp., i 1. 8°. 

Manuel fran9aise-arabe; ou, Recueil d'actes 
administratifs, judiciares & sous seing prive traduits 
en arabe par E. Laune. . .Alger: A. Jour dan, 1897. 
xiii, I 1., 426 pp., 2 1. 8°. 

Martinot (A.) Organisation de la justice 
musulmane en Algerie. Recueil des lois, decrets, 
arretes. . .en vigueur, concernant la matiere. Con- 
stantine: E. Marie, 1900. 2 p.l., ix, 2x8 pp. 8°. 

Mercier (E.) Le code du hobous ou ouakf 
selon la legislation musulmane. Suivi de textes des 
bons auteurs et de pieces originales. Constantine: 
D. Braham, 1899. 2 p.l., iii, 9-176 pp. 4°. 

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musulmane et juive a Alger. Paris: T. Barrels 
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majmu al-ifadah fi ilm al-shahadah. [A treatise 
on laws of evidence.] Tunis, 1896. 11, 162 pp. 
3. ed. 8°. 

Vassel (Philipp). Uber marokkanische Pro- 
cesspraxis. (Mittheil. d. Seminars f. oriental. 
Sprach. a. d. konigl. Friedrich Wilhelms-Univ. zu 
Berlin. Jahrg, 5, Abtheil 2. (West-asiat. Studien.) 
pp. 170-232. Berlin, 1902). 

Zeys (Ernest). Droit mozabite. Le Nil. Du 
mariage & de sa dissolution. Alger: A. Jour dan, 
1891. Ft. I. (Du mariage.) 4°. 

Legislation mozabite. Son origine ses 

sources, son present, son avenir. Le9on d'ouver- 
ture faite a I'Ecole de droit d'Alger. Alger: A. 
Jourdan, 1886. 69 pp. 4°. 

Repr.: Revue algerienne et tunisienne de legislation et de 



Africa, conCd. 

and Mohammed Oui.d Sidi SaId. Re- 

cueil d'actes judiciaires arabes, avec la traduction 
francaise et des notes juridiques. Alger: A. Jour- 
dan', \%%b. X, 1S5, 75 pp., 2 1. 12°. 


Baillie (N. B. E.) A digest of Moohummu- 
dan law on the subjects to which it is usually ap- 
plied by British courts of justice in India, compiled 
and translated from authorities in the original 
Arabic. London: Smith, Elder Ss' Co., 1875-87. 
2. ed. 2 V. 8°. 

Pt. I. The doctrines of the Hanifeea code of jurisprudence; 
Pt. 2. The doctrines of the Imaraeea code of jurisprudence, 
on the most important of the same subjects. 

Grady (S. G.) A manual of Mahommedan law 
of inheritance and contract, comprising the doc- 
trines of the Soonee and Sheea schools, and based 
upon. . .Sir W. H. Macnaghten's Principles. ..with 
decisions of the privy council and high courts of 
the presidencies in India. .. London: IV. H. Allen 
dr' Co., 1S69. Ivi, 2S5 pp. 8°. 

Macnaghten {Sir W. H.) Principles and 
precedents of Moohummudan law, being a compila- 
tion of primary rules relative to inheritance, con- 
tracts and miscellaneous subjects. ..With additional 
notes and questions for students by William Sloan. 
Eighth reprint with digest of cases revised up to 
1893. Madras: Higginbotham &' Co., 1897. xiii, 
lix, fix 9, xxvi pp. 8°. 

Mahomed Yusoof Khan Bahadur. Mahome- 
dan law relating to marriage, dower, divorce, legi- 
timacy and guardianship of minors, according to 
the Soonnees. v. 1-2. Calcutta: Thacker, Spink 
^ Co., 1S95. 2 v. 8°. (Tagore law lectures, 

V. I. Texts from the Quran and the Hadees, or traditions, 
as sources of law. 

V. 2. Marriage and other cognate subjects. 

Observations on the law and constitution of 
India, on the nature of landed tenures and on the 
system of revenue and finance as established by the 
Moohummudum law and Aloghul government; with 
an inquiry into the revenue and judicial administra- 
tion and regulations of police... in Bengal. Lon- 
don: Kingsbury, Par bury d^ Allen, 1S25. xxiii, 
404 pp. 8°. 

Sic^ (E.) Traite des lois mahometanes; ou, 
Recueil des lois, us et coutumes des Musulmans du 
Decan. Paris, 1841. viii, 88 pp. 8°. 

(Journal asiatique. 3. ser.,v. I2,pp. 149- 

1S7, 193-245. Paris, 1841.) 

Sircar (Shama Churun). The Muhammedan law. 
being a digest of the law applicable especially to the 
Sunnis of India. Calcutta: Thacker, Spink of Co., 
1873. XV, 567 pp. 8°. (Tagore law lectures, 1873.) 

West {Sir Raymond). Mohammadan law in 
India: its origin and growth. (Jour. Soc. of Com- 
parative Legislation, n. s., no. 4, pp. 27-44. Lon- 
don, 1900.) 

Wilson {Sir Roland K.) A digest of Anglo- 
Muhammadan law. Setting forth in the form of a 
code. . .the special rules now applicable to Muham- 
madans as such by the civil courts of British India. 
London: W. Thacker ks' Co., 1895. xxxiii, 500 pp 

An introduction to the study of Anglo- 

Muhammadan law. London: W. Thacker dr" Co., 
1S94. vi, I 1., 151 pp., 5 1. 8°. 

Should Indian Mahommedans entail their 

estates? (Nineteenth Century and after. No. 347, 
pp. 1 14-123. London, 1906.) 

Malay Archipelago. 

Eeijzer (Simon). Ilet mohammedaansche straf- 
regt, naar arabische, javaansche en maleische 
bronnen. ' s Gravenhage: II. C. Susan, 1857. xx, 
176 pp. 8°. 

Kitab toehpah, Javaansch-Mohammedaansch 

wetboek. . . Uitgegeven van wege het koninklijk 
Instituut voor de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 
van Neerlandsch Indie, 's Gravenhage: K. Fuhri, 
1853. vi, 248 pp. 8°. 

Meursinge (A.) Handboek van het Moham- 
medaansche Regt in de Maleische Taal, naar oor- 
spronkelijke Maleische en Arabische Werken van 
Mohammedaansche Regtsgeleerden bewerkt. Am- 
sterdatn : J. Miiller, 1S44. i p.l., xxxi, 404 pp., 
I 1. 8°. 
Arabic text. 

Ophuijsen (C. A. van). Eenige opmerkingen 
naar aanleiding van de door Prof. L. W. C. van 
den Berg bezorgde uitgave van de Oendang-oend- 
ang Djambi. n. t.-p. ['j Gravenhage, 1896.] I53~ 
213 pp. 8°. 

Excerpt : Bijdragen, kon. Inst, voor de Taal, Land- en 
Volkenkunde van Ned Indie, 6. Volg. v. 2. 

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handboek voor het Mohammedaansche regt. . . 
Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1874. xvi, 200 pp. 2. ed. 8°. 

Winckel (C. P. K.) Essai sur les principes 
regissant I'administration de la justice aux Indes 
Orientales Hollandaises surtout dans les iles de 
Java & de Madoura & leur application. Samarang: 
'G. C. T. Van Dorp is' Co., 18S0. xii, 3x5 pp., 
I pi., I map. 8°. 


Aristarchi Bey (Gregoire). Legislation ot- 
tomane; ou, Recueil des lois, reglements, ordon- 
nances, traites, capitulations & autres documents 
officiels de I'empire ottoman. Constatitinople: 
Frcres N'icolaides, 1873-88. 7 v. 8°. 

Bianchi (Thomas Xavier). Khaththy Hu- 
maioun; ou, charteimperiale ottomane du 18 fev- 
rier, 1856, en francais et en turc; suivie de la pro- 
nonciation du turc figuree en lettres fran9aises, de 
notes et d'explications;. ..le tout faisant suite. 
nouveau guide de la conversation en fran9aise et en 
turc. Paris, 1856. xiv, 25 pp. obi. 16°. 

Burgaki Efendi, and Tal'at Efendi. Sharh 
kanun usul al-mahakamat. [A commentary on 
Turkish criminal law, translated from the Turkish 
into Arabic by Mustafa Efendi Rashid al-Rifa'i.] 
Pt. 1-3. Beirut, 1885-7. 8°. 

Capos (C.) Notions elementaires sur les suc- 
cessions en Turquie. (Revue de droit international 
et de legislation comparee. ser. 2, v. 4. pp. 649- 
682. Bruxelles, ig02.) 



Turkey, confd. 

Dastur, al-. [A manual of Turkish law, trans- 
lated from the Turkish into Arabic by Naufal Efendi 
Naufal assisted by Khalil Efendi al-Khuri.] 
Beirut, 1S84. 2 v. 8°. 

Filitti (Georges). La propriete fonciere dans 
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V. I. Droit administratif. Droit judiciaire. Droit successoral. 

Droit de propriete immobiliere. 
V. 2. Droit des communautes privilegiees. Droit personnel. 

Droit interieur. Droit militaire. 
V. 3. Droit e.xterieur. Droit maritime. Droit sanitaire. Droit 

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Prepared by Mr. A. S. Freidus, Chief of the Hebrew Department. 

Order of Arrangement: 

General Works. 

Dramas dealing with themes of Biblical and later 

Jewish history (in various languages, arranged 

chronologically by subject-matter). 
Other dramas of Jewish life (in moder.n languages). 
Dramas in Hebrew. 

Hebrew compositions. 

Translations into Hebrew. 



Translations into Judeo-German. 
Judeo-German stage songs. 
The Hebrew stage. 


General Works. 

Bell (Hillary). The Jew and the modern drama. 
(AVw Yoi-k Press, 1 900.) 

Reprinted in Hebrew Standard. New York, June 8, 1900, 
p. I. f°. From a reprint in Springfield (Mass.) Republican. 

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un seine drei Krafte. Gestiitzt auf Gustav Freytag 
. ..[Judeo-German.] (Der nayer Gayst. v. i, p. 239- 
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Drama. (In his: Torat ha-Sifrut. Warsaw, i()02. 
8°. p. 19S-212.) 

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(Hebrew). [First article: on the Jewish dramatists 
who write in German.] (Ha-Eshcol. v. i, p. 44- 
53. Krakau, 189S. 8°.) 

I, Felix Durman. 2, Philipp Langmann. 

Modlinger (Samuel). Chayye Aristo. IVien, 
1883. sq. S°. 

Chap. 7-8 deal with Aristotle's theory of Poetry and the 

Pantarhei. Ohne Drama. (Die Welt. v. 5, 
no. 7. IVien, 1901. 4°.) 

Das deutsch-judische Milieudrama. {Ibid. 

no. 39.) 

Die jiidisch sprechenden Juden und ihre 

Buhne. {Ibid. no. 41.) 

Die P'orderung jiidischer Dramatik. {Ibid. 

no. 43.) 

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Shakespeare's knowledge and use of the Bible. 3.ed. , 
with appendix containing additional illustrations 
and tercentenary sermon. London : Smith, Elder 
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Biblical axd later themes. 
I. Biblical dramas, arranged by Harris G. Hale 
and Newton M. Hall. Boston: The Pilgrim P ress, 
igo6. 3 V. nar. 12°. 

1. The story of Joseph and his brethren. 

2. The story of Jacob. 

3. Moses the liberator. 

2. Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). Autos sacra- 
mentales, alegoricos, y historiales. . . Obras pos- 
thumas que saca a luz. . .J. Fernandez de Apontes. 
Madrid : La Viiida de Don Manuel Fernandez, 
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3. Chester plays (The): a collection of mysteries 
founded upon scriptural subjects, and formerly 
represented by the Trades of Chester at Whitsun- 
tide. Edited by Thomas Wright. London: Shake- 
speare Soc, 1S43-47. 2 V. 8°. 

Chester plays (The). Reedited from the MSS. 
by the late Dr. H. Deimling. Pt. i. London, 1893. 

4. Marriott (William). A collection of English 
miracle-plays or mysteries; containing the dramas 
from the Chester, Coventry, and Towneley series, 
with two of latter date. . . Basel : Schzveighaiiser 
&= Co., 1838. Ixiii, 271 p. 8°. 

5. Mistere (Le) du Viel Testament, public avec 
introduction, notes et glossaire, par le baron James 
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Buy, printed], 1878-91. 6 v. 8°. (Soc. des Anc. 
Textes Fran9ais.) 

cf. Isidore Loeb in Revue des Etudes juives. v. i, p. 308 ; 
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tended for young persons: the subjects taken from 
the Bible. . .Boston: J. IVesi &• Co., i3ir. 191 p. 

(In her Works, v. i, p. 75-109. New 

York, 1852. 8°.) 

7. P. (Br.) Three plays, scriptural and histori- 
cal. For male characters only. Translated from 
the French. . . By Br. P. London: S. French [1S71J. 
2 p.l., 27, 26, 36 p. 12°. 

Schwab (Moise). Mots hebreux^dans les mys- 
teres du moyen age. (Revue des Etudes juives. 
V. 46, p 14S-151. Paris, 1903. 4°.) 

8. Teatro ebraico, ovvero scelta di tragedie, 
tratte d'argomenti ebraici, parte tradotte dal fran- 
cese, e parte originali italiane. . . Venezia: P. Val- 
vasense, 1751-1752. 3 v. in i. 8°. 





Bates (Katharine The English religious 
drama. A^eiu York: Macviillan Co., 1902. 4 p.l., 
254 p. 12°. 

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Alexandre Dumas, fils, F. W. Farrar, and Henry 
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Frag, 1903.) 

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Ln dividii a I Flays . 

Adam and Eve. 

Rothschild (James de), baron. Le compositions 
•dramatiques dont I'histoire d'Adam et d'Eve est le 
principal sujet. (In Mistere du Viel Testament, 
public par le baron James de Rothschild, v. i, 
p. Iv-lix. Paris, 1878. 8°.) 

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Adams. Ein Trauerspiel [in 3 acts].. Leipzig: 
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Werke, v. 8.) 

La morte d'Adamo: tragedia, tradotta in 

Italiano. (In: Gozzi (G.) Opere. v. 7, p. 319-416. 
Venezia, 1794. 16°. ) 

La morte d'Adamo: tragedia. . .tradotta. . . 

•dal G. Gozzi. Venezia, 1800. 44 p. 12°. (Teatro 
Moderno Applaudito. v. 45.) 

10. Mot Adam. [A drama in three acts; trans- 
lated freely from the French into Hebrew.] (In: 
Hornstein (Z.) Shire Kodesh. Warsaw, 1881. 
16°. p. 13-72.) 

11. Sachs (Hans). Tragedia von schopfung, 
fal und ausstreibung Ade auss dem paradeyss; hat 
xj person und iij actus. (In his [Werke] PIrsg. von 
A. von Keller, v. i, p. 19-52. Tubingen, 1870. 8°. 
{Litterarischer Verein in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. 
V. 102.) 

12. Ein spil mit ir personen, wie Gott, der 

Herr, Adam und Eva ihre kinder segnet. (In his: 
[Werke] Hrsg. von Dr. Arnold, v. 2, p. 254-268. 
Berlin u. Stuttgart [1884]. 12°. (Deutsche Na- 
tional-Litteratur. v. 21.) 

13. Vondel (Joost van den). Adam in balling- 
schap, of aller treurspeelen treurspel [in 5 acts and 
inverse]. (In his: Dichterlijke werken. v. i, p. 93- 
182. Amsterdam, 1820. 24°.) 

Cain and Abel. 

Rothschild (James de), baron. Les represen- 
tations de la Mort d'Abel. (In: Mistere du Viel 
Testament, publie par le baron James de Roths- 
child. V. I, p. Ixvij-lxxj. Paris, 1878. 8"".) 

14. Alfieri (Vittorio). Abele, tramelogedia [in 
5 acts and in verse]. (In his: Opere. v. 3, p. 23- 
98. Ltalia\^Viacenza\, 1S09. 32°.) 

(In his: Tragedie et vita. Firenze,\%\2. 4°. 

p. 425-450.) 

(In his: Tragedie. v. 2, p. 339-397. Firenze, 

1855. 12°. ) 

15- Byron (6. baron), George Gordon Noel 
Byron. Cain: a mystery [in three acts and ir 
verse]. 1S22. (In his: Works. ) 

Cain... [Translated from the English 

into Hebrew by David Frischmann.] IVarsaw : 
'' Tiischijah," igoo. 2 pt. in I v. xl., J28 p. 12°. 
(Bibliotheca Ibrit.) 

HoLTERMANN (Adolph). Cain. . . by Lord Byron, 
critically examined . Brunswick : F. Vietvig 6^ 
Son, 1869. 27 p. 8°. 

16. Klopstock (Friedrich Gottlieb). Der Tod 
Abels. Ein Trauerspiel [in 3 acts]. (In his: Werke. 
V. II, p. 169-200. Leipzig, 1816. 8°.) 

17. Metastasio (Pietro Antonio Domenico 
Bonaventura). La morte d'Abel. Azione sacra. . . 
1732. (In his: Opere. v. 7, p. 285-326. Londra, 
1782. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere. v. 4, p. 313-354. Man- 

tova, 1 8 16. i6°.) 

(In his: Opere scelte. v. 5, p. 59-88. 

Milano, 1820. 8°.) 

(In his: Opere drammatiche. v. 14, 

p. 77-113. Alilano, 1824, 32°.) 

18. Sachs (Hans). Comedia. Die ungeleichen c 
Kinder Eva, wie sie Gott, der Herr, anredt; hat 
xix personen unnd funff actus. (In his: [Werke] 
Hrsg. von A. von Keller, v. i, p. 53-87. Tubingen, 
1870. 8°. (Litterarischer Verein in Stuttgart. 
Bibliothek. v. 102.) 


For bibliography see baron James de Rothschild's Intro- 
duction, in Mistere du Viel Testament, publie par le 
baron James de Rothschild, v. i, p. Ix.xxj-lxxxij. 
Paris, 1878. 8°. 

19. Vondel (Joost van den). Noah, of ondergang 
der eerste weerelt. Treurspel [in 5 acts and in 
verse]. (In his Dichterlijke werken. v. i, p. 183- 
260. Amsterdam, 1S20. 24°.) 


Rothschild (James de), baron. [Du sacrifice 
d'Abraham.] (In Mistere du Viel Testament, pub- 
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Appendice. Bibliographic de I'Abra- 

ham sacrifiant de Theodore de Beze. {Lbid. p. 

20. Goldfaden (Abraham). Akedath Jizchak 
o Mahpechath Sedom we-Amorah. Biblische Oper- 
etta in 4 Akten un 40 Bildern. . . [Judeo-German.] 
Krakau: J. Fischer, 1897. 70 (2) p. 8°. 

German title : Die Opferung Isaak oder die Zerstorung 
von Sodom und Gomora. 

21. Levy (Leah). Bible plays for the Sabbath 
school. Abraham. New York: Block Pub. Co., 
1901. 22 p. 16°. 




For bibliography of dramas relating to this subject see 
Rothschild (James de), baron. Notice sur les mysteres 
contenus dans le tome II. (In: Mistere du Viel Testa- 
ment. V. 2, p. .\.xviii-.\x.\i. Paris^ 1879. 8°.) 

22. Genlis (Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de St. 
Aubin de), comtesse. Isaac, comedie en deux actes. 
n. t.-p. n.p. [182-?] I p.l., 117-118 p. nar. 16*. 

23. Metastasio (Pietro Antonio Domenico 
Bonaventura). Isacco, figura del redentore. Azione 
sacra. .. 1740. (In his: Opere. v. 7, p. 367-406. 
Londra, 1782. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere. v. 8, p. 243-280. 

Mantova, 1S17. 16°. ) 

(In his : Opere scelte. v. 5, p. 183- 

211. Milano, 1820. 8°.) 

(In his: Opere drammatiche. v. 14, 

p. 225-258. Milano, 1S24. 32°.) 


For bibliography of dramas relating to this subject see 
Rothschild (James de), baron. Notice sur les mysteres 
contenus dans le tome II. (In Mistere du Viel Testa- 
ment. V. 2, p. x.xxiii-x.xxiv. Paris, 1879. 8°.) 

24. Sachs (Hans). Comedia. Jacob mit seinem 
bruder Esaw. Hat sechs person und v actus. 
(In his [Werke]. Hrsg. von A. von Keller, v. i, 
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Verein in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. v. 102.) 

25. Story (The) of Jacob. Arranged by Harris 
G. Hale and Newton M. Hall. Boston: The Pil- 
grim Press, 1906. iii (i), 20 p. nar. 12°. (Bibli- 
cal dramas.) 


Rothschild (James de), baron. Les principales 
pieces dramatiques composees sur le . . . sujet a 
diverses epoques et dans les differents pays de 
I'Europe. (In: Mistere du Viel Testament, public 
par le baron James de Rothschild, v. 3, p. xxv- 
Ixxxii. Paris, 1881. 8°.) 

This list comprises 135 plays, aside from editions and trans- 

26. Angela Fortunata. Aseneth. Drama in 
fUnf Aufzugen [and inverse]. Mit Musikbeilage. 
Miinster in Westfalen: Alphonsus Buchhandlung 
[1906]. 29 p. 16°. 

The supplement is wanting. 

27. Baour-Lormian (Pierre Marie Fran9ois 
Louis). Omasis ; ou Joseph en Egypte, tragedie en 
cinq actes et en vers. Paris: Vente, 1807. i p.l., 
70 p. 12°. 

28. [Chayyim Abraham ben Aryeh Loeb] 
Milchamah be-Shalom. [First part called Token 
Alilot and second part Tokachat Megulah. Hebrew.] 
Sklow: K. Berger, 1797. 40 f. sq. 8°. 

Another ed. Edited by Eliezer Power. 

Zolkiew: A. J. L. Meyer ho ffer, 1806. 64!. 12°. 

Another ed. Wilna: Menahem Man 

ben Baruch, 1819. i p.l., 61 f. 16°. 

Another ed. Warsaw: N. Schrift- 

giesser, 18S3. 66 p. 12°. 

Gedulat Joseph. [The above Hebrew 

work translated into Judeo-German by Eliezer 
Power.] Josef ow: D. S. I. Wax, 1838. 30 f. 4°. 

Another ed. Lemberg: \^U. W. Salai 

&^]/. M. Nik, 1882. I p.l., 30 1. 16°. 

Another ed. Wilna: J. L. Matz, 1895. 

2 p.l., 2-[6o] p. 8°. 

Another ed. Wilna: Widow ^^ Bros. 

Romm, i8q6. 120 p. 16°. 

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Biblical drama in five acts. Edited by C. J. Hans- 
sen. AVw York: The Dramatic Publishing Com- 
pa7iy\\%-l\. 28 p. 16°. (The wizard series.) 

30. Ebb (Sophie R.) Joseph. A biblical play. 
New York: Block Pub. Co., 1903. 7 1. 8°. 

31. Groot (Hugo de). Sofompaneas of Joseph 
in 't hof. Trcurspel [in 4 acts and in verse]. Ver- 
taelt uit hct Latijn [by J. Van den Vondel]. (In: 
Vondel's Uichterlijke werken. v. 2, p. 77-140. 
Amsterdam, 1S20. 24°.) 

32. Iliowizi (Henry). Joseph: a dramatic re- 
presentation in seven tableaux. Minneapolis, Min. : 
Tribune Job Print. Co., 1885. 46 p. 8°. 

33. [Issachar Baermannof Limburg.] . . . Me- 
chirus Joseph. Die Verkauffung Josephs . . . sampt 
unserer hoch-teutscher Ubersetzung. [Judeo-Ger- 
man and German.] (In Schudt (J. J.) Jiidische 
Merckwurdigkeiten. pt. 3, p. 226-327. Franck- 

furt, 1 714. 4°.) 

Comp. ibid. pt. 2, section 3, p. 314-316; pt. 4, continuation 
3, p. 6-10. 

34. Jacobson (Janie). Joseph and his breth- 
ren. A Scriptural play in four acts, n.t.-p. \^New 

York:Stt'ttiner Bros.,] cop. 1905. 16 p. nar. 8°. 

35. Joseph and his brethren. The Hebrew 
Son; or, The child of Babylon. In three acts. A^ew 

York, i860. 3 pt. f°. 

Ms. The parts of the different characters are on loose 

Prompter's copy. The name of E. F. Taylor appears on 
the t.-p. At the end of Isaac's part is the signature of the 
copyist and " Barnum's Museum, i860." Becks bequest. 

36. Joseph and his brethren. A drama. In 
three acts. London [iS-i 7]. 26 p. (In: P. Three 
plays . . . For male characters only. Translated 
from the French ... By Br. P. London [1871 ?]. 


37. Lateiner (Joseph). Joseph und seine 
BrUder. Historische Opere in 5 Akten und 9 Bil- 
der. [Judeo-German.] [189-?] 45 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

38. Itletastasio (Pietro Antonio Domenico 
Bonaventura). Giuseppe riconosciuto. Azione 
sacra . . . 1733. (In his Opere. v. 7, p. 245-284. 
Londra, 1782. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere. v. 5, p. 315-3.55- 

Mantova, 1816. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere scelte. v. 5, p. 89- 

116. Milano, 1820. 8°.) 

(In his: Opere drammatiche. v. 14, 

p. 115-147. Milano, 1824. 32°.) 

39. Seder Mechirat Joseph. .Spiel ... mit. .. 
Lieder zu singen in Purim. ..[Hebrew and Judeo- 
German.] Lemberg: J. D. Siiss, 1895. 8 1. 24. 

40. Story (The) of Joseph and his brethren. 
Arranged by Harris G. Hale and Newton M. Hall. 
Boston: The Pilgrim Press, 1906. iii (l), 26 p. 
nar. 12°. (Biblical dramas.) 

41. Vondel (Joost van den). Joseph in Do- 
than. Treurspel [in 5 acts and in verse]. (In his: 
Dichterlijke werken. v. i, p. 261-354. Atnster- 
da7n, 1820. 24°.) 



42. Joseph in Egypten. Treurspel [in 5 

acts and in verse]. {Ibid. v. 2, p. 3-75.) 

43. Zunser (Eliakum). Machaze Mechirath 
Joseph. Ein Theater-Sti'ick in 7 Akten un in 17 
Szenen. . .[JudeoGerman.] Wilna: Widoxv dr' 
Bros. Romin, 1893. 2 pt. in I v. 106, (2), 107- 
194 p. 16°. 


For bibliography of dramas relating to this subject see 
Rothschild (James de), baron Notice sur les Mys- 
teres contenus dans le tome III. (In Mistere du Viel 
Testament, v. 3, p. l.\.\.\i.K-xcj, xcvi-c, ciij-cvi, cx- 
cxi. Paris, 1 88 1. 8°.) 

44. Brown (Charles Hovey). Moses: a drama. 
Boston: Gorliam Press, 1902. 69 p. 8°. 

45. Chateaubriand (Fran9ois Auguste Rene 
de), vicointc. Moise tragedie en cinq actes [and in 
verse.] (In his: Oeuvres completes, v. 24, p. iii- 
245. Paris, 1836. 8vo.) 

" Le sujet de cette tragedie est la premiere idoldtre des He- 
breux." (Preface.) 

46. Esteve (Claude Antoine), ahbJ. Moise 
sauve des eaux. Drame en 3 actes et en vers mele 
de chant. Poitiers: A. Dupre, 1S60. 47 p. 8°. 

47. More (Hannah). Moses in the bulrushes: 
a sacred drama in three parts. (In her: Sacred 
dramas. Boston, 181 r. 16°. p. 13-30.) 

(In her: Works, v. i, p. 77-81. New 

York, 1852. 8°.) 


Rothschild (James de), baron. La sortie 
d'Egypte. (In: Mistere du Viel Testament, public 
par le baron James de Rothschild, v, 3, p. xcvi-c. 
Paris, 1 88 1. 8°.) 

48. Ezekiel, Alexandrine poet of the 2. cent. 
Die Fragmente des Drama's : Die Ausfiihrung 
Israel's aus Egypten [Greek]. (In: Delitzsch, 
Franz. Zur Geschichte der jiidischen Poesie. 
Leipzig, 1836. 8°. p. 211-219.) 

Corap. ibid., p. 28. 

The first drama written by a Jew, and also the earliest 
drama on a biblical subject. 

49. Elaytuyi;. Eductio Hebr^orum. 

{Greek and Latin.] 7 p. (In: Fragmenta Euripidis 
iterum edidit perditorum tragicorum omnium nunc 
primum coUegit F. G. Wagner. Christus patiens, 
Ezechieli et Christianorum poetarum reliquiae dra- 
matical. Ex codibus emendavit et annotatione 
critica instruxit F. Dubner. Parisiis: Firnmi- 
Didot, 1878. 4°. 

The Ezekiel fragment in this work (ed. of 1847) is reviewed 
by Mangin in Jour, des savants for 1848, p. 193-208. 

Frankel (Zacharias). Ueber den Einfluss der 
palastinischen Exegese auf die alexandrinische 
Hermeneutik. Leipzig, 1851. 8°. p. 113-119. 

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V. 2, p. 517-519. Nordhansen, 1857. 8°. 

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Geschichte des Drama's, v. 2, p. 262-263. Leip- 
zig, 1865. 8°.) 

KuiPER (K.) De Ezechiele poeta Jud^o. 
(Mnemosyne, n. s. , v. 28, p. 237-280. Lugdimi- 
Batavorum, 1900. 8°.) 
Contains the text of the fragments, with a translation. 

Le poete juif Ezechiel. (Rev. d. Etudes 

juives. V. 46, p. 48-73, 161-177. Paris, 1903. 8°.) 

A translation of the above article. 

SciiUERER (Emil). Ezechiel der Tragiker. (In 
his Geschichte des jiidischen Volkes im Zeitalter 
Jesu Christi. 3. ed. Leipzig, 189S. 8°. p. 373- 

50. Vondel (Joost van den). Pascha, ofte de 
verlossinghe Israels uit Egypten. Tragi-comedi- 
scher-wyze een ieder tot leeringh op't tooneel 
gestelt. [In 5 acts and in verse.] (In his: Dich- 
terlijke werken. v. 4, p. 191-290. Amsterdavi, 
1820. 24°.) 

51. Moses the liberator, arranged by Harris 
G. Hale and Newton M. Hall. Boston: The Pil- 
grim Press, 1906. iii, (i), 25 p. nar. 12°. (Bib- 
lical dramas. 3.) 


52. Burton (Richard). Rahab. A drama in 
three acts. New York: H. Holt &f Co., 1906. 
2 p.l., 119 p. 8°. 

53. Fischmann (Nachman Isaac). Sisera. . . 
[A drama in 2 acts and in verse; with an Introduc- 
tion by Jacob Bodek. Hebrew.] Lemberg: Chawe 
Grosman, 1841. 70 p. 12°. 


54. Terr (Jacob). Milchemeth ha-Jehudim, 
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Ms. German cursive characters. 

Jephtha and his Daughter. 

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Drame lyrique en trois tableaux. Paris: Fisch- 
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56. Jephtha's daughter, a scriptural drama, 
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p. 115-152.) 

57. Terr (Jacob). Bath Jiphthach oder Jiph- 
thach's Neder. [Judeo-German.] Nc%vYork,\%<^2>- 
71 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

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(In his: Studien en schetsen van Neder- 
landsche letterkunde. Afl. 5. Haarlem: 
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59a. Luzzatto (Moses Chayyim). [Shimshon 
u-Felishtim. (Samson and the Philistines.) A 
Hebrew drama in 3 acts and in verse. Written 
about 1724. The first scene of the first act and 
the very last stanza are given by Joseph Almanzi in 
his Toledot Rabbi Mosheh Chayyim Luzzatto in 



Kerem Chemed, v. 3, p. 129-130, Prag, 1S3S, 12°, 
from Luzzatto's Leshon Limmudin, v. 3 (Ms. 

Same. (In: Almanzi (J.) Toledot R. M. 

Ch. Luzzatto. Lefubero, 1879. 16°. p. 7-10.) 

Same. (In: Luzzatto (M. Ch.) La-Ye- 

sharim Tehillah. Warsaw, 1884. 12°. p. 77-79.) 

60. Milton (John). Paradise regain'd. A Poem. 
In IV Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes. 
The Author John Milton. London: Printed by 
J. M. for John Star key at the Mitre in Fleet Street, 
near Tefuple-Bar, ifji. i 1., m, loi (i) p., i 1. 
8 . 

For other editions in English see the author entry in the 
general catalogue. 

Samson Agonistes Graece reddidit Georgius, 

Baro Lyttelton. [English Text also.] Londitn: 
Macmillan ^ Soc, 1867. 6 p. I., 189 p. 16°. 

-^ Shimshon ha-Gibbor. . . [A Hebrew trans- 
lation in verse of Samson Agonistes, by Joseph 
Massel.] Manchester : J. Massel, 1890. v, (i), 
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English title: Samson Agonistes . . . Translated into He- 
brew and printed by J. Massel. 

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1732. (In his: Oiuvres completes, v. q, d. 1-4.6. 
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(In his: CEuvres completes, v. 12, 

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(r) p. 12°. 

German title: Boas und Ruth, biblisch historisches Drama 
in drei Aufzugen, im Hebraischen metrisch abgefasst und ins 
Deutsche iibersetzt von Is. Jojade Cohn. 

65. Jacobsohn (G.) Ruth. .. [Translated from 
the German into Hebrew by A. Rosett.] Wilna: 
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drama in 2 acts and in prose. Dedicated to Simon 
Schaff. Yi.eox^^.'] Krakau: J. Fischer, xZcj-},. 5 p.l., 
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German title: Ruth. Biblisches Drama in 2 Akten. 

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43 titles. 

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Count V. Alfieri: and Jephtha's daughter, a scrip- 
tural drama. By a Lady. London: T. Cadell, 1S21, 
152 p. 8°. 

Acharit Shaul.. . [Specimens of Micah 

Joseph Lebensohn's Hebrew translation of Alfieri's 
Saul, from a German translation. First scene of 
the first act and end of third scene of the third 
act.] (In: Lebensohn (M. J.) Kinnor Bat Zion, 
Wilna, 1870. 16°. p. 14-25.) 

Same. (In: Lebensohn (A. D. B.) & Le- 
bensohn (M. J.) Col Shire A. D. M. u- M. J. C. L, 
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[A Drama in 5 Acts.] [Judeo-German.] {^Alexan- 
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Ms. German cursive characters. 

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[2. ed., edited by Isaac Baer Levin- 

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Another ed. Wien: A. Edler v. 

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Another ed. Warsaw: /. Goldmann,. 

1SS5. 150 p. 12°. 

Meluchat Saul (Saul's Regieurung), eia 

Drama in 5 [«V] Akten. II. Akt, I. & II. Scene. 
David und Jonathan werden Freunde. IV. Akt,. 
III. Scene. Saul's Wahnsinn. [Hebrew.] (In: 
Martinet (A.) Tiferet Yisrael. Bamberg, 1837. 
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inedite]. Precede d'une notice par C.-A. Sainte- 
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73. Rueckert (Friedrich). Saul und David. 
Ein Drama der heiligen Geschichte [in 5 acts and 
in verse]. Vorspiel: Saul's Erwahlung [in 3 acts 
and in verse]. [1843.] (In his: Gesammelte poe- 
tische Werke. v. 9, p. 3-218. P'rankfurt a. M.^ 
1869. 12°. ) 

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1785. 8°.) 

(In his : Oeuvres completes, v, 9, 

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[Jonathas] est I'heros. (In: Mistere du Viel Testa- 
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V. 4, p. xlviij-lii). Paris, 1882. 8°. J 
12 titles. 

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Gionata, tragedie [in three acts]. Tradotta dal 
Francese da L. B. G. (In: Teatro ebraico. v. 2, 
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97 titles. 

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5 Akten mit 12 Bilder. [Judeo-German.] War- 
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(In her: Works, v. i, p. 82-92. New 

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Uriah the Hittite. 

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u- Bat Sheba. . .(In his Shire Sefat Kodesh. v. 2, 
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Same. (In: Lebensohn (A. D. B)& Leben- 
sohn (M. J.) Col Shire A. D. M. u- M. J. C. L. 
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Amnon and Tamar. 

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(In: Mistere du Viel Testament, public par le baron 
James de Rothschild, v. 4, p. xciij-xcv. Paris, 
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8 titles. 

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Aufzligen von H. Friede (Jerta Schultz). Stutt- 
gart: Strecker dr" Schroder, 1905. 51 p. 16°. 

83. Margulies or Margolis (Aaron) . Semel 
ha-Ahabahweha-Kinah. . . [A tragedy in 4 acts and 
in prose; with a preface by the publisher, Abraham 
Zuckermann at Warsaw. Hebrew.] Wien: G. 
Brog dr' P. Smolensky, i?>']t. 70 p. 12°. 

With the author's autograph dedication to Leon Mandel- 

German title : Liebe und Eifersucht. Tragodie in vier 
Acten. Nach der Bibel. Von A. Margulies. 


PicoT (Emile). Episode d'Absalon. (In: Mis- 
tere du Viel Testament, public par le baron James 
de Rothschild, v. 4, p. xcv-cv. Paris, i%?,2. 8°.) 

28 titles. 

84. Bank (Joshua). Tebusat Absalom. [A 
tragedy in 30 scenes and in verse; together with 
other poetic miscellany. Hebrew. 2. ed., enlarged.] 
Odessa: L. /Vitsche, l8-jS. 1 18 p. 8°. 

The drama is on p. 1-39. 

85. Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). Los cabel- 
los de Absalon. (In his: Obras dramaticas. v. 5, 
p. 105-155. n.p., n. d. 4^) 

(In his: Comedias. v. 8, p. 105-155. A/a- 

drid, 1726. 8°.) 

(In his: Comedias. v. 4, p. 193-217. Leip- 

siqtie, 1830. 4°.) 

(In: Biblioteca de autores espanoles. v. g, 

p. 421-441. Madrid, 1851. 4°.) 

Die Locken Absalons. Bruchstiick einer 

ijbersetzung. (In: Schlegel(A. W. von). Spanisches 
Theater, v. i,p. 307-322. Leipzig, 1845. 16°. ) 

86. Duch^ de Vancy (Joseph Fran9ois). 
L'Assalonne, tragedia [in five acts]. Tradotta dal 
Francese da L. B. G. (In: Teatro ebraico. v. 2, 
p. 237-320. Venezia, 1751. S°.) 

87. Sachs (Hans). Ein tragedi, mit vierzehen 
personen zu agieren, der auffrhurische Absolom mit 
seinem vatter, konig David, hat fiinff actus. (In 
his: [Werke]. Hrsg. von A. von Keller, v. 6, 
p. 86-111. Tubingen, 1872. 8°. (Litterarischer 
Verein in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. v. no.) 

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in ballingschap. Treurspel [in 5 acts and in verse]. 
(In his: Dichterlijke werken. v. 2, p. 317-410. 
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89. Koning David herstelt. Treurspel [in 

5 acts and in verse]. {Ibid. v. 3, p. 3-86.) 

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tirees de I'histoires d'Adonia^. (In: Mistere du 
Viel Testament, public par le baron James de 
Rothschild, v. 4, p. cviij-c.xj. Paris, 1882. 8". 

5 titles. 

91. Vondel (Joost van den). Adonias of ramp- 
zalige kroonzucht. Treurspel [in 5 acts and in 
versej. (In: his Dichterlijke werken. v. 3, p. 181- 
270. Amsterdam, 1820. 24°.) 


PicOT (Emile) . Les pieces tirees de I'histoire de 
Salomon. (In: Mistere du Viel Testament, public 
par le Baron James de Rothschild, v. 4, p. cxx- 
cxxxvj. Paris, 1882. 8°.) 

43 titles. 

92. Armstrong (George Francis). The tra- 
gedy of Israel, [pt. 3-] King Solomon. Londoti: 
Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1876. 2 p. 1., 
240 p., I 1. 16°, 



93. Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). La sibila 
del Oriente, y gran reyna de Saba. (In his: Come- 
dias. V. 5, p. 328-363. Madrid, 1730. S°.) 

Founded on his auto entitled: " El Arbol de la Viaa." 

(In his: Comedias. v. 3, p. 200-218. Leip- 

siqtie, 1829. 4°.) 

(In: Bibliotecadeautoresespafioles. v. 14, 

p. 199-212. Madrid, 1850. 4°.j 

94. Heyse (Paul). Sulamith. [Or the wisdom 
of Solomon. A drama in 5 acts. Translated into 
Hebrew by Samuel Loeb Gordon.] Warsa-w: 
'' Ttisckijah" i2ic)b. 114 p. 12°. 

95. Horo'witz (Moses). Schelomoh ha-Melech; 
Oder, die Liebe von Schir ha-Schirim. [Judeo- 
German.] {iVew York, 1893.] i p. 1., 36 f. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

[Ski.ikovitsch (George).] Prinz un Pastuch. 
Schelomoh ha-Melech in Thalia Theater. A Blattil 
idische Geschichte. [Judeo-German.] Signed : 
Astheticus.] (Arbeiter Zeitung. v. i, nos. 37-39, 
41. iVe7i> York, 1890. f°.) 

96. Keim (Franz). Schoschanah, oder Aha- 
bath Schilomoh. A Tragodie in 5 Akten un 10 
Bilder. Nach'n Deutschen ubersetzt und bearbeitet 
vun Benedi.x Ben-Lion. [Judeo-German.] \_Odessa,'\ 
1883. 44 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

97. Klopstock(Friedrich Gottlieb). Salomo. 
Ein Trauerspiel [in 5 acts]. Leipzig: G.J. Goschen, 
1806. 192 p. 8". (In: his Werke. v. 9.) 

MAcHAL (Jan). O dvou ceskych Komediich 
biblickych z xvi. stoleti. V Praze, 1902. 14 p. 
8°. (Kon.-bohm. Gesellsch. d. Wissensch. Classe 
f. Philos. Gesch. u. Philol. Sitzungsb. 1902, no. 2. 
Prag, 1903.) 

On the two Bohemian dramas of the i6th century treating of 
Solomon and Elisha. 

98. Sachs (Hans). Ein comedi, mit acht per- 
sonen zu recidiren, juditium Salomonis. (In his: 
[Werke]. Hrsg. von A. von Keller. Tubingen, 
1872. 8°. V. 6, p. 1 12-136. (Litterarischer Ve- 
rein in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. v. no.) 

(In his: Werke. Hrsg. von Dr. Ar- 
nold. Berlin u Stuttgart [1S84]. 12°. v. 2, 
p. 144-16S. (Deutsche National-Litteratur. v. 21.) 

99. Vondel (Joostvanden). Salomon. Treur- 
spel [in 5 acts and in verse]. (In his: Dichterlijke 
werken. v. 3, p. 271-361. Amsterdam, 1S20. 24°.) 

Song of Solomon. 

100. Coutts (Francis). The song of songs. 
A lyrical folk-play of the ancient Hebrews arranged 
in seven scenes. With illustrations by Henry Os- 
povat. London: J. Lane, iqob. 67 p., 6 pi. sq. 24°. 

loi. Hille (Peter). Hirtenliebe. Biblische 
Szene. (In: Ost und West. v. i, col. 611-618. 
Berlin, 1901. f°.) 

102. Horo'vritz (S.) Das Hohe-Lied. Das 
alteste dramatische Gedicht aus dem Morgenlande, 
nach einer neuen Eintheilung des Textes metrisch 
ubersetzt und mit erklarenden Anmerkungen ver- 
sehen von S. Horowitz. IVien : C. Ceroid' s Sohn, 
1863. xviii, (i), 48 p. 12°. 

103. Rabener (Mattathiah Simchah). Sula- 
mit; oder, Das Hohe-Lied Salomo's, als ein drama- 
tisches Singspiel dargestellt. . .nebst ebraischem 

Urtexte . . ./ajjy.- H. Goldner, 1880. 2 p.l., viii, 
22; xiv, 22 p. 8°. 
Te.\t also in Hebrew. 

"Song of Songs" (The) as a poetic drama. 
(Current literature, v. 40, p. 629-630. N^e-v York, 
1906. 8°.) 


104. Schleyer (Johann Martin). Elias, der 
Prophet. Biblisches Drama in 5 Aufzugen . . [and 
in verse.] Konstanz: Verlag des Weltsprache-Zen- 
tralbiiro's, 1891. 74 p. 8°. 


105. Sachs (Hans). Comedia mit 6 personen, 
das witfrewlin mit dem olkrug, und hat drey actus. 
(In his: Werke. Hrsg. von Dr. Arnold. Berlin u. 
Stuttgart{i'i>'$>j^'\. 12". v. 2, p. 376-391. (Deutsche 
National-Litteratur. v. 21.) 

MAcHAL (Jan). O dvou ceskych Komediich 
biblickych z xvi. stoleti. V Praze, 1902. 14 p. 
8°. (Kon.-bohm. Gesellsch. d. Wissensch. Classe 
f. Philos. Gesch. u. Philol. Sitzungsb. 1902, no. 2. 
Prag, 1903.) 

On the two Bohemian sixteenth-century dramas treating of 
Solomon and Elisha. 


106. Giupponi (Daniele). Geu, tragedia [in 
five acts]. (In: Teatro ebraico. v. 3, p. 177-258. 
Venezia,ijs^. 8°.) 


107. Franco Mendes (David Ben Abraham). 
Gemul Athaliah. . . [Athaliah's retribution. A drama 
in 3 acts and in verse; adapted from Racine's Atha- 
lie and Metastasio's Gioas. With the approbations 
of Solomon Salem, rabbi of the Sephardim at Am- 
sterdam, and of Saul Loewenstamm, rabbi of the 
Ashkenazim there, and the eulogies of Simchah 
Calimani, rabbi at Venice, Abraham Ximenes Pere- 
ira, Samuel Baruch Benavente, Mordecai Tama, 
and Isaac ha-Cohen Belinfante, who read the proofs, 
the latter all at Amsterdam. Hebrew.] Amster- 
dam: G.J. /anson, i~~o. 7 p.l., 5-37 f., I 1. 12°, 

Comp. the commendatory letter of Salomon Jacob Cohen at 
the beginning of " Geza Vishai," M. Letteris's free Hebrew 
translation of Racine's Athalie (which see), in which he ex- 
presses his preference for the latter work on account of the 
greater freedom which Letteris used in following the original. 

Gemul Athaliah. . .[3. ed., reprinted 

from the first ed. ; with notes by David Slucki.] 
IVarsaza: S. D. Zvsberg &f Komp., i860. 2 p.l., 
66 p., I 1. 8°. 
With the approbations, but without the eulogies. 

loS. Horowitz (Moses). Athaliah oder die 
Kronung von Konig Joas. Biblischer Schauspiel 
in 4 Akten. [Judeo-German.] Krakau: A. Faust, 
Podgdrre [printed], ic)02,. 30 P- S°. 

109. Metastasio (Pietro Antonio Domenico 
Bonaventura). Gioas re di Giuda. Azione sacra 
...1735. (In his: Opere. v. 6, p. 265-310. Lon- 
dra, 1782. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere. v. 7, p. 265-310. Man- 

tova, 1817. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere scelte. v. 5, p. 149-iSr. 

Milano, 1820. 8°.) 

(In his: Opere dramraatiche. v. 14, 

p. 185-223. Milano, 1824. 32''.) 



no. Racine (Jean Baptiste). Athalie.^Trage- 
die [in 5 acts, and in verse], tiree de lEcriture 
Sainte, 1691. (In his: Q'",uvres completes, v. 4, 
p. 107-246. Paris, 1S22. 8°.) 

Same. (In his CEuvres. v. 3, p. 549- 

705. Paris, 1865. 8°.) 

Comp. his Remarques sur Athalie, ibid. v. 5, p. 205-212. 
For bibliography see v. 7, p. 386-389. 

Trollope (Henry M.) Athalie. (Inhis:Cor- 
neille and Racine. Ediiibiigh, I'Si'&i. 12°. 
p. 193-214. (Foreign classics for English 
readers. Edited by Mrs. Oliphant.) 
Geza Yishai. .. [Athalie freely trans- 
lated into Hebrew verse by Meir Lettcris. With 
commendatory letters by Salomon Jacob Cohen and 
Solomom Loeb Rapoport.] IVien: A. Edler von 
Schmid, 1S35. ,xvi, 144 p. 12°. 

L'Attalia, tragedia. Tradotta in vers! 

italiani dal Padre Bonifacio Collina. (In: Teatro 
ebraico. v. i, p. 73-174. Venezia, 1751. 8°.) 


111. Ritchie (John). The life of Jonah, the 
prophet. [A dramatic poem.] London: Partridge 
df Co. [1872.] 48 p. 12°. 

Ahab, Jezebel, Naboth, 

112. Cohen (Salomon Jacob). Maaseh Nabot 
ha-Yizreeli. [A drama in 2 acts. Hebrew and 
German.] (In his: Mattae Kedem. Frankftirt 
a. M., 1807. 12°. p. 83-156.) 

Ahaz, Hezekiah. 


113. Terr (Jacob). [Amnon we-Thamar.] Der 
Fiirst vun Jerusalem un der Passtuch vun Bethle- 
chem. Ein Tragi-Komodie in 5 Akten un 12 
Bilder. [Judeo-German.] Rostov on the Don, 1883. 
91 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

An adaptation of A. Mapu's " Ahabat Zion." 

Amnon we-Thamar. n. t.-p. [New 

York, 1890.] 74 p. sq. 8°. 
MS. German cursive characters. 

114. Fischmann (Nachman Isaac). Kesher 
Shebna. . . [A drama in 5 acts and in verse. With 
a dedicatory poem to Sir Moses Montefiore. 
Hebrew.] Lemberg: S. Stricks &■ J. Rohatin, 
1870. 3 p.l., X, 145 p., 2 1. 12°. 

Comp. Aaron Dornzweig in Ha-Shachar, v. 2, p. 127-128. 
Wien, 1871. 8°. 


Middle of 7th Century, B. C. 

115. Granelli (Giovanni). Manasse, re di 
Giuda. Tragedia [in five acts]. (In : Teatro ebraico. 
V. I, p. 273-368. Venezia, 1751. 8°.) 

Jeremiah, Zedekiah. 

116. Granelli (Giovanni). Sedecia, ultimo re 
di Giuda, ^tragedia [in five acts]. (In: Teatro ebraico. 
V. I, p. 175-272. Venezia, 1751. 8°.) 

117. Levi (David). II profeta ; o, La passione 
di un popolo. Dramma. Torino: Soc. Tipograjica 
Editrice, 1866. Ixxxiv, 374 p. 8°, 

Gener.\l Works. 
Abrahams (Israel). The Purim play and the 
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Individual Plays. 

118. ...Ahasverus Spiel. Ein schon neu 
Ahasverus Spiel . . . mit . . . Klag Liedern. . .1708. 
[Judeo-German. Anon.] (In: Schudt(J. J.) Jlidische 
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MS. German cursive characters. 

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Konig Achaswerosch... New York: B. 

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Esther. Drama in fiinf Aufziigen. F- 

Grillparzers Fragment erganzt von R. Krauss. 
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deutscher Mundart. Filrth: M. Zirndorfei-, 1827. 
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Esther. . . nebst einigen noch nicht ge- 

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Repr.: Amer. Hebrew. 

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Jewess; or. The death of Haman ! An historical 
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30 p., I pi. 12°. (French's Acting edition. 

v. I2Q.) 

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[in 3 acts, and in verse] tiree de I'Ecriture Sainte, 
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(In his: CEuvres. v. 3, p. 399-547- 

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For bibliography see v. 7 (1870), p. 384-3S6. 

L'Ester, tragedia del Racine, tratta dalla 

Sacra Scrittura. Tradotta in versi toscani dal. . . 
Bonifacio Collina. . .(In: Teatro ebraico. v. 3, 
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Repr.: Biccure ha-Ittim, v. 8. 

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hystori der Hester zu recediren, hat xiij person 
unnd drey actus. [In verse.] (In his: [Werke]. 
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A sacred drama. 
36 p. (In: P. 

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Daniel, Babylon. 
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dont le sujet a ete emprunte au livre de Daniel. 
(In: Mistere du Viel Testament, public par le baron 
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1SS5. 8°.) 
41 titles. 

139. Daniel in the lions' den. 
In five acts. London [1871 ?]. 
Three plays... For male characters only. Trans- 
lated from the French . . By Br. P. London [1871 ?]. 


140. Ermite (L') de la Rue Gauvin. Daniel. 
Tragedie. Le Majis: Leguickeux Gallienne, i86g. 
36 p. 16°. 

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engrube. I5iblisch Oper in 4 Akten und 10 Bilder. 
[Judeo-German.] A^ewYork\\Z<^-l\. 33 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

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(In her: Works, v. I, p. 92-101. Netv 

York, 1852. 8°.) 

144. Daniel. A sacred drama, in seven 

parts. (In her: Sacred Dramas. Boston, 1811. 
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(In her: Works, v. i, p. 101-109. 

Neiu York, 1852. S°.) 

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Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. 
PicoT (Emile). Les pieces qui ont pour sujet 
I'histoire des trois jeunes gens jetees dans la four- 
naise. (In: Mistere du Viel Testament, public par 
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79 titles, aside from editions and translations. 

PiLGER (Robert). Die Dramatisirungen der 
Susanna im 16. Jahrhundert. Ein Beitrag zur 
Entwicklungsgeschichte des deutschen Dramas. 
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217. 7/alle, 18S0. 8°.) 

Babylonian Exile and the Return. 

146. Gamsu (Judah Loeb). Ezra o Shibat 
Zion. [A drama in 5 acts and a prologue, and in 
verse. Hebrew.] A'yzehin: Wenger, 1S98. i p.l., 
95 (I) P- 8°. 

Reviewed by S. Schub in Ha-Mcliz. v. 39, nos. 7, 19, 20, 
III, 141. St. Petersburg, 1899. f"^. Comp. the author's 
replies ibid. nos. 43, 49, 127. 



^ 147. Lilienblum (Moses Loeb). Serubabel 
Oder Schibath-Zion. A dramain 5 akten. [Judeo- 
German.] Odessa: Odesski Vyestnik, 1887. 55 p. 

148. West (Emma Elise). The drama of the 
Babylonian captivity. Arranged as a dramatic 
reading. (In: Werner's magazine, v. 24, p. 592- 
597. Nerv York, 1900. 8°.) 


PicoT (Emile). Liste des pieces anciennes et 
modernes dont I'histoire de Job a fourni le sujet. 
(In: Mistere du Viel Testament public parle baron 
James de Rothschild, v. 5, p. iij-.\ij, clv-clvj. 
Paris, 1885. 8°.) 

16 titles. 

149. Sachs (Hans). Ein comedi mit neunzehn 
Personen, der Hiob, und hat 5 actus. (In his: 
[Werke]. Hrsg. von A. von Keller, v. 6, p. 29- 
55. Tubingen, 1S72. 8°. (Litterarischer Verein 
in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. v. no.) 

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Tobie a fourni le sujet. (In: Mistere du Viel Tes- 
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50 titles. 

150. Sachs (Hans). Comedia. Die gantz his- 
tori Tobie mit seinem sun, hat xiiij person und 
V actus. (In his: Werke. Hrsg. von A. von Kel- 
ler. V. I, p. 134-162. Tubingen, 1870. 8°. 
Litterarischer Verein in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. 
V. 102.) 


PicoT (Emile). Les pieces tirees de I'histoire 
de Judith que possedent les diverses litteratures 
■europecnnes. (In : Mistere du Viel Testament, 
public par le baron James de Rothschild, v. 5, 
p. cxix-cliv. Paris, 1885. 8°.) 

93 titles. 

151. Aldrich (Thomas Bailey). Judith of 
Bethulia: a tragedy. Boston: Houghton,\Mifflin dr" 
€0., 1904. 4 p.L, 98 p., I port. 8°. 

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godie in flinf Acten. . .(In his; Samtliche Werke. 
[i. Abt.] Bd. I, p. i.K-xxviii, 1-81,395-398, 409- 
431. Berlin, 1901. 8°.) 

First produced at Berlin, July 6, 1840. 

Judith. . . [Translated into Hebrew by S. L. 

Gordon.] Warsaw: '' Tuschijah" 1900. 77 P- 

LuBLiNSKi (S.) Hebbels Judith. (In his : 
Judische Charaktere bei Grillparzer, Hebbel und 
Otto Ludwig. . ..5^r/£«, 1899. 12°. p. 5-25.) 

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<In his: Geschichte der deutschen Literatur seit 
Lessing's Tod. v. 3, p. 333-335. Leipzig, 1867. 8°.) 

153. Lerner (Joseph Judah). Judith. A his- 
torisch drama in 4 akten un 5 Bilder. [Judeo- 
German.] Warsaio: J. Alapin, \'i>'i>'i>. 46 p. 12°. 

154. Metastasio (Pietro Antonio Domenico 
Bonaventura). Betulia liberata. Azione sacra. . . 
1734. (In his: Opere. v. 6, p. 311-352. Londra, 
1782. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere. v. 6, p. 309-349. 

Mantova, 1817. 16°. ) 

(In his: Opere scelte. v. 5, p. 117- 

147. Milatto, 1820. 8°.) 

(In his: Opere drammatiche. v. 14, 

p. 149-184. Milano, 1824. 32°.) 

Teshuat Yisrael Bide Yehudit. . .[Be- 
tulia liberata, translated into Hebrew verse by David 
Franco Mendes. With the approbations of Daniel 
Cohen d'Azvedo, rabbi of the Sephardim at Amster- 
dam, and of the leaders of the Ashkenazic commu- 
nity there (signed: Loeb Minden), and with eulogies 
by Chayyim Dinger and David ben Raphael Mel- 
dola of Amsterdam.] Rocdellieim: W. Heidenheim 
&> B. M. Baschwitz, 1804. 12 p.L, 26 f°. 12°. 

The author's preface is dated 5551 [1791], the approbation 
and eulogies, 5552 [1792]. 

Teshuat Yisrael Bide Yehudit. . .[The 

same, with a German translation, in Hebrew char- 
acters, by Judah ben judah Loeb Rosenthal. Am- 
sterdamf. i^- '] 2 p.l, 58 (l) f. 8°. 

Ms. (translator's autograph). German cursive characters. 
Dedicated to Hirsch Pinto. 

155. Sachs (Hans). Ein comedi, mit 16 Per- 
sonen zu recidiren, die Judith, unnd hat flinf actus. 
(In his: [Werke]. Hrsg. von A. von Keller, 
v. 6, p. 56-85. Tubingen, 1872. 8°. Littera- 
rischer Verein in Stuttgart. Bibliothek. v. no.) 

[Beauvallet (Leon and Frantz). Israel, a 
French tragedy in 5 acts and in prose.] 

Lapommeraye (Henri de). Israel, drame bib' 
lique. (Univers israe'lite. v. 35, p. 245-247. 
Paris, 18S0. 8°.) 


156. Bliden. Ha-Chashmonaim. [A play in 
5 acts, dramatized from Isaac M. Wise's novel. 
The first of the Maccabees, by Dr. Bliden. Trans- 
lated into Hebrew by I. Epstein. Jerusalem 
[printed]: Ecole de Filles de Saffed, 1893. Ill p., 
I 1. 16°. 

French title: Les Asmoneens, drame en cinque actes, en 
prose, tire du roraan The first of the Maccabees de Isaac M. 
Wise par M. le docteur Bliden. Traduction par I. Epstein. 

157. Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). Judas 
Macabeo [in three acts.] 20 f. (In his: Obras 
dramaticas. v. i. n. p., n. d. 4.) 

(In his: Comedias. v. 2, p. 101-140. 

Madrid, 1726. 8°.) 

(In his: Comedias. v. i, p. 332-352. 

Leipsique, 1827. 4°.) 

(In: Biblioteca de autores espafioles. 

V. 7, p. 311-327. Madrid, 1851. 4°.) 

158. Houdart de la Motte (Antoine). I 
Macabei, tragedia [in five acts]. (In: Teatro ebraico. 
v. 2, p. 167-2,36. Venezia, 1 75 1. 8°. 

159. Jacobson (Janie). For liberty. A Cha- 
nucah play in four acts. n. t.-p. {New York: 
S/eUiner Bros.,] cop. igos. 16 p. nar. 8°. 

160. Lerner (Joseph Judah). Chanuka. A 
historische drama in 4 akten in 7 bilder. _ [Judeo- 
German.] Warsaw: JSatimritter d^ Gojisior, 1889. 
54 p. 12°. 

161. Longfellow (Henry Wadsworth). Judas 
Maccabaeus. (In his : Poetical works, v. 6, 
p. 9-44. Boston, 1891. 16°. ) 

Yuda Makkavei. Drama. [Translated into 

Russian by P. Weinberg.] (In : Yevreiskaya Bibli- 
oteka. v. 5, p. i-33- St. Petersburg, 1875. 8 . 



162. Ludwig (Otto). Die Makkabiier. Trauer- 
spiel in fiinf Akten. (In his: Gesammelte Schrif- 
ten. V. 3, p. 2S7-423. Leipzig, 1S91. 12°. ) 

Die Makkabaer oder Jehuda ha-Makkabi. 

An istorische Tragodie in 5 Aktn und 8 Kartines. 
Ubersetzt vinem Deutschen vin O. Ludwig und 
baarbeitet far der judischer Biihne vin Benedix 
Ben-Zion. [Judeo-German.] \0dessa,'\\%%2. ip.l., 
loi p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

Szenen aus der Dichtung: Die IMakkabaerin. 

(In his: Gesammelte Schriften. v. 3, p. 424-456. 
Leipzig, 1891. 12°. ) 

LuBLiNSKi(S.) Otto Ludwig's Makkabaer. (In 
his: Judische Charaktere bei Griliparzer, Hebbel 
und Otto Ludwig. Berlin, 1899. 12°. p. 61-95.) 

Schmidt (Heinrich Julian). [Ludwig's Makka- 
baer.] (In his: Bilderaus dem geistigen Leben un- 
serer Zeit. v. 4, p. 179-185. Leipzig, 1875. 8°.) 

163. Mendes (Henry Pereira). Judas Macca- 
baeus. A Chanuka play for Sunday school children. 
Neiu York: P. Cowen, 1S98. 19 p. 16°. 

164. Stein (Leopold). Die Hasmonaer. Drama 
in fiinf Acten. Prag : J. B. Bratideis [1897?]. 
141 p. 24°. (Jlidische Universal-Bibliothek. 39.) 

165. Lateiner (Joseph). Iseho Roo (Die 
schlechte Frau). Operette in 4 Akten. [Judeo- 
German.] Lernberg: B. JMiink, Podgdrze [pritUed], 
1904. 71 p. S°. 

Alexander Jannreus. 
106 B. C. 

166. Landau (Judah Leo). Dam tachat Dam. 
A tragedy in 5 acts. Edited with an introduction 

by Jacob Samuel Fuchs. Hebrew.] Krakau : J. 
Fischer, 1897. xiv, 160 p. 16°. 

167. Terr (Jacob). Alexander Jannai der ver- 
stossene Prinz. Historische Opera in 4 Akten und 
9 Bilder. [Judeo-German.] New York, \i,<^Z. i p.l., 
64 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive cliaracters. 

168. Kether Malchuth oder Ketten und 

Kronen. Historische Opera in 4 Akten. Neto 

York, 1899. 3 P-1-. 73 P- sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive cliaracters. The same as the preced- 

i6g. Horowitz (Moses). Bath Cohen; oder der 
Mishpat vor Alexandra ha-Malkah... Historische 
Oper in 4 Akten — 6 Tablohn. [Judeo-German.] 
\^New York, 189-] 34 1. sq. 8°. 
Ms. German'cursive characters. 


170. Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). El 
mayor monstruo los zelos, y Tetrarca de Jerusalem 
[in three acts]. (In his: Comedias escogidas. v. 2, 
p. 277-417. Madrid, 1828. 16°. ) 

(In: Biblioteca de autores espanoles. 

V. 7, p. 4S1-501. Madrid, 1851. 4°.) 

171. Fenton (Elijah). Mariamne. A tragedy. 
2. ed. London: T. Astley^iiiZ. 104 p., i 1. 16°. 

London: J. R. Tonsoti, 1760. 3 p.l., 

9-22 p. 12°. 


London: J. j9f//, 1794. 88 p., I pi. 8°. 

(Bell's British theatre, v. 26 ?) 

172. Hebbel (Friedrich). Herodes und Ma- 
riamne. Eine Tragodie in fiinf Acten. . . [1850.J 
(In his: Samtliche Werke. [i. Abt.] Bd. 2, p. 195- 
365, 413-475. Berlin, 1901. 8°.) 

Herodes und Mariamne.. . Edited with in- 
troduction and notes by Edward Stockton Meyer. 
A^ew York : II. Holt &^ Co., 1905. xx.wiii (2), 
192 p. 16°. 

LuBLiNSKi (S.) Herodes und Mariamne. (In 
his: Jlidische Charaktere bei Griliparzer, Hebbel 
und Otto Ludwig.. .Berlin, 1899. p. 39-59. 12°.) 

173. Iliowizi (Henry). Herod : a tragedy. 
Minneapolis, Mifui.: \_Tribune Book Rootns,\ 1884. 
80 p. 8°. 

174. Landau (Judah Leo). Hurdos. [A trag- 
edy in 5 Acts. Hebrew.] Letnberg: Der Verfasser, 
1887. xl, 184 p. 12°. 

German title: Herodes.|Dramatisches Gedicht in fiinf Acten. 

Reviewed by A. S. R. in Ozar ha-Sifrut. v. 2, p. 352-357. 
Krakati. 1888. 8°. Also by J. J. Unger in Monatsschrift f. d. 
Lit. u. Wissenschaft d. Judenthums. Hrsg. von A. S. Weiss- 
mann. v. i, p. 299-301. ll'ien, 1889. 8°. 

175. Konig Hurdus. A historische Drame 

in 5 Akten. . . [verfasst. . . hebrJiisch. . . und jetzt Uber- 
setzt in Jargon.] [Judeo German.] London: P. 
Mazin [igoi]. 3 p.l., 99 p., i port. 8°. 

176. Osborn (Laughton). Mariamne, being 
the third of the tragedies of Jewish and Biblical 
history, and the second in continuation of volume vi. 
of the dramatic series by L. O. N'eiv York: H. L, 
Hinton, 1873. 2 p.l., 167-269 p. 8°. 

177. Phillips (Stephen). Herod. A tragedy. 
London: J. Lane, 1901. 128 p. 12°. 

178. Rives (Amelie), Princess Troubetzkoy. 
Herod and Mariamne. A tragedy. Philadelphia: 
J. B. Lippincott Conipany. title, p. 305-389. 8°. 
(Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. September, 1888.) 

Same, separate. 

179. Rueckert (Friedrich). Herodes derGrosse, 
in zwei Stucken. Erstes Stuck: Herodes und Ma- 
riamne [in 5 acts and in verse]. Zweites Stuck: 
Herodes und seine Sohne [in 5 acts and in verse]. 
[1844.] (In his: Gesammelte poetische Werke. 
v. 9, p. 219-479. Frankfurt a M., 1S69. 12°. ) 

iSo. [Seiffert (Moses).] Miriam ha-Chash- 
monaith. [Drama in 4 acts. Judeo-German. Ne-m 
York, 1891.] 66 p. sq. 8°. 
Ms. German cursive characters. Copied by Jacob Terr. 

181. Voltaire. Mariamne, tragedie [en cinq 
actes]. Representee, pour la premiere fois, le 6 
mars, 1724. Revue et corrigee par I'auteur en 1762. 
(In his : CEuvres completes, v. i, p. 187-292. 
iKehQ 1785. 8°.) 

(In his : CEuvres completes, v. 3, 

P- 237-356. Paris, 1828. 8°.) 

La Marianne, tragedia. Tradotta in versi 

italiani dalCo: Gasparo Gozzi. (In: Teatro ebraico. 
V. I, p. xiii-xvi, 1-72. Venezia, 1751. 8°.) 

John the Baptist. 

182. Heywood (Joseph Converse). Herodias. 
A dramatic poem. A^ew York: Ilurd (5r= Hortghton^ 
1867. 251 p. 16°. 

183. Pellico (Silvio). Erodiade, tragedia [in 5 
acts and in verse]. (In his: Opere. v. 2, p. 445— 
510. Parigi, 1835. 12°. ) 

(In his: Opere complete, v. 2, p. 189-267. 

Brusselle, 1857. i6°-) 



184. Sudermann (Hermann). Johannes. Tra- 
gSdie in fiinf Akten und einem Vorspiel. 2. Aufl. 
Stuttgart: J. G. Cotta'sche Buchliandlu>7g Nachf.^ 
1898. 158 p. 12°. 

185. Wilde (Oscar). Salome. A tragedy in one 
act. Translated from the French. (The John Lane 
version.) ( The Evening Sun, New York, Oct. 6, 
IC)06, p. 7-8. f°.) 

Salome. Drama in einem Aufzuge, Ins 

Deutsche iibertragen von Dr. Kiefer. Leipzig: 
Ph. Keclam, jr. [1904.] 40 p. 24'. (Universal- 
Bibliothek. 4497.) 

Originally written in French in 1892. See Sherrard (R. H.) 
The Life of Oscar Wilde. New York, 1906. 8°. p. 362-363, 

Jesus Christ. 
Dramas of the life of Jesus Christ will be found in 
the Index-Catalogue under the head of Passion 
plays; See also Miracle play; Mysteries. 

Mary Magdalen. 

186. Heyse (Paul). Mary of Magdala. An 
historical and romantic drama in five acts. The 
original in German prose. . . The translation freely 
adapted and written in English verse by W. Winter. 
New York: Macmillan Co., 1903. 135 p. 12°. 

187. Wilkinson (Florence). Two plays of 
Israel: David of Bethlehem; Mary Magdalen. New 
York: McClure, Phillips ^ Co., 1904. 2 p.l., 

233 p. 12°. 

B. (G.) " Maria von Magdala" und das Juden- 
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I. Ahasver in Jerusalem. In einem Aufzuge. 

II. Ahasver an Rhein. In zwei Aufziigen. 

Weasel and the Well. 

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Ms. German cursive characters. Copied by Joseph Man- 

Sulamith. . .in 4 Akten und in 15 Bilder. 

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German title : Die Zerstorung Jerusalems. Dramatisches 

Gedicht in fiinf Acten. 

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Berenice and Titus. 

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Tite et Berenice, comedie heroique. 

1670. (In his : CEuvres, avec le commentaire de 
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A close imitation of Racine's Berenice. First produced in 

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(In his : CEuvres. v. 2, p. 341-444. 

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En-Gedi, Palestine. 

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(In his : Opere complete, v. i, p. 

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Esther vin En Gedi. . . Vinem Italienischen 

hat ubergisetz Benedix Ben-Zion. [Judeo-German 
prose.] Odessa, 1881. i p.l., 78 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

Ester iz En-Gedi. . . [Translated into Rus- 
sian prose.] {Odessa, 1885.] 59 1. sq. 8°. 




Ishmael b. Elisha, captive at Rome. 

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Bar Cochba. 

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3. ed. Brooklyn, N. ¥.: Heb. Pub. 

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German title: " Bar-Cochba. Dramatisches Gedicht in funf 
Acten." . T » -c 

Reviewed by David Frischmann in Ha-Asif. v. 2, p. 458- 
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Elisha ben Abujah. 

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Another copy, with Ms. corrections, 

obviously intended for a new edition, by M. Let- 

Smolensky (Peter). [Hamlet and Faust com- 
pared; a criticism.] (In his novel: Simshat Chanef, 

chap. 20-21, first published in his mag. Ha- 
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Judah ha-Nasi. 

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entitled Bet Rabbi, a drama of the life of Rabbi 
Judah ha-Nasi, in 6 acts and in prose; preceded by 
a biographical sketch of the Rabbi.] Wien: Ge- 
druckt ntit ITraschanzkyschen Schriften, 1805. 
79 f. 12°. 

No more published. Preface dated: Ofen, 1797. 

1S0-192, Rome. 

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Mar Zutra II. 

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Stamm Dawid's). Historische Operette in 4 Akten. 
Letnberg: B. Munk, Podgorze [printed\, 1904. 
56 p. 8°. 


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[Judeo-German.] New York: J. Katzenelenbogen 
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A drama in 5 acts, with songs and dances. [Judeo- 
German.] Odessa, Oct. 3, 1882. 40 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. Title in Russian. 

1192 or 1193. 


See Lessing's Nathan der Weise in section II. 

1 194. 


210. Ben-Zion (Benedix). A varumglticktes 
Auto da-fe oder Rebecca die 18 jahrige Mechasche- 
foh. Drame in 5 Akten und zwolf Bilder. Die 
Maasse is arausgenumen vnm Walter Scott's Ro- 
man "Ivanhoe" (Englisch) iibersetzt, arrangirt 
und baarbet far der judischer Btihne. [Judeo-Ger- 
man.] Odessa, 1882. i p.l., 88 p. sq. S°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 


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Alfonso VHI. and Raquel Fermosa of Toledo. 


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Raquel, tragedia [in 3 acts and in verse], [177S.] 
(In his: Obras poeticas. v. i. 6 p.l., p. 1-16. 
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von Toledo." (In his: Jlidische Charaktere bei Grill- 
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12°. p. 97-120.) 

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Klein (Julius Leopold). Las paces de los 
reyes. . .(In his: Geschichte des Drama's, v. 10, 
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Jicginning of 14. century. 

215. Goldfaden (Abraham). Almasadda; oder. 
Die Juden in I'alermo. Judische historische Ope- 
rette in 5 Akten un 11 Bilder. .. [Judeo-German.] 
30 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

Doktor Almasada oder die Juden in Paler- 
mo. Historische Operetta in 5 Akten un in 11 


Bilder. Bearbeitet nach einem deutschen Roman . . . 
Warsaw: Baumritter ^ Gonsior, 1SS7. 62 p., 
I 1., I port. 8°. 

N'ew York: J. Saphirstein, 1893. 

62 p. 8°. 

14. century. 

216. Scholz (Wilhelm von). Der Jude von 
Konstanz. Tragodie in vier Aufziigen mit einem 
Nachspiel. Afiinchen: G. Muller, igo^. iS7p. 12°. 


217. Lazarus (Emma). The dance to death; 
a historical tragedy in five acts. (In her: Songs of 
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(In her: Poems. Boston, 1885. 12°. 

V. 2, p. 69-173.) 

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Jewish characters in fiction. English literature. 
Philadelphia, 1903. 12°. p. 90-96.) 


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in 5 Akten mit 9 Bilder, nach verschiedene Quellen 
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ierg Bros., 1890. 2 p.l., 76 p. 8°. 


219. Kozloski (Stanislaw). Masa Ester. ["Es- 
terka," a historical drama in 6 acts. First appeared 
in the feuilleton of Gazeta Polska and reprinted, 
Warsaw, 1886. Translated into Hebrew by Israel 
Frankel.] (Ha-Asif. v. 5, section of fiction, p. 
I- 108. Warsaiu, 1889. 8°.) 

220. Philippson (Ludwig). Esther. Tragodie 
in fUnf Akten... Ubersetzt in der judischen 
Sprache und arangiert flir der Blihne von N. B. 
Basalinski. [Judeo-German.] Odessa, 1881. 84p. 
sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

15. century. 

221. Weissman (Ruben). Die Nekomoh, oder 
die Heldin vinem I5ten Jahrhundert. Istorische 
Drama in 5 Akten und 8 Kartines. [Judeo-Ger- 
man.] \^Odessa,'\ 1882. 32 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 


222. Scribe (Augustin Eugene). La Juive, 
■opera en cinq actes. Paroles de M. Scribe; mu- 
sique de ]\I. Halevy; divertissements de M. Tag- 
lioni: Represente pour la premiere fois a Paris sur le 
Theatre de I'Academie Royale de Musique, le 23 
fevrier, 1835. \^Paris: J. Didot V Ain^, 1835.] 
47-66 p. 8°. 

Jodinden. Opera in fem Acter. . .oversat 

af T. Overskou. 18 p. (In: Det Kongelinge 
Theatres Repertoire. . .Kjobenhavn, 1828-45. nar. 
8°. v. 5.) 

Rachel ha- Yehudiyyah. .. [La Juive, trans- 
lated into Hebrew verse by S. Marik.] Wilna: 

Widow ^^ Brothers, Rotnm, 1886. 108 p. 12°. 

Shidowka. Die Judin. A Tragodie in fiinf 

Akten. Nach verschiedene Quellen bearbeitet vun 
J. J. Lerner. [Judeo-German.] Warsaw: Baum- 
ritter (5r= Gonsior, 1889. 68 p. 8°. 

3. ed. Warsazu: J , Lidski, 1903. 

68 p. 12°. 

WiNZ (Leo). " Eleazar," " Shylock " und 
" Nathan der Weise." (Ost und West. v. i, col. 
661-672. Berlin, igoi. 4°.) 


223. Aguado (Miguel R.) Sarah y Joseph. 
Drama en 3 actos, y en prosa. . .Oran: V. Collet, 
1880. 4 p.l., 7-34 p., I pi. sq. 8°. (Galeria par- 


224. Terr (Jacob). Der Mored be-Malchuth 
oder die Judenin Portugal. Historisch-romantische 
Opera in 4 Akten. [Judeo-German.] New York, 
1899. 64 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. First produced in 1899. 


[Endinger Judenspiel (Das).] 

Geiger (Ludwig). Das Endinger Judenspiel. 
(In: Zeitschrift f. d. Gesch. d. Juden in Deutsch- 
land. v. 2, p. 358-360. Braunschzveig, [888. 8".) 


225. Chaschkes(AIoses). Abarbanel. [A drama 
in 4 acts. Translated into Hebrew blank verse 
from the author's Russian prose manuscript and 
revised by Judah Loeb Gamsu.] Warsazu: Halter 
&f Eisenstadt, 1893. 1 14 p. 8°. 

226. Hugo (Victor Marie). Torquemada. [A 
drama in five acts, and in verse.] (In his: QLuvres 
completes. Ed. definitive. Paris, 1880-89. S"* 
Drame. v. 5, p. 1-152.) 

Comp. Isidore Loeb in Revue des Etudes juives, v. 4, p. 
306-308 (Paris, 1882. 8°); also G. Selikovitsch in Ha-Maggid, 
v. 26, p. 202 (Lyck, 18S2. f°). 

227. Meyer (Louis). Vorspiel und Plan zu: 
Abarbanell oder Das E.xil der Juden aus Spanien. 
Dramatisches Gedicht in zwei Theilen. (In his : 
Hinterlassene Schriften. Berlin, 1871. 8°. pt. 
2, p. 1-22.) 

Abarbanell, oder: Die letzten Tage der 

Juden in Spanien. [A drama in 4 acts and in prose. ] 
{Ibid. p. 23-80.) 

228. Nossig (Alfred). Abarbanel. Das Drama 
eines Volkes [in three acts]. (Die Welt. v. 10, 
nos. 13-14. Koln, igo6. 4°.) 

Third act only. 

Beginning of 16. century. 

229. Horowitz (Moses). Don Judah Abravanel. 
Operetta in 4 Akten. [188-?] 35 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

After 1541. 

230. Shaikewitz (Nahum Meir). Die spanische 
Inquisition. A Tragodie in fiinf Akten. [Judeo- 
German.] NfezoYork: B. Rabinozijitz\i<^o6\. 74 p. 


A dramatization of his own novel Chatan Damim. Written 
in 18S4 and first produced at Nikolayev in 1S85. The author 
named it ''Cain oder der Brudermorder," but the New York 
actors re-named it " Die spanische Inquisition," in spite of the 
fact that the place of the action is laid in Portugal; which title 
has been retained in the printed play (preface). 

Beginning of 17. century. 

231. Foner (Meir). Joseph della Reina. . . [A 
tragedy in 5 acts.] St Petersburg: L. Rabinovitch, 
1903. 136 p. 12°. 

Supplement to Ha-Meliz, v. 43, no. 290. Title also in Rus- 




232. Vrchlicky (Jaroslav). Der hohe Rabbi 
Low. (Rabbinerweisheit.) Lustspiel in drei Auf- 
zugen. Autorisirte Uebersetzung von E. Gri'in. 
Frag: J. B. Bran dels [i'a()b\. loop. 16°. (Judi- 
sche Universal-Bibliothek. 15.) 

"Den Buhnen gegeniiber Manuscript." 
Also Separate. 

Middle of 16. century. 

233. Goldfaden (Abraham). Rabbi Joselmann 
oder die Gserot vin Elsass. Ilistorische Oper in flinf 
Akten in dreiun zwanzigBilder. . . [Judeo-German.] 
Lemberg: II. jVecheles, 1892. 68 p. 8°. 

"Zura ersten Mai aufgefiihrt in Lemberg 16 Janner, 1891." 

Meliz Joscher oder Rabbi Joselmann. A 

historische Opera vun die Gserot von Elsass in 5 
Akten un 23 Bilder. . . [Judeo-German.] New 

York: B. Rabinowitz, igoo. 72 p. 12°. 
English title: Rabbi Yoselman. 

Uriel Acosta. 

234. Gutzkow (Karl Ferdinand). Uriel Acosta. 
Trauerspiel in funf Aufzi'igen [and in verse]. [1847. J 
100 p. (In his : Dramatische Werke. 4. Gesammt- 
ausgabe. v. i, pt. 2. Jena. 1S81. 12°.) 

Uriel Acosta, a tragedy in five acts. Trans- 
lated from the German by M. M. Ne-u York: M. 
Ellinger &' Co., i860. I04^p. 12°. 

Uriel Acosta. . . [A tragedy in 5 acts. A 

Hebrew adaptation by the teachers of the school 
for Jewish girls at Jaffa.] Jerusalem: Office oj 
'^Has/ikafah," 1905. 60 p. 16°. 

Uriel Acosta. A Tragodie in 5 Akten. . . 

far der judische Szene iibersetzt und arrangirt vin . . . 
[J. J. Lerner.] [Judeo-German.] [^Odessa,^ 1S83. 
103 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

Uriel Acosta. . .iibersetzt un arrangirt vun 

J. J. Lerner. [Judeo-German.] St. Petersburg : 
I. S. Levi dr' Co., 18S8. i p.l., 45 p. 8°. 

3. ed. Warsaw: J. Lidski, 1903. i 

p.l., 80 p. 8°. 


235. Minsk! (N.), Pseud.ofl>i\v.o\.k\ Ma.ximo- 
viCH WiLENKiN. Osada Tulchina [The siege of 
Tulchin. A historical drama of the times of Bohdan 
Chmielnicki. In five acts, with a prologue. Rus- 
sian]. (In : Voskhod. v. 8, no. i, p. 3-82. St. 
Petersburg, 1S88. 8°.) 

Die Belagerung vun Tulchin. . . Ubersetzt 

vun Russischen durch A. Reisen. [Judeo-German.] 
Minsk: Verlag '' Kullur \^Krakau, printed, 1905]. 
88 p. 8°. 

236. Terr (Jacob). Rabbi Sabbathai Cohen; or, 
The merits of Holy Sabbath. Historical Drama in 
5 acts and 1 5 tableaux of the time of the persecution 
of the Jews in [1648-1649]. . . [Judeo-German.] 
\New York, 1897.] 2 p.l., 71 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 


237. Caroline (Louise). Baruch von Spinoza. 
Drama in 5 Aufziigen. Berlin: F. Schneider 6^ 
Co., 1855. 147 p. 12°. 

In verse. 


238. Terr (Jacob). Judith die Perle vun Orient 
oder die Geheimnisse vun dem terkischen Harem. 
New York, 1902. i p.l., 57 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. Title from cover. 

18. century. 

239. Lud'wig(Otto). Der Jacobsstab. Trauer- 
spiel in fiinf Aufzi'igen. (In his : Gesammelte 
Schriften. v. 4, p. 77-122. Leipzig, 1S91. 12°.) 

First act only. 

Middle of iS. century. 

240. Lateiner (Joseph). Bliimele oder die 
Perle von Warschau (Alilath Dam). Operette in 
5 Akten. [Judeo-German.] Krakau: A. Faust, 
Podgorze {printed^, 1903. 63 p. 8°. 

Alle Lieder vun die. . . Theater-Stuck Blii- 
mele... [AvTf York: J. Katzenelenbogen, 189-.} 
2 1. 8°. 

Die Lieder von " Bliimele". . . N^ew York: 

J. Katze7telenbogen [189-]. 2 1. 8 . 

Ben Ezra. Ein Abend in Jargon-Theater. (Die 
Welt. V. S, no. 24. Wien, 1904. 4°.) 


241. Terr (Jacob). Der Zwilling (Theomim). 
Eine Drama in 5 Akten in 10 Kartines. Rostov on 
the Don, 1882. 76 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 


242. Stein (Leopold). Der Knabenraub zu 
Carpentras. Drama in 4 Aufziigen. Berlin: C. 
Heymann, 1863. viii, 91 p. 12°. 

Frag: J. B. Brandeis [1897]. 102 p. 

24°. (Jiidische Universal-Bibliothek. 30.) 

Moses Mendelssohn. 

243. [Mueller (Hugo)?] Ha-Dod Mosheh ben 
Menahem. . . (A Hebrew translation of his: "Onkel 
Moses," a play in one act; by Baruch Jekuthiel 
Sussmanowitz.] IVarsaw: M. J. Halter, 1893. 
36 p. 12°. 

Der Vetter Moses Mendelssohn. A drama- 

tisches Bild in ein Akt. Nach dem Deutschen far 
der judischer Biihne bearbeitet vun J. J. Lerner. 
[Judeo German.] IVarsaw: Baumritter &-" Gon- 
sior, 1889. 26 p. 12°. 


244. Mosenthal (Salomon Hermann von). 
Deborah. Volksschauspiel in vier Akten. Halle 
a. d. S.: O. Hendel [18- ]. 82 p., i port. 12°. 

Deborah. [Translated into Hebrew by D. 

Radner.] Wilna: Widow &" Bros. Romvi, 1884. 
114 p. 12°. 

Leah, the forsaken. A play in five acts. 

[A translation of Mosenthal's Deborah by W. Ben- 
neux, adapted] By A. Daly. London: S. French 
[18-]. 44 p. 8°. 

The adapter has set back the time of the action to the early- 
part of the i8th century. First produced in Boston, 1862. 
Prompter's copy, interleaved. Ms. notes. Becks bequest. 

Same. (Lacy's acting edition of plays, v. 


Same. AVw York: S. French dr' Son 

[18- ]. 44 p. 12°. (French's Standard Drama, 
the acting edition, no. 389.) 


Deborah ; or, the Jewish maiden's wrong! 

A drama in three acts. [Adapted] By Charles Smith 
Cheltnam. London: T. H. Lacy [iS- ]. 38 P- 
nar. 12°. (Lacy's acting ed. of plays, v. 63.) 

First produced in London, 1864. 

Same. Prompter's copy. Ms. notes. 

Title-page mutilated. 

Becks bequest. 

Before 1795- 

245. Wedel-Jarlsberg (F. C), Friherre. 
Joden Philip og Bonden ; eller, Naturens Discipel. 
Original Skuespiel i tre Akter. Kjobenhavn: C. 
Sieen, i%ib. xvi, 104 p. 12°. 


246. Parvi (Zenon). Rok 1794. (Berek Jose- 
lowicz.) Dramat na tie historycznem w pie9iu 
aktach, oryginalnie wierszem napisany. . . Z winieta 
tytutowa podtug pastel rysunku S. Wyspianskiego. 
Krakow: D. E. Friedlein, 1904. 2 p.l., 87 p., i 1. 


247. [Axenfeld (Israel).] Der erste jiidische 
Rekrut in Russland im Jahre 5587 (1827) am Tage 
der Publicirung des betreffenden Ukases. Ein 
komish-tragischer Roman in jiidisch-deutschem 
Jargon. {^Leipzig, 1S62.] 58 p. 8°. 

Comp. Wiener (L.) The History of Yiddish Literature 
(1899), p. 142-145. 

248. [Abramowitsch (Shalom Jacob).] Der 
Prisiw. A drama in funf Akten. Gedruckt be- 
Hischtadluth Mendeli Mocher Sforim. St. Peters- 
burg: /. Zederbaum, 1SS4. iii, 87 p. 8°. 


[Sudermann (Hermann). Der Sturmgeselle 

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171 p. I6^ 

1 86-. 
250. Goldfaden (Abraham). 


Zeiten?! Epochen-Bild'er der russischen Juden, 
als Schauspiel mit Gesang un Tanze, in 6 Akten, 4 
Verwandlungen un 30 bildern. [Judeo-German.] 
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251. [Goldenberg (N.)] Chaim I, gromo- 
verzhetz ... [A drama in 5 acts and a prologue. Rus- 

sian.] ii2p. (In: YevreiskayaBiblioteka. v. 8. 
St. Petersburg, 1880. 8°.) 
Author's name signed S. S. (in Russian characters). 

252. Atlass (Joshua). Ha-Nirdaf me-Erez 
Russia. [A tragedy in three acts and in verse. 
Hebrew.] Przemysl: Zupnik, Knoller 6^ //a/«- 
merschmidt, i%?).\. 60 p. 8°. 

German title: Der Verfolgte von Russland. Eie Trauer- 
spiel in drei Aufziigen, als Bild der sudrusslandischen 
Judenverfolgungen, von Osiass Atlass. 

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Deutsch von G. Polonskij. Alilnchen: J. March- 
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Juden. Piece in 4 Akten. Ubersetzt 

durch I. Bermann. [Judeo-German.] Warsaw: 
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Bibliothek," no. 8.) 

Synopsis. The chosen people. A drama- 
tic portrayal of Jewish life in Russia in three acts. 
Staged and presented by the St. Petersburg 
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York: The Lnternational Press, 1905.] i p.l., 
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254. Pinski (David). Die familie Zebi. 
Tragodie in 4 Akten. Arausgegeben vun " Bund." 
Geneve: Lmprimerie Lsra^lite, 1905. 76 p., 2 1, 
8°. (Allg. idischer Arbeiterbund in Lita, Polen un 

Another copy on very thin paper to 

allow of its being smuggled into Russia. 12°. 

Warsaw: Verlags-Druckerei [Ver- 
lag ''Die Welt:' Wilna],zgo6. I p. 1., 82 p. 12". 

255. Rackow (Nahum), a>id Samuel Gordon. 
Captain Dreyfus. Military drama in 4 acts. Type- 
written, unpublished, written and produced at 
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See Saphir (Isaac). Yiddish plays. [Thumb-nail sketches 
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Other Dramas of Jewish Life. 


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(In his: Quatre conferences sur les 

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Individual Plays. 

[Adaxnus (Franz), pseud, of Prof. Bronner.] 
Ui'RiMNY (J.) Ein zionistisches Theaterstuck. 
(Die Welt. v. 9, no. 10. Wien, 1905. 4^.) 
A review of " Schmelz der Nibelunge" by Franz Adamus. 

256. An-ski (S. A.), pseud, of Rapaport. 
Otetz i syn. [Father and son. A drama in one 
act.] (In: Voskhod. v. 26, Jan., p. 35-58. St. 
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257. Aretino (Pietro). II marescalco, comedia. 
(In: Teatro italiano antico. v. 5, 167-370, i pi. 
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II marescalco. (In his: Commedie. Milano, 

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Klein (Julius Leopold). Der Jude in der Kom- 
modie. (In his: Geschichte des Drama's, v. 4, 
P- 5I3-5I4- Leipzig, 1866. 8°.) 

■'Vielleicht ist dieser Handelsjude der Erzvater aller fol- 
genden Komiidienjuden." 

253. Berg (O. F.), pseud, of Ottokar Franz 
Ebersuerg. Finer von unsere Lent'. Posse mit 
Gesang in drei Acten . . . [ Wien: L. Sommer, 185-?] 
39 p. 8°. (Weiner Theater — Rep. No. 194.) 

Comp. Maggid Mishneh, v. 2. p. 70, 74. Lyck, 1880 f°. 

259. Boisson (Marius), a«(/ LuciEN Ricaille. 
La vengeance dujuif. Drame social en 5 actes et 
8 tableaux. Extrait du roman de J. W. Rochester 
(W. Krijanowsky). Musique de scene de Rene de 
Santerne. Paris: P. V. Stock, i(jOS. 204 p. I6^ 

260. Cumberland (Richard). The Jew, a 
comedy. Xcui York: S. Cafnpbell, 1795. 54 p., 

1 1. 12 . 

The Jew. A comedy. Performed in Lon- 
don, and by the Old American Company in New 
York. . . A^e'cu York: S. Campbell, 1796. 54 p., I 1. 
sm. 12°. 

The Jew. A comedy in five acts. London: 

T. H. Lacy [18 — ]. i p.l, 5-48 p., i pi. nar. 12°. 
(Lacy 's acting edition of plays, v. 84.) 

The Jew. A comedy in five acts. . .With a 

fine engraving. London: J. Cumberland [iS — ]. 
47 p. nar. 16°. 

Prompter's copy. 

The Jew. A comedy in five acts. 16 p. 

(In: London stage, v. i. [1824.] 8°.) 

Ish Yehudi. [The Jew, translated intO' 

Hebrew by J. Brill.] JVilna : L. A/atz, iSjS. 

2 p.l., 84 p. 16°. 

Der Jud Menachem, oder, die bescheidene 

Tugend. Komodie in 5 Akten. Ubergesetzt vinem 
Englischen vin Benedix Ben-Zion. [Judeo-Ger- 
man.] Odessa, 1882. 36 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

The Jew. (Ha-Yom, v. 2, 1887, no. 172.) 

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characters in fiction. English literature. Phila- 
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[Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von).] 
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261. Heijermans (Herman), y>. The Ghetto. 
A drama in four acts. Freely adapted from the 
Dutch. . .by Chester Bailey Fernald. London: W. 
Heinemann, 1899. 4 p.l., 144 p. 12°. 

Comp. Jewish Comment. Sept. 15, 1899. 

Ghetto. Ein Trauerspiel in 3 

. . . Deutsch von Franziska de Graafif. 
K. F. Koehler, 1903. 107 p. 8°. 

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(Monatsschrift f. Gesch. u. Wissenschaft d. Juden- 
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262. Hilarius (Justus), pseud, of S. W. 
ScHiESSLER. Der .Vnherr. Schwank in einem 
Aufzuge. (In his: Frische Judenkirschen. p. 67- 
98. iMeisscn , 1S27. 24°.) 

263. Irgens(Hanna). Moses i Tonden. Lyst- 
pil i een Akt. Kjobenhavn: C. Steen, 1822. i p.l., 
67 p. nar. 24°. 

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Lustspiel in einem Aufzuge. Verfertiget im Jahre 
1749, (In his: Lustspiele. Peutlingen, i-io. 16°. 
p. 151-212.) 

Also in the various ed. of his works. It was first printed in 
1754 in his Schriften, v. 4. 

Ha-Yehudim. . .[Die Juden, translated into 

Hebrew by Jacob Simeon Kahan.] Warsaw: 
E. I. Schapira, 1874. 62 p., i 1. 16°. 


' Ghetto." 



I77g. (In his: 
2 p. I., 54 P- Ber- 

Ha-Yehudim. . . [Die Tuden, translated into 

Hebrew verse by Zebi Eleazar Teller.] Wien: G 
Brog \_Vcrlag d. Vereins '' Moria" Botosain], 
iSSo. xxvii, 96 p. 12°. 

German title : Die Juden . . . metrisch ubersetzt von H. L. 
Teller. . , . ^ . , 

Die Iden. Ein Lustspiel in drei und zwan- 

zig Vorstellungen. .. ubersetzt in Jlidisch Deutsch 
(Jargon) durch Eraii Ch. E. Abramowitz. JVtlna: 
fVido'u dr- Bros. Romtn, 1S79. 68 p. 16°. 

265. Nathan der Weise. Ein dramatisches 

Gedicht in funf Aufzugen. 
Sammtliche Schriften. v. 22. 
lin, 1827. 24°.) 

Nathan der Weise... mit Anmerkungen 

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toire. . .J^'c'(^^w//a57«, 1828-45? nar. 8°. v. 8.) 

Nathan the Wise, a dramatic poem; trans- 
lated by Ellen Frothingham; preceded by a brief 
account of the poet and his works [by Henry Holt]; 
and followed by an essay on the poem, by Kuno 
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259 p. 12°. 

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by Simon Bacher.] Wien: J. Sehlossberg, 1866. 
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German title: Nathan der Weise. Dramatisches Gedicht in 
fiinf Aufzugen ... Ins Ebraische ubersetzt von S. Bacher. 

Comp. Allg. Zeitung d. Judenthums, v. 31 (1867). no. 30. 

Same. (In: Bacher (S.) Shaar Shimeon. 

V. 3. T p.l., 266 p. Wien, 1894. 8°.) 

Nathan heChacham . . . [Hebrew translation 

by Abraham Baer Gottlober.] Wien: Spitzer &= 
Hohwarih Jr., 1874. xxix, (i), 272, (2) p. 12°. 

Comp. Ha-Shachar, v. 4(1873)- P- 393-399; v. 5 (1874). 
p. 496. 

Nathan he-Chochom. Eine dramatische 

Unterhandlung. . .in 5 Erscheinungen. . .frei uber- 
setzt. . .vun I. J. Linetzki. [Judeo-German.] 
Odessa: P. A. Leleni, 1884. 80 p. 8°. 

German title: Nathan der Weise. Ein dramatisches Gedicht 
in 5 Aufzugen . . . Frei-bearbeitet im Judischen von I. J. 
Linetzci \sic]. 

Nathan der Chochom. . .Bearbeitet in a 

Erzahlungs-Forme vun B. Gorin. [Judeo German.] 
New York: Katzenelenbogen 6^ Rabinowitz, 1900. 
I p.l., 71 p. 8°. 

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ment of the story of the ring and its teaching. 
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fiir die Juden. Vortrag. . .(In his: Gesammelte 
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orable to Judaism, which we know to be the origi- 
nal of the three religions !] (In his novel: Simchat 
Chanef, chap. 2t, first published in his mag. Ha- 
Shachar, v. 3. Wien, 1872. 8°.) 

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Heft 263.) 

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than der Weise." (Ost^und West. v. i, col. 661- 
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266. [Mannheimer (Adolf).] Festspiel _z_u 
Ehren des Directors der Realschule der israeliti- 
schen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt am Main... Dr. 
Hermann Baerwald. aufgefiihrt bei seinem fiinf- 
undzwanzigjarigen Amtsjubilaum, am 3 August 
1893. Frankfurt a. M.: Kump iind Reis, 1893. 
36 p. 8°. 

267. Marlowe (Christopher). The Jew of 
Malta. (In: Dodsley's Select collection of^ old 
plays." V. 8, p. 299-395- London, 1780. 16°. ) 

The Jew of Malta. (In his: Works, v. i, 

p. 227-349. London, 1850. 12°.) 

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anglit. [Hebrew.] [i. The Jew of Malta.] New 
York: A. H. Rosenberg, i^qS- I5P- 8°- 

Repr.: Ner ha-Maarabi, v. i, nos. 6-7. Eng. title: The Jew 
in English fiction. 

Shylock and Barabas: a study in character. 

\_Sewanee,i()Ol.'] ip.l.,l4P- 8°- 

Repr.: Sewanee Rev. v . 9, no. 3. 

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literature, v. i, p. 185-192. London, 1875. » ■) 



26S. Nordau (Max Simon). Doktor Kohn. 
Bi'irgerliches Trauerspiel aus der Gegenwart in vier 
Aufzugen. 2. Aufl. Berlin: E. I/of man &= Co., 
1S99. 200 p. 8°. 

269. Ottolenghi (Lazzaro). II matrimonio 
misto, scene di famiglia divise in otto quadri. 
Acqui, 1873. (Educatore Israelita. v. 21, p. 161- 
171, 193-203, 225-235, 257-268, 321-329. Ver- 
celli, 1S73. S°.) 

270. Petersen (E.) De kristne Joder. Et 
Skuespil i tre Acter. Sidestykke til Vor Handter- 
ing. Kjobenhavn: The Author, \%\t. 2p.l.,4op., 
I 1. 16°. 

271. Rosenzweig (J.) Nathan Schlemiel oder 
orthodoxe und reformirte Juden. Ein Tendenz- 
Lustspiel in 3 Acten. . .Pressburg: C. Anger meyer, 
1873. 2p.l.,47P- 8°. 

272. Sachs (Hans). Ein fasznachtspil mit 
fiinff personen: Dat teuffel nam ein alt weib zu 
der ehe. (In his: [Werke]. Hrsg. von A. v. 
Keller u. E. Goetze. v. 21, p. 17-34- Tubingen, 
1892. %". (Litterarischer Verein in Stuttgart. 
Bibliothek. v. 195.) 

273. [Sessa (Karl BorromEeus Alexander).] 
Unser Verkehr. Eine Posse in einem Aufzuge. . . 
[and in prose]. 8. Aufl. Mit einer Originalzeich- 
nung von Th. Hosemann. Berlin: 0. Janke 
[18- ]. I p.l., 73 P-. I Pl- i6°- 

See Petersen (E.) De kristne Joder. Et Skuespil ... Sides- 
tykke til Vor Handtering. Kjobefihavn, 1816. 16°. (No. 
270 above.) 

Geiger (Ludwig). Ueber den Verfasser der 
Posse: Unser Verkehr. (Allg. Zeitung d. Juden- 
thums. V. 67, p. 7S-S1. Berlin, 1903. 4°.) 

274. Shakespeare (William). The most ex- 
cellent Historic of the Merchant of Venice. With 
the extreame crueltie of Shylock the lewe towards 
the sayd Merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his 
flesh: and the obtayning of Portia by the choyse of 
three chests. As it hath been diuers times acted by 
the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants. At London: 
Printed by 1. R. for Thomas Heyes, atid are to be 
sold in Patties Charch-yard, at the signe of the 
Greene Dragon, 1600. 38 1. 4°. 

The Excellent History of the Merchant of 

Venice. With the extreme cruelty of Shylock the 
Jew towards the saide Merchant, in cutting a iust 
pound of his flesh. And the obtaining of Portia, 
by the choyse of three Caskets. Written by W. 
Shakespeare. Printed by J. Roberts, \too. 40 1. 4°. 

Merchant of Venice: the First (tho worse) 

Quarto, 1600, a Facsimile. (Griggs & Furnivall.) 
London [1S81]. 4°. 

Merchant of Venice: the Second (and bet- 
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Furnivall.) London, 1887. sm. 4°. 

The most excellent Historie of the Mer- 
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for Laurence Hayes, and are to be sold at his Shop 
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The most excellent Historie [etc.]. London: 

Printed for William Leake, and are to be solde at 
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between the two Temple Gates, 1652. 36 1. 4°. 

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New York : D. Appleton df Co. [1S60] 

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;_ Shylock Oder der Kaufmann von Venedik 

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[Zapolska (Gabryela v.)] 

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" The result of the inquiry will be almost purely negative." 

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hidividiial Plays. 
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Haskalah. . .Drohobycz: A. H. Zupnik, 1887. 72, 
xi, (1) p., 2 1. 16°. 

German title: Emina Whaskula (Glauben und Wissen). 
Allegorisches Drama in funf Acten. 

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u- Mappach Nefesh...[A tragedy.] Czernowitz: 
E. Heilpern, 1882. 10, 67, (9) p. 

German title: Kischron Hachochma, draraatisches Gedicht. 

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hente: Bilder in 4 Akten. Jiidisch [von] A. A. 
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[A play for children in 5 acts.] Warsaw: '^ Tu- 
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285. Kesher Bogedim. . . [An anonymous trag- 
edy of the life of Maximilian, emperor of Mexico, 
in 4 acts and in verse.] Wilna, 1891. i p.l., 
96 p. 12°. 

2S6. Landau (Judah Leo). Yesh Tikwah. [A 
drama of contemporary Jewish life in 3 acts. With 
a preface by Judah Loeb Pilpel.] JCra/cau: L. 
Pilpel, 1S93. 48 p. 8°. 

German title: Jesch-Tikwah. Schauspiel in 3 Acten aus 
dem jijdischen Leben in der Gegenwart. Wurde das erste Mai 
auf der Stadtbiihne in Brody [in 1893] aufgefiihrt. 

286a. Luzzatto (Moses Chayyim ben Jacob 
Chay). of Padua, 1707-47. La-Yesharim Tehillah 
. . . [Praise for the upright. A drama in 3 acts and 
a prologue, and in verse.- Written in honor of his 
pupil Jacob ben Moses di Gavis on the occasion of 
his wedding to Rachel da Vega Enriques.] Ms. 
Amsterdam, n. d. 4 p.l., 25, (i) f. 8°. 

A copy of the first ed. (Amsterdam, 1743) ? Sq. char, and 

the pref. in Rashi char. Hand-made paper. Was presented 
in 1859 by its owner, Jacob Meir Lehren at Amsterdam, to 
another man (Getschlik ben Suesskmd ?) of the same city. 

La-Yesharim Tehillah. .. [2. ed., with a 

preface by Solomon of Dubno.] Berlin, 1780. 
42 1. 12°. 

Another ed. [With an approbation signed 

by Joseph ben Jacob Isaac Hochgclehrnter, Rabbi 
at Samoscz, and Abraham ha-Cohen Chasid of Am- 
sterdam; reprinted from Isaac Aryeh ha- Levi Mar- 
galiot's ed. of Lemberg, 1799.] Jozefoiv: D. S. I. 

Wax, 1826. 92 p. 12°. 

The publisher remarks that he was loath to ask the rabbis of 
his own generation for approbations, as he knew them to be 
generally opposed to poetical writers; wherefore he reproduces 
instead the rabbinical approbation given in a previous edition. 

Another ed. Wilna: R. M. Romm, 1849. 

xii, 60 p. 12". 

Another ed. Warsaw: I. Goldman, 1884. 

80 p. 12°. 

La-Yesharim Tehillah (dem Verdienste 

seine Krone), ein allegorisches Drama in 3 Akten. 
[Hebrew.] (In: Martinet (Adam). Tiferet Yisrael 
Oder: Hebriiische Chrestomathie. . .Bamberg, 1837. 
8°. p. 268-323.) 

. ..Laj'scharim T'hillah ins Deutsche uber- 

setzt von J[eremiah] Musen. . .[Hebrew and Ger- 
man.] Lemberg: S. L. Kugel, \%1^. 109 p. 12°. 

Buch La-Yesharim Tehillah ubersetzt vun 

Leschon Kodesch. . . vun Gedaliah ben David ha- 
Cohen Berger mi-Dubno. [Ms. Judeo-German.] 
\_Diibno?\ 1876. 81 p. 16°. 

German cursive characters. 

Only tojhe beginning of the 5. scene of the 3. act. 

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schen Poesie. Leipzig, 1836. 8°. p. 88, 91-92- 

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PoLLAK (Chayyim Joseph). Cheker ha-Mech- 
kar ha-Mitboded]. [A commentary on the 2. scene 
of the 2. act. Hebrew.] (Ha-Mebasser I'Galizien. 
Edited by A. I. Menkes, v. i, p. 69-71. Lemberg, 
1861. f°.) 

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rature hebraique. Paris, 1903. 12°. p. 13-16. 

287. Malbim (Meir Loebusch ben Jehiel Mi- 
chel). Shire Kodesh we-lahem Mashal u- Melizah 
... [A dramatic poem in 4 acts and in verse. Pro- 
vided with vowel-points and published, with a note 
at the end in lieu of a preface, by Jehiel Bril.] 
Paris, 1867. I p.l, 142 p. 24'. 

Shire Kodesh we-lahem Mashal u Melizah 

. . .[2. ed., enlarged.] Warsaxv : N. H. Herzog, 
1877. 156 p. 24°. 

Mashal u- Melizah. .. [3. ed.] Warsaw: 

Lewin-Epstein Bros., 1894. 156 p. 16°. 

2S7a. Monassowitz (M.) Neshef-Purim. [A 
play for children in i act.] Warsaw: " Tuschi- 
ja k, " i()02. 19 p. 12°. (Li-Bene ha-Neurim. 81.) 

288. Tawjew (Israel Chayyim). Bi-Mekom 
Derasha. [A play for children in i act.] _ War- 
saw: " Tuschijah," 1902. 25 p. 12°. (Li-Bene 
ha-Neurim. 80.) 



Translations into Hebrew. 

2Sg. Berquin (Arnaud). MusarNaarRa. [A 
play for children in iS scenes. Translated from 
the French by I. M. Salkind. ] Warsaio: " 7m- 
schijah," i()02,. 54 p. I2°. (Li-Bene ha-Neurim. 

290. Gessner (Salomon). Eldad we-Tirzah 
Oder Erast...ins Hebraische iibersetzt von David 
Samoscz. (In: Samoscz (D.) Esh Dat. v. i, 
p. S3-127. Breslau, 1S34. 12.) 

Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von). Faust. He 
brew translation by M. Letteris. See Section U 
Elisha ben Abujah (end of first and beginning o 
second centuries). 

291. Lessing (Gotthold Ephraim). Abinadab 
... [A free Hebrew translation of Lessing's Philo- 
tas, by Joel Berisch Falkowitsch.] Odessa: L. 
Nitzche^ A. Zederhaum, \'ii^%. 28 p. 8°. 

German title; Abinadab nach G. E. Lessing Philotas, ein 
Trauerspiel in einem Aufzug, in's Hebraische frei ubersetzt 
in Dubno . . . 1820. 

Die Juden. Nathan der Wise. See Sec- 
tion II. 

292. Sarah Bat Simson. [Miss Sara Sampson. 

A drama in 5 acts; translated into Hebrew prose 
by Peli-Israel Frenkel.] Warsaw: M. Lewinski, 
1887. 90, (i) p. S". 

293. Maffei (Francesco Scipione). Merab. La 
Merope. Tragoedia. .quam ex Italico sermone in 
linguam sacram classicam convertit. . .S. A. Ro- 
manelli. Nunc primum cum prazfatione et notis. . . 
edita e manuscripto autographo translatoris. . . 
editoris T. A. Weikert. .. Italian and Hebrew. 
RomcE: F. Pusiet, 1904. xvi, 205 p., i facsim. 8°. 

294. Salkind (I. M.), translator. Ha-Aniy- 
yim. [A play for children in i act and 5 scenes; 
freely translated from the French.] Warsaw : 
" TiiscJiijah," 1903. 23 p. 12''. (LiBene ha- 

295. Shakespeare (William). Hamlet... 
[Translated from the English into Hebrew by 
Chayyim Jehiel Bornstein.] (Ha-Zefirah. v. 27- 
28. Warsaw, 1900-1901. f°.) 

[Hamlet's monologue; translated by Judah 

Loeb Gordon.] (In; Col Shire J. L. Gordon. 
V. 5, p. 81-82. Wilna, 1898. 8°.) 

Smolensky (Peter). [Hamlet and Faust com- 
pared, a criticism; with a translation of 
several passages from Hamlet, including 
the monologue.] (In his novel: Simchat 
Chanef, chap. 20-21, first published in his 
mag. Ha-Shachar, v. 3. Wie?i, 1S72. 8°.) 

296. Ha-Melec Lear... [King Lear. A 

tragedy in 5 acts. Translated from the English 
into Hebrew blank verse by Samuel Loeb Gordon. 
Warsaw: " Tusc/iija/i," 1S99. 2 pt. in i v. 12^. 
(Bibliotheca Ibrit. 61-62.) 

297. Macbeth. [A tragedy in five acts. 

Translated into Hebrew verse from Friedrich von 
Schiller's German translation, by Isaac Barb.] 
Drohobycz: Zupnik dr" Knoller, iZZ'i. 123(1) p. 8°. 

298. Ithiel ha-Cushi mi-Venezia . . . [Othello. 

Translated into Hebrew blank verse by Isaac Elie- 
zer Salkinson. With an introduction by Peter 

Smolensky.] Vienna: Spitzer df Hohtvarth, Jun., 
1874. XXXV, (1), 198, (2). 12°. 

English title: Othello... Translated into Hebrew by J. E. 
S. Edited by P. Smolensky. 

Comp. P. Smolensky in his Ha-Shachar, v. 5, p. 295-296. 
(Wien, 1874. 8°.) 

299. Ram we-Jael... [Romeo and Juliet. 

Translated into Hebrew blank verse by Isaac 
Eliezer Salkinson. With a letter to the translator 
by Peter Smolensky.] Wien: G. Brog, 1878. xii, 
167, (i) p. 12°. 

English title: Shakespeare's Romeo and'Juliet...Translated 
into Hebrew by J. E. S. 

Comp. P. Smolensky in his Ha-Shachar, v. 9, p. 237, 287- 
288, ^46-351. 406-408. (Wien, 1878. 8°.) 

[Sudermann (Hermann). Johannisfeuer.] 
Klausxer (Joseph). Esh Johanan. [A re- 
view. Hebrew.] (In: Ha-Dor. v. i, no. 
17, p. T3-15. Krakajt, 1901. f°.) 

300. Vulpius (Christian August), Lahakat ha- 
Shodedim... [" Rinaldo Rinaldini, der Rauber- 
hauptmann eine romantische Geschichte unseres 
Jahrhunderts" (Leipzig, 179S), combining simple 
narrative with dialogue, and interspersed with 
songs; translated from a Polish translation by 
Chayyim Goldstein of Piotrkow. With the appro- 
bation of Aryeh Judah Jacob Meisels, rabbi of 
Piotrkow. Published by the translator's son, Jacob 
Goldstein.] Warsaw: N. Schriftgisser, 1858. 2 
pt. in I V. 12°. 


301. Behar (Jakim). La fami[li]a misteriosa. 
Teatro in 4 actos in poesia. [Wien: J. Sehles- 
inger,'] 649 [1S89]. 56 p. 12°. 

Rashi characters. The only drama in this dialect known to 
Max Gruenbaum. See his Jtidisch-spanische chrestomathie. 
(^Frankfurt a. M., 1896. 8°. p. 145-146.) 

Judeo-German Dramas. 
Original and adaptations. 

302. [Abramowitsch (Shalom Jacob).] Die 
Taxe, Oder die Stodt-Baale-Toboth. Gedruckt be- 
Hischtadluth Mendeli-Mocher-Sforim. Wilna: 
S. J. Fiinn Ssf A. Z. Rosenkranz, 1S72. 88 p. 8°. 

Die Taxe. N^ew York: J . Katzenelenbogen, 

1899. 99 p. 8°. 

303. Avramovitz (Max). Mein Theater-Maga- 
zin. Eine Erzahlung fiber Schmendrik's Gliickund 
Ungliick, seine ganze Lebens-Biographie, zusam- 
mengesetzt aus 237 Namen von Theater-Stticke 
seit idisches Theater existirt vun 1877 bis 1S95. 
New York: E. Zunser [1S95]. 12 p. 8°. 

English title: My theatrical magazin. 

304. Axenfeld (Israel). Mann un Weib, 
Schwester un Briider... a Theaterstiick in 2 
Akten. Odessa: M. Berlinson, 1867. 68 p. 8°. 

305. Beckermann (Simeon). [Hadassah] Die 
Ch'luzah. A Drama in vier Akten. Odessa, 1883. 
108 p. sq. 8. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

Hadassah die Ch'luzah. . .Varfasst auf dem 

Art von Schomer. /f^rt;-.yrt7<:'.-y. Unterhendler, 1884. 
112 p. S . 

306. Ben-Zion (lienedi.x). A Familien-Drame 
oder die falsche Kiduschin. A Drame in fiinef 
Akten. An emethe Geschichte, far der judischen 
Biihne ausgearbet. . . Odessa, 1883. i p.l., 85 p. 
sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 



307. A grosser Sod. A Melo Drama in vier 

Akten. New York [iSgg]. Ip.l.,i24p. sq. 8 . 

Ms. in lead pencil. German cursive characters. 

308. Die umzufriedene GUickliche. Komo- 

die in 4 Akten. [Odessa,] 1S83. 35 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

309. Der Zwua'k. A komische Komodie 

in vier Akten und 6 Bilder mit Gesiing und Tanz. 
Nach (^uelien bearbet vin Mosche Silberman. [Actu- 
ally written by B. Ben-Zion.] [Odissa, 18S3.] 1 p.l., 
39 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. An adaptation of Moliere's 
Le Tartu fe. 

310. Bernstein (S.) Reb Jochze Dal Geeh. A 
Komodie mit a Roman in 5 Akten... Kishinev: 
L. CJiarik, 1SS4. 32 p. 8°. 

311. Eppelberg (W. H.) Die verbittene Joz- 
roth. A Lustspiel in ein Akt. IVarsazv: A. Un- 
ierJiendle?-, 1890. lb p. 8°. 

312. [Ettinger (Solomon).] Serkele oder die 
falsche lohrzeit. Komodie in fiinf Akten. Geschehn 
in Lemberg. New ed. IVarsazv: J. Lebensohn, 
1875. 80 p. 8°. 

313. [Falkowitsch(Joel Berisch).] Reb Cha- 
jimil der Kozin. Ein Theater in 4 Akten. Bear- 
beitet nach K. . . Odessa: M. E. Belinson, 1866. 
166 p. 8\ 

Written in St. Petersburg, 1S64. 

Rochele die Singerin. Ein Theater in 4 

Akten. Bearbeitet nach S. & R. K. von B. F. 
Zhitomir: A. S. Szadow, 1868. 125 p. 8°. 

314. Gnib (J. D. H.) Das Chanuka-Trenderl. 
Ein antiques Familien-Stiick von unsere Leut'. In 
2 Aufzugen. Renovirt von J. D. H. Gnib. Wien: 
J. Sehlossberg, 1884. 50 p. 12°. 

In German characters. 

315. Goldfaden (Abraham). Die Bobe mit 
dem Enikel oder Bonzie die Knotlechlegerin. Melo- 
drama in 3 Akten mit Gesang. Warsaw: Bauin- 
ritter cr" Gonsior [1S91]. 40 p. 8°. 

Die Bobe mit dem Enikel... New York: 

J. Saphirstein, 1893. 40 p. 8°. 

Die Bobe mit dem Enikel... IVarsazv: J. 

Lidski, 1905. 40 p. 8°. (Goldfadens Theater 

316. Fanatik; oder, Die 2 Kunie Lemils- 

Komodie in 4 Akten und 7 B[ilder]. [rSS-?] 55 p. 
sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

Der Fanatik oder die Beide Kuni-Lemil 

Opereta in 4 Akten un in 8 Bilder. .. Warschaw: 
Baumritter ^^ Go7isior , \%%1 . 62 p. 8°. 

Der Fanatik. ..A^^w York: J. Saphirstein, 

1893. 62 p. 8°. 

317. Die beide Kni-Lemil. .. Warsaw: J. 

Lidski, 1905. 62 p. 8°. (Goldfadens Theater 

318. Die kaprisne Kallah-Maud oder Kab- 

zensohn et Hungermann. Melodrama in 4 Akten 
un in 5 Bilder. Warsaw: Baumritter <2r^ Gonsior, 
X887. 46 p. 8°. 

Die Kaprisne Kallah-Maud. New York: 

J. Saphirsteiti, 1893. 46 p. 8°. 


Die Kischufmacherin (Zauberin). Op- 

eretta in 5 Akten un in 8 Bilder. 
rittcr 6^ Gonsior, 1887. 66 p. 

Die Kischufmacherin. . . 

ritter 5r= Gonsior [1891]. 64 p. 

Die Kischufmacherin. .. 

Warsazu: Baum- 

Warsaw: Batim- 
Warsazu: J. Lid- 
ski, 1905. 64 p. 8°. (Goldfadens Theater Maga- 

320. [Schmendrik.] Die Komische Chathunah 
von Schmendrik mit die Kallah in drei Akten. , 
(Ein Lust Spiel in ein Akt von dem Kater.) [By 
A. Goldfaden.] (Lied vun Feitel Narr mit Notki 
Gannaw. Ein Lust Spiel in drei Akten. [Anon.] 
[Lemberg: B. L. Recheles, 1875.] 68 p. 24°. 

Schmendrig oder die Komische Chathunah. 

A Komodie in 3 yVkten. . . Warsaw: J. Lebensohn, 
1890. 40 p. 8°. 

321. Das zehnte Gebot, " Lo Thachmod." 

Komische Operetta (Zaubermahrchen) in 5 Akten, 
10 Verwandlungen in 28 Bildern... Krakau: J. 
Fischer, iS97[-98]. 8°. 

Played first in New York in 1887. 

322. Gordin (Jacob). Gott.Mensch und Teuwel. 
Drama in 4 Akten mit a Prolog. New York: Iti- 
ternat. Library Pub. Co., 1903. 102 p., i port. 

[Same, under the title:] Das Geld. Drama 

in 4 Akten aus dem Judischen. [German.] (In: 
Die Welt. v. 10, nos. 1-4, 6-9. Koln, 1906. 4". 

Souvenir programme. Grand benefit per- 
formance of J. Gordin's play, Gott, Mensch und 
der Teufel for the East Side Janitors' Society, Thalia 
Theatre, May 19. [English.] [New Yot-k, igo^.} 
15 p. 8°. 

323. Die Jethomah. Drama in 4 Akten. 

Speciell geschrieben fiir... Madame K. Lipzin. 
[New York: K. Lipzin, cop. 1903.] 47 p. 8°. 

323a. [Der jiidischer Konig Lear. Le- 

bensbild in 4 Akten.] 

Aronstein (Philipp). Shakespeare in Gali- 
zien. (Allg. Zeitung d. Judenthums. 
v. 66, p. 368-370. Berlin, 1902. 4°.) 

Der judischen Konig Lear. B'nai Brith 

(Independent Order of). — George Jessel Lodge. 
Special performance of Jacob Gordin's The Jewish 
King Lear by Jacob P. Adler and his company. 
Given under the auspices of George Jessel Lodge... 
at Grand Theatre... New York... on... Dec. ig, 
1905. [Nezv York: Berkowiiz Ss' Proper, 1905.] 
19, (3) P-. I 1- 8°. 

[Die Kreutzer Sonata.] 

LiPSKY (Louis). Die Kreutzer Sonata. Ameri- 
can Hebrew. New York, Jan. 31, 1902. 

324. Medea. A historische Tragedie in 4 

Akten, bearbeitet fur der judischer Buhne. ..fiir... 
Madame K. Lipzin. [With a preface by M. Bucan- 
sky.] New York: Judischer Tdglicher Herold ,\%g-i. 

47 p. 8°. 

An adaptation of F. Grillparzer's Medea. 

325. ...Mirele Efroth die idische Konigin 

Lear. A Lebensbild in 4 Akten. Speciell ge- 
schrieben fiir Madame K. Lipzin. New York, 1898. 

48 p. 8°. 

[Siberia.] Cahan (Abraham). Siberia in 

Union Theatre. (Arbeiter Zeitung. v. 2, 
nos. 47-48. New York, 1891. 8°.) 



326. Die wilde Prinzessin oder Medea's 

jugend. A historische Drama in 4 Akten. Spezieli 
geschrieben fiir Madame K. Lipzin. N^e'w York: 
Daily Jezuish Ihrald, 1898. 55 p. 8°. 

Herz (Judith), /j^?/(/. (/Mrs. Mary Dunlop 
McLean. East Side Jewish plays and 
playrights. Jacob Gordin, the leader of 
the Russian realistic school, and some of 
his work. (New Era Illustrated Mag. v. 4, 
p. 31-38. New York, 1903. 8°.) 
Jacob Gordin and the Kreutzer Sonata. (Cur- 
rent literature, v. 41, p. 520-421. New 
York, 1906. 8°.) 
Souvenir zu Jacob Gordins zehn-jahrigen Ju- 
bilaum. Neiu York [/. Lipshitz\, igor. 
40 p. 8°. 
[Gorin (Bernard). Der Wilner Baal-Habess'l.] 
(Announcement in: Der Nayer Gayst. v. i, p. 372. 
Neio York, 189S. 4°.) 

327. Gottlober (Abraham Baer).] Der Deck- 
tuch oderzwei Chuppes in ein Nacht. A Komodie 
in drei Akten. Warsaw: J. Werbletiski, 1876. 
72 p. 16. °. 

328. Heller (Jacob M.) Die Wolf in Fell von 
Schaf. A Komodie in ftinf Akten. \^Odessa?\\%%\. 
ip.l-,53P- sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

329. Kalmus (Ulrich). Geschichte vun a sel- 
tenem B'rith un a genarrte Chathunah. Theater 
in 4 Akten. Warsaw: N. Schriftgiesser [1883?]. 
72 p. 8°. 

330. Schmerele Trostinetzer. Theater in 

drei Akten. WarsaTo : I. 0. Alapin, i%?,2>- 5o p. 

331. Katzenelenbogen (Joseph). Das Pflege- 
kind. Ein originelles Lustspiel in 5 Aufziigen und 
9 Bildern mit Gesangen und Tanzen...aus dem 
Volksleben. [Odessa, 1S8-?] 30 f. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

332. Lateiner (Joseph). David's Fiedele 
(David's Geige). Lebensbild in 4 Acten. Krakaii: 
A. Faust, Podgdrze [printed\ 1904. 66 p. 8°. 

• Mammon der Geld-Gott oder Korachs 

Ozeroth. Historische Operette in 4 Akten. Krakati: 
A. Faust, Podgdrze [printed], 1904. i p.l. , 59 (i) p. 

333. Lerner (Marie). Die Agunah. A Drama 
in 4 Akten un 6 Bilder. (In: Haus-Freund. Hrsg. 
vun M. Spektor. v. 2, p. 27-78. Warsaw, 1896. 

334. Libin (Z.), pseud, of Israel Hurwitz. 
[Die zubrochene Ilerzer.] Broken hearts. A drama 
in four acts. Argument of the play. Synopsis of 
acts; cast of characters. [English.] [New York: 
Lipshitz Press [190-] 2 1. 8°. 

335. Mali (P. H.) In der Finsterniss. ADrama 
in 4 Akten. Odessa: A. Dyclino, 189S. 72 p. 8°. 

336. Marks (Rudolph). Der Bowery Tramp; 
oder, der Geld-Schidech. Lebens Drama in 5 Akten 
und 7 Tabloen. [New York, 1S9-] i p.l., 54 1. 
sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

337. Chajim in Amerika; oder, der Nacht 

Dieb. Drama in 5 Akten mit Gesange und Tiinze. 
[New York, i8go?] i p.l., lOi p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

338. Der .Silver Konig. Drama in 6 Akten 

— II Tabloen. [New York, \'i%C).'\ 47 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

339. Die zwei Schwester. Salon Drama in 

4 Akten und 11 Bilder. [AVw York, 1S90?] 38 I. 
sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

340. Mendelssohn (Ludwig). Intimes aus de 
Liliengass'. Ein Buchdrama in l Akt. Berlin: 
J. L. V. Laverrenz [iSg-?]. 62 p. 12°. 

In German characters. 

341. Minikes (Chanan Jacob). Zwischen In- 
dianer, oder der Country-Pedler. Komischer Vaude- 
ville in I Akt mit Gesange und Tanze. . . N'ew York: 
J. Katzenelenhogen, 1895. I p.l., 21 p. 8°. 

342. Perez (Isaac Loeb). Bei dem fremden 
Chuppah-Kleid. A Szene vun warschauer Leben. 
(In his: Schriften. Warsa'cV,\f^o\. p. 114-126. 8°.) 

343. A Literatur-Szene. Gewidmet Theil 

junge Dichter. {Ibid. p. 105-113.) 

344. Pinski (David). Eisik Scheftel.ein jiidisches 
Arbeiterdrama in drei Akten. Autorisierte Ueber- 
tragung aus dem jiidischen Manuskript von M. 
Buber. [German.] Berli?i: Jiidischer Verlag [^rti, 
1904]. 6 p.l., 15-103 p., I 1. 12°. 

345. [Rabinowitsch (Shalom).] Die Assefah. 
A " reine Komodie" vun Schulamith. (In his: 
Judische Volks-Bibliothek. v. 2, p. 205-220. Kiev, 
1889. 8°.) 

346. Der Get. A Komodie in 3 Bilder vun 

vShalom Alechem. (In: Hausfreund. Hrsg. vun 
M. Spektor. Warsaza, 1894. v. i, p. 45-62. 8°.) 

Der Get. Szenes vun'm amoligen jiidischen 

Leben. Vun Shalom Alechem. (In i Akt und 3 
Bilder.) Warsa-w: J. Edelstein &f Co., 1905. 32 p. 
12°. (Biicher far Alle. 13-14.) 

347. Judische Gazetten un Journalen. A 

Phantasie vun Shalom Alechem. (In : Judische 
Volks-Zeitung. Krakau, 1903. v. 2, no. I. 4°,) 

348. Racko'w (Nahum). Der Griiner in Lon- 
don; oder, der Missionar. Volks Stiick in fi'inf 
Akten. [London, 1890.] 50 1. sq. 8". 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

349. Richter (Moses). Reb Herzele Mejiches, 
oder Jejkele Bal Hagule. Lebensbild in 4 Akten, 
mit Epilog und 8 Bilder. Lcmberg: Munk S^ Roth, 
Podgdrze [printed], 1903. vi, 57 p., i port. 8°. 

350. Rosenfeld (Morris). Elend und Toit. A 
Tragodie in ein Akt und vier Bilder. (Arbeiter 
Zeitung. New York, 1891. v. 2, no. 6. f°.) 

351. Rosenzweig (Leo). Ein erster Mai in 
zwanzigsten Jahrhundert, oder die kumend Revo- 
lution. Nach dem Muster vun Schiller's " Ver- 
schworung des Fiesko zu Genua." Trauerspiel in 5 
Akten. A'c'v York : S. Goldstein, 1896. 74 p. 8°. 

351a. Sabiesensky (Baer Isser). Der Pusto- 
krat, oder der Solide und der Unart. A Drame in 
ftinf Akten und elf Kartines. [Vitebsk? 1883.] 
371. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

A dramatization of his novel, " Die Schwere Zeit." 

352. Seiffert (Moses). Die gele Redakzie. 

Vaudeville in i Akt. [New York, 1900?] i p.l., 
22 p. sq. 8°. 
Ms. German cursive characters. 



353. [Selikovitsch (George).] Lord Attah 
Hareta gefangen oder Die koniische Nekamah vun 
Gleichheit. A Melodrama in ein Akt [and in verse] 
vun Litweschen Philosoph [pseud.]. (In his: Yokim- 
B&mbQ. .. BrookIy7t, N. Y. [iSgg.] 8°.) 

354. Die "stumme Beschaffenis." Komodie 

in zwei Akten. [A satire in prose on the anarchistic 
organ " Die freie Arbeiter Stimme." Signed: Sam- 
bation.] (Arbeiter Zeilung. v. i, no. 33. iVew 
York, 1S90. f°.) 

355. [Shaikewitz (Nahum Meir).] [Der Baal 
Theschubah oder] Die [zwei] Jethomin. \_New York, 
1889?] 39 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

356. Der idischer Poritz. Drama in 5 Akten, 

in 10 Kartines. Wilna: L. Matz,\'i%^. Ti^. 12°. 

Der idischer Poritz. . . IVihta: Widoiu 6^ 

Bros. Komm, 1897. 72 p. 12°. 

357. Die kokete Damen. Komodie in 4 

Akten, mit a Prolog. Nezv York: B. Rabiuoivitz, 
1900. 78 p. 12°. 

35S. Der Revisor. A Komodie in 4 Akten. 

Umgearbeitet frei von der. . .russischer Komodie 
" Revisor" [by N. V. Gogol]. Odessa: A. Schulze, 
1883. 56 p. 8°. 

359. Sinani. Die " Unterthanige." A Drama 
in ein Akt. Arausgegeben vun AUgemeinen idischen 
Arbeiterbund in Lita.Polen und Russland. Geneve: 
Driickerei vwi Allget7ieineni idischen Arbeiterbutid 
{''Bjtnd"), 1904. 23 p. 24°. 

360. Smulewitz (Solomon). Freitag in Hester 
Street. A Komodie in ein Akt. Nezu York, 1904. 
14 1. sq. 8\ 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

361. Pastuch un Prinzessin. Operetta in i 

Akt. New York, 1905. 20 p. 4°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

362. Vun Gluck zum Strick. Ein Operetta 

in ain Akt. N'cw York, 1906. 33 1. 4°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

363. Szlifersztein (A.) Dora; oder, der Mil- 
lionar als Bettler. Drama in 4 Acten. Lemberg : 
D. Roth, 1905. 50 p., I port. 8°. 

364. Terr (Jacob). Der amerikaner Arbeiter 
oder der Kampf filr das Leben. Lebens Drama 
vun unsere Zeiten in 5 Akten. (In his: Natur und 
Laben. New York, 1898. 8°.) 

365. Don Juan; oder, Liebe und Rache. 

Eina. . .Lebensdrama von 19. Jahrhundert. Neiv 

York, 1888. 2 p.l., 61 p. sq. 8°. 
Ms. German cursive characters. First produced in 1S94. 

366. Die idische Grafin. Ein wirkliche Pas- 

sirung vun idischen Leben in Russisch-Polen in 4 
Akten und 8 Bilder. New York, 1903. I p.L, 21, 
24, 22, 23 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

367. Die Stiafmutter. A Drama in fiinaf 

Akten und zehn Bilder. . .Rostov on the Don, 1882. 
74 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

368. Techijath ha-Methim, oder der 

Jichus-Schiduch. Melodrama in 5 Akten 6 Bilder. 
[New York,] 1893. 81 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

369. Der Verfasser in Kind-Bett. A Ko- 
modie in ein Akt. 15 p. (In: Die idische Biihne. 
v. r. New York, 1897. 12°. ) 

Same. (In his: Natur und Leben. .New 

York, i8g3. 8°.) 

Comp. Jacob Oordin in his review of Die idische Biihne, 
in Freie judische Hiihne. AVw I'ork, 1897. 8°. p. 33. 

370. [Wohlmann (Israel Meir). ] Der Cherem 
de-Rabbenu Gerschon oder die Weibersche Knup- 
lach. Ein Theater in 5 Akten in Gereimen... 

Warsaw: J. Lebensohn, 1877. 48 p. 12'. 

371. Die weibersche Knliplech. Ein Thea- 
ter-Spiel in 5 Akten. Hrsg. vun M. I. W[ohl]- 
m[ann]. Wilna: Funn, Rosenkratiz cSr' Schriftset- 
zer, 1881. 44 p. 16". 

372. Wolfssohn (Aaron). Leichtsinn und 
Frommelei: ain Familien Gemalde in drei Aufzu- 
gen. 2. ed. Amsterdam: Johann Levi Rofe cSr" 
his son Benjamin [179S ?]. 79 p. l6°. 

373. Yissurim. Drama in ein Akt. (In: Russ- 
lander sozial-demokratische Arbeiter Partei. Im 
Kampf. p. 16-31. Geneve, 1900. 16°. ) 

374. Zahik (David). Dia Rosa zwischen Dor- 
nar. Ein Theater in 4 Aktan. Piotrkow : F. 
Belchatowski, 1884. 80 p. I2°. 

Translations into Judeo-German. 

375. [Ben-Zion (Banadix), translator.] Das 
aifersijchtige por Volk. A Komodie in 4 Akten. 
ijbersetzt vin Deutschan M. Silbermann. [Actu- 
ally translated by B. Ben-Zion.] {Odessa,] 1883. 
I p.l., 67 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

376. Flotte Burschen; oder, Hanzal Schu- 
ster. Operette in 2 Aktan. Ubersetzt vin M. Sil- 
bermann. [Actually translated by B. Ben-Zion.] 
\_Odessa,] 1883. 14 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

377. Lumpazius Vagabundus ; odar, das 

grossa Gewinnst. A Komodie in 3 Akten, uber- 
setzt vinem Deutschan vin Moses Silbermann. 
[Actually translated by B. Ban-Zion.] [Odessa,] 
1883. I p.l., 65 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

378. Die ungluckliche Ehe. Vun Deutsch 

ubersetzt. Ne^v York [19 — ]. i p.L, 98 p. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

379. Zehn Madchan und kein Mann. Ope- 
rette in 2 Akten. Ubersetzt von M. Silbermann. 
[Actually translated by B. Ben-Zion.] [Odessa,] 
1883. 19 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

[Brachvogel (Albert Emil).] Souvenir pro- 
gramme. Grand benefit performance of Brochfo- 
gel's [sic] Solomon Kaus, the inventor, by Mr. & 
Mrs. Jacob P. Adler and their Company, given 
under the auspices of the Enianu-El Brotherhood, 
at Grand Theatre. .. Dec. 5, 1904. .. [English.] 
[New York,] 1904. 6 1. 8°. 

380. Buechner (Georg). Danton's Tot. _ A 
Tragodia in 3 Akten. Ubersetzt vun A. Frumkin. 
London: Verlag, " Arbeiter Freund," 1905. Sop. 

381. Chekhov (Anton Pavlovich). (i) Der 
Bar. [A Komodie in ein Akt.] (2) Der Schiduch 
[A Komodie in ein Akt.] Uebersetzt vun Abraham 



Frumkin. London : Grtippe "Arbeiter Freund," 

1905. I p.l., 36 p. 8°. (Vun Fremde Lescho- 
noth. No. I.) 

3S2. Goethe (Johann Wolfgang). Faust von 
Goethe bearbeitet von A. Tannenbaum. Brooklyn, 
N.Y.:Heb.Pub.Co.[i()0-] 38 p. 8°. 

383. Hauptmann (Gerhard). Die Weber. 
Drama in 5 iVkten [and in prose]. . .iibersetzt vun 
Jacob Milch. A^ew York; Ililfs-Verhand der 
Polnischen Sozial, Partei, 1905. 2 p.l., (i), iii- 
vi, 102 p. 12°. 

English title: The weavers. 

Die Weber. . .Judisch vun A. A. Ben-Gur 

(pseud.). JVilna: Verlag" Die lVe/(," igob. 109, 
ii p. 8°. 

3S4. Ibsen (Ilenrik). Geister vun jener Welt. 
Familien Drama in 3 Akten. Ubersetzt vun Joel 
Enteen. yVew York: Internat. Lib. Pub. Co., 

1906. 16°. 

385. Xora oder_ a Lialkes Haus. Drama 

in 4 [read: 3] Akten. Ubersetzt vun Morris Win- 
chevsky. A'eiv York: AI. Maisel, 1906. i p.l., 
107 p., I port. i6°. 

Eng. title: A doll's house. Translated by M. Winchevsky. 

3 86. Die Stutzen_ vun der Gesellschaft. 

Drama in vier Akten. Ubersetzt vun Abraham 
Frumkin. Londofi : Verlag " Arbeiter Freund," 
1906. 109 p. 12°. 

387. __ Der Volksfeind. Schauspiel in 5 Ak- 
ten. Ubersetzt vun Saul Yanovsky. Neiv York: 
Progressive Library, igo6. i p.l., 138 p., i port. 

B1RNB.A.UM (Nathan). Mathias Acker, pseud. 
Henrik Ibsen and the Jewish view of life (Hebrew). 
[Translated from the author's German manuscript 
by S. I. Posner.J (In: Mimizrach Umimaarab. 
v. 4, p. 6S-78. Berlin, 1899. 8°-) 

Ibsen and Judaism (Russian). 

from the German by K. K.] (In: 
Zihzn. St. Petersburg, July, 1906. 

Hermalin (David Moses). Henrik Ibsen (Judeo- 
German). (In; Minikes' Yomim Noraim un Suc- 
coth Blatt. A^ew York, 1906. f°.) 

388. Liemoine. Der feine Kabzon. Ein melo- 
drama mit (iesangen und Tanzen in funf Akten. 
Nach dem Sujete " Der Muttersegen" ftir die idi- 
sche Buhne bearbeitet von N. N. [Odessa? 1S8-.] 
40 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. 

389. Lerner (Joseph Judah), translator. 
ter Liebe ; oder, Zwei Chatunoth in ein Tog. 
drama in 5 Akten. Uebersetzt von Lerner von 
Franzosischen. [1886.] 52 1. sq. 8°. 

Ms. German cursive characters. Copied by M. Nechamkus. 

390. Shakespeare (William). Julius Casar, 
Eine istorische, trahedische Drama. . .in 5 Erschei- 
nungen. . .frei ubersetzt und bearbeitet in'm prost- 
judischen Jargon [in prose] von Bezalel Wischne- 
polski. . . Warschau: A. Gins, 18S6. 14S p. 12°. 

German title: Julius C.isar. . . frei uebersetzt und bearbeitet 
in der neu jiidischen Sprache von C. E. Wischnepolski. 

391. Der Konig Lear oder Die undankbare 

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vun A. S. Halperin. Mit Bilder. Warsa^u: A. 

p. 158-160. 


Gins, 1904. 43 p. 16°. (Zuckermann's Volks- 
A prose tale from Shakespeare's drama. 

Merchant of Venice. See " Other Dramas 

of Jewish life," s. v. Shakespeare. 

Judeo-Gkkman Stage Songs. 

392. Alle neueste judische Theater und Volks- 
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1. Alle Lieder vun Akedath Jizchkak vun Abraham 


2. Coupleten un Volksiieder von Ma.x Avraraowitz. 

3. Alle Lieder vun Kuzri vun Prof. Horowitz. 

4. Anekdoten vun G. Braude. 

396. Goldfaden (Abraham). " Hozmach's 
Kromel" vun verschiedene Antiken. 25 jiidische 
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2. Abth. Volksiieder, Theater Lieder, Konzert Lieder, Ar- 
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Eng. title: The Jewish stage . . . Pt. 2 . . . theatrical coup- 
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Same. [Pt. 2., enlarged.] Brooklyn, 

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Another copy. 

26. ed. A^e7i) York: J. Katzenelen- 
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English tiile: The harp. Hebrew songs. 

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English title: The song album, containing all theatrical 
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Ms. German cursive characters. 

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English title: The latest people's stage songs. 

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und Theater-Lieder mit bekannte englische Melo- 
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English title: Reingold's songster. 

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415. Verschiedene Deklamationen und 
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The Stage. 

Abrahams (Israel). Jews and the theatre. 
(In: Jewish Chronicle. London, Nov. 13, 1S91, 
Jubilee supplement, p. 21-23. ^°-) 

The Jews and the theatre. The Purim 

play and the drama in Hebrew. (In his: Jewish 


18. New York, i 
den idischen Theater 

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die amerikaner Romanen. [Judeo-German.] (Ar- 
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A Debatte Uber 

(Ibid. no. 24.) 

Dramatische Welt (Die). A monatliche 
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speciell gewidmet dem judischen Theater. Re- 
daktirt vun Jacob Gordin. [Judeo-German.] New 
York, 15 July-i6 Oct., 1904. 4 nos. f". 
No more published. English title: The Dramatic World. 

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Schauspielkunst, Musik und Gesang ? (Ben Chan- 
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kunftige Drama. [A satire in verse. Judeo- 
German.] (Arbeiter Zeitung. v. 3, no. 21, New 
York, 1892. f.) 

Idische Theaters un idische Dramaturgen. 

{Ibid. no. 40.) 

Comp. the letters of Jacob Milch and Louis Miller, ibid, 
nos. 41, 43, 44. 

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actors and audience. Realism, the spirit of the 
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From " Spirit of the Ghetto." 

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1. Abth. Artiklen: Geschichte, Kritik. Belletristik. Skiz- 
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2. Abth. Volks Lieder, Theater Lieder, Konzert Lieder. 



Arbeiter Lieder, Deklamationen. Beilage: Business Notizen, 
Witzen, Anekdoten. 

Eng. title: The Jewish stage. Pt. i . . . a collection of ar- 
ticles and stories . . . Edited by C. H. J. Minikes. Pt. 2 . . . 
theatrical couplets, labor songs and popular songs, and recita- 
tions . . . Compiled by J. Katzenelenbogen . . . Issued in honor 
of the twentieth anniversary of the Jewish stage. 

Reviewed by Jacob Gordin in Treie judische Volksbiihne. 

New York, 1897. 

Jaffa (Isaac). 
Kalender. . . von 
N'eiv York, 1895. 

Jastro'w ,(M.) 
Revue des Etudes 
Paris, 1888. 8°.) 

Comp. Krauss (S.) 
worter, s. 7>. ludim. 

Der judischer Theater wie er is. 
(Judisch-amerikanischer Volks- 
A. Harkavy. v. 2, p. 60-62. 


Les Ludim ou Ludai. (In: 
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Griechische und lateinishe Lehn- 

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(In his; Gesammelte Schriften. v. 4, 

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Warsa-co: Baiimritter &'Gousior, !%'&(). 40 p. 16^. 

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[und] in den beiden Talmuden erwahnt... [ist].] 
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[Selikovitch (George).] Der idischer Roman 
und Theater. [Judeo-German.] (Arbeiter Zeitung. 
V. I, nos. 27-29. New York, i8go. f°.) 
The article is signed " Sambation." 

Shalom Alechem, psend. of Shalom R.-vbino- 
wiTSCH. Shimeli. [A story of the life of a Jewish 
actor. Hebrew.] (In: Ha-Asif. v. 5, depart- 
ment of fiction, p. 49-64. Warsaw, 18S9. 8°.) 

Theater Journal (Der). Erscheint ein Mol in 
zwei Wochen. B. Gorin, Redaktor. [Judeo-Ger- 
man.] Nezu York: Oct. i, 1901-Feb. 15, 1903. 
8° and 4°. 
No more published. 

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The history of Yiddish literature in the nineteenth 
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Zangwill (Israel.) The jargon players. (In 
his: Children of the Ghetto, v. i, p. 375-384- 
Philadelphia, 1892. 8°.) 


This index includes only those dramas of which 
the complete text is represented in the preceding 
list. The arrangement is alphabetical by authors. 

Akramowitsch (Shalom Jacob). 

Der Prisiw. 248 

Die Taxe. 302 

Aguado (Miguel R.) 

Sarah y Joseph. 223 

Ahasverus Spiel. 118 

Ai-DRICH (Thomas Bailey). 

Judith of Bethulia. 151 

Alfieri (Vittorio). 

Abele. 14 

Saul. 6S 

Alle neueste judische Theater- und Volks-Lieder. 


Alle neueste Theater- Lieder und Coupleten. 393 

Andermann (David Meir). 

Emunah we-Haskalah. 281 

Angela Fortunata. 

Aseneth. 26 

An-ski (S. a.) 

Otetz i syn. 256 

Apfel (Samuel Abel). 

Kishron ha-Chokmah u-Mappach Xefesh. 2S2 

Aretino (Pietro). 

II marescalco. 257 

Armstrong (George Francis). 

The tragedy of Israel. 92 

Atlass (Joshua). 

Ha-Nirdaf me-Erez Russia. 252 

Avramovitz (Max). 

A Biintele Blumen. 394 

Mein Theater-Magazin. 303 



AxENFELD (Israel). 

Der erste judische Rekrut in Russland. 

Mann un Weib. 
Bank (Joshua). 

Tebusat Absalom. 
BAOUR-Lormian (P. M. F. L.) 

Beckermann (Simeon). 

[Hadassah] Die Ch'luzah. 
Behar (Jakim.) 

La familia mistericsa. 
Ben-Zion (Benedix). 

Das eifersiichtige por Volk. 

A Familien Drame. 

Flotte Burschen. 

A grosser Sod. 

Lumpazius Vagabundus. 

Schaul ha-Melech. 

Die umzufriedene Gliickliche. 

Die ungluckliche Ehe. 

A varumglucktes Auto-da-fe. 

Zehn Wadchen und kein Mann. 

Der Zwua'k, 
Bernstein (S.) 

Reb Jochze Dal Geeh. 
Berquin (Arnaud). 

Musar Naar Ra. 








Berg (O. F.) 

Einer vonunsere Leut'. 
Biblical dramas, arranged by H. G. Hale and 

Newton M. Hall. i 




BOISSON (Marius) and LuciEN RiCAlLLE, 
La vengeance du Juif . 


Brown (Charles Hovey). 


Buechner (Georg). 
Danton's Tot. 


Buentele Blumen. 


Burton (Richard). 


Byron (Lord). 


^Calderon dela Barca (Pedro). 
Autos sacramentales. 
Los cabellos de Absalon. 
Judas Macabeo. 
El mayor monstruo los zelos. 
La sibila del Oriente. 




Caroline (Louise). 

Baruch von Spinoza. 


Chaschkes (Moses). 


Chateaubriand, Vicomte de. 


Chayyim Abraham ben Aryeh Loeb. 
Milchamah be-Shalom. 
Gedulat Joseph. 



Chekhov (Anton Pavlovich). 
Der Bar. 


Chester plays. 


Chirikov (Yevgeni). 


Cohen (Salomon Jacob). 

Maaseh Nabot ha-Yizreeli. 
Cohn (Herman). 

Der Barbier von Schuschan. 

Cohn (Isaac Jehoiada). 
Boaz we-Ruth. 

Corneille (Pierre). 





CoUTTS (Francis). 

The song of songs. 
Crippen (T. G.) 

Joseph in Egypt. 
Cumberland (Richard). 

The Jew. 260 

Daniel in the lion's den. 139 

Diamante (Bautista Juan). 

La Judia de Toledo. 2II 

Duche de Vancy (Joseph Fran9ois). 

L'Assalonne. 86 

II Gionata. 76 

Ebb (Sophie R.) 

Joseph. 30 

Ebersberg (Ottokar Franz). See Berg (O. F.) 

Efrathi (Joseph). 

Meluchat Shaul. 7° 

Eppelberg (W. H.) 

David in der Wuste. ' 77 

Esterka. 218 

Die verbittene Jozroth. 311 

L'Ermite de la Rue Gauvin. 

Daniel. 140 

Esteve, Abbe. 

Moise sauve des eaux. 46 

Esther ha-Malkoh. 120 

Ettinger (Solomon). 

Serkele. 312 


'E^aywyr;. 48-49 

Falkowitsch (Joel Berisch). 

Reb Chajimil der Kozin. 3I3 

Fenton (Elijah). 

Mariamne. I7I 

Fischmann (Nachman Isaac). 

Kesher Shebna. "4 

Sisera. 53 

Foner (Meir). 

Joseph della Reina. 231 

Franco Mendes (David ben Abraham). 

Gemul Athaliah. 107 

Friede (Hans). 

Sunde. 82 

Friedlander (Moriz). 

Marcia. 206 

Gamsu (Judah Loeb). 

Ezra. 146 

Garcia de la Huerta (Vicente Antonio). 

Raquel. 212 

Genlis, Comtesse de. 

Isaac. 22 

Gessner (Salomon). 

Eldad we-Tirzah. 290 

Gitelewicz (Gedaliah).' 

Hadassah. I2I 



GlUPPONi (Daniele). 

Geu. io6 

Gnib(J. D. H.) 

Das Chanuka-Trenderl. 314 

GoEij (Roger de). 

Jephtah victorieux. 55 

Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von). 

Faust. 203, 3S2 

Golden KERG (N.) 

Chaim I, gromoverzhetz. 251 

Goldfauen (Abraham). 

Akedath Jizchak. 20 

Almasadda. 215 

Bar Kochba. 200 

Die beide Kni-Lemil. 317 

Die Bobe mit dem Enikel. 315 

Fanatik. 316 

Hozmach's Kromel. 396 

Die Kaprisne Kallah-Maud. 318 

Die Kischufmacherin. 3'f9 

Moschiach's Zeiten. 250 
Die neueste Goldfaden's judische Theater- 

Lieder. 397 
Die beriihmte Lied von " Steh auf mein 

Volk." 39S 

Rabbi Joselmann. 233 

Sciimendrik. 320 

Sulamith. 189 

Theater von Konig Achaswerosch. 122 

Das zehnte Gebot " Lo Thachmod." 321 

GoLDSCHMiDT (William). 

Hadassah. 123 

GORDIN (Jacob). 

Elisha ben Abujah. 204 

Gott, Mensch und Teuwel. 322 

Die Jethomah. 323 

Der jiidischer Konig Lear. 323a 

Medea. 324 

Mirele. 325 

Die wilde Prinzessin. 326 

Gordon (Samuel), and Nahum Rackow. 

Captain Dreyfus. 255 

GOTTLOBER (Abraham Baer). 

Der Decktuch. 327 

Granelli (Giovanni). 

Manasse. 115 

Sedecia. 116 

Grillparzer (Franz). 

Esther. 124 

Die Jiidin von Toledo. 213 

Groot (Hugo de). 

Sofompaneas of Joseph in 't hof. 31 

Grotius. See Groot (Hugo de). 

GuTZKOW (Karl Ferdinand). 

Uriel Acosta. 234 

Hale (Harris G.), a«rt' Newton M. Hall. 

Biblical dramas. i 

Moses the liberator. 51 

Story of Jacob. 25 

Story of Joseph. 40 

H ALL (Newton ]\L) 

See Hale (Harris G.) 

Hauptmann (Gerhard). 
Die Weber. 



IIeavvsege (Charles). 

Saul. 7r 

Hebbel (Friedrich). 

Herodes und Mariamne. 172 

Judith. 152 

IIeijermans (Herman), jr. 

The Ghetto. 261 

Heller (Jacob M.) 

Die Wolf in Fell von Schaf. 328 

Herz (Joseph). 

Esther. 125 

Heyse (Paul). 

Mary of Magdala. 186 

Sulamith. 94 

Hey wood (Joseph Converse). 

Herodias. 182 

Salome. 190 

HiLARius (Justus). 

Der Anherr. 262 

HiLLE (Peter). 

Hirtenliebe. loi 

HiRSCHBEiN (Pharez). 

Weite und nohente. 283 


Ha-Chamsan ha-Katan. 284 

Horowitz (Moses). 

Athaliah. 108 

Bath Cohen. 169 

Beth Dawid. 207 

Don Judah Abravanel. 229 

Die Lieder von Kuzri. 208 

Schelomoh ha-Melech. 95 

Horowitz (S.) 

Das Hohe-Lied. 102 

Houdart DE LA MoTTE (Antoine). 

I Macabei. 158 

Hugo (Victor). 

Torquemada. 226 

Hurwitz (Israel). See Libin (Z.) 

Ibsen (Henrik). 

Geister vun jener Welt. 384 

Nora. 385 

Die Stiitzen vun der Gesellschaft. 386 

Der Volksfeind. 3S7 

Idische Buhne. 399 

Iliowizi (Henry). 

Herod. I73 

Joseph. 32 

Irgens (Hanna). 

Moses i Tonden. 263 

Issachar Baerman. 

Mechirus Joseph. 33 

Jacobsoiin (G.) 

Ruth. 65 

Jacobson (Janie). 

For liberty. I59 

Joseph and his brethren. 34 

A maid of Persia. 126 

Jephtha's daughter. . .By a lady. 56 

Joseph and his brethren. 35-3^" 

Judische Konzert- und Theater-Lieder. 400 

Judische Theaterlieder. 401 

1 Judische Theater- un Volks-Lieder. 402 



Kalmus (Ulrich). 

Geschichte vun a seltenem B'ri 

h un a genarrte 



Schmerele Trostinetzer. 


Katzenelenbogen (Judah). 

Die idische Biihne. 


Katzenelenbogen (S. Joseph). 

Jiidische Melodien. 


Das Pflegekind. 




Keim (Franz). 



Kesher Bogedim. 


Klopstock (Friedrich Gottlieb). 





Der Tod Adams. 


Der Tod Abels. 


KOENIG (Eberhard). 

Konig Saul. 


KossARSKi (Julius). 



KozLOSKi (Stanislaw). 

Masa Ester. 


KuNiz (Moses). 

Maaseh Chakamin. 


Lamartine (A. M. L. de Prat de). 

Landau (Judah Leo). 

Acharit Yerushalayim. 

Bar Cochba. 

Dam tachat Dam. 


Konig Hurdus. 

Yesk Tikwah. 

Lateiner (Joseph). 

Daniel in den Lowengrube. 
David's Fiedele, 
Iseho Roo. 
Joseph und seine Briider. 

Lazarus (Emma). 

The dance to death. 

Lebensohn (Abraham Dob Baer). 

Uriah u-Bat Sheba. 
Leibson (Jacob J.) 

Too much Haman. 

Der feine Kabzon. 
Lerner (Joseph Judah). 



Mutter Liebe. 
Lerner (Marie). 

Die Agunah. 
Lessing (Gotthold Ephraim). 


Die Juden. 

Nathan der Weise. 

Sarah bat Simson. 
Levi (David). 

II profeta. 
Levy (Clifton Harby). 

Haman and Mordecai. 













Levy (Leah). 

Bible plays. . . Abraham. 


Die Zubrochene Herzer. 
LiEDER Buch von Cupleten. 
Lienhard (Fritz). 

Ahasver. (Moses Loeb). 

Longfellow (Henry Wadsworth). 

Judas Maccabaeus. 
LouNSBERY (Grace Constant). 

LUDWIG (Otto). 

Der Jacobsstab. 

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Amer. Institute of Architects 
Amer. Philosophical Society 

Amory, W. M 

Avery, S. P 

Bahamas, Colonial Sec. 
Belgium, Min. de la Justice . 
Bolivia, Min. de Justicia . 
Breslau, Ger. , Universitiits- 


British Columbia, King's 


Cambridge Univ. Dept. of 


Carnegie Institution of Wash- 

Chase, W. E 

Cohalan, Daniel F. . . . 
Crane, C. R. & Freeman, J. R. 
Davos Public Interests Assoc. 
Delteil, Loys (7 prints) . 
De Vinne, Theodore L. . 
Drenthe, Netherlands, Com- 

miss. of Province 
Ecole Braille a Saint-Mande 
Franc, Louis . . . . . 

Gancia, Mme 

Gardini, Dr. Carlo 
Gardner's Trust for the Blind 
Gill, Mass., Town Clerk. 

Gray, Mrs. H. W 

Great Indian Peninsula Ry. 


Grenada, Colonial Sec. . 
Harris Institute Library . 
Harrisburg, Pa., City Clerk 
Heidelberg Universitats-Bib- 


Historical Soc. of New 


Hull Blind Institution 

Janet, Charles 

Jena, Ger., Universitiits-Bib- 


Kansas Grand Lodge, I. O. 

O. F 

Kendal, Eng., Town Clerk . 

Kimball, James P 

Konigl. Georg-August-Uni- 

versitiit zu Gottingen 
Lamarche, Pierre .... 
Lancaster County Council . 


1 2 










Logan, Estate of Walter S. . 

Loubat, Due de . . . . 

Lyon, France, M. le Maire . 

Malone, Walter . . . . 

Manitoba, King's Printer . 

Martyn, Charles . . . . 

Mass. State Library 

Meux, Lady 

Middlesex County Council . 

Midland Institution for the 

Moran, Wm 

National Bd. of Trade . 

National Electric Light 

New Brunswick, Legislative 

New Jersey, Custodian of the 

New York Produce Exchange 

New York State Library . 

New York State, Tompkins 
County Supervisors 

Newbury, Eng., Town Clerk 

Pickering, Prof. Wm. H. 

Redeke, Ernest W. 

Republican State Committee 

Robinson, Wm 

Royal Leamington Spa, Eng., 
Town Clerk 

Scientific American 

Sellstedt, Lars G 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon . 

South Carolina, State Bd. of 

Steele, Rev. James D. 

Stewart, Charles .... 

Straits Settlement, Col. Sec. 

Swinton, Mrs. John 
i U. S. Supt. of Documents . 

U. S. War Dept., Surgeon 
Gen. Office 

Victoria University of Man- 

Weymouth, Eng., Town 

Whitney, J. Parker 

Worcester Polytechnic Insti- 

Zeeland, Neth., Sec. of the 









2 I 























Published monthly by The New Vork Pubhc Library, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York City. 

Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Business 

.Superintendent, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New Vork. 
Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, 1897, under Act of July 16, 1894. 






Volume XI • Number 2 

Report for January 59-63 

List op Works relating to Virginia. Part I. . . . 64-83 

Principal Accessions in January 84-91 

Principal Donors in January 92 



William W. Appleton. 

John Bigelow. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. Pierpont Morgan. 
Morgan J. O'Brien. 
Stephen H. Olin. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Rowland Russell. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturges. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street. 


Lafayette Street, 425. (AsTOR.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 33. (Chatham Square.) 
East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 
RiviNGTON Street, 61. 
Le Roy Street, 66. (Hudson Park.) 
Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 
8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 
loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 
13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 
22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (Muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.) 
Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce.) 

Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 
Near Lexington Avenue. 
Near ist Avenue. 

34th Street, 215 East 
40th Street, 501 West. 
42d Street, 226 West. 
50th Street, 123 East. 
51st Street, 463 West. 
59th Street, 113 East. 
67th Street, 32S East 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (St. Agnes. Blind Library.) 

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues. 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th -Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 

T45th Street, 503 West. (Hamilton Grange.) 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander .'\ venue. (Mott Haven.) 
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (Tremont.) 
230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. XI. 

February, 1907. 

No. 2. 


Reference Department, 

During the month of January there were received at the Library by purchase, 
1,017 volumes and 768 pamphlets; by gift, 1,353 volumes and 2,056 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 344 volumes and 3,064 pamphlets, making a total of 2,714 vol- 
umes and 5,888 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 3,721 volumes and 2,023 pamphlets; the number of cards 
written was 8,039, ^"^ of slips for the copying machine 2,916 ; from the latter were 
received 13,447 cards. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox during the month: 







No. of readers and visitors 



15,844 , 









No. of readers 

No. of readers, desk applicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk ap- 



Daily average of readers 

No. of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc. 


Circulation DepartiMent. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-tiction) : Ibsen's Plays, 
Gouin's "Teaching and Studying Languages," Davis's "Real Soldiers of Fortune"; 
(adult fiction): Chambers's "Fighting Chance," McCutcheon's "Jane Cable," 
Hichens's " Call of the Blood "; (juvenile fiction) : Pyle's " Robin Hood," Grimm's 
" Fairy Tales," Drysdale's " Fast Mail." 






East Broadway, 33 

East Broadway, 197 

Rivington Street, 61 

Le Roy Street, 66 

Bond Street, 49 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue 

loth Street, 331 East 

13th Street, 251 West 

22d Street, 230 East 

23d Street, 209 West 

34th Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

42d Street, 226 West 

50th Street, 123 East 

51st Street, 463 West 

59th Street, 113 East 

67th Street, 328 East 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. 

Travelling Libraries 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A 

79th Street, 222 East 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. 

Blind Library 

96th Street, 112 East 

looth Street, 206 West 

Iioth Street, 174 East 

123d Street, 32 West 

125th Street, 224 East 

135th Street, 103 West 

145th Street, 503 West 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. 


140th Street and Alexander Avenue. . . 

176th Street and Washington Avenue. 

Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933 


Port Richmond 


















































































Among the gifts received during the month may be mentioned those from 
Charles Francis Adams, " Some phases of the Civil War, an appreciation and 
criticism of Mr, James Ford Rhode's Fifth Volume," Cambridge, 1905, and 
"Lee's Centennial, an address by Charles F. Adams, delivered at Lexington, Vir- 
ginia, January 19, 1907, on the invitation of the President and Faculty of Wash- 
ington and Lee University"; from the American Bureau of Shipping its " Record 
of American and Foreign Shipping," with supplement, 1907; from Edwin S. Balch, 
a copy of his "Comparative Art," Philadelphia, 1906; from the Bibliotheque 
Nationale, Volume 2 of the "Catalogue de I'Histoire de I'Amerique, par George 
A. Barringer," Paris, 1905; from Prof. John W. Burgess, a copy of his address as 
Roosevelt Professor at the University of Berlin, 1906; from the Carnegie Founda- 
tion for the Advancement of Teaching, the first annual report of the president and 
treasurer, 1906; from the Coal Trade Journal, 8 volumes of its Annual; from John 
W. Evans, 77 artist's proofs of his wood engravings; from the Province of Burma, 
India, 5 volumes and 36 pamphlets, chiefly Selected Judgments of the Court of 
the Judicial Commissioner, Upper Burma, Upper Burma Rulings, etc. ; from the 
County Council of the Isle of Wight, 3 volumes, 16 pamphlets, and 4 broadsides, 
mainly Minutes of the County Council, Abstract of Accounts, etc.; from the Uni- 
versity of Gottingen, 47 volumes and 366 pamphlets, dissertations submitted for 
degrees during the period 1903-4 to 1905-6; from Nicholas Krukaff, his "Aus- 
tralia, Agriculture in Australia in connection with the general development of the 
country," Moscow, 1906 (in Russian); from Joseph Leete, a copy of " The family 
of Leete," by Joseph Leete, 2nd edition, London, 1906; from William Miller, 
4 wood blocks and i electro of engravings by the late Frederick Juengling, also a 
large number of manuscripts; from J. Pierpont Morgan, catalogues of ten special 
collections in his library; from the National Slavonic Society of the U. S. A., 
Thomas Capek's "The Slovaks of Hungary, Slavs and Panslavism," New York, 
1906; from John Hyndman Noblit, his privately printed " Genealogical collec- 
tions relating to the families of Noblet, Noblat, Noblot and Noblets of France 
* * * with some particular account of William Noblit," Philadelphia, 1906; 
from M. Paupa Rao Naidu, Madras, his " The criminal tribes of India, No. 2, the 
history of Korawars, Erukulas or Kaikaries," Madras, 1905; from the Salop County 
Council, 16 volumes and 18 pamphlets, including Shropshire Parish Documents, 
Shropshire County Records, Abstract of accounts, etc. ; from Dr. J. Six van Hille- 
gom, I pamphlet and i print, the latter being an engraving by Pieter Dupont of Paul 
Potter's portrait of Dirk Tulp; from the Riksgaldskontoret, Sweden, 232 volumes, 
the Riksdagens Protokoll and the Bihang for 1868-1906; from Mrs. Frederic 
Ferris Thompson, 315 volumes, relating mainly to folk lore; and from Torquay, 
I volume and 15 pamphlets, all documents of the borough. 

At the Lenox branch the selection from the A. A. Hopkins Collection of 
photographs of Italian paintings remained on view. On the lower floor, the 
Lalauze etchings were replaced on January nth by an exhibition of the etchings 
of the late Dr. Leroy Milton Yale, who was closely connected with the history of 
painter-etching in this country, and who took a warm and active interest in our 
print department, especially in the effort to form a representative collection of 
American work. The exhibition includes a number of plates and etching tools 


which, with all our specimens of his work, and a manuscript catalogue, were pre- 
sented by the artist. 

At the AsTOR branch the plates from the "Etcher" were replaced by plates 
from F. R. Martin's "History of Oriental Carpets before 1800." F. Hopkinson 
Smith's "Venice of to-day" remained on exhibition. 

The exhibitions at the circulation branches were as follows: Chatham Square, 
Racinet's Costumes after the XVIth century; Rivington Street, Reproductions 
of paintings by modern artists; Hudson Park, Hollyer's Etchings of New York 
City; Tompkins Square, Color plates of birds; Muhlenberg, Presidents of the 
United States; 67TH Street, Masterpieces of art at Paris Exposition of 1900; 
Riverside, Racinet's Costume to XVIth century; St. Agnes, Color plates from 
Audsley's "Ornamental arts of Japan," and photographic views in Japan; 96TH 
Street, Plates from the Wilkie gallery; Aguilar, Exhibition of architecture, 
sculpture, and views; 125TH Street, Color plates of animals; 135TH Street, 
Reproductions of paintings in the Dresden Gallery; Hamilton Grange, Plates 
from Molinier's "Royal Interiors;" Mott Haven, Reproductions of paintings by 
old masters; Tremont, Photographic views in the Island of Luzon. 

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
circulation branches were as follows: 

East Broadway, Animals, wild and tame, Birthdays of celebrated men and 
women. Music and musicians. Opera scores; Rivington Street, Board of Edu- 
cation lectures, Shakespeare, Siegfried; Bond Street, Chivalry, Roma Immor- 
talis, Julius Caesar, China, Sugar where and how we get it, Songs, Rhine and 
Heidelberg, Growth of a great city, Imperial Berlin; Ottendorfer, Yellowstone 
Park, Alaska, When we keep house; Tompkins Square, Board of Education 
ectures, Civil war from the southern point of view, Henry W. Longfellow; 
Jackson Square, Economics, Far East, Four American statesmen. Money; 
Muhlenberg, Songs, Jean d'Arc, Richelieu, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Panama 
Canal; 34TH Street, Little cousin series, Indians; Bruce, School and College 
stories, Goop panels, Manhatttan old and new; Sacred Heart, Popular Authors, 
Wasps and their nests; 67TH Street, Goops, Little housekeepers, Little bread- 
makers; Riverside, Foreign children. Animal friends, Indians, Babyhood, Sea 
stories, English and French literature; Yorkville, Books for little folks; St. 
Agnes, The opera. Fairy tales; 96TH Street, Books about children, Greek heroes, 
Bed-time stories; Bloomingdale, Animal pictures, Charge of the Light Brigade, 
Making and raising of cocoa, Flags of the world; Aguilar, Songs and song 
writers, The Riviera, Greece, Naples and Vesuvius, Alexander Hamilton, Sicily, 
Holland, Charles Dickens, Turkey and the Turks, France, her people and her art. 
Progress of the telegraph, Photography, Petroleum, New York, Morocco and 
Southern Spain, Algiers and Algeria; 125TH Street, Printing and paper making, 
Polar exploration, Stories of the opera; Hamilton Grange, Indians, Candy 
country; Mott Haven, Lincoln, Longfellow, Washington, Books for boys and 
girls. Some notable people and books about them; Tremont, Fairytales, Open 
squares of the people. Winter poems, Palaces of the Renaissance, Architecture; 
Port Richmond, New Year's Day, Africa, Mines and miners, Games, The opera. 
In addition there were bulletins on new books at four branches; on Japan at 


four branches; on music at three branches; on Benjamin Franklin at three 
branches, and on William McKinley at two branches. 

The second branch of the New York Public Library on Washington Heights, 
to be known as the Hamilton Grange Branch, was opened on January 8 in a 
new building (the twentieth erected from the Carnegie fund) at 503 West 145th 
Street, near Amsterdam Avenue. At the formal exercises, which were held at 
four o'clock in the afternoon in the large assembly room on the basement floor, 
the whole building was open for inspection, but the work of the branch was not 
resumed until the following morning, Wednesday, January 9, at nine o'clock. 

At the opening Dr. Billings, Director of the Library, acted as presiding officer. 
He received the building from Archbishop Farley, representing the Board of 
Trustees of the New York Public Library, and at once turned it over again to the 
library for administration. An address was also made by Rev. Dr. Joseph H. 
McMahon, of the Circulation Committee. Music was furnished by the Glee Club 
of Public School 186, by Our Lady of Lourdes Girls' High School, and by Miss 
Clara J. Smith. 

The branch that occupies this new building was formerly the headquarters of 
the Cathedral Free Circulating Library, and was located for some time on the 
corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 86th Street. Its place in that neighborhood 
will be taken by the new branch opened last March at 444 Amsterdam Avenue, 
near 82d Street, 



Order of Arrangement: 

Public Documents. 

General Works. 


History (continued): 
Works relating to single periods. 
Local history. 

Part I. 


Confederate Memorial Literary Society. 
Catalogue of the Confederate Museum... Rich- 
mond, Vir. RicJnitojid : Ware (St' Dtike, Print, 
1905. 300 p. 8°. 

Phillips (P. Lee). Virginia cartography: a 
bibliographical description. Washington : Smit/i- 
sonian Inst., 1896. 85 p. 8°. (Smith, misc. coll., 

Randolph (Joseph W.) (zwa' Joseph J.English. 
Virginia and Washington. A catalogue of many 
rare and valuable books. Richmond, Va.: the pub- 
lishers, 1889. 30 p. 12°. 

Stanard (William G.) The Virginia archives. 
(Amer. Hist. Assoc. Annual rept. for 1903. v. i, 
p. 645-664. Washingtoji, D. C, 1904.) 

Virginia Historical Society. Catalogue of the 
Manuscripts in the Collection of the V. H. S., and 
also of some printed papers. (Supplement to the 
Virginia Mag. of History. Richmond, 1901. 2p.l., 
120 p. 8°.) 

Virginia newspapers in public libraries. Anno- 
tated list of Virginia newspapers in the Virginia 
state library. (Virginia Maga. of Hist, and Biog. , 
V. 9, p. i-ii; 130-138; 289-297; 411-413; V. 10, 
p. 225-229; 421-423. Richmond, igoi-03.) 

Virginia State Library. A catalogue of the 
library of the State of Virginia, arranged alphabeti- 
cally. . .to which are prefixed the rules and regula- 
tions provided for the government of the library. 
Richmond, 1856. 270 p. 8°. 

Calendar of Transcripts, including the an- 
nual report of the Department of Archives and His- 
tory. John P. Kennedy, state librarian. Richmond: 
Davis Botto7)i, Supt. Public Printing, 1905. 658, 
Ixiv p. 4°. 


Business directory of the principal cities and 
villages of \iiginia. 1873/4. Fitzgerald & Dillon, 
compilers. [Richmond, 1873.] 8°. 

Chataigne's Virginia gazetteer and classified 
business directory, 1877/78, 1880/81, 1884/85, 
1888/89, 1890/91. Richmond, 1877-90. 8", 

Crisis (The). Vol. i, Nos. 1-35, Mch.-Oct., 
1840. Richmond, 1S40. f°. 


Critic (The). A Monday morning newspaper. 
General and society news, genealogy and literature. 

Vol. I, no. 30, 41, 44-52 (1888); Vol. 2, no. 1-15, 
17-20, 25, 27-37, 40, 44, 46-52 (1888-89); Vol. 3, 
no. 2, 4-26 (1889-90). Richmond, 1888-90. f°. 

Daily Compiler. June i, 1813; July 19, 1816. 
Richmo7!d, 1813-16. f°. 
Daily Dispatch. 

Jan. -June, Aug. -Dec. 1861. 123 Nos. 

Jan.-Mch., July, Oct. 1862. 20 

June 9 (extras June 23, July 9). 1863. 3 
June-Sept., Nov. 1864. 11 

Jan. -Apr. 1865. 4 

June 28 and July 6. 1867. 2 

Richmond: Cowardiji &!' Hammer sley,i'^t\-bl. f°. 

Daily Enquirer and Examiner. See Enquirer 


Daily Express. 

July 29, Aug. I. 1 861. 2 Nos. 

Jan. -Dec. 

Jan., Feb., Apr.-Dec. 
Petersburg, 1861-64. ^° • 
Daily Republican. 

Vol. 8, no. 87, Oct. 15. 

Vol. 28, no. 59, INIch. 10. 

Lymchburg : Glass Ss" Hardivicke. 

Daily Richmond Enquirer. 

Daily Richmond Examiner. 
Sept. -Dec. 


1862. 267 

1863. 239 

1864. 18 

1867. ■ 

See Enquirer 


Jan. -Dec. 
Jan. -Dec. 
Feb. 16, 18, 28. 
Richmond, 1862-67. f°- 

In May, 1864, title changed to Richmond Examiner. 

Day Book. Vol. 9, no. 35, Nov. 11, 1861; 
no. 186, May 10, 1862. N'orfolk: John R. Hatha- 
ivay. f°. 

Enquirer (The). 1S04-06, 1809, 1812-13. 
Continued as "Richmond Enquirer." 
1818-44, 1862-65. 
Continued as Daily Richmond Enquirer. 

1866-July, 1867. 
Continued Daily Enquirer and Examiner. 
1867, Aug. 14, Sept, 30. 

Richjyiond, 1804-67. f°. 




Periodicals, cont'd. 

Evening Courier. Feb. 25, 1S65. Richmond, 
1865. f°. 


Evening Whig. See Richmond Whig. 

Family Visitor, v. 3-4, Apr. 10, iS24-Apr. i, 
1826. Richmond, 1S24-26. f°. 


Farmers' Repository. Apr., June, Sept. -Dec, 
1814. 13 Nos. Charlesto'uii, 1814. 

Grant's Petersburg Progress. Apr. 5, 7, 10, 
1S65. Pelersbiirg. f°. 


Hornet (The). Apr. 11, 30, 1823. Richmond, 
1S23. i\ 


Independent Chronicle. The first newspaper 
published in Richmond, Va. The Independent 
Chronicle, beginning July 20th, 1786. Richjiiond, 
1888. I p.l., 4 P- 8°- 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Feb. 13, 1888. 

John P. Branch historical papers of Ran- 
dolph-Macon College. Published annually by the 
Department of history, no. 1-4; v. 2, no. 1-2. 
Richmond, igoi-06. 8°. 

no. I pub. by the Randolph-Macon Historical Soc. 


LoTver Norfolk County, Virginia, Antiquary. 
V. i-v. 5, no. 2. Baltimore [1895-] 1905. 8°. 
V. I, pts. 1-3 published at Richmond. 

Petersburg Intelligencer (The). June 20, 
1800. Petersburg, 1800. f°. 

Serai- Weekly. 

Petersburg Index (The). Sept. 12, 1867. 
Petersburg, 1867. f°. 


Phoenix Plough -Boy. July 23,1828. Williams- 
burg, 1828. f°. 


Randolph-Macon College. See John P. 
Branch historical papers. 

Record of News, History, and Literature. 
June-Dec. 1863. 26 Nos. 
Rich)noiid : West & Johnston. f°. 

Republican (The). May 3, 1S09. Petersburg. 

Richmond Enquirer. See Enquirer (The). 
Richmond Standard, v. 2-4. Aug. 1879- 
Feb., 1S82. Richmond: G. Watson James. f°. 

Richmond Times. 

April-Dec, ' 1866. 

Jan. -June, 1867. 

Richmond, 1S66-7. f°. 

Richmond Whig. [Morning edition.] 

Aug. 22, Sept. 22 (both extras) 1863. 

May-June, Aug.-Dec, 1864. 

Feb 14, 27, 1865. 

Continued as: 

Daily Richmond Whig. 

March, June-Nov., 1865. 

Richmond, 1863-5. f°- 

Richmond Whig. [Evening edition.] 
July-Sept. 1864. 10 nos. 
Continued as: 
Evening Whig. 

Oct. 6, 7, 1864. 

March 18, 1865. 

Richtnond, 1 864-5. ^°- 

Sentinel (The). 
June 20, 23. July 6, 7. (Extras) 1863. 4 nos. 
June, Aug.-Dec, 1864. 15 nos. 

March 14, 20, 1865. 2 nos. 

Richtnond, 1 863-5. f°. 

Daily. . 

Southern Illustrated News. Sept., 1862- 
Oct., 1S64. Richmond: Ayres is' Wade, \'i>bz-6,. f°. 


Southern Opinion. Vol. 2, no. 75, Dec. 5, 
1868. Richmond, 1868. f°. 

Times (The) and District of Columbia Daily 
Advertiser, Sept. 23, 1801. Alexandria, 1801. f°. 


Virginia (The) Almanack, for the years 1753, 
1772, 1776, 1777, 1792, 1793. Williamsburg : 
Printed and Sold by William Hunter. 12°, 16°, 

ZTJ6--J by David Rittenhouse, 1792 by Robert Andrews. 
1772 printed by W. Rind. 
1776-7 printed by J. Dixon and W. Hunter. 

1792 printed by Augustine Davis at Richmond. 

1793 printed by W. Prentis at Petersburg. 

Virginia Argus. 

Jan. 10, 1809. 

}?n. 2-Dec. 28, 1810. 
Jan. 2-Dec. 31, 1812. 
Jan. 4-Dec. 30, 1813. 
Jan. 6-Sept. 28, 1814. 
Richmond: Samuel Pleasants, 1809-1814. f°. 

Virginia Gazette. Dec, 7, 1739. 11° I75- Wil- 
liamsburg: William Parks. f°. 

Virginia Gazette. Feb. -Dec, 1751 (44 nos.), 
Jan. -Dec, 1752 (50 nos.) Williajnsbtirg: Wil- 
liam Hunter, 1 75 1-2. f°. 

Virginia Gazette. Feb. 12, 1762 (no. 579). 
IVilliatnsburg: J .Royle &= Co. f°. 

Virginia Gazette. Jan. -Dec, ,1775 (52 nos.) 
William-burg: Wm. Dixon df Hunter. V . 

Virginia Gazette. Feb. 2, 9, 1775. Wil- 
liamsburg: Joh^i Pinckney. f°. 


Virginia Gazette. Oct. 13, 1775. Williams- 
burg: Alexander Ptirdie. f°. 


Virginia Gazette. Sept. 21, Oct. 4. Nov. i, 
1776. Williamsburg: Dixon ^ Hunter. {°. 


Virginia Gazette. Jan. 8-Aug. g, 1780. 25 
nos. Williamsburg b' Richmond: Dixon &> Nicol- 
son. i° . 

Weekly. Removed to Richmond some time between the 
issues of April 8 (no. 61), and May g (no. 62). 

Virginia Gazette, or the American Adver- 
tiser. Jan. -May. , 1782. 9 nos. Richtnond: James 
Hayes. f°. 

Virginia Gazette and Alexandria Advertiser. 
Vol. 4, no. 214. Aug. 29, 1793- Alexandria, 
1793. f°. 



Periodicals, cofifd. 

Virginia Herald and Fredericksburg Adver- 
tiser (Timothy Green & Co.). 

Jan. 15, 17S9. I no. 

Continued as: 
Virginia Herald. 

Oct. 23, 1798. I no. 

Apl. 20, 1811. I no. 
Fredericksburg: Timothy Green Ss' Co. f°. 

Virginia Herald. Vol. 75, no. 3S, May 10, 
1 86 1. Frederickibtcrg: Harrison Kelly. f°. 

Virginia historical register (The) [annual] . . . 
edited by William Maxwell. .. 1848-1S53. Rich- 
mond: Macfarlane cs' Ferguson, 184S-53. 6 v. 
in 3. 8°. 

V. 1-2 title reads: Virginia historical register and literary 
adviser; 3-4. Virginia historical register and literary note-book; 
5-6, Virginia historical register and literary companion. 

Virginia Historical Reporter. See Virginia 

Historical Society. 
Virginia Historical Society. 
WvN.NE (T. H.) Bibliography of the Society. 
(Historical Magazine. 2. ser. , v. 7, p. 340-341. 
TWw York, 1870,) 

Collections of the Virginia Historical and 
Philosophical Society, to which is prefixed an ad- 
dress, spoken before the society at an adjourned. . . 
meeting, .. .Feb. 4, 1833. By Jonathan P. Cash- 
ing. . .vol. I. Riclunond: the Society, 1S33. 85 p., 
I 1. 8°. 

Collections. . .New Series, v. i-ii. Rich- 
mond: the Society, 1882-1892. 4°. 

V. 1-2, Spotswood letters. 

V. 3-4. Dinwiddle Papers (1751-1758). 

V. 5, Huguenot emigration to Virginia. 

V. 6, Miscellaneous Papers, 1672-1865. 

V. 7-8, Virginia Company, 1619-1624. 

V. 9-10, Virginia Convention, 1788. 

V. II, Proceedings, 1891, Historical Papers. 

Publications. New series, no. i. Richfnond: 
the Society, 1874. 71 p. sq. 4°. 

Contains letters of Governor Thomas Nelson, jr. 

Virginia (The) Historical Reporter. Conducted 
by the executive committee of the Virginia His- 
torical Society, v. 1-2. Rich7notid, 1854-60. 8°. 

V. I in 3 parts, 2 in i part. No more published. 

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. 
Published quarterly by the Virginia Historical 
Society, v. i (i892)-date. Richinond, 1892-date. 

Robinson (Conway). Account of disco%-eries in 
the West until 15 19, and of voyages to and along 
the Atlantic Coast of North America from 1520 to 
I573' Richmond, 1848. xv, 491 p. 8°. 

MacFarland (William H.) An address on the 
life, character and public services of the late Hon. 
Benjamin Watkins Leigh, delivered before the Vir- 
ginia Historical Society, at its late annual meeting. 
January, 1S51. Richmond : the Society, 1851. 

12 p. 's^ 

Washington (H. A.) The Virginia Constitu- 
tion of 1776. A discourse delivered before the 
Virginia Historical Society, at their annual meet- 
ing, Jan. 17th, 1852. Richtnond: the Society, 1852. 
51 p. 8°. 

Grigsby (Hugh Blair). The Virginia Con- 
vention of 1829-30. A discourse delivered before 

the Virginia Historical Society, at their annual 
meeting, held in the Athenaeum, in the City of 
Richmond, Dec. 15, 1853. Richmond: the Society, 
1854. 104 p. 8°. 

Hu.nter (Robert Mercer Taliaferro). Obser\'a- 
tions on the historj' of Virginia. . .delivered before 
the Virginia Historical Society, at their eighth an- 
nual meeting, December 14, 1854. Richmond : 
Clemmitt (^ Fore, pr., 1855. 48 p. 8°. 

Also in the Virginia Historical Reporter. 

HoLCOMBE (James P.) Sketches of the political 
issues and controversies of the Revolution: a dis- 
course delivered before the Virginia Historical So- 
ciety, at their ninth annual meeting, Jan. 17, 1856. 
Richnond: the Society, 1856. 63 p. 8°. 

W^ashington (George). The diary of George 
Washington, from 1789 to 1791; embracing the 
opening of the First Congress, and his tours 
through New England, Long Island, and the 
Southern States. Together with his journal of a 
tour to the Ohio in 1753. Edited by B. J. Los- 
sing. Richmond: Press of Historical Society, 1861. 
24S p. 8°. 

ORGANIZ.A.TION of the. . .Society, officers and 
members, with a list of its publications. Richmond, 
Va.: the Society, 1881. 12, 1 1., 13-22 p., i 1. 8°. 

Proceedings . .at the annual meeting, Feb. 24, 
18S2, with the address of William Wirt Henry: the 
settlement at Jamestown, with particular reference 
to the late attacks upon Captain John Smith, Poca- 
hontas and John Rolfe. Richmond, Va.: the Soci- 
ety, 18S2. 63 p. 8°. 

Slaughter (Philip). Address at the annual 
meeting of the Historical Society of Virginia, in 
the capital at Richmond, in January, 1850. Re- 
ported and printed for the society by its secretary, 
William Maxwell, LL.D. Richmond: W. Ellis 
Jo7ies, 1888. sq. 8°. 

Stuart (Alexander H. H.) A narrative of the 
leading incidents of the organization of the first 
popular movement in Virginia in 1S65 to reestablish 
peaceful relations between the Northern and South- 
ern States, and of the subsequent efforts of the 
"Committee of Nine," in 1869, to secure the re- 
storation of Virginia to the Union. Richmond, 
1888. 72 p. 8°. 

Henneman (J. B.) Historic elements in Vir- 
ginia education and literarj' effort. A paper read 
before the Society, December 21, 1S91. \^Rich- 
mond, 1892.] 22 p. 8°. 
Reprinted from Virginia Historical Collections, v. 11 (1892). 

Proceedings. . .at the annual meeting, held De- 
cember 21-22, 1891, with historical papers read on 
the occasion, and others edited by R. A. Brock. 
Richmotid, Virginia: The Society, 1892. xix p., 
I 1., 3-386 p. 4°. (Collections, v. 11.) 

ORGA.^;IZ.•\TION and list of publications of the 
Virginia Historical Societv. Richmond [1894]. 
7 p. 8°. 

Souvenir guide book to the building of the. . . 
society, the war residence of Gen. Robert E. Lee, 
707 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia. 
\_Rich?nond, i^()b'>'] 4 1. 8°. 

Illustrated (An) description of some of the 
pictures, relics, and curios in the Virginia Histori- 
cal Society's building, Richmond, Virginia. [^Rich- 
mond. 1897 ?] 3 1. 8°. 



Periodicals, cont'd. 

Proceedings of the Virginia Historical Society, 
at its annual meeting, held in the Y. M. C. A. Asso- 
ciation Hall, December iS, 1903, with the list of 
officers and members of the society. Richmond: 
IV. Ellis Jones, 1903. xxv p. 8°. (Va. Mag. of 
Hist, and Biog.,vol. 11, p. i-.xxv. 1904.) 

Virginia Journal, and Alexandria Advertiser. 
Vol. 3, No. 139. Sept. 23, 17S6. Alexandria : 
G. Richards c^ Co. i\ 

Virginia Magazine of Histor}- and Biography. 
See Virginia Historical Society. 

Virginia State Bar Association. Report of 
the 9, II annual meeting. .. Aug. , 1S97, 1899. 
Edited by E. C. Massie. Richmond, 1897-99. 
2 V. 8vo. 

Blackford (Charles M.) The Virginia State 
Bar Association. Paper entitled: " The trials and 
trial of Jefferson Davis," read... at the twelfth 
annual meeting. . .at Old Point Comfort, Virginia, 
July... 1 900. Richmond: J. T. West, 1 900. 46 p. 

Hoar (George Frisbie). The_Virginia State Bar 
Association. Annual address. . . " Relation of the 
American Bar to the state." Delivered at the 
tenth annual meeting held at. . .Fort Monroe, Vir- 
ginia, July 5, 6 and 7, 1898. Richmond: The 
Williams Co., 1898. 30 p., I port. 8°. 

Virginias, The; a mining, industrial, and scien- 
tific journal, devoted to the development of Vir- 
ginia and West Virginia; edited and published by 
Jed. Hotchkiss; Vol. i., i83o. Staunton, iSSo- 
[81]. ill. maps. f°. 

Washington and Lee University. Historical 
papers, no. 1-3 (i 890-1 892). Baltimore, 1890-92. 

William and Mary College Quarterly Histor- 
ical Magazine, v. i-date. Williamsbiirg, 1S92- 
date. 4°. 

Current: With supplement for Oct., 1897, ^'- 6, no. 2. Title- 
page of V. 1-2: •' William and Mary College Quarterly, His- 
torical Papers." 

Public Documents and Official Publica- 

An analysis of the Collected Documents of Virginia has 
been made for the Carnegie Institution of Washington and 
the results will appear in one of its publications, probably in 
the autumn of 1907. 

Adjutant General's Office. 
Annual Report, 1897/9, 99/1900, 1900/01- 
1901/2, 1903/4. Richmond, 1899-1904. 8°. 

Same, 1 846/7-1 8 5 5/6, 1859/60-1863, 1866, 

1S73-74, 1876, 1879-S1, 1883-1903. (In : 
Journals and ann. repts.) 

Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Annual report, 1891/2, 92/3, 96/7, 99/igoc— 
1900/01, 1902/3-1903/4. Richmond, Roanoke, 
1893-1905. 8°. 

Bulletins. Old series, nos. 2, 9-1 1. New series, 
12-16, 18-19, 21-32, 34-33, 40-45. 50-52, 54- 
56, 61-63, 73. 77-73, 80-83, S8-90, 105-132, 
137-162. Lynchburg, 1889-1904. 8°. 

Agriculture, Department of. 
Annual reports of the commissioner, nos. 3-7 
(1879-1884). Richmond, 1879-84. 8°. 
Continued as; 
Annual report of the State Board, nos. [i]3-4, 
6-9 (18S8, 1890-91, 1893-96). Richmond, 
1888-96. 8°. 

Continued as: 

Annual report of the Commissioner, no. 24(1902). 

Richmond, 1902. 8°. 

Continued as: 
Report of the Department, no. 26-27 (1904-5). 

Richmond, 1905. 8°. 

Attorney General's Office. 
Annual report of the attorney general, 1836- 
1839, 1852-58, 1860-61, 1866, 1S73-74, 1876- 

1904. n.t.-p. Richmond, 1836-1904. 8°. (In: 
House jols. and Annual reports.) 

Auditor of Public Accounts, Office of. 

Annual report of the Auditor, 1 860/1, 1863/4- 
64/5. 1871/2-73/4. 1875/6. 1877/8. 1883/5. 
1890/1, 1892/3-98/9, 1900/01-1903/4. Rich- 
mond, 1861-1904. 8°. 
Same, 1S20, 1S23, 1838-1904. (In: Jour- 
nals and Annual Reports.) 

Report of the second auditor on the condition of 
the public debt of Va. and the literary fund, 
1871, 1873-75, 1888-89, 1892, 1S94-1900. 
Richmond, 1871-1900. 8°. 

Same, 1S44-55, 1859-61, 1871, 1S73-74, 

1S76-1904. (In: Senate Journals and An- 
nual Reports.) 

Reports of Life Insurance Companies. 1S93-1900. 
\_Richmond,'\ 1893-1900. 8°. 

Financial statement and suggestions relative to 
defects in the revenue laws. n. p. [i860] 
104 p. 8°. 

Muster rolls of the Virginia militia in the war of 
1812, being a supplement to the pay rolls 
printed and distributed in 1851. Copied from 
rolls in the Auditor's Office at Richmond. 
Richmond : W. F. Ritchie, public printer, 
1852. xiv, 85S p. 8°. 

Climate and Crop Service. 
Report, monthly, v. 8-16 (1898-1906). Richmond, 
1S98-1906. 8°. 


?,QQ Bulletin of the N. Y. P. L., v. 8, p. 195-6, 

and the chronological arrangement below. 

Corporation Commission. 
Annual report, no. 1-2 (1903-4). Richmond, igoJr- 

1905. 8°. 

Virginia corporation law. Constitutional provisions 
and statutes of Virginia relating to issuing, 
amending and taxing charters of corporations 
. . .Richmond : J. H. O'Bannon, 1905. 71 ?• 


Virginia Council and General Court Records, 1640- 
1641. (From " Robinson's notes," Virginia 
Historical Society Collection.) (Virginia Mag. 
of Hist, and Biog., vol. 11, p. 277-284. 
Richvi07id, 1904.) 



Public Doctimenis, cont'd. 

Journals of the Council of Virginia in executive 

sessions, 1 737-1 763. (Virginia Mag. of Hist. 

and Biog. v. 14, p. 1-35. 1906.) 


Reports of cases determined in the General Court 
of Virginia. From 1730, to 1740; and from 
1768 to 1772. By Thomas Jefferson. Char- 
lottesville: F. Carr &f Co., 1829. viii, 145 p. 

Decisions of cases in Virginia by the High Court 
of Chancery, with remarks upon decrees by 
the Court of Appeals reversing some of those 
decisions. Richmottd : T. Nicholson, 1795. 
166 p., I 1. f°. 

Reports of cases argued and determined in the 
Court of Appeals and in General Court of Vir- 
ginia. 1 790-1 860. Richmottd, etc. 1798- 
1860. 8°. 


Bushrod Washington. 1790-1796. 2 v. Richmond, j.y<)Q- 


W. W. Hening and \V. Munford. 1806-1810. 4 v. Flat- 
bush and Ne'M York, 1809-1811. 

W. Munford. 1810-1820. 6 v. NewYork, Fredericksburg, 
Richmond, i8 12-21. 

Peyton Randolph. 1821-1828. 6 v. Richmond, 1823-29. 

B. W. Leigh. 1829-1842. 12 v. Richmond, 1854-7, 1834-44. 

Conway Robinson. 1842-1843. 2 v. Richmond, 1843-4. 

Peachy R. Grattan. 1844-60. 15 v. Richmond, 1845-60. 

Mu.NFOKD (William). General index to the Vir- 
ginian law authorities, reported by Washington, 
Call, Hening, and Munford, jointly, and Munford 
separately. With notes. Richmond: John War- 
rock, i8ig. xi, 576 p. 8°. 

Entomologist and Plant Pathologist, Office of. 
Report on the San Jose scale and administration 
of the crop pest law. no. 5 (1903/5). Rich- 
mond, 1906. 8°. 

Fish Commission. 
Annual report of the commissioners, 1875-79, 
18S1, 1884/5, 1887/8-1889, 1891-92, 1894, 
1900-1904. Richmond, 1875-1904. (In: An- 
nual Reports.) 

Same, separate, 1875, 1877-79, 18S2-83. 

Richmond, 1875-1884. 8°. 

Same, reprinted, 1-2. 1875/6-1876/7. Rich- 
mond, 1877. 75 pp. 8°. 

General Assembly. 

Virginia legislative documents [forming the rec- 
ords of the General Assembly of Virginia, 1764, 
'65, '70, '74, '75]. (Virginia Mag. of Hist, and 
Biog. V. 9, p. 353-36S; V, 10, p. 1-16; V. 12, 
p. 417-424; V. 13, p. 36-59, 411-424; V. 14, 
p. 50-79. Richmond, 1902-1906.) 

Annual reports of officers, 1 846/7-1 853/4, 1855/6- 
1857/8, 1859/60, 1866, 1871-1904. Richmottd, 
1847-1905. 8°. 

Manual of the Senate and House of Delegates, 
1891/2-1901/02. Richmond, 189I-1902. 24°. 

Geological Survey. 
Bulletins, no. 1-3. Richmond, 1905-1906. 8°. 

Annual message, 1861-62, 1864, 1865; Dec, July, 
1866; 1870-72, iS74-'77, 1881, 1887, 1891, 
1895-96, 1902, 1904. Richmond, I'abi-K^o^. 8°, 

Same, 1S10-1904. (In: Senate and House 

journals and ann. reports.) 

Inaugural addresses, 1856, 1874, 1S98, 1902. Rich- 
mond, 1 856-1902. 8°. 

Same, 1816; 1820, 1848, 1S64, 1870, 1SS2, 

1897, 1901-1902. (In: House and Senate 

A list of commissioners [in other states, &c. , ap- 
pointed by the executive of Virginia, and ap- 
pearing to be in office on the 31. day of Decem- 
ber, 1857, with dates of appointment and 
residence of each commissioner], n. t.-p. 
[1857?] 7 pp. 8 = . 

Same. [Commissioners appointed during 1858 

and 1859.] n. p. [i86o?J 8 pp. 8°. (Doc. 
36. 1S60?) 

Message of the Governor, vetoing Senate bill no. 
27, to ratify and confirm the consolidation of 
the Richmond and Southwestern Railway Com- 
pany with the Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio 
Narrow Gauge Railroad Company, under the 
name and style of the Richmond and Louis- 
ville Railroad Company, w. t.-p. [1882] 3 p. 

Special message of the governor of Virginia to the 
general assembly relative to oysters. (In: Vir- 
ginia. Governor. Message. . . December 2, 
1891. Richmottd, 1891. 8°. pp. 41-63.) 

Proclamation, Thanksgiving Day. November 26, 

1903. 2 1. 4°. 

Health Board. 
Annual report, 1 871/2. Richtnond, 1872. 8°. 

Same, 1S74. (In: Annual Reports.) 

House of Burgesses. 
Journal of the House of Burgesses [Feb. lO-Apr. 
II, 1772]. [Colophon: Williamsburg: Pritited 
by W. Rind, 1772.] 164 p. f°. 
Journals of House of Burgesses of Virginia, 1770- 
1772, 1773-1776. Edited by John Pendleton 
Kennedy. Richmottd, 1906-1905. 2 v. f°. 
1773/6 contains records of the Committee of Correspon- 
dence as well as Journals of the Burgesses. 

House of Delegates. 
Journal, 1776-1790, 1792, 1797/8, 1810/1, 1812/13, 

1S14/5, 1836/7, 1838-1857/8, 1859/60- 

1904. Richmottd, 17 76-1904. i° and 8°. 

Immigration Board. 
Annual report, 1866, 1869, 1875-1877. tt. t.-p. 
(In: Sen. and House jols. 1867-1877.) 

Labor and Industrial Statistics Bureau. 
Annual report, no. 1, 3-8 (1898/9, 1900-1905). 
Richtnond, 1899-1905. 8°. 

Same, 1-7 (i 898/9-1904). (In: Annual Re- 
ports, 1 899-1904). 


Annual report of the Board of Directors, 1875, 

1877, 1S79, 1881, 1S83, 1888, 1890-92, 1S94- 

99, igoi-1905. Richtnottd, 1875-1905. 8°. 

Same, 1812-62, 1866, 1873, 1876-1904. (In: 

House and Senate Journals and Annual Re- 



Public Documents, cont'd. 

Public Instruction Department. 
Annual report of the Superintendent, nos. 1-5, 
7-21 (1871-5, 1877-1891). Richmond, 1871- 

gr. 8°. 

Continued as: 

Biennial report, 1892/3-1896/7, 1900/1-1904/5. 
Richmond, 1S93-1905. 8°. 

Same, 1871, 1S73-4, 1876-99. (In: Annual 


Te.xt-books for the primary and grammar grades of 
the public schools of Virginia, adopted June 
24th, 1904. Regulations of the State Board of 
Education for introducing books into the 
schools, n. t.-p. Richmond : IV. E. Jones, 
prtr., 1904. 336 p. 8°. 

Public Works Board. 
Annual Report, 1851-57/8, 1859/61, 1872, 1874, 
1876. [Richviond, 1851-1876.] 8°. 

Same, 1S16, 1820-31, 1833-36, 1838-39, 

1849-61,1888,1892. (In: House Journals and 
Annual Reports.) 

Quarantine Commission. 
Elizabeth River District. Report of the Medical 
Officer of Quarantine. 1S77-78. {Norfolk, 

1877-78.] 8^ 

For year ending Dec. 20. 

Railway Commissioner's Office. 
Annual report of the Commissioner, no. 1-26 (1877- 
1901/2). Richmond, 1877-1902. 8°. 

Office abolished March i, 1903, and duties placed upon Cor- 
poration Coramission. 


Journals, 1778-79, 1785/6-1790, 1810/1, 1812/3, 
1814/5, 1816/7-1S21/2, 1828/9-1863/4, 
1865/6-1904. Richmond, 1778-1904. f and 

Manual of members, officers, and standing com- 
mittees and rules... also, the constitution of 
Virginia, &c., &c. Session of 1885-6. Rich- 
mond: R. V. Derr, Supt. of Pub. Prtg., 1885. 
84 p. 24°. 

Sinking Fund Commission. 

Biennial report of commissioners, 1859. Richmond, 
1859. 8°. 

State Department. 

Annual report of Secretary of Commonwealth to 
the Governor and General Assembly, 1902/3- 
1904/5. Richmond, i903-'o5. 8°. 

State Library. 
Annual report of the joint committee appointed to 
examine into the condition of the public {i.e., 
state) library, its regulation and funds, 1827- 
35, 1837-53. 1857-61, 1866-77. n. t.-p. (In: 
Senate and House Journals, 1828-1878.) 
These are really state library reports, and. in the later years, 
they are accompanied by the annual report of the secretary of 
state as state librarian. 

Continued as: 

Biennial report of the joint committee, etc. ,1882/3- 
1 890/1, 1894/5-9S/9. n. t.-p. (In: Senate 
Journals, 1883/4-1900/00.) 

Annual report of the state librarian, 1902/4. (In: 
Collected Documents, 1902/4.) 

A catalogue of the library of the State of Virginia, 
arranged alphabetically... to which are pre- 
fixed the rules and regulations provided for the 
government of the library. Richmond, 1856. 
270 p. 8°. 


Collected Laws and Codes. 

Under Colony. 

1632. [First revisal of the laws of Virginia] 61 

acts, (i Hening, 178-202.) 
i6||. [Second revisal of the laws of Virginia] 73 

acts, (i Hening, 238-282.) 
i64|. [Third revisal of the laws of Virginia] 131 

acts, (i Hening, 429-494.) 
1662. The Lawes of Virginia Now in Force. Lon- 
don: Printed in the year M.DC.LXII. 2 11., 
82 p., 2 11. 4°. 

Printed by Cotes. Edited by Francis Moryson. Also in 
Hening ii: 41-148. 

1694. An Abridgment of the laws of Virginia, 
made by Philip Ludwell, and now for the first 
time printed. Richmond, Va.: House of the So- 
ciety, 1903. (2), 78 p. 8°. 

Repr. Va. Magazine of History and Biography. Published 
by the Va. Historical Society. 

1725. Laws of Virginia relating to the church and 
the clergy, religion and learning. (Trott. Laws 
of the British Colonies in America relating to the 
church and the clergy, etc. London, 1725. p. 
1727. Acts of Assembly, passed in the Colony of 
Virginia from 1662 to 1715. Volume i. London: 
Printed by John Baskett, 1121. xxiv, 391 p. F°. 
Volume 2 was never published. 
1733. A Collection of all the Acts of Assembly 
now in Force. . . Williatnsburg: Printed by Wil- 
liam Parks, 1733- (2), 922 p. F°. 
1737. An Exact Abridgment of all the Public Acts 
of Assembly of Virginia, in Force and Use. . . 
Williamsburg: Printed by William Parks, 1737. 
xlvii, 345 p., 41 11. 4°. 
By John Mercer. 
1739. A Continuation of the Abridgment of all the 
Public Acts of Assembly of Virginia in Force 
and Use. Williamsburg: Printed by William 
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1759. An Exact Abridgment of all the Public Acts 
of Assembly of Virginia in Force and Use... 
January i, 1758... By John Mercer. Glasgow: 
Printed by John Bryce and David Pater sott, 1759. 
(2), xxii, 482 p. 4°. 
1769. The Acts of Assembly Now in Force... 
Williamsburg: Printed by W. Rind, A. Purdie 
and J. Dixon, \-b<^. (2), 577 P- Fo- 
under COMMONWE,-\LTH. 

1785. A Collection of all such Public Acts of the 
General Assembly and Ordinances of the Con- 
ventions of Virginia passed since the year 1768, 
as are now in iovcQ. . .Richmond: Printed by 
Thomas Nicholson and William Prentis, 1785. 
235 p. F°. 

1794. A Collection of all suCh Acts of the General 
Assembly of Virginia, of a Public and Perma- 
nent Nature, as are now in Force. . .Richmondj 
Printed by Augustine Davis, \T^\. 380 p. F, 



Public Documents, cont'd. 

1803. Collection of all such acts of General Assem- 
bly. . .of a public and permanent nature as are 
now in force. . . Vol. i. Jiichmond: Savuiel 
Pleasants, 1803. (2), v, 454 p. 8°. 

180S. .Same, vol. 2. Richmond: Samuel Pleasants, 
1808. vi, 322 p. 8°. 

1812. Supplement containing the acts. . passed 
on since. . . 1807. Richynond: Samuel Pleasants, 
1812. 210 p. 8°. 

1819. The revised code of the laws of Virginia. 
RichfHond: Thomas Ritchie, 1819. 2 v. 8°. 

1823. Statutes at large: being a collection of all the 
laws of Virginia from the first session of the Leg- 
islature in the year 1619. ..By William Waller 
Hening. Volume 1-13. 8°. 
V. 1-2. New York: Printed by R. &f W. ^ G. 

Bartow, 1823. 
V. 3. Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas Desilver, 

V. 4-6. Richmotid : At the Franklin Press — 

W. W. Gray, 181 9-1 820. 
V. 7. Richmond: At the Franklitt Press, 1820. 
V. 8-9. Richmond: Pritited by J. G. Cochran, 

V. 10-12. Richrnond: Printed by George Cochran, 

V. 13, Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas Desil- 
ver, 1823. 

Personal names in Hening's statutes at 

large. . .By J. J. Casey. A^ew York, 1896. 3 p.l., 
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1835-1836. The statutes at large. .. 1792-1806. 
(New series.) Being a continuation of Hening. 
By Samuel Shepherd. Richmond: Satnnel Shep- 
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1849. The code of Virginia. [Compiled by J. M. 
Patton and Conway Robinson.] Richmo7id : 
IV. F. Ritchie, 1S49. xxxi, 898 (i) p. 8°. 

Another issue. 2 vols. 

i860. The code of Virginia. . . Second edition. 
Richmond : Ritchie, Dtinnavant 6^ Co., 1S60. 
xxiii, 1022 p. 8°. 
1874. Third edition of the code of Virginia. . . 
Prepared by George W. Munford. Richmond: 
J. E. Goode, 1873. xix (i), 1546 (i) p. 8°. 
1887. The code of Wrgmsi. . .Richmond : J. E. 

Goode, 1887. xvi, 1177 (i) p. 8°. 
1898. Supplement to the code of Virginia. By J.G. 
Pollard. Richmond: J. L. Hill Prtg. Co., 1898. 
vi (2), 3-514 P- 8°. 


La 'US 


1734 August 22 

n. p. 

n. d. 

51 p. 


1736 August 5. 

n. p. 

n. d. 

48 p. 


1738 Nov. I. 

n. p., 

n. d. 

52 p. 


1740 May 22. 

n. p., 

n. d. 

21 p. 


1740 Aug. 21. 

n. p., 

n. d. 

2 p. 


1752 Feb. 27. 

n. p., 

n. d. 

48 p. 


1756 March 25. 

n. p., 

n. d. 

28 p. 


1756 Sept. 20. 

1757 April 14. 
175S Sept. 9. 
1759 Feb. 22. 

1759 Nov. I. 

1760 March 4. 
1760 May 19. 

1760 Oct. 6. 

1 761 March 5. 

1 761 Nov. 3. 

1762 Jan. 14. 
1762 March 30. 
1762 Nov. 2. 

1770 10 Geo. III. 

1770. (2), 80 (3) p. 

1771 July II. 

1772 12 Geo.III. 
1772. (i), 51 p. F' 

n. p 
n. p 
n. p 
n. p 
n. p, 
n. p 
n. p 
n. p. 
n. p. 
n. p 
n. p. 

n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 
n. d. 

4 p. 

48 p. 

2 p. 

8 p. 
6 p. 
6 p. 
9-50 p. 


n. d. 14 p. 

n. d. 2 p. 

n. d. 10 p. 

n. d. 52 p. 
Williamsburg: William Rind, 

n. p., n. d. 8 p. F°. 
WilliajHsburg: William Rind, 

1779 Oct. 4. Williamsburg: Dixon b' A^icholson, 
n. d. 48 p. F°, 

1787 Oct. 15. {^Richmond, 1787.] 4-46 p. F°. 
Imperfect ; lacks t.-p. and p. 474- 

1790 Oct. 18. Richmond: Dixon, n. A. 66 p. F°. 
1810/1 session 35. 

1817/8-1818/9 " 42-43. 
1826-1853/4 " 51-78. 

1855/6 " So. 

1857/8 " 82. 

1859/60-1865 " 84-89. 

1866/7, 1869/70-1879/80, 1S81/2, 1SS3/4- 
1887/8, 1889/90, 1895/6; extra session, 1902/3. 


Annual report, '1866/7, 1S73/4-79/80, 1887/8, 

1890, 1S92/3-99/1900. Richmo7id, 1874-1900. 

Same, 1S12, 1814-15, 1818-19, 1822-55, 

1859, 1S65, 1871, 1S73-1904. (In: Journals 

and Annual Reports.) 

Reports of Institutions. 

Collegie of William and Mary, Williamsburg. 

[Annual] Catalogue. 1889/90-97/8, 1 900/1. Rich- 
mond, i89o[-i90i]. 8°. 

History of the college (including the genera' 
catalogue) from its foundation, 1693, to 1S70. Bal- 
titfiore, 1870. 162 p. 8^. 

Same, to 1S74. Richmond, 1874. 183 p., 

I 1. 8°. 

A catalogue, from its foundation to the present 
time. [^Williamsburg, 1859.] 102 p. 8°. 

The Present State of Virginia, and the 

College: By Messieurs Hartwell, Blair, and Chil- 
ton. To which is added, The Charter for erecting 
the said College... London: John Wyat, 1727. 
(4), 95 P- 8°. 

The charter, transfer and statutes, of the 

College of William and Mary in Virginia: in Latin 
and English. Williajusburg: W. Hunter, 1758. 
164 p. 8°. 

Presentation copy from Dr. Dawson, president of William 
and Mary, to Samuel Davies, president of Princeton. 



Public Institutions, cont'd. 

Course of studies in William and Mary 

College at Williamsburg, Va. [ Williamsburg? 
1850?] I4p.,il. 8°. 

Remarks of Benjamin S. Ewell, president 

... in support of the petition . . . for an appropri- 
ation by Congress. . . delivered April i, 1874. n.p. 
[1874] 16 p. 8°. 

Two hundredth anniversary of the charter 

of the College of William and Mary. 1693-1893. 
\^Richmond: Whittet Ss' Shepperson/printers, 1894.] 
I p.l., 49 p. 4°. 

Edited by Lyon G. Tyler. 

The making of the Union, Contributions of 

the College of William and Mary in Virginia. 
jRic/imond, 1S99. 36 p., I I. 8°. 

Eastern Lunatic Hospital, Williamsburg. An- 
nual report, I et seq. 1S22-28, 1830-33, 1835-46, 
1848-60/61, 1865/6, 1870/1, 1872/3, 1903/4. 
n. t.-p. (In: Sen. and House Jols. and Annual 
Reports. ) 

Female normal school. Report, 1885-1889. 
n. t.p. (In: Annual Reports, 18S5-1889.) 

Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. 

Annual Catalogue. (1S70/1, 75/6, 79/80, 82/3, 
87/8-89/90, 93/4-1905/6.) Hampton, 1870-1906. 

1875/6 contains a statement of its history, methods and re- 

1904/s is Bulletin v. i, no. i, Ja.-Mr. 1903. 

1905/6 is Bulletin v. 2, no. i, Mr. 1906. 

Principal's report. 1876/7, 78/9, 80/1, 

83/4, 85/6-86/7, 88/9-1901/2, 1903/4. Hampton, 
1877-1904. 8°. 

Early reports called Annual reports. No. 34 for 1901/2. 

Same. 1876/7-1889/90. (In: An- 
nual Report of Officers, etc.) 

[Report to the Supt. of public instruction 

forVa.] 1879/80-S0/1. .ffzV/5w£>«a?, 1880-1S81. 8°. 

Hampton tracts for the people. Sanitary 

series. No. 3, 5. Neio York, 1879. 16°. 

Southern (The) Workman, v. 5, no. 10 

(1876) ;v. 8, no. 4 (1879); v, 10, nos, i, 4; v. 13, 
nos. 7-12; v. 14, nos. 8-9; v. 15, nos. 3, 6-7, 10; v. 
16, nos. I, 3, 6; v. 19-20; v. 21, nos. i-ii; v. 22, 
nos. i-ii; V. 23-date. Hampton, 1876-date. f° 
and 4°. 

Talks and thoughts of the Hampton Indian 

• students, v. 6, nos. 1-2, 4, 7-12; v. 7, nos. i, 4- 

12; V. 8, nos. 2-12; V. 9, nos. i, 3-12; v. 11-12; v. 
13, nos. 1-2, 5-12; v. 14; v. 15, nos. i, 3-12; v. 
i6-date. Hampton, 1891-date. 12°. 

Alumni Association. Primary needs of 

the negro race. An address by K. Miller. Wash- 
ington, iSgq. 18 pp. 8°. 

N'ature-Study Bureau. Animal industry 

leaflet. No. 1-4. Washingto7t, 1903-1904. 8°. 

Children's nature-study leaflet. No. 

1-3. Hampton, 1902-1904. 8°. 

Hampton Agriculture leaflet. No. 

1-9. Hampton. 1902, 8°. 

Leaflet. No. 1-17. (1901-1904.) 

\_Hai>ipton, 1901-1904.] 8°. 

Report of President Hopkins of Williams Col- 
lege [and others], upon the . . . Institute [also re- 

port of the farm manager and statement by the 
principal], n. p. [1870?] 11 p., i pi. 8°. 
First report repr. American Missionary, Aug. 1869. 

Congressional land scrip. Hampton Normal 
and Agricultural Institute. Letters of R. W. 
Hughes, a Trustee, and Gen. S. C. Armstrong, 
Superintendent of the Hampton Institute. Rich- 
mond, 1872. 12 p. nar. 8°, 

Hampton and its students. By two of its teach- 
ers, Mrs. M. F. Armstrong and H. W. Ludlow. 
With 50 cabin and plantation songs, arranged by 
T. F. Fenner... 255 p., i pi. ill. New York, 
1874. 8°. 

[An appeal to the friends of the Institute in the 
hope of increased aid.] Hatnpton, Va., 1879. 30 p. 

[Appeal of the vKrmstrong Association in behalf 
of the Institute. New York, 1880?] 15 p. 24°. 

Concernlng 'Indians. Extracts from the an- 
nual report of the principal for 1883. Hampton, 
1883. 29 p. 8°. 

[Its work for the negro and Indian races* 
Hampton, 1884.] 8°. 

Its work for two races (1868 to 1885). Hatnp- 
ton, 1885. 34 p. 8°. 

Ten years' work for Indians [i878-'88]. Hamp- 
ton, 1878-88. 8°. 

Indian education at Hampton. {^Hampton, 
1888?] 8 1. sq. 16°. 

Twenty-two years' work: records of negro and 
Indian graduates and ex-students. . . [ed. by Miss 
Helen W. Ludlow] Hampton, 1893. v, i 1., 520 p., 
4 1., 4 maps, I pi. 8°. 

From the beginning. Reprinted from articles 
by Gen. S. C. Armstrong and Helen W. Ludlow 
in "22 years work of Hampton Institute." Hamp- 
ton [1893?]. 20 p. 16°. 

Anniversary. No. 28. (My. 1896.) [Hampton, 
1896.] 12°. 

Hampton normal and agricultural institute and 
its work for the negro and Indian youth. Hamp- 
ton, 1898. 16 p., 2 pi. sq. 16°. 

Boston, 1899. 13 p. sq. 16''. 

Hampton, 1900. 16 p. 16°. 

[Out from cabin and tepee. Hampton, 1900.] 
32 pp. sq. 16°. 

Then and now at Hampton Institute, 1868-1902, 
\_Hamptott, 1902.] 31 p. nar 8°. 

The WORK of Hampton. Hampton, \qo\. 16 p. 

Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va. 
Catalogue of session (1883/4); Announcement of 
session (1884/5). Richmond, 1884. 8°. 

Report of Dean. 1855/7, 1858, i86o/6r, 

1869/70, 1887/S7, 1888/9. (In: Annual Reports 
of State Officers.) 

Report of Board of Visitors, 1S82-1887. 

n. t.-p. (In: Ann. Repts., 1S82-87.) 

Richmond College. Catalogue. Session 1872/3, 
1883/4, 84/5. Richmond, 1872-85. 8°. 

Catalogue for 1884/ s contains also a historical sketch, and 
roll of alumni, i832-'84 

Dedication of Teter Memorial Hall; ad- 
dress by Rev. J. B. Thomas, D.D., of Brooklyn, 



Public Institutions, cont'd. 
N. Y. ; remarks of the chairman of the. . . commit- 
tee and the president of the trustees... June i8, 
18S4. Richmond, 1S84. 31 p., i pi. S°. 

University of \'irginia. 

Serial Publications. 
Catalogue. 1825-43/4, 1849/50, 1855/6, 1859/60, 
1866/7, 1868/9, 1871/2-1872/3, 1874/5-98/9. 
I900/1-1902/3, 1904/ 5-1905/06. Roanoke, Char- 
lottesville, etc., 1849-1906. 12°. 8°. 

Catalogues of sessions 1-19(1825-1843/4) are printed in 1880- 
81, collected into one volume, with cover-title "Catalogues," 
and a preliminary statement by James F. Harrison that 
" Catalogues of the students attending the early sessions have 
never before been published." 

1832/3. Charlottesville: D. Deans 

pf Co., 1833. 27 p. 8°. 

Report of rector and visitors. 1820,1822-23, 

1826-31, 1836-37, 1840-1854, 1858, 1861, 1866, 
1870, 1S73-74, 1876-89. (In: House and Senate 
Journals and Annual Reports.) 

Bulletins. New ser. v. 1-3, v. 5 no. i, v. 

6 no. 2. (Ja. 1901-Oct. 1903, Ja. 1905, Ap. 1906.) 
Charlottesville, Frt.,1901-1906. 8°. 

Society of the Alumni. Circular no. 2 of 

the executive committee of the Society of Alumni. . . 
with a Sketch of its History. Charlottesville, 1873. 
19 p. 8°. 

The Alumni Bulletin, v. i-v. 7, no. 

i; n. s., V. 1-4 (May 1894-Oct. 1904). Charlottes- 
ville, 1 894-1904. 4°. 

n. s. v. 1-3 called "Bulletins of the University of Virginia. " 
no. I of n. s. v. 1-3 each the Catalogue number, v. 5, no. i 
called "Commencement number." 

Annals of Mathematics, v. 1-12(1884-99). Char- 
lottesville, 18S4-99. 4°. 

Since 1899 published by Harvard University. 

College topics, v. i, no. 10, March 15, 1890. 
Extra in the interest of the university. Charlottes- 
ville, Va., 1890. f°. 

University of Virginia Magazine, published by 
the two literary societies of the University of Vir- 
ginia. V. 15, no. 5 (Feb. 1877), v. 55, nos. 4-9; 
V. 56, no. 2, 4, 5; and v. 67, no. i (Jan. -June 1895, 
Jan. -Feb. 1896, Oct. 1906). Charlottesville, I'^'H- 
1906. 4°. 

Non-serial Publications. 

University of Virginia. To the President and 
Directors of the Literary Fund. Draft of an annual 
report by the Rector and Visitors, as to the policy, 
proceedings and finances, with preliminary obser- 
vations on the death of Cieorge Washington. A. D., 
Thomas Jefferson. With numerous interlineations 
and corrections. 5 p. 4°. MS. 

University of Virginia. Enactments by the 
rector and visitors for constituting, governing and 
conducting that institution. Charlottesville, 1825. 

BuRWELL (William M.) Address delivered be- 
fore the Society of Alumni. . .at their annual meet- 
ing, June 29, 1847. Richmond: Shepherd and Colin, 
1847. 27, 7 p. 8°. 

pp. 1-7 at end contain the report of the Proceedings of the 
Society on 28 June, 1847. 

HoLCOMBE (James P). An address delivered be- 
fore the Society of Alumni. . .at its annual meeting, 
held in the public hall, June 29th, 1S53. Rich- 
mond: 3/ac/arlane dr" Fergiisson, 1853. 43 p. S°. 
Lectures on the evidence of Christianity, de- 
livered at the University of America, during the 
session of 1S50-1. A^eioYorh: R. Carter ^i' Bros., 
1S53. X, 606 p., 13 port. 8". 
Edited by W. H. Ruffner. 

jEia-ERSON (Thomas), and J. C. Cabell. Early 
history of the University of Virginia, as contained 
in the letters of T. Jefferson and J . C. Cabell, hitherto 
unpublished; with an appendix. . .Richmond: J. W. 
Randolph, 1856. xxxvi, 52, 8 p. 8°. 

Bohn's album and autographs of the University 
of Virginia, with a short history, and beautifully 
illustrated with twenty steel engravings and por- 
traits of the professors and officers. Washington: 
C. Bohn, 1S59. 13 p. 4°. 

Interleaved copy. 

Johnson (John Lipscomb). The University 
memorial: biographical sketches of alumni of the 
University of Virginia who fell in the Confederate 
War. Baltimore, 1871. ports, pi. 8°. 

Hunter (Robert Mercer Taliaferro). Address 
to the alumni of the University of Virginia at Chars 
lottesville. . . June 30, 1875... Richmond : J. E- 
Goode, 1875. 17 p. 8°. 

Southall (James C.) Opening of the Lewi. 
Brooks Museum at the University of Virginia, June 
27th, 1878. Address on Man's Age in the World" 
With introductory remarks of Hon. A. H. H. 
Stuart, Rector. Richmotid: Printed by order of 
the Board of Visitors, 1878. 58 p., i 1. 8°. 

Broadhead (James O.) An address delivered 
before the Society of Alumni of the University of 
Virginia, June 30, 18S1. Charlottesville : Society 
of the Alu//uii [iS?>i\. 25 p. 8°. 

Tutwiler (H.) Early years of the University 
of Virginia. Address. . .before the Alumni Society 
...Thursday, June 29th, 1882. Charlottesville: 
Chronicle Book and Job Office, 1S82. 14 p. 8°. 

A SKETCH of the University of Virginia. Rich- 
mond, Va., 1SS5. 43 p. 8°. 

Adams (Herbert Baxter). Thomas Jefferson and 
the University of Virginia; with authorized sketches 
of tiampden -Sydney, Randolph-Macon, Emory- 
Henry, Roanoke, and Richmond colleges, Wash- 
ington and Lee University, and Virginia Military 
Institute. (Contributions to Am. Educ. Hist, by 
H. B. A. No. 2.) Washington: Govt. Prig. Office, 
1888. 30S p., 24 pi., I port. 8". {U. S.Bureau 
of Educ. Circ. of Inf. No. i, 1888.) 

Trent (William Peterfield). English culture in 
Virginia: a study of the Gilmer letters, and an 
account of the English Professors obtained by 
Jefferson for the University of \'irginia. Baltimore: 
Johns Hopkins University, I'&'aq. 8°. (Johns Hopkins 
Univ. Studies in Historical and Political Science, 
7. ser. nos. 5, 6.) 

Reply of the Rector and Visitors of the Uni- 
versity of Virginia to the remonstrance on recent 
changes in the requirements for the degree of master 
of arts. Charlottesville, 1892. 60 p. 8°. 

Rogers (W. B.) Life and letters of. . .Rogers, 
edited by his wife with the assistance of W. T. 



Public Institutions, cont'd. 
Sedgwick. 2 vol. viii, i 1., 427; vi, i 1., 451 p., 
6 pi., 5 port., 3 fac-sim. ill. Bostoti : Houghton, 
Mifflin &- Co., 1S96. S°. 

Dabney (Richard Heath). University of Vir- 
ginia.. . 5 1. [A^e-a York, 1897.] f°. 
Repr.: Frank Leslie's Pop. Month., Aug., 1S97. 
Carter (James C.) The University of Virginia: 
Jefferson its Father, and his Political Philosophy. 
An Address delivered upon the Occasion of the 
Dedication of the new Buildings of the University, 
June 14, 1898. {Charlottesville:^ The University 
of Virginia, 1898. I p.l., 38 p. 8°. 

Patton (John Shelton), a7id S. J. Doswell. 
The University of Virginia: glimpses of its past 
and present. {Lynchburg, Fa.: J. P. Bell Co., 
190-?] 82 p., I 1. illus. 8°. 

Mauie (Hamilton W.) Some famous schools. 
The university of Virginia. (Outlook, v. 65, p. 
784-797. Ne-M York, igoo.) 

University of Virginia: its history, influence, 
equipment and characteristics; with biographical 
sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors, 
officers and alumni. Editorial staff... P. B. Bar- 
ringer, J. M. Garnett...R. Page. Illustrated. 
New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1904. 2 v. 4°. 

Page (Thomas Nelson). The University of 
Virginia. (Scribner's Maga. v. 37, p. 396-410. 
New York, 1905.) 

The University of Virginia in the life of the 
nation. Academic addresses delivered on the oc- 
casion of the installation of Edwin Anderson Al- 
derman as president of the University of Virginia, 
Apr. 13 . . . 1905 . . . [by] A.C. Coolidge [and others]. 
[Charlottesville, Fa.: The Univ., 1905.] 121 p. 

Patton (John Shelton). Jefferson, Cabell, and 
the University of Virginia. New York: The Neale 
Pub. Co., igo6. 3 p.l., v viii, 9-380 p., 5 pi., 2 
port. 8°. 

Virginia Military Institute, Lexington. An- 
nual report, i et seq. 1839-1847, 1849/50, 1851/2, 
1854/5, 1856/7, 1S59/60-60/1, 1865/6, 1869/70, 
1873/4-76/7. n.t.-p. (In House and Senate Jour- 
nals and Annual Reports.) 

1839-40 called "Report of the principal professor," later 
called " Report of the Superintendent " and " Report of 
Board of Visitors " variously. Reports are unnumbered. 
except that for 1843, which is numbered 7. 

Register of the officers and cadets, July, 

1857, 72/3. Richmond, 1857-1873. 8°, 
\%j2/-i called " Official register." 

Letcher (John). Address on the re-inaugura- 
tion of the bronze statue of George Washington, 
at the Virginia Military Institute, September 10, 
1866. Pichtnond: Board of Fisitors [1866]. 20 p. 

Walker (Charles D.) Memorial, Virginia Mili- 
tary Institute. Biographical sketches of the gradu- 
ates and eleves of the Virginia "Military Institute 
who fell during the war between the States. Phila- 
delphia: J. B. Lippincott &^ Co., 1875. 585 p. 8°. 

Wise (Henry Augustus). Gov. Wise's inaugu- 
ral address at Lexington, Va., Military Institute, 
July, 1856. [Pich mond .^] i&S(i- 3° P- 8°. 

Washington and Lee University. Catalogue, 

1865/6, 69/70-74/5, iWi-n/^, 83/4, 85/6, 86/7, 

90/1-91/2, 94/5, 1901/2. Baltimore, etc., 1866- 
1902. 8°. 
Before 1871 called " Washington College." 

Washington and Lee University, Lexing- 
ton, Va. Catalogue of the officers and alumni, 
1749-1888. Baltimore: f. Murphy cSr" Co., 1888. 
245 P- 8°. 

Washington and Lee University, Lexing- 
ton, Va. Historical papers, no. 1-3. (1890-1892) 
Baltimore, 1 890-1 892. 8°. 

Southern (The) collegian; published at Wash- 
ington and Lee University, v. 26, no. 3-6; v. 32, 
no. i; V. 34, no. 2 (Dec, 1893-May, 1894; Nov., 
1899; Nov., 1901). Lexington, 1893-1901. 8°. 

Dabney (John Blair). Address at Washington 
College before the, literary societies. Lexington, 
1841. 8°. 

Meeting (A) in anticipation of Washington's 
Birthday, in behalf of Washington College, Va. , 
called by the leading clergy and others of all de- 
nominations in New York. NewYork, 1868. 24 p. 

Report of proceedings of a meeting to organize 
a movement for securing a centennial endowment 
fund for Washington and Lee University. . .held 
in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Oct. 10, 1876. 
{Philadelphia, 1S76.] 32 p. 8°. 

Centennial organization for the better endow- 
ment of W. and L. U. Report of the meetings 
held in Independence Hall, Phila., Oct. 10, 1875, 
and June 8, 1881. NewYork, 1882. ii, i 1., 88 p. 

Preston (Margaret J.) Centennial poem for 
W^ashington and Lee Univ., Lexington, Virginia, 
1775-1S85. N'eiu York : G. P. Putnam' s Sons, 
1885. cover, title, 24 1. 12°. 

Printed on rectos only. With autograph presentation in- 
scription from G. W. C. Lee. 

The INAUGURATION of William Lyne Wilson, as 
president, September 15, 1897. Lynchbitrg {i?>C)l'\. 
49 p. 8°. 

Western Lunatic Hospital. Annual report, 
i-iS (1825-45), 21-27 (1848-54), unnumbered 
1855/7-59/61, 1865/6, 1869/70-1892/3, number- 
ing resumed, v. 2, 67-70 (1893/4-96/7), 72-76 
(i 898/9-1902/3). n. t.-p. (In: Senate and House 
Jols. and Annual Reports.) 

William and Mary. See College of William 
and Mary. 


In addition to the manuscripts, noted below as bearing 
directly on thesubject, the Library owns several large groups 
that contain historical material relating in some degree to 
Virginia. The Bancroft transcripts, drawn from various 
public and private archives, comprise a great quantity of 
documents and contemporary correspondence bearing on the 
course of events in the American colonies down to the close 
of the Revolution, with some of later date. The papers of 
the Boston Committee of Correspondence contain several 
letters from towns and counties in Virginia, written in 1774- 
75. The papers of Gen. Morgan and the letter-book-, of 
Gen. Gates and Greene relate to the campaigns in the south. 
The Yorktown campaign is described in the transcript of 
Washington's journal and in Col. Dearborn's diary, there 
is a quantity of colonial and revolutionary letters by various 
military officers, members of the Continental Congress and 
other prominent Virginians, in the volumes of the Emmet and 
the Myers collections, and among the miscellaneous unbound 
MSS. of the Ford collection, etc. In this connection may be 
mentioned also the correspondence of Samuel Adams with 
Richard Henry Lee. The records of the Loyalist Coramis- 



Manuscripts, cont'd. 

sion, transcribed recently for the New York Public Library, 
contain documents relating to the losses and services of 
Virginia loyalists. The Washington copy-press letters, 1792- 
1799, deal largely with agricultural and local matters, the 
management of his estate, the navigation of the Potomac 
river, etc. The papers of Gov. James Barbour, 1811-41, re- 
late in some degree to the political affairs of Virginia as well 
as to those of the nation at large. Other material for the 
period, from the close of the Revolution to about 1835, may 
be found among the papers of Madison and Monroe. 

Calendars and Catalogues. 

Palmer (William P). Calendar of Virginia 
state papers and other manscripts, i652(-i869), 
preserved in the capitol at Richmond. . .Richmond, 
1875-93- II V. 4°. 

Some Virginia colonial records. [1670?-! 708.] 
From the originals, Virginia State Library. (Va. 
Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 10, p. 371-382; vol. 
II, p. 57-68. 155-169. 1903-) 

These records were discovered after the Calendar of Vir- 
ginia State Papers had been published. They were intended 
for a supplementary volume, which, however, was never 

Stanard (William G.) The Virginia archives. 
Washington: Govt Print. Off., 1904. 645-664 p. 

Rep. from the Annual Report of the Amer. Hist. Ass. 
1903. Vol. I, pages 645-664. 

Virginia Historical Society. Catalogue of the 
manuscripts in the collection of the Virginia His- 
torical Society, and also of some printed papers. 
Richmond: IV. E.Jones, 1901. 2 p.l., 120 p. 8°. 

Supplement to the Virginia Magazine of History and Bio- 

Single works and groups. 

Donne (George). Virginia reviewed. About 
1640. Transcript from Harleian ALS. in the British 
Museum. 186S? 38 11. f°. Unbound. Moore. 

Gatford (Lionel). Public Good Without Pri- 
vate Interest; or, A Compendious Remonstrance of 
the present sad state and condition of the English 
Colonie in Virginea. . .London: Printed for Henry 
Marsh, 1657. Transcript. 1850? 75 11. 4°. 
Half calf. B.A.NCROFT. 

See Sabin 26760. 

Great Britain. — Ordnance Board. Estimate 
of stores for a voyage to Virginia, list of stores sent, 
and of stores in the magazine of the colony, 1676- 
1681. 12 11. F°. Unbound. moore. 

See Catalogue 0/ the Moore library, part 2, no. 1956. 

Ho'we (Henry). Historical Collections of Vir- 
ginia. Illustrated by Thos. Addis Emmet, M.D. 
New York, 1S80. 3 vol. 4°. Half morocco. 

EM. I4607-I5IO7 

Jefiferson (Thomas). Proposed constitution 
for Virginia, June, 1776. A.D. 4 11. F°. Half 

This is the " fair copy," printed in Ford's Writings oj 
JeJJerson, vol. 2, p. 7. The history of this document is there 
noted by Mr. Ford. The manuscript was presented to the 
Lenox Library by Mr. Alexander Maitland in 1894. 

Mason (CSeorge). Letters of George Mason to 
George Mason jr., John Mason, and others, 1766- 
17S8, on political matters and the course of the war, 
particularly as affecting V'irginia; and extracts from 
the Virginia charters, with remarks on them, 1773. 
20 transcripts from the originals in possession of 
J. M. Mason, and from the papers of R. H. Lee, 
1857. 4°. Half morocco. Bancroft 

Principio Company, Fa.(i76S-i769). Eight- 
een pages of accounts, and twelve letters by Thomas 
Russell, Nathaniel Martin, Francis Phillips, and 
William Baxter concerning the Principio Company's 
iron works on the Potomac River. F°. EM. P* 

Simancas Archives. Transcript of papers 
in the Simancas Archives relating to the Ilistory 
of Virginia and other portions of America between 
1608 and 1624, made for Alexander Brown and 
partly used by him in his book The Genesis of 
the United States, Boston, 1890. 731 11., 2 maps, 
I plan (copies). F°. Half morocco. 
Presented by Hon. George L. Rives, 1898. 

Smyth Papers. Virginia papers, 1613-1634. 
The manuscript coU'ns of John Smyth of Nibley 
Glocestersh, the author of the " Lives of the Berke- 
leys," one of the original Adventurers in the pro- 
motion of plantations and settlements in the second 
Virginian colony. With some papers of later date 
added. 84 originals and contemporary transcripts, 
1613-1679. F°. Morocco. 

The collection was presented by Mr. Alexander Maitland, 
1897. Calendared in Bulletin 0/ the N. Y. Public Library, 
vol. I, p. 168. See also the account of the collection, vol. i, 
p. 68: and selections printed in vol. 1, p. 68, vol. 3, pp. 160, 

208, 248. 276. 

Tobacco-claimants, Richmond, Va. Letter- 
book containing copies of petitions by several mer- 
chants of Virginia, May-June, 1865, to the U. S. 
military authorities, asking that certain quantities 
of tobacco, taken possession of by the United States 
Army on entering Richmond, be returned to them; 
with copies of affidavits, endorsements, etc. i p.l., 
131 p. F°. Cloth, roan back. 

United States. — Army {Revolution) : Vir- 
gijiia Line. A list of officers, and a list of soldiers, 
of the Virginia Line, on continental establishment, 
who have received certificates for the balance of 
their full pay agreeable to an Act of Assembly 
passed November session 1781. Certified in the 
Office of Accounts, May 11, 1789, as a true ex- 
tract from the State Auditor's List. About 250 p. 


There are also about 20 miscellaneous papers relating to 
the Virginia troops of the Revolution, as, muster rolls, pay 
rolls, returns of killed and wounded, etc., chiefly in the 
Emmet and Ford collections. See also mention of the ser- 
vices of these troops in MS. letters of the period. 

United States. — Treasury Dept. Account- 
book of sales of captured and abandoned Con- 
federate property at Lynchburg, Va., with contin- 
gent expenses for labor and transportation, etc., 
July-Aug., 1865. 27 11. F°. Boards, roan back. 

Virginia Bishopric. Draft of a document 
providing for the erection of a bishopric in Vir- 
ginia, during the reign of Charles \\. About 1680? 
In Latin. Transcript from MS. 23S in the I^ibrary 
of All Souls College, Oxford, 1S68. With an Eng- 
lish translation by George Henry Moore. 13, 11 11. 
F°. Unbound. MOORE 

Virginia Letters. John Pory's letter on the 
Virginia colony. Sept. 30, i6ig; John Harvey's de- 
claration of the state of Virginia, 1624; letter from 
the governor and council to the lords of trade, Apr. 
6, 1626; letter of Richard Kemp, May 17, 1635. 
Copies, perhaps contemporary. 3 vol. F°. Calf. 

The last two are calendared in State Papers, colonial 

Virginia Papers. Chalmers collection of 
letters and documents relating to Virginia, 1606- 



Manuscripts, cont'd. 
1775 ; letters of governors, and instructions to them, 
petitions, orders in council, etc., and correspond- 
ence of Lord Dunmore during the beginning of the 
revolution. About 200 items, the greater part tran- 
scripts, largely from the State Paper Office. 4 vol. 
F°. Calf. 

Virginia Papers. Letters of governors of 
Virginia to the home government, and other letters 
and documents relating to Virginia, 1755-1780, a 
great part being letters of Lord Dunmore dealing 
with the beginning of the revolution. 185 tran- 
scripts, mostly from the State Paper Office. T850? 
3 vol. 4°. Half morocco. Bancroft 

Virginia Papers. Letters, orders in council, 
and other documents relating to the early history of 
Virginia, 1606-1685. 62S transcripts from the 
State Paper Office. 1S52? 9 vol. F°. Boards, 
cloth backs. Bancroft 

Calendared in State Papers, colonial series. 

Calendar of Virginia Public Papers. 

The following list contains only those Virginia papers of 
an official nature that have heretofore been calendared; and 
it should be noted that the work of calendaring individual 
manuscripts has so far covered only the Emmet collection, 
the Samuel Adams papers, and some smaller groups. 

Unofficial letters relating to Virginia are not included in 
this list. 

Virginia Company. Clapham, Apr. 28, 
1613. Petition to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, pray- 
ing that S"" Henry Nevill.S'' Henry Carye, Sr Willm 
Cornewallis, Sr John Cutts, the younger, S"" George 
Huntley, S^ John Radcliffe, S^ Walter Chute, 
Sr Arthur Manwaringe, S"" John St. John, Sr 
Thomas ffreake, John Vaughan, Richard Monyng- 
ton, John Smithe, Arthur Ingram, William Hall, 
Edmond Allen, Sr Thomas Connyngsby, Richard 
Hall, Sr William Boulestrode and Nicholas Wheeler 
be cited to appear and answer for their arrears to 
the Treasury and Company of Adventurers and 
Planters of the City of London for the first Colony 
in Virginia. D. S., Chris Brooke. Evelyn p[ro] 
def. 23 leaves, folded. F°. smyth i 

Printed in Brown's Genesis of the U. S., vol. i (Bost., i8go) 
pp. 623-631. The statement there made (page 630) that the 
names of Edmond Allen, Sir Thomas Conyngsby, and Richard 
Hall do not appear the second time is erroneous, the one line 
containing their names having been omitted accidentally by 
the transcriber. 

Yeardley {Sir George). [Jamestown, Va. ,] 
Jan. 162J. Certificate to the Council and Com- 
pany for the first southern colony of Virginia, of 
the arrival of Berkeley on January 2g, 162']', of the 
fifty persons whose names are given on the docu- 
ment. D. S., George Yeardley; countersigned by 
Jo: Pory, Secretary. With seal affixed i page 
and I leaf with endorsement. F°. smyth 34 

Virginia (Colony). — Quarter Court. [James- 
town,] Mar. 7, i62j-Mar. 7, 162!. Transcripts by 
Benjamin Harryson of entries from the court records 
relating to the debts of George Thorpe. Endorsed 
in the handwriting of John Smyth: 'Mr. Thorps 
debts in Virgynia.' 3 pp. F°. smyth 38 

Virginia (Colony) — Governor. Apr. 23, 1670. 
Order ior Thomas Ludwell, escheator general, to 
summon a jury and inquire whether certain land 
escheats to the king. D. S., William Berkeley. 
Endorsed. I page. 4°. em. 14648 

Virginia (Colony) — Burgesses, House of. 
[Williamsburg,] May i, 1688. Address to Francis 
Lord Howard Baron of Effingham, protesting 
against the raising of money in Virginia to give as- 
sistance to the government of New York in main- 
taining the Indian nations under that government 
against the pretensions of the French. D. S., A. 
Allen, speaker. 2 p. F°. EM. 6203 

Virginia (Colony). James City, Nov. 10, i6gg. 
Order to Gawin Corbin, H. M. Collector of Rap- 
pahanock District, to observe the thereinbefore 
written order of His Majesty's Commissioners of 
Customs Jo Werden, Charles Godolphin, Sir Robert 
Southwell and J. Ward as to duties on tobacco. 
D. S., ffr- Nicholson. With transcript of order 
prefixed, i page. F°. em. 10553 

Virginia (Colony) — Governor. [Williams- 
burg,] April 17, 1715. Writ of administration on 
John Sandiford's will, to William Sandiford, ex- 
ecutor. D. S., A. Spotswood. Countersigned by 
Wm. Cocke, i page. F°. em. 6210 

Virginia (Colony) — Governor. Williamsburgh, 
May 28, 171C/. Proclamation, publishing the royal 
proclamation of clemency to pirates, of Dec. 21, 
1 718, and appointing July i as last day of surrender 
to himself or governors of Maryland and Carolina. 
D. S. , A. Spotswood. Endorsed, i page. F°. 

em. 10661 

Virginia (Colony) — Governor. Williamsburg, 
June 10, 1725. Proclamation proroguing the Gen- 
eral Assembly to Thursday, Nov. 18, 1725. D.S., 
Hugh Drysdale. Endorsed, i page. F°. em. 6212 

Virginia (Colony) — Governor. Williamsburgh' 
Oct. 19, 1725. Proclamation proroguing the Gen" 
eral Assembly to May 12, 1726. D. S., Hugh 
Drysdale. Endorsed, i page. F°. em. 14654 

Virginia (Colony) — Governor. Williamsburgh, 
May 7, 1765. Receipt to Colonel Preston for ^3 
for pedlars' licenses granted in Augusta County. 
A. D.S., Fran: Fauquier. Endorsed, i page. 4°. 

EM. 14858 

Connecticut (Colony) — Committee of Corre' 
spoudence. Lebanon, Conn., Aug. 10, 1773. To 
Peyton Randolph and the Committee of Corre- 
spondence of Virginia. Connecticut Committee of 
Correspondence have appointed the undersigned a 
select Corresponding Committee; the Virginia 
Committee is referred to the Committee of Corre- 
spondence of Rhode Island for information in re- 
gard to recent Court of Enquiry held in that Colony; 
information is requested as to action of Judges of 
Superior Court in Virginia in the matter of writs of 
assistance; Virginia assured of the support of Con- 
necticut, and of their hope to strengthen that har- 
mony of union among the colonies which daily 
appears more necessary. Signed by W^ Williams, 
Silas Deane, Benja Payne, Joseph Trumbull. 3 p. 
4°. ' EM. 259 

Connecticut (Colony) — Committee of Corre- 
spondence. Wethersfield, June 13 [1774]- To 
Peyton Randolph, Robert C. Nicholas, Richard 
Bland, Committee of Correspondence, Williams- 
burg, Va. Enclosing resolutions of the House of 
Representatives; July or August suggested as time 
for a congress to meet, the place to be New York 
or Philadelphia; " the wise, spirited, and season- 
able proceedings of Your truly patriotic House of 



manuscripts, cont'd. 
Burgesses, in early proposing a Correspondence 
and Union of the Colonies has justly merited & 
universally received the Approbation and grateful 
Acknowledgments of British America — And the 
manly, pious, and humane attention more lately 
manifested to the distresses of the town of Boston 
reflect equal honor on them as Men, as Patriots, 
& as Christians"; a post script tells of the day of 
fasting appointed by the Assembly and the contri- 
bution voted for the relief of Boston. A. L. S., 
Silas Deane. 2 p. 4°. em. 355 

Virginia (Colony) — Convention. Williamsburg, 
Jan. g, 1776. Commission from the Committee of 
Safety to John Tipton, as captain of a company of 
the militia of the county of Dunmore. D. S. , 
Edmd. Pendleton, John Page, Thos. Lud. Lee, P. 
Carrington, Dudley Digges, W. Cabell, Carter 
Braxton, J. Mercer. Printed form filled in. En- 
dorsed. I page. F°. EM. 630S 

Slaryland (Province) — Convention. Phila- 
delphia, Mar. 19, 1776. [To Committees of Safety 
of Virginia or Pennsylvania?] Maryland conven- 
tion has voted a sum of money to defend Baltimore; 
batteries are erecting; " if your Colony can spare us 
four eighteen pounders or eight Twelves or eight 
Nines, which shall be returned as soon as others 
can be procured, they will be of infinite Service in 
defending a Boom now very nearly ready to be laid 
across the River." L. S., Th. Johnson, Jun., 
Sam. Chase, Wm. Paca. i page. 4°. EM. 405 

Virginia (Colony) — Co7ivention. [Williams- 
burg,] June 12, 1776. A declaration of Rights 
made by the Representatives of the Good People of 
Virginia, assembled in full and free Convention, 
which Rights do pertain to them and their Poster- 
ity, as the Basis & foundation of Government. At 
the end is the note; " This declaration of Rights 
was the first in America — it received a few altera- 
tions in the A'^irginia Convention (some of them not 
for the better) and was afterwards closely Imitated 
by the other United States. G. AL" Contempo- 
rary copy of the first draft by George Mason. 3 p. 
F°. EM. 1506 

In the letter-press, Dr. Emmet states that the copy " is not 
in Mr. Mason's handwritmg, but was found among his 

For a fac-simile of the original draft see Rowland's George 
Masoti. vol. I (i8q2), p. 240. 

Gibson (John). Fort Pitt, [Pa.] June 15, 1776. 
[To the Committee of Safety of Virginia.] Ac- 
knowledges letter from John Harvey enclosing re- 
solve of the Convention; the present distracted state 
of the country has been brought about by design- 
ing men, whose grants from the Indians are likely 
to meet with opposition from Virginia; a memorial 
has been circulated praying Congress for a new 
government west of the mountains; some have said 
that the Convention has no right to frame laws, that 
they would refuse obedience, and that Virginia had 
no charter; others have said that if Congress re- 
fused the petition they would move westward with 
20,000 families. Capt. John Nevil, John Campbell 
and himself have opposed this; refers the Commit- 
tee to Campbell, who bears letter. A.L.S. I page. 
r°. EM. G* 

Virginia. — Governor. In Council, Williams- 
burg, [Va.] Sept. 17, 1777. To Gen. [Edward] 
Hand, Fort Pitt. The Board are perfectly satis- 

fied with the draughts made by Gen. Hand on the 
militia, but they fear that his plans may be inter- 
fered with by the late requisition of Congress for 
one-third of the militia of several of the counties ; 
they have sent his letter to Col. Aylett who will 
carry out his wishes respecting provisions; they 
earnestly desire that the perpetrators of the horrid 
murders committed on the Indians at the late treaty 
may be brought to justice. A. L. S. 2 pp. and i 
leaf with endorsement. 4°. e.m. v 

Virginia. — General Assembly. [Williamsburg, 
Oct. ? 177S.] F>.xamination of [John] Harvie 
and [John] Banister, lately returned from congress; 
queries and answers on the state of public affairs, 
including foreign relations and the disagreements 
of Dr. [Arthur] Lee with Franklin and Deane. 
Copy, in the handwriting of Arthur Lee? 6 pp., r 
leaf with endorsement; also a narrow strip with a 
series of questions on Cunningham's cruise, in the 
handwriting of Richard Henry Lee. 4°. s. adams 

Buford (Abraham). Salisbury [N. C.,] June 
2, 1780. To the Assemby [of Virginia]. Sends 
an account of his misfortunes on the 29th ult. ; 
states that his troops were moving slowly owing to 
the bad state of the roads and the heavily loaded 
wagons, when they found that the enemy was close 
upon their rear; Col. Tarleton sent a flag of truce 
demanding surrender, which he refused; they were 
immediately attacked, and though the officers be- 
haved with great bravery, they were overpowered 
by superior numbers, and forced to retreat; two- 
thirds of the troops were killed or wounded; many 
were killed after they had surrendered; has spent five 
days collecting stragglers; had appointed Salisbury 
as the place of rendezvous; Gen. Huger had ad- 
vised him to send his officers to the Assembly and 
if possible get more men; is ill himself, but will 
wait on the Assembly for orders and advice; reports 
the loss of 10,000 lbs. of powder, a quantity of un- 
made clothing, two field-pieces and 20 wagons and 
teams with the baggage of the regiment. A. L. S. 
Endorsed. 4 pp. F°. em. 6600 

Virginia. — Delegates in Congress. Philadel- 
phia, Aug. 20, 1 781. To Thomas Nelson, Gover- 
nor of Virginia. Enclosing a copy of correspond- 
ence between the Virginia delegation and the 
Executive [of Pennsylvania] as to a process of 
Simon Nathan versus goods in ship Franklin on 
account of State of Virginia; also papers as to 
charge against Gabriel Penn ; had obtained from 
Congress passports for the importation of 50,000 
bushels of salt from Bermudas. A. L. S., J. Mad- 
ison Junr. Signed also, Jos: Jones, Edm: Ran- 
dolph, Theok. i page. 4°. em. 9774 

The address is mounted on the back. 

Virginia. — Governor. Council Chamber [Rich- 
mond], Sept. 16, 1782. To Col. William Fleming 
and the Kentucky commissioners. Orders for their 
proceedings; speaks of the money sent on for 
them, and leaves matters largely to their discretion. 
A. L. S. Benjamin Harrison [Governor]. En- 
dorsed. 2 pp. 4°. e.m. 108 1 

Virginia. — Governor. Richmond, Mar. 31, 
17S3. Commission appointing James Browning 
and P)enjamin Lillard, appointed justices of the 
peace on that same day for Culpeper county, com- 
missioners of oyer and terminer for the trial of 



Manuscripts, cont'd. 
slaves in Culpeper county. D. S., Benj. Harrison, 
Governor. Printed form filled in. With seal affixed. 

1 page. F°. EM. 3897 
Virginia. — Governor. Council - Chamber, 

[Richmond, Va.,] Sept. 2, 1783. Certificate that 
Iverson Nuttall is entitled to the proportion of land 
allowed a midshipman of the State Navy for three 
years' service. Printed form filled in. D. S., Benj 
Harrison. Countersigned, Thos. Meriwether, i 
page. 12°. EM. 5793 

Virginia. — Governor. Richmond, Dec. 6, 
1 788. Land warrant for 6,180 acres of land to 
Abraham Irvin, in consideration of three land-office 
treasury warrants, nos. 12,924, 12,925, 12,923, all 
issued July 9, 1782. D. S., Beverley Randolph, 
Governor. Vellum. 2 pp. F°. em. 3901 

The seal has been removed. 

Lee (Henry). July 4, I794- Division orders 
dated June 30, and July 4, 1794, appointing 
Thomas Nelson and George K. Taylor aides de 
camp, and prescribing the quota to be furnished 
by each brigade of militia in order to complete the 
three regiments and nine companies required of the 
4th Division. D. S. 4 PP- F°. em. 7975 

Virginia. — Governor. Richmond, Apl. 11, 

1810. To the Governor of . Being required 

by the Legislature of Virginia to propose to the 
Executive Council of each state an annual exchange 
of the respective acts of every state, including the 
Revised Code, he transmits to the Governor such 
acts as fall within the requisition, hoping the pro- 
position may meet his approval. L. S., Jno; Tyler. 
Endorsed: " 20th: July, 181 1 acknowledged in a 
letter to John H. Pleasants, with laws." i page. 
4°. EM. 6149 

Virginia. — Governor. Richmond, Oct. 26, 
1841. To the Governor of New Hampshire. Cir- 
cular letter enclosing documents referred to in an- 
nexed resolution of the General Assembly. Printed 
form, signed, John Rutherfoord Lieut. Governor. 

2 pp. 8°. EM. 14723 
University of Virginia. — Rector and Visi- 
tors. [Charlottesville, about 1800?] To the Presi- 
dent and Directors of the Literary Fund. Draft 
of an annual report as to the policy, proceedings 
and finances, with preliminary observations on the 
death of George Washington. A. D., Thomas Jef- 
ferson. With numerous interlineations and correc- 
tions. 5 pp. 4°. EM. u 

General History. 
Systematic Works. 

Arthur (Timothy Shay), aiid W. H. Carpen- 
ter. The history of Virginia, from its earliest 
settlement to the present time. Philadelphia : 
Lippiucott, Grambo &" Co., 1852. I p.l., 332 p. 
I port. 12°. (Lippincott's cabinet histories of 
the States.) 

Philadelphia : Caxton, Renisen &-= 

Heffeljinger, 1872. 332 p. 16°. (Cabinet his- 
tories of the States.) 

B[everley] (R[obert]). The History and Pres- 
ent State of Virginia, in Four Parts. I. The His- 
tory of the First Settlement of Virginia, and the 
Government thereof, to the present Time. IL 
The Natural Productions and Conveniences of the 
Country, suited to Trade and Improvement. III. 

The Native ^Indians, their Religion, Laws and 
Customs, in War and Peace. IV. The present 
State of the Country, as to the Polity of the Gov- 
ernment, and the Improvements of the Land. By 
a Native and Inhabitant of the Place. London : 
Printed for K. Parker, at the Vnicorn, under the 
Piazza^ s of the Royal-Exchange, 1705. 6 p.l., 104, 
40, 64, 83, 16 p., I folded sheet, 2 1., 15 pi. 8°. 

The Second Edition revis'd and en- 
larged by the Author. London : B. &' S. Tooke, 
1722. 4 p.l., 284 p., 12 1., 15 pi. 8"". 

2. ed. London: F. Fayram, J. Clarke 

b' T. Bickertoti, 1722. 7 p.l., 284 p., 12 1., 15 
pi. 8°. 

Histoire de la Virginie, contenant I'histoire 

du premier etablissement dans la Virginie, les pro- 
ductions. . . Du pais. . .les coutumes des Indiens. . . 
Par un auteur natif. . .Tr. de I'anglois. . . Orleans, 
Paris : P. Ribou, 1707. 4 p.l., 416 p., 9 1., 15 
pi., I tab. 16°. 

Authorship was here ascribed to " D. S.," which was 
taken to mean D. Stevens. 

Amsterdam: T. Lombrail, 1707. 4 v. 

in I. 12°. 

Amsterdam : J. F. Bernard, 1718. 

4 V. in I. 12°. 

Amsterdam : Claude Jordan, 1718. 

4 V. in I. 


(John). The history of Virginia, 
its first settlement to the present day. Petersburg, 
Virginia : Dickson &' Pescud, printers, 1 804-16. 
4 V. 8°. 

Vol. 4. The history of Virginia; commenced by John Burk 
and continued by Skelton Jones and Louis Hue Girardin. 
M. W. Dunnavant, printer. 

Campbell (Charles). History of the colony 
and ancient dominion of Virginia. Philadelphia : 
J. B. Lippincott ^ Co., 1S60. (4) xiii-xvi, 17-765 
p. 8°. 

Campbell (Charles). Introduction to the his- 
tory of the colony and ancient dominion of Vir- 
ginia. Richmond: B. B. Minor, 1847. 200, viii p. 


Campbell (J. W.) A history of Virginia, from 
its discovery till the year 1781. With biographical 
sketches of all the most distinguished characters 
that occur in the colonial, revolutionary, or subse- 
quent period in our history. Petersburg ( Va.) : 
J. W. Catnpbell, 1873. 310 p. nar. 12°. 

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4. ed. 12 . 

5. ed. 12°. 
English colonies in 



General History, cont'd. 

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tive men of Virginia and the District of Columbia 
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ginia, containing a collection of the most interest- 
ing facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anec- 
dotes, &c., relating to its history and antiquities, 
together with geographical and statistical descrip- 
tions. To which is appended an historical and de- 
scriptive sketch of the District of Columbia. 
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Charleston, 1856. x, 11-544 P-. i rn^p, 

18 pi., 4 port. 8°. 

Historical collections of Virginia. 

Illustrated by Thos. Addis Emmet, M.D, New 
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Volume I consists of pages i to 162 of the 1852 edition, 
2 of pages 163 to 349, 3 of pages 349 to 544, with index of 12 

Inserted are 481 manuscripts, prints, maps, views, etc. 

The important MSS. are listed in the Calendar of the 
Evttiiet Cfltttction, pp. 479-482. 

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ginia, from its discovery and settlement by Euro- 
peans to the present time. . .2 vols. Vol. i. Phila- 
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and commerce of that colony. London: Soc. for 
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I pi. %\ 

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ica. Books IX. and X. Containing the history of 
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xiv, I 1., 17-196. 4°. 

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Co., 1S09. 4 V. 8°. 

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London, 181 7. 4 v. 8°. 

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Philadelphia: Printed by Simon Pro- 

basco for the Proprietor, 1821. 2. Am. ed. fr. 10. 
Lond. ed. 2 v. 8°. 

Philadelphia : R. Desilver, 182 1-2, 

2. Am. ed. from 10. Lond. ed. 2 v. 8°. 

London: T. Cadell, 182 1. 3 v. 8°. 

Posthumous ; edited by his son. In issues above noted 
books 1 X. and X. form the last of the 2, 3, or 4 volumes. 

Smith (John). The General! Historic of Vir- 
ginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: with 
the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Gov- 
ernours from their first beginning An : 15S4, to 
this present 1624. \\'ith the Proceedings of those 
Severall Colonies and the Accidents that befell 
them in all their Journeys and Discoveries. Also 
the iMaps and Descriptions of all those Countryes, 
their Commodities, people. Government, Customes, 
and Religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe Bookes. 
By Captaine lohn Smith sometymes Governour in 
those Countryes &: Admirall of New England. 
London : Printed by L. D. (s' I. H. for Michael 
Sparkes, 1624. engr. t.-p., 1-96, 105-248 p., 4 
pi. i\ 

This copy belonged to Thomas Penn, and has his auto- 
graph on first leaf after title. On fly-leaf is a MS. certificate 
that it is the copy used as evidence in the 1745 suit between 
the Penn and Baltimore heirs, signed by the six judges. 

Another copy. 3 plates. 

Another copy. 3 plates. 

Another copy, without plates. 

Another copy, on large paper. 4 plates. 

The Brinley copy, bound in full morocco, gilt, with the 

royal arms stamped on the front cover and those of the 
Duchess of Richmond and Lenox on the back. 

London : Printed by I. D. &' I. H. 

for Michael Sparkes, 1626. engr. t.-p., I-96, 
105-208 p., 4 pi. f°. 

" To this present " on title has " 1624 " changed to "1626. 
Portrait of Charles has a crown added and title of Princeps 
changed to Rex. 

London : Printed by L D. b' I. H. 

for Michael Sparkes, 1627. engr. t.-p., 1-96, 105- 
248 p., 5 pi. f°. 

Date is changed to 1627 in imprint but not in text of title. 
Duchess of Richmond portrait is lacking in this copy. 

Another copy. 6 pi. f°. 

The Pocahontas and Duchess of Richmond portraits are 

London : Printed by /. D. 6^ /. H. 

for Edward Blackmore, 1632. engr. t.-p., 1-96, 
105-24S p., 2 pi. f°. 

Another copy. 5 plates. 

Portrait of the Duchess original. Pocahontas lacking. 

Another copy. 

Both portraits facsimiles. 

Another copy. 

Both portraits facsimiles. 

Another copy. 

similes of the portraits. 

Both portraits are originals, facing each is inserted a copy 
of each in facsimile. 

From the London Edition of 1627. 

[Richmond: Republished at the Franklin Press, 
William W. Gray, printer, 1819.] 55-247, xi, 
282 p., 3 pi. 8°. 

Reprinted at the cost of Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D. 

The generall History, etc. [A pros- 
pectus.] [London, 1623.] 4 p. f°. 

Photographic facsimile (made 1906) from the original in the 
library of the Society of Antiquaries, London. 

The library contains, in the above-described copies of the 
Generall Ilistorie or in other form, all seven varieties of the 
Map of Virginia and all nine of the Map of New England. 

6 plates. 
6 plates. 
6 plates and 2 fac- 



General History, cont'd. 

Mr. Lenox printed a collation of his various issues and 
editions in Norton's Literary Gazette, n. s., v. i, p. 134a, 

Smith (M. V.) Virginia, 1492-1892. A brief 
review of the discovery of . . . North America, with 
a history of the executives of the colony and of the 
commonwealth of Virginia. Was/iiugton: IV. H. 
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208b, 209-459 p., I map, 2 pi., 2 port. 8°. 

Stith (William). The History of the First Dis 
coveryand Settlement of Virginia: being An Essay 
towards a General History of this Colony. [With* 
An Appendi.x to the First Part of the History of 
Virginia. Containing A collection of such ancient 
Charters or Letters Patent, as relate to that Period 
of Time, and are still extant in our public Ofifices 
in the Capitol, or in other authentic Papers and 
Records.] Williamsburg : Printed by William 
Parks, 1747. viii, I-256, 247-331, v, 34 p. 8°. 

Apparent duplication of pages 247-256 is due to error in 
pagination, not to duplication of text or of those leaves. 

This copy is printed on thick paper, or better paper than 
that of the issues noted below. Inner border of ornament 
around initial E on page i is composed of eight scroll orna- 
ments, that of the issues noted below is composed of straight- 
line stars: the ornament at top of page i differs also from that 
of the following issues. 

Williamsbtirg: Printed by William 

Parks, 1747. viii, 331, v, 34 p. 8°. 

Printed from the same types as the issue first noted, but 
from a different composition. 

Another copy. 

Virginia, Pritited: London, Reprinted 

for S. Birt in Ave-Mary-Lane, 1753. viii, 331, v, 
34 p. 8'. 

Apparently printed from the same types and same compos- 
ing as the second Williamsburg issue noted above. 

■ New York : reprinted for foseph 

Sabin, 1865. viii, viii, 331, v, 34 p. 8°. (Sabin 
reprints, no. 6.) 


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the colony of Virginia. A study of the system of 
indentured labor in the American colonies' Balti- 
more : fohns Hopkins Press, 1S95. 99 p. 8°. 
(Johns Hopkins Univ. study in hist, and pol. sci., 
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collection, largely from original sources. Compiled 
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1903. viii, 442 p., I 1. 8°. 

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colonial days. Richmond, Va.: Andrezus, Baptist 
<5r= Clcmmitt, printers, 1888. 53 p. 8°. 

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ventions, with Constitution adopted by Convention 
of iS67-'6S and Constitution adopted by Conven- 
tion of 1901-1902 appended. Richmond.- J. H. 
Hill Prtg. Co., 1902. 122, X, I 1., 87 pp. 8°. 

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nian. An address delivered before the Geographical 
and Historical Society of Richmond College, Octo- 
ber 13, 1 891. Richmond, Va.: W. E. fones, i%()i. 
22 p. 8°. 

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ginia in the 17. century. An inquiry into the ma- 
terial condition of the people based upon original 
and contemporary records. N'ew York: Macmillan 
6^ Co., 1896. 2 V. 8°. 

Byrd (William). The Westover manuscripts: 
containing the history of the dividing line betwixt 
Virginia and North Carolina; a journey to the land 
of Eden, A. D., 1733; and a progress to the mines. 
Written from 1728 to 1736, and now first published. 
Petersburg: E. &" f. C. Ruffin, printers, 1841. iv, 
143(1) p. 8°. 

The writings of " Colonel William Byrd of 

Westover in Virginia Esqr." Edited by J. S. Bas- 
sett. New York: Doubleday, Page dr" Co., 1901. 
Ixxxviii, 461 p., 3 pi., I port. 4°. 

No. 39 of 500 copies printed. 

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Virginia. Washington, D. C: L. Totvers, pr., 
n. d. 41 p. 8°. 

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6 and 7.) 

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fac-sim. 8°. 

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ten by John Esten Cooke]. Boston : Hotighton, 
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land and Virginia. Compiled, photographed, and 
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ceedings of the conventions and councils in the 
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an historical novel exhibiting a view of the rise and 
progress of the colony at James Town. A^ew York: 
I. Riley ^ Co., 1805. xii, 13-284 p. 2. ed. 12°. 



History — Miscellany, cont'd. 

Dead (The) towns of Virginia. \^/\ichmond,^ 
iSSS. 5 p. 8°. 

Mounted newspaper clippings from the Richmond Critic, 
Feb. 27, 1888. 

De Hass (Wills). History of the early settle- 
ment and Indian wars of Western Virginia; em- 
bracing an account of. ..expeditions into the West, 
previous to 1795- Also, biographical sketches of 
. .. actors in our border wars... IVheeling: H. Hob- 
litzell, 1S51. 416 p., I facsim., 4 pi. 8°. 

Duelling in Virginia [AW /^W(?«</, 1888.] 2 p. I., 

1-3 p. s^ 

Mounted newspaper cuttings from the Richmond Critic, 
Jan. 30, 18S8. 

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state of \'irginia; embracing... topographical and 
historical information. .. with the results of the last 
census, population in most cases to 1S54. Rich- 
mond, 1S55. (4), 53-469 p. illus. 8°. 

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Ha'wks (Francis Lister). A narrative of 
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Protestant Episcopal Church in Virginia, to which 
is added an appendix, containing the journals of 
the conventions in Virginia from the commence- 

ment to the present time. New York: Harper ^f 
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Contributions to the ecclesiastical history of the 
United States of America.) 

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Also in the Virginia Historical Reporter. 

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(In: Maury (W. F.) Manual of geography... 
New York, 1904. f°.) 



History — Mis eel la ny , cont'd. 

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ant Dissenters for religious toleration in Virginia. 
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containing a copious collection of geographical, 
statistical, political, commercial, religious informa- 
tion... by Joseph Martin. To which is added a 
history of Virginia, from its first settlement to the 
year 1754, with an abstract of the principal events 
from that period to the independence of Virginia, 
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port., pi. 8°. 

Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1878. 2 v. 


A brief review of the Episcopal church in 

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time; being part of an address. .. Fredericksburg, 
May 22nd, 1845. Richmond: W. Macfarlane, 
1845. 15 pp. 8°. 

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Miscellaneous papers, 1672-1865, now first 
printed from the manuscripts in the collections of 
the Virginia Historical Society, comprising Charter 
of the Royal African Company, 1672; Report on 
the Huguenot settlement, 1700; Papers of George 
Gilmer of Pen Park, 1775-1778; Orderly book of 
Capt. George Stubblefield, 1776; Career of the 
iron-clad, Virginia, 1862; Memorial of Johnson's 
Island, 1S62-4; Beales' Cav. Brigade Parole, 1865; 
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Reprinted from Episcopal Recorder. 

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Virginia, A. D. 1650-1776. Edited by W. S. 
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History — Miscellany, cont'd. 

St. Memin Collection of Portraits. List of 
Virginians engraved by him. (William and Mary 
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Strike," " Sanger und Schtitzen," " Die Sensation 
desTages, " " Schvvaben in Amerika," "Governor's 
Day," u. s. w.). Musik von [blank]. Jersey City, 
June, 1898. Ms. , German cursive characters. 109 
p., I 1. 4°. Paper. 

Typewritten note pasted inside front cover states : " My 
book ' Pocahontas,' written in June, 1898, has been the out- 
come of a bet with Guenther Kiesewetter, the well-known 
musician and composer. Although he possessed a printed 
copy of a burlesque ' Pocahontas,' produced on the stage 30 
or 40 years ago, he claimed that Pocahontas will never do for 
heroine of a Comic Opera and was only a fit subject for 
Romantic Opera, an opinion shared by the late German 
American poet Paul Immergriin, with whom he had discussed 
that subject. I contended that I could write a libretto for a 
Comic Opera embodying the historical and serious romantic 
features. The result was this manuscript. Since then I 
have occasionally worked on that book, which will be published 
in both English and German in this Jamestown Ter-Centen- 
nial Year, A.D. 1907." 

Pocahontas; or, Virginians in New York. 

A Historical Comedy in Three Acts and Eleven 
Scenes, Arranged as a Libretto for Comic Opera, 
including German Lyrics. Typewritten, in English. 
5 p.L, 46 p. f°. Paper. 

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The adventures and discourses of Captain 

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John Smith in divers parts of the world, begun 
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Title-page has verso blank, ornament at head of A3 is same 
as in following two copies. 

The colonial church of 
.at the centennial council 

Another copy, i plate. 

Smith arms on verso of title. 

Another copy, plate lacking. 

Smith arms engraved on verso of title-page. 

Another copy, lacking A3, Br, and 

Smith arms on verso of title. 

Another copy. 

Smith arms on verso of title, ornament at top of A3 differs 
from that used in first three copies above noted. 

From the London edition of 1629. 

Richmond: Republished at the Franklin Press, 

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(^London, 1744. 3. ed. v 2, p. 

307-346- 4°.) 

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(In: Seer gedenckwaerdige voijagien. ..^wj-Z^r- 
dam, 1678. 4°. pp. 90-104.) 

Avontuuirlijke Reys - Togten ... in ver- 

scheyde Gedaan des Werelds. . .in het Jaar 1593 en 
vervolgens. . . Door de. . . Resiger selfs in het Engels 
beschreeven. . . Leyden: P. vander Aa, 1706. 2 1., 
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De gedenkwaardige Reizen vanden beroem- 

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1707. 224 (22) pp., I map, 7 pi. 8°. (Vander 
Aa's Zee en Land-Reysen. v. 23. 1707.) 

— — Scheeps-togt . . . na Virginia, in het Jaar 1606 
en vervolgens, verhalende de Voortgangen en Volk- 
plantingen der Engelsse aldaar. . .Als mede een. . . 
Aanwi jsing van het Landschap Virginia . . . Door den 
Reysiger selfs ontdekt, beschreeven, en nu...uyt 
het Engelse vertaalt . . . Leyden: P. vander Aa 
[1707]. I 1., 119 [/. e. 120] col., 3 1., I map, 7 pi, 
F°. (Vander Aa's Voyagien der Engelse... na 
Ost en West-Indien. Leyden [^i"] 2"]^. v. i. F°.) 

The title differs from that in the octavo edition, but the 
text, map, and plates are the same. 

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p. 192.) 

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the most eminent men, who have contributed to the 
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Congratulatory (A) Poem upon the Noble 
Feast Made by the Ancient & Renouned Families 
of the Smiths. ^London, 1640?] Broadside. 

Photographic facsimile (made iqo6) from the original in the 
British Museum. 



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Favors the Pocahontas story. 

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Contents : 

i. The first assembly of Virginia, held July 30, 1619. 
ii. List of livinge and tlie dead in Virginia, Feb. i6, 1623. 
iii. A briefe declaration of the plantation of Virginia during 
the first twelve years when Sir Thomas Smith was 
governor of the company, 
iv. A list of the number of men, women and children, in- 
habitants in the several counties within the Collony of 
Virginia in 1634. 
V. A letter from Charles II, acknowledging the receipt of 

a present of Virginia silk, 1668. 
vi. A list of the parishes in Virginia, 1680. 
vii. Addenda. 

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Maps in pocket. 

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[v. I.] A Shakespeare phonology with a rime index to the 

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[v. 2.] A Shakespeare reader in the old spelling, and with 

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Schiff Collection. 


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Russia. — Statutes. Code penal russe ratifie 
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Adams, Charles F. 
Amer. Bar Assoc. . 
Amer. Bureau of Shipping 
Amer. Institute of Electrica 


Arctowski, Henryk 
Atlas Portland Cement Co 
Balch, Edwin S. . . . 
Bender Hygienic Laboratory 
Bibliotheque Nationale 
Bodleian Library . 
Britton, James C. . . . 
Burgess, Prof. John W, . 
Carnegie Foundation for Ad 

vancement of Teaching 
Christopher, Philip C. 
Clitheroe, Eng. , Town Clerk 
Coal Trade Journal 
Conn., Railroad Commis. 

Dana, R. H 

Darlington, Eng., Borough 

Accountant .... 
Davison Publishing Co. . 
Emmanuel Parish, Boston 
Evans, J. W. (77 prints). 
France, Prefet de la Seine 
Gt. Britain, Patent Office 
Harris, Mrs. T. L. 
Harper & Bros. 
Harvard Club of New York 
Hawaiian News Co., Ltd. 
Hosp. Book and Newspape 


Hudson, N. Y., City Clerk 
India, Burma .... 
Ipsen, L. S. (13 bookplates) 
Isle of Wight County Counci 

Jacobi, Dr. A 

Jones, Jr., Thomas S. 

Kennard, J. S 

Konigl. Georg-August-Univ 

zu Gottingen 
Krukaff, Nicholas . 
Leete, Joseph .... 
Mauritius, Col. Secretary 
Millar, Addison T. (r print) 
Minneapolis Public Library 
Minnesota, Auditor of State 
Mons, Belgium, Le Bourg 





























Morgan, J. Pierpont 

Nagle, Dr. John T. . . . 

Natal, Col. Secretary 

Nat. Congress on Uniform 


Nat. Shorthand Reporters' 


Nat. Slavonic Society of the 
United States .... 
Netherlands, Min. of Finance 
Netherlands, Min, van Oorlog 2 
New Jersey, State Board of 

Education i 

New York City, Board of Edu- 
cation 2 

New York City, Dept. of 

Health 3 

New York Times .... i 
Newburgh, Board of Educa- 

Noblit, John H 

Norton, Eliot 

Nijrnberg, Der Magistrat 

Paul, Viteau 

Paupa Rao Naidu, M. 
Pennsylvania League . 
Pennsylvania State Library . 15 
Philadelphia Hospital 
Philadelphia, The Mayor . 3 
Pitman, Isaac & Sons . . 3 

Piatt, Hon. T. C 2 

Princeton University . 
Royal Blind Asylum ... 2 
Salop, Eng., County Council 16 
Saltonstall, Mrs. E. ... 21 
Sargent, George H. . . . i 

Schlesinger, Alex 9 

Scientific American 

Six van Hillegom, Dr. J. 

Sovereign Grand Lodge, 

10.0. F 4 

Stratford upon Avon, Town 

Clerk I 

Sweden, Riksgaldskontoret . 232 

Taylor, W. B. A 

Thompson, Mrs. Frederic F. 315 
Torquay, Eng., Town Clerk i 
U. S. Supt. of Documents . 137 
Varnum, James M. ... 











Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York City. 

Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Business 

Superintendent, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York. 
Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, 1897, under Act of July 16, 1894. 



or THE 



MARCH 1907 
Volume XI • ]S^ umber 3 

Report for February 95-98 

List of Works relating to Virginia. Part II. . . . 99-125 

Principal Accessions in February 126-135 

Principal Donors in February 136 



William W. Appleton. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. J. Pierpont Morgan. 

John L. Cadwalader. Morgan J. O'Brien. 

Andrew Carnegie. Stephen H. Olin. 

Cleveland II. Dodge. Alexander E. Orr. 

John Murphy P^akley. Henry C. Potter. 

Samuel Greenbaum. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Charles Rowland Russell. 

John S. Kennedy. Edward \V. Sheldon. 

Edward King. George W. Smith. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. Frederick Sturges. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street. 


Lafayette Street, 425. (AsTOR.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 33. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Rivington Street, 61. 

Le Roy Street, 66. (Hudson Park.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (Muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bkuce.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Ca'J'HEDRAL.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Le.xington Avenue. 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

Sist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (St. Agnes. Blind Library.) 

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues. 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

135th .Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 

145th Street, 503 West. (Hamilton Grange.) 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 
X76th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (Tremont.) 
230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. XI. 

March, 1907. 

No. 3. 


Reference Department. 

During the month of February there were received at the Library by purchase, 
776 volumes and 698 pamphlets; by gift, 4,149 volumes and 3,232 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 3 volumes and i pamphlet, making a total of 4,928 volumes and 
3,931 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 2,758 volumes and 1,158 pamphlets; the number of cards 
written was 6,668, and of slips for the copying machine 1,803 ; from the latter were 
received 13,734 cards. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox during the month: 







No. of readers and visitors 










No. of readers 


No. of readers, desk applicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk ap- 



Daily average of readers 

No. of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc. 


Circulation Department. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-tiction) : Ibsen's Plays, 
Longfellow's Poems, Monroe's "History of Education"; (adult fiction): Cham- 
bers's "Fighting Chance," McCutcheon's "Jane Cable," Harrison's "The Far 
Horizon"; (juvenile fiction): Kipling's "Puck of Pook's Hill," Dunn's "From 
Atlanta to the Sea," Eggleston's " Hoosier School Boy." 





East Broadway, 33 

East Broadway, 197 

Rivington Street, 61 

Le Roy Street, 66 

Bond Street, 49 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue 

loth Street, 331 East 

13th Street, 251 West 

22d Street, 230 East 

23d Street, 209 West 

34th Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

42d Street, 226 West 

50th Street, 123 East 

51st Street, 463 West 

59th Street, 113 East 

67th Street, 32S East 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue 

Travelling Libraries 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A 

79th Street, 222 East 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. 

Blind Library 

96th Street, 112 East 

looth Street, 206 West 

iioth Street, 174 East 

123d Street, 32 West 

125th Street, 224 East 

135th Street, 103 West 

145th Street, 503 West 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. 

140th Street and Alexander Avenue. . . 

176th .Street and Washington Avenue. 

Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933 


Port Richmond 








































































1 , 1 60 






Among the gifts received during the month may be mentioned that of 
Worthington C. Ford, in continuation of the gift of the Gordon L. Ford collec- 
tion from himself and his brother, a collection relating to bibliography, history, 
economics, etc., and comprising 2,900 volumes, 1,400 pamphlets, 6 maps, 14 broad- 
sides, 7 photographs, 95 prints, and i oil painting. 

Other gifts were from: Academia Romana in Bucuresci, 9 volumes and 3 pam- 
phlets, publications of the Academy; from John Bigelow, "The Proprium, or 
what of man is not his own, as revealed in the Bible and expounded by Emanuel 
Swedenborg, with an introduction by John Bigelow," New York, 1907, and seven 
copies of the Russian translation of his "Mystery of Sleep"; from Samuel Lane 
Boardman, " The Revolutionary journal of Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin 1775-1 778," 
edited with a memoir and notes by Thomas Williams Baldwin, Bangor, printed 
for the De Burians, 1906 (no. 94 of 200 copies), and "Agricultural bibliography 
of Maine," by Samuel L. Boardman, Augusta, 1893; from J. McKeen Cattell, 
4 pamphlets, including "A statistical study of American men of science," by him- 
self; from the Ceska x'\kademie Cisare Frantiska Josefa, its elaborate " Biblio- 
grafie Ceske Historie " by Cenek Zibet, 3 volumes, Praze, 1900-1906; from James 
M. Coleman, a copy of his "Social Ethics," New York, 1903; from the Store 
Kongelige Bibliothek, Copenhagen, volume 2 of its catalogue of manuscripts, 
1906; from Mrs. Henry Draper, 5 volumes, i pamphlet, and 230 prints — the 
volumes including "The first and last journeys of Thoreau, lately discovered 
among his unpublished journals and manuscripts edited by Franklin B. Sanborn," 
published at Boston, in 2 volumes, by the Bibliophile Society 1905, and one of the 
prints being an etching of The Colonnade, Lafayette Place, by C. F.W, Mielatz, 
1907; from the Evening Post, a miscellaneous collection of documents, reports, 
etc., numbering 207 volumes, 13 pamphlets, and a bundle of maps; from M. N. 
Forney, a collection, 4 volumes, 100 pamphlets, manuscripts, and newspaper clip- 
pings, all relating to "Proportional representation"; from Paul Halpin, 13 vol- 
umes of the New York Herald, covering the period 1861 to 1866; from the class 
of 1881, Harvard College, its "25th Anniversary report"; from Clement S. 
Houghton, " Clement Topliff and his descendants in Boston," by Ethel S. Bolton, 
Boston, privately printed, 1906; from Edmund S. Hunt, a copy of his privately- 
printed "Reminiscences (Weymouth ways and Weymouth people)," Boston, 1907; 
from R. H. Lawrence, a gelatine print made by E. Bierstadt in 1906 from a photo- 
graph of a statuette of Benjamin Franklin in the collection of Godefroy Mayer, 
41 rue Blanche, Paris; from the Publishers' Weekly, a miscellaneous collection of 
153 volumes and 76 pamphlets, all recent publications; from Mrs. Anna Parker 
Pruyn, Charles S. Hamlin's edition of "The act to regulate commerce (as 
amended) and acts supplementary thereto indexed, digested, and annotated," 
Boston, 1907; from Archbishop Tikhon, a copy of Miss Isabel F. Hapgood's 
translation of the "Service book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic 
(Greco-Russian) Church," Boston, 1906; from the Ulster Society for Promoting 
the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind, 20 of their reports, and 
from H. W. B. Whayman, one copy of " Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Gene- 
alogies," vol. I, Pittsburgh, 1906. Gifts for the German-American collection 
were received from Edward E. Neugebauer, C. O. Schoenrich, and Alcaeus 


The selection of photographs from the A. A. Hopkins collection was with- 
drawn from exhibition at the Lenox branch on February 26; the Leroy Milton 
Yale etchings at that branch and the plates at Astor from Martin's "Oriental 
Carpets" and from Hopkinson Smith's "Venice" remained unchanged. 

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
circulation branches were as follows: Chatham Square, St. Valentine's Day; 
East Broadway, Birthdays of celebrated men and women, Opera scores, Victor 
Hugo; RiviNGTON Street, Jeanne d'Arc; Hudson Park, Wild animals; Bond 
Street, Switzerland, India, Alsace, Life-saving service ; Ottendorfer, Fairy 
tales, Deutsche Historische Romane; Epiphany, English authors; Muhlenberg, 
Peru, South America, Napoleon, Pictures of famous works of art; 67TH Street, 
Reading list for older boys and girls; Riverside, Indians, Music, English litera- 
ture, French literature; 96TH Street, King Arthur, Jamestown settlement; 
Aguilar, European travel. Sociology, Useful arts; Harlem Library, In Dickens' 
land; 125TH Street, Photography; Hamilton Grange, Success, The sandman, 
The bumble bee; Mott Haven, Indian stories; Tremont, Cathedral churches of 
England; Port Richmond, Ships and shipping; Tottenville, Our presidents. 

In addition there were bulletins on George Washington at twenty-six branches, 
on Abraham Lincoln at twenty-four branches, on Henry W. Longfellow at twenty 
branches, on new books at five branches, lists in connection with public lectures 
at two branches, and on the Metropolitan Museum of Art at two branches. 

At the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held February 13, Edward F. 
Sheldon, Esq., was chosen to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Philip 



Part II. 

History by Periods. 

This list does not include records of the Spanish explora- 
tion of the Virginia coast, Ayllon's attempt at settlement, 
etc. The Library has sources for this part of Virginia history 
in the works of Navarrete, Herrera, Goraara, the Gentleman 
of Elvas, the Documentos Ineditos^ etc., etc. 

For the early English explorations and settlements in New 
England or "the North Plantation of Virginia," the Library 
has reports in the original editions by nearly all the early 
navigators, such as Brereton, Rosier, Gosnold, etc. 

Hakluyt (Richard). The Voyages and Navi- 
gations of the English nation to Virginia, and the 
severall discoveries thereof chiefly at the charges 
of . . Sir Walter Ralegh. . .together with the suc- 
cesseof the English colonies there planted; as like- 
wise a description of the Countrey, with the Inhabi- 
tants, and the manifold commodities. .. (In his: 
Principal Navigations. London, 1600. v. 3, pp. 

Robinson (Conway). An account of discover- 
ies in tlie west until 1519, and of voyages to and 
along the Atlantic coast of North America, from 
1520 to 1573. Prepared for " The Virginia His- 
torical and Philosophical Society," by C. Robinson. 
.. .Richmond: Shepherd cr* Colin, 1848, xv (i), 
491 p. 8°. 

The Ralegh Colony. 

Letters Patent (The) granted by the Queenes 
Majestic to M. Walter Ralegh, now knight, for 
the discovering and planting of new lands and 
countries, to continue the space of 6. yeeres and no 
more. [25 March, 1584.] (Hakluyt's Principal 
Navigations. London, 1589. p. 725-728.) 

{idem. London, 1600. v. 3, p. 243- 


(Hazard's Collection of State Papers. 

V. I, p. 33-38. Philadelphia, 1792.) 

(Hawks' History of North Carolina. 

Fayetteville, 1857. v. i, p. 11-17.) 

Barlowe (Arthur). The first voyage made to 
the coasts of America, with two barks, where in 
were Captaines Philip Amadas, and M. Arthur Bar- 
lowe, who discovered part of the countrey now 
called Virginia, Anno 1584. Written by one of the 
said Captaines, and sent to Sir Walter Ralegh 
knight, at whose charge and direction, the said 
voyage was set forth. (Hakluyt's Principal Navi- 
gations. Lottdon, 1600. V. 3, p. 246-251.) 

(Pinkerton's General Collection of 

Voyages and Travels. London, 1S12. v. 12, 
p. 564-628.) 

(Hawks' History of North Carolina. 

Fayetteville, 1857. vol. i, p. 69-88.) 

Lane (Ralph). [Letters to Sir Francis Walsing- 
ham, 12 Aug. (two), and 8 Sept. 15S5, and to Sir 
Philip Sidney, 12 Aug. 1585.] (Archa^ologia 
Americana. Worcester, i860, v. 4, p. 8-18.) 

An extract of Master Ralph Lanes 

letter to M. Richard Hakluyt Esquire, and another 
Gentleman of the middle Temple, from Virginia 
[dated " From the new Fort in Virginia this third 
of September, 1585]. (Hakluyt's Principal Navi- 
gations, v. 3, p. 254-255.) 

(Hawks' North Carolina, v. i, p. 105-6.) 

Grenville {Sir Richard). The voyage made 
by Sir Richard Grenville, for Sir Walter Ralegh, to 
Virginia, in the yeere 1585. (Hakluyt's Principal 
Navigations. London, 1600. v. 3, p. 251-254.) 

(Hawks' History of North Carolina. 

V. I, p. 89-102.) 

Names (The) of those as well Gentlemen as 
others, that remained one whole yeere in Virginia, 
under the Government of Master Ralph Lane. 
[1585-6.] (Hakluyt's Principal Navigations, v. 3. 
P- 254.) 

Lane (Ralph). An account of the particulari- 
ties of the imployments of the English men left in 
Virginia by Sir Richard Greenevill under the charge 
of Master Ralph Lane Generall of the same, from 
the 17. of August 1585. until the 18. of June 1586. 
at which time they departed the countrey; sent and 
directed to Sir Walter Ralegh. (Hakluyt's Princi- 
pal Navigations, v. 3, p. 255-264.) 

(Hawks' History of North Carolina. 

V. I, p. 103-141.) 

Raleigh's first Roanoke Colony. (Old 

South Leaflets, V. 5, no. 119. Boston, iqo2. 12°. ) 

Hariot (Thomas). A briefe and true report of 
new found land of Virginia: of the commodities 
there found and to be raysed, as well merchantable, 
as others for victuall, building and other necessarie 
vses for those that are and shalbe planters there, 
and of the nature and manners of the naturall in- 
habitants: Discouered by the English colony there 




History, 15S8-1590. 
seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight in the yeere 
15S5, which remained vnder the gouernment of 
Rafe Lane Esquier, one of her Maiesties Esquieres, 
during the space of twelue monethes: at the spe- 
cial! charge and direction of the Honourable Sir 
Walter Raleigh Knight, Lord Warden of the stan- 
ncries; who therein hath been fauoured and au- 
thorised by her Maiestie and her letters patent: 
Directed to the Adventurers, Fauourers and Wel- 
willersof the action, for the inhabiting and planting 
there: By Thomas Ilariot; seruant to the aboue- 
named Sir Walter, a member of the Colony, and 
there imployed in discouering. Imprinted at Lon- 
don, 1588. 24 11. 4". 

(Hakluyt's Principal Navigations. 

London, 1589. p. 748-764.) 

(idem. London, 1600. v. 3, p. 266- 


A briefe and true report of the new found- 
land of Virginia. Francoforti ad Mcenuin: Joatines 
IVechel, 1590. engr. t.-p., p. 3-33; t.-p., i 1., 
I pi., I 1., I map, pi. 2-23; t.-p., 5 pi. with text, 
3 1. V . (De Br}''s America, pt. i.) 

(Hawks' North Carolina. Fayetteville, 

1857. V. I, p. 147-190.) 

\New York : reprinted for J. Sabin 

.y Sons, 1871.] f°. 

A briefe and true report. A repro- 
duction of the edition printed at Frankfort, in 1590, 
at the expense of Theodore de Bry. Edited by 
\V. H. Rylands. Manchester: Holbein Society, 
1888. 4 p.L, 33 p., III., 29 pi. f°. (Holbein 
Society facsimile reprints, v. 16.) 

Narrative of the first English planta- 
tion of Virginia. First printed at London in 1588, 
now reproduced after De Bry's illustrated edition 
printed at Frankfort in 1590, the illustrations hav- 
ing been designed in Virginia in 1585 by John 
White. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1893. vi, 

7-52 p., 39 1. 

ii pi. 8° 


WMth an introduction [signed 

" Outis," i. e., Henry Stevens]. London: privately 

printed, 1900. xvii, (i), 84 p. 16°. 

Thomas Harlot's "Briefe and True 

Report of the New Found Land of Virginia." By 
Luther S. Livingston. (Reprinted in facsimile in 
The Bibliographer. New York, 1902. v. i, 
p. 35-46, 89-104, 123-144.) 

Also issued separately. 

Admirando narratio fida tamen, de commodis 

et incolarum ritibus Virginice, nuper admodum ab 
Angliis qui a Dn. R. Greinvile Equestris viro eo in 
coloniam anno M.D.LXXXV deducti sunt inventce 
...Francoforti ad Ma:num : J. IVechel, 1590. 
engr. t.-p., p. 3-34; t.-p., i 1., i pi., i map, pi. 
2-23, I blank 1., t.-p., 5 pi., with text 4 1. f°. 
(De Bry's America, pt. i.) 

II other copies or issues. 

Merveilleux et estrange rapport, toutesfoi 

fidele, des commoditez qui se trouvent en Virginia 
. . .FraiicofortiadMccnum: Joannes Wechel, 1590. 
engr. t.-p., p. 3-33; t.-p., 2 1., i map, pi. 2-23; 
t.-p., 5 pi., with text, 3 1. f°. (De Bry's America, 
pt. I.) 

2 other issues. 

W'underbarliche doch warhafftige Erkla- 

rung von der Gelegenheit und Sitten der \Vilder in 
Virginia, welche newlich von den Engellandern so 
in Jahr 1585 ist erfunden worden. . .Franckfort am 
Mayn: J. l'Vechel,iSgo. engr. t.-p., i map, p. 3- 
33; t.-p., I 1., I pi., I 1., pi. 2-23; t.-p., 5 pi. with 
text 3 1., I blank 1. f°. (De Bry's America, pt. i.) 

7 other issues, in 3 editions. 

(p. 1 71-23 1 of M. Dresser's Historien 

und Bericht. Leipzig, 1598. 4°.) 

Graphic sketches from old and authentic 
works, illustrating the costume, habits, and charac- 
ter, of the aborigines of America; together with 
rare and curious fragments relating to the discovery 
and settlement of the country. Neiu York: J. &' 
H. G. Langley, 1841. 15 p.L, 23 1., 23 pi., I map. 

Reproduction of the drawings by John With (or Wyth or 
White) first engraved in DeBry's Hariot. 

Stevens (Henry). Thomas Hariot; the mathe- 
matician, the philosopher, and the scholar. . .includ- 
ing biographical and bibliographical disquisitions 
upon, .the history of " Ould Virginia." [Edited 
by H. N. Stevens.] London: Privately printed, 
igoo. 9 p.l., 7-214 p. 16°. 
No. 80 of 162 copies. 

Drake {Sir Francis). A summarie and true 
discourse of Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voy- 
age [1585-86]. Wherein were taken, the towns 
of Saint lago, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, and 
Saint Augustine. London: Roger Ward, 1589. 
3 p.l., 37 p. 4°. 

London: Richard Field, 1589. 2 1., 

52 p., I map. 4°. 

London: N. Bourne, 1652. 41 p. 4°. 

Relation oder Beschreibung der Rheiss und 

Schiffahrt auss Engellandt, in die (gegen dem un- 
dergang der Sonne gelegnen) Indien gethan, Durch 
einen Englischen Ritter, Franciscum Drack genant 
. . .Gedruckt im Jahr nach Christi Geburt, 1589. 
Title, 23 p., 4 maps. f°. 

Memoirs du voiage en Russie fait en 1586. 

Par Jehan Sauvage. Suivi de I'expedition de Fr. 
Drake en Amerique a la meme epoque . . . Paris: A, 
Aubry, 1S55, x, 30 p. 12°. 

On this voyage Drake brought back to England Lane, 
White, Hariot and the rest of Ralegh's first colony. 

Third (The) voyage made by a ship sent in the 
yeere 1586, to the reliefe of the Colony planted in 
Virginia, at the sole charges of Sir Walter Ralegh. 
(Hakluyt's Principal Navigations, v. 3, p. 265.) 

(Hawks' North Carolina, v. i, p. 


Fourth (The) voyage made to Virginia with 
three ships, in the yere 1587. Wherein was trans- 
ported the second colonic. (Hakluyt's Principal 
Navigations, v. 3, p. 280-287.) 

Page 2S7 gives "The names of all the men, women and 
children, which safely arrived in Virginia, and remained to in- 
habite there." 

(Hawks' North Carolina, v. i, p. 


Fift (The) voyage of M. John W'hite into the 
West Indies and parts of America called Virginia, 
in the yeere 1590. (Hakluyt's Principal Naviga- 
tions. V. 3, p. 287-295.) 



History, 1 590-1607. 

(Hawks' North Carolina, v. i, p. 


Strachey (William). The second book of the 
first decade of the Historic of traivaile into Vir- 
ginia Britannia, entreating. . .of the first colonie. . 
upon the island of Roanoak. . .as also of the north- 
ern colonie, seated upon the river of Sachadehoc. . . 
(Massachusetts Hist. Soc. Collections. Ser. 4, 
V. I, p. 221-246. Boston, 1S52. 8°.) 

See also under 1610, below. 

Original documents from the State-Paper 
Office, London, and the British Museum; illustrat- 
ing the history of Sir Walter Raleigh's first Ameri- 
can colony and the colony at Jamestown. With an 
Appendi.\ containing a memoir of Sir Ralph Lane, 
the Governor of the colony of Roanoke. Edited by 
E. E. Hale. (In: American Antiquarian Society, 
Archi^ologia Americana. Worcester, i860, v. 4, 
p. 1-65, 317-344.) 

Bruce (Edward C.) Loungings in the foot- 
prints of the Pioneers. Raleigh and his city. 
(Harper's Monthly. May, i860, v. 20, p. 721-736.) 

McMillan (H.) Sir Walter Raleigh's lost 
colony. An historical sketch of the attempts of 
Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony in Virginia, 
with the traditions of an Indian tribe in North 
Carolina [j/c]. Indicating the fate of the colony 
of Englishmen left on Roanoke Island in 1587. 
Wilson, N. C: Advance Presses, 1888. i p.l., 
27 p. 12°. 

North Carolina. — Public Instruction, Siipt. 
of. Program of exercises for North Carolina day. 
Raleigh, N. C, igoi. 39 p. 8°, 

Relates to the Ralegh colony. 

Peele (W. J.) The first English settlement in 
America — a study in location. Raleigh, N. C, 
1904. 23 p., I pi. 12°. (North Carolina Booklet, 
vol. 4, no. 7.) 

Sir Walter Ralegh and his colony in America. . . 
With historical illustrations, and a memoir by the 
Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, D.D. Boston: Prince 
Society, 1884. 4 p.l., 329 p., 2 port. sq. 8". (Prince 
Society Publications, vol. 15.) 

Williams (Talcott). The surroundings and 
site of Raleigh's colony [Roanoke island]. (Amer. 
hist, assoc. Ann. rpt. for 1895, p. 47-61. Wash- 
ington, 1896.) 


Canner (Thomas). A Relation of the Voyage 
made to Virginia, in the Elizabeth of London, a 
Barke of fiftie tunnes by Captaine Bartholomew 
Gilbert, in the yeere 1603. (Purchas his Pilgrimes. 
London, 1625. IV, viii, 1656-1658.) 


Bro\<rn (Alexander). The genesis of the United 
States. A narrative of the movement in England, 
1605-1616, which resulted in the plantation of 
North America by Englishmen, disclosing the con- 
test between England and Spain for the possession 
of the soil now occupied by the United States of 

America; set forth through A Series of Historical 
Manuscripts now first printed; together with a re- 
issue of rare contemporaneous tracts, accompanied 
by bibliographical memoranda, notes, and Brief 
Biographies. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Ss' Co., 
1890. xxxviii, 524 p., 3 maps, 4 pi., 52 ports.; 
I 1., 525-1157 p., 4 maps, I pi., 51 ports. 2 v. 8°, 

The first republic in America; an account 

of the origin of this nation, written from the rec- 
ords then (1624) concealed by the council, rather 
than from the histories then licensed by the crown. 
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin (Sr" Co., 1898. xxiv, 
I 1., 688 p., I port. 8°. 

New views of early Virginia history, 1606- 

1619. Liberty, Fa.: The Bedford Index Print, 
1886. (6) 18 p. sq. 8°. 

English politics in early Virginia. Boston: 

Houghton, Mifflin ^ Ct?. ,1901. vi, 278 p. 8'^. 

Marston (John). Eastward Hoe. As it was 
played in the Blackfriers, by the Children of her 
Maiesties Revels. Made by Geo. Chapman, Ben. 
Jonson, Joh. Marston. At London: Printed for 
William Aspley, 1605. (Re-printed in Marston's 
Works, ed. by J. O. Halliwell. London, 1856. v. 3, 
p. 1-102. 12°. ) 


Alderman (Edwin A.) The cradle of the Re- 
public. The project for a great exposition and 
naval pageant near the site of Jamestown, in Vir- 
ginia . . (Munsey's Magazine, v. 34, p. 97-105. 
illus. New York, 1905.) 

Celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth 
anniversary of the English settlement at James- 
town, May 13, 1857. Washington : J. T. dr' L. 
Tozvers, 1857. 32 p. 8°. 

Hall (Edward Hagaman). Jamestown: a sketch 
of the history and present condition of the site of 
the first permanent English settlement in America, 
1 607-1 907. New York: Amer. Scenic and Historic 
Preservation Soc, 1902. 30 p., 2 pi. 12°. 

JamestoTrn Jubilee Committee. Report of the 
proceedings of the late jubilee at Jamestown, in 
commemoration of May 13, the second centesimal 
anniversary of the settlement of Virginia, with the 
proceedings at Williamsburg on the 15. . .reported 
by the select committee. Petersburg : W. F. 
APLaughlin, 1807. 48 p. 8°. 

Pilgrimage (The) to Jamestown, Va., of the 
bishops and deputies of the general convention of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United 
States of America. . .October 15, 1898. New York: 
The DeVinne Press, i8g8. 32 p., i pi. 8°. 

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. — 
Jamestozvn Ter-Centennial Commission. Report... 
made to the General Assembly at its January ses- 
sion, 1906. Providence, R. I.: E. L. Freeman dr^ 
Sons, T906. 18 p. 8°. 

Summers (George W.) First celebration [by 
the Old Dominion Society of the City of New York] 
of the anniversary of the settlement at Jamestown, 
Va., on the 13th of May, 1607. New York: Pud- 
ney df Russell, 1S60. 109 p. 8°. 

Another copy, extra-illustrated. 



History, 1607-1609. 

Three hundredth anniversar)' of the departure 
of the colony from England which landed at James- 
town, Virginia, May 14th, 1607. . .To be observed 
at Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburgh, Virginia, 
December 20th, igo6. .. [Historical note. Outline 
of service. Williamsburg, Va.,\ 1906. 8 p. , i 1. 

Tyler (Lyon Gardiner). Address on the occasion 
of the celebration by William and Mary College 
and the A. P. V. A. of the first settlement of James- 
town, May 13, 1895. S^Richinond, 1895.] I p.l., 
2-6 p., I map. 8°. 

The cradle of the Republic: Jamestown and 

James River. Richmond, Fa. : Whittet &• Shepper- 
son, 1900. 187 p., 2 maps. 8°. 

United States. — President. A proclamation. 
Jamestown celebration [of the settlement at James- 
town on 13 May, 1607]. [March 29,1905.] [IVask- 
itigton, 1905. J I 1. F°. 

Yonge (Samuel H.) The site of old " James 
Towne," 1607-169S. A brief historical and topo- 
graphical sketch of the first American metropolis, 
illustrated with original maps, drawings and photo- 
graphs. Richmond, Va.: Assoc, for Preservation 
of Va. Antiquities, 1904. i p.l., 86 p., i map, 
3 plans, 7 pi. 8°. 

The site of old "James Towne," 1607-1698, 

(Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 
Vol. II, p. 257-276, 394-414; Vol. 12, p. 33-54- 
113-133. 1904.) 


Virginia. — Charter. The first charter of Vir- 
ginia, 1606. (In: Poore (B. P.) Constitutions. 
Washington, 1878. F°. p. 1888-1893.) 

Same. (In: Stith's Virginia, v. i, Appen- 
dix, p. 1-7; also in Hening, v. i.) 

Same. (In : Purchas his Pilgrimes. Londoti, 

1625. IV, ix, 1683-1684.) 

Percy (George). Observations gathered out of 
a Discourse of the Plantations of the Southerne 
Colonic in Virginia by the English, 1606, written 
by that Honorable Gentleman Master George Percy. 
(Purchas his Pilgrimes. Lotidon, 1625. iv, ix, 

Stoneman (John). The Voyage of M. Henry 
Challons intended for the North Plantation of Vir- 
ginia, 1606, taken by the way, and ill used by the 
Spaniards. (Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. 
IV, X, 1832-1S37.) 


Archer (Gabriel). A Relation of the discovery 
of our river, from James forte into the Maine; made 
by Capt. Christopher Newport, and sincerely writ- 
ten and observed by a gentleman of the colony. 
[May, 1607.] (Archa'ologia Americana. Worcester, 
i860. V. 4, p. 34-65.) 

Original MS. in the State Paper Office. Here printed from 
a transcript made for George Bancroft. 

Wingfield (Edward Maria). "A discourse of 
Virginia." [22 June, 1607-21 May, 1608.] By 
Edward Maria Wingfield, the first President of the 
colony. Now first printed from the Original Manu- 

script in the Lambeth Library. Edited, with Notes 
and an Introduction, by Charles Deane. (Archseo- 
logia Americana. Worcester, i860, v. 4, p. 67- 

Boston: [y. Wilson dr' Son, printer, '\ 

1859. I p.l., 44 p. 8°. 


List of ships arriving at Jamestown, 1607-1624. 
(New Eng. Hist, and Geneal. Reg. v. 30, p. 415- 
418. Boston, 1876.) 


Smith (John). A trve relation of such occurrences 
and accidents of noate as hath hapned in Virginia 
since the first planting of that Collony which is now 
resident in the South part thereof, till the last re- 
turne from thence. Written by a Gentleman of the 
said Collony, to a worshipfull friend of his in Eng- 
land. London : Printed for John Tappe, 1608. 
I blank leaf, 21 1. 4°. Black letter. 

Another copy. 19 1. 

Line 10 of title reads : " Written by Captain Smith one of 
the said Collony, to a." This copy lacks the preliminary 
blank leaf and the two leaves : " To the Courteous Reader." 

Another copy. 21 1. 

Line 10 of title reads : '" Written by Captain Smith Coronell 
of the said Collony, to a." This copy has the preface; and — 
in addition — 5 plates from Hulsius are inserted. 

A true relation of Virginia; with an 

introduction and notes by Charles Deane. Boston: 
Wiggin <Sr^ Lufit, 1S66. [4,] ix-xlvii, (5), iii-v, 
(i), 88 p., I map. 4°. 

Another copy. Large paper, f °. 

New York: A. Lovell &' Co., 1896. 

I P-1-- 33 P- 12°. (American History Leaflets, 
no. 27.) 

The description of Virginia by Captaine 

John Smith, inlarged out of his written Notes. 
(Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. iv, ix, 1691— 


Archer (Gabriel). A Letter of M. Gabriel 

Archar, touching the Voyage of the Fleet of Ships, 
which arrived at Virginia, w-ithout Sir Tho. Gates 
and Sir George Summers, 1609. (Purchas his Pil- 
grimes. London, 1625. IV, ix, 1 733-1 734-) 

Virginia. — Charter. The second charter of 
Virginia, 1609. (In: Poore (B. P.) Constitutions. 
Washingtoti, 1878. f°. pp. 1893-1902.) 

Same. (In: Stith's Virginia, v. i., pp. 

7-23 ; also in Hening, v. i, p. 80.) 

Good (A) speed to Virginia. [Epistle dedica- 
torie signed R. G.] L^ondon: Printed by F. 
Kyngston for W. Welbie, 1609. 22 1. 4°. 

" To the Reader." signed " W. R." 

Nova Britannia. Offring Most Excellent 
fruites by l^lanting in Virginia. Exciting all such 
as be well affected to further the same. [By Robert 
Johnson.] London: Printed for Samuel lilacharn, 
and are to be sold at his Shop in Pauls Church- 
yard, at the Signe of the Bul-head, 1609. 18 1. 
4°. Black letter. 

Text of the title sits below a page-wide printer's device with 
the English arms, and above a square device containing two 



History, 1609-1612. 

circles with the motto " For thov shalt labor" between them, 
and a man with two doves " Peace " and " Plentie " within 
the inner circle. 

The dedication is unsigned. 

Nova Britannia. Offering Most E.xcellent 

fruites by Planting in V'irginia. E.xciting all such 
as be well affected to further the same. Lofidoit: 
Samvel Machain, 1609. i3 1. 4°. Black letter. 

Line for line the titles in the two issues are identical, except 
for " Offnng " and " Offering." In this issue last noted, how- 
ever, text of title sits close to top of page; between it and im- 
print is a cut of a ship. Dedication is signed " R. I." 

Bound with this copy is a broadside sheet, a circular sent in 
1608 or i6og to various gentlemen inviting their subscription 
to the stock of the Company. It begins: "Considering there 
is no publicke Action, bemg honest and good in itselfe, and 
which tendeth to the general! good and benefite of this Com- 
mon-wealth, but that the same is also beneficial! and good in 
some degree, to euery particular Member thereof," etc. Line 
34 has blank space left for name of town. Signed in autograph 
at bottom by J L Southampton, \V Waad, Pembroke, Tho: 
Sraythe, Walter Cope, Tho Lawarre, G: Coppin, Tho: Roe, 
R: Lisle, G: Carew. 

(In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts. 

V. I, no. 6. Washington, 1835.) 

Same. (In: American Colonial Tracts 

. . .no. 6, Oct. 1897. Rochester: G. P. Humphrey, 
1897. I p.l., 28 p. 8°.) 

Spelman (Henry). Relation of Virginia, 1609 
[edited by James Frothinghara Hunnewell]. Lon- 
don: the editor, 1872. 58 (r)p. , i pi. sq. 24°. 

Printed from the original manuscript, at the Chiswick 
Press, in an edition of 200 copies. 

Symonds (William). Virginia. A Sermon [on 
Gen. 12:1, 2, 3] preached at White-Chappel, in the 
presence of many. . .the aduenturers and planters 
for Virginia. 25 April, 1609. Published for the 
benefit and vse of the Qo\ov\y .. .London: Printed 
by L. IVindet for E. Edgar, ibog. 4p. l.,54p. 4°. 


Argall (Samuel). The voyage of Captaine 
Samuel Argal, from James Towne in Virginia, to 
seeke the Isle of Bermuda, and missing the same, 
his putting over toward Sagadahoc and Cape Cod, 
and so backe againe to James Towne, begun the 
nineteenth of June, 1610. (Purchas his Pilgrimes. 
London, 1625. IV, ix, 1758-1762.) 

Crashaw (William). A sermon preached in 
London before. .. Lord Lawarre, Lord Gouernour 
of Virginea ..At the said Lord Generall his... 
departure for Virginea. . .21 Feb. 1609. . .London: 
Wm. Welby, 1610. 46 1. 4°. 

Rich (R.) Newes from Virginia (1610). A 
poetical tract, describing the adventures supposed 
to be referred to in Shakespeare's Tempest. [By 
R. Rich.] Reprinted from a copy supposed to be 
unique. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. London: 
[Whittingham Or' Wilkins for the Editor,^ 1S65. 
22, I p. 24°. 

Limited to twenty-five copies. " I destroyed fifteen copies 
18 Nov, 1865. J. O. H. Ten selected copies only preserved. 
Number one — Ms. note by Halliwell, at back of book. 

Newes from Virginia (1610). A tract in 

verse. Reprinted after the only existing copy of 
the original edition. London: Printed for private 
circiilatioti, 1S74. ig p. 4°. 

Strachey (William). A true repertory of the 
wracke, and redemption of Sir Thomas Gates 

Knight; upon, and from the Hands of the Bermu- 
das; his comming to Virginia, and the estate of 
that Colonic then, and after, under the government 
of the Lord La Warre, July 15. 1610. (Purchas 
his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. iv, ix, 1735-175S.) 

Trve (A) declaration of the estate of the Colonic 
in Virginia, With a confutation of such scandalous 
reports as have tended to the disgrace of so worthy 
an enterprise. Published by aduise and direction 
of the Councell of Virginia. London: IV/n. Barret, 
1610. I 1., 68 p. 8°- 

(In: Force's Coll. of Hist. Tracts. 

V. 3, no. I. Washington, 1844.) 

Strachey (William). The historic of travaile 
into Virginia Britannia [1610-12] ; expressing the 
cosmographie and comodities of the country, to- 
gither with the manners and customes of the people. 
Gathered and observed as well by those who went 
first thither as collected by William Strachey, gent., 
the first secretary of the colony. Now first edited 
from the original manuscript, in the British Mu- 
seum, by R. H. Major, esq., of the British Museum. 
London: Hakluyt Society, 1849. viii, xxxvi, 2 1., 
203 p., I facsim., i map, 5 pi. 8°. (Hakluyt 
Society, Works, no. 6.) 

Pp. 183-196 contain " Adictionarieof the Indian language." 

[MS. transcript, made probably in 

England about 1850.] 220 p. f°. Morocco. 


Dela^ware (12. Baron), Thomas West. 
The relation of... the Lord De-La- Warre, lord 
gouernour and captaine generall of the colonic, 
planted in Virginea. London : Printed by W^ 
Hall for W. Welbie, 161 1. 9L 4°. 

(Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. 

IV, ix, 1762-1764.) 

{^Reprinted, New York, 1867.] 9 1. 4°. 

Virginia. — Charter. The third charter of 
Virginia, i6ii-i2. (In: Poore (B. P.) Constitu- 
tions. Washington, 187S. f°. pp. 1902-1908.) 

Same. (In: Stith's Virginia, v. i, pp. 23- 

32; also in Hcning, v. i, p. 98.) 


New (The) life of Virginea: declaring the former 
successe and present estate of that plantation, being 
the second part of Noua Britannia [by Robert 
Johnson]. Published by authoritie of his Majesties 
Counsell of Virginea. London : F. Kyngston for 
William Welby, 1612. 28 1. 8°. 

(In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts. 

V. I, no. 7. Washington, 1835.) 

(In: American Colonial Tracts, no. 7. 

Nov. 1897. Rochester: G. P. Hiwiphrey, 1897. 
I p.l., iv, 20 p. 8°.) 

(Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections, scr. 2, 

v. 8, p. 199-227. Boston, 1819.) 

Smith (John). A Map of Virginia. With a 
Description of the Covntrey, the Commodities, 
People, Government, and Religion. Written by 
Captaine Smith, sometimes Governourof the Coun- 



History, 1612-1619. 
trey. Wherevnto is annexed the proceedings of 
these Colonies, since their first departure from 
England, with the discovrses, Orations, and rela- 
tions of the Salvages, and the accidents that befell 
them in all their lournies and discoveries. Taken 
faithfully as they were written out of the writings 
of Doctor Rvssell, Tho. Stvdley, Anas Todkill, 
leflra Abot, Richard Wiefin, Will. Phettiplace, Na- 
thaniel Powell, Richard Potts. And the relations 
of divers other diligent observers there present then, 
and now many of them in England, by \V[illiam] 
S[trachey]. At Oxford: Printed hy Joseph Barnes, 
1612. 4 p.l., map, 39 p., 2 1., no p. 4°. 

Second title following p. [40]: The proceedings of the 
English Colonic in Virginia . . . 

Another copy; inserted is a printed 

dedication leaf to Edward Semer, Earl of Hartford, 
whose arms are on the cover. Inserted in this copy 
is also a photograph of a printed dedication leaf 
in another copy, dedication being made to a differ- 
ent person than Earl Hartford. 

Proceedings (The) of the English Colony in 
Virginia, taken faithfully out of the writings of 
Thomas Studly Cape-AIerchant, Anas Todkill, 
Doctor Russell, Nathaniel Powell, William Pheti- 
place, and Richard Pot, Richard Wiffin, Tho. 
Abbay, Tho. Hope; and since enlarged out of the 
Writings of Capt. John Smith, principall Agent and 
Patient in these Virginian Occurrents, from the 
beginning of the Plantation 1606, till Ann. 1610, 
somewhat abridged. (Purchas his Pilgrimes. 
London, 1625. IV, ix, 1705-1733.) 

Strachey (William). The proceedings of the 
English Colonic in Virginia since. . . 1606. . .taken 
. . .out of the writings of Thomas Studley. . .[and 
others]. By W. S. \i. e., William Strachey.] 
Oxford: J. Barnes, 1612. 2 1., nop. 4°. 

Really the second part of Smith's " Map of Virginia." 

For the colony in Virginea Britannia. 

Lawes diuine, morall and v!\2iX\\M, Si.c. . .London: 
Printed for Walter Bur re, 1612. 68 p. 8". 
(Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts, vol. 3, no. 2. Wash- 
ington, 1844.) 


ArgoU (Samuel). A Letter of Sir Samuel Ar- 
goll touching his Voyage to Virginia, and Actions 
there: Written to Master Nicholas Hawes. June, 
1613. (Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, \i)2^. iv, 
ix, 1 764-1 765.) 

Whitaker (Alexander). Good newes from Vir- 
ginia. Sent to the covnsell and Company of Vir- 
ginia . . . From Alexander Whitaker . . . [Epistle 
Dedicatorieby W. Crashaw.] London: F. A'yngstoti 
for IV. Welhy, 1613. 13 1., 44 p. 4°. 

Smyth, of Nibley, papers. Virginia papers, 
1613-1634. The manuscript coll'nsof John Smyth 
of Nibley Glocestersh., the author of the " Lives 
of the Berkeleys," one of the original Adventurers 
in the promotion of plantations and settlements in 
the second Virginian colony. With some papers 
of later date added. 84 originals and contempo- 
rary transcripts, 1613-1679. f°. Morocco. 

(Calendared in Bulletin of the New 

York Public Library, v. i, p. 186-190. New 
York, 1897.) 

(Printed, almost entire, in Bulletin of 

the New York Public Library, v. 3, p. 160-208, 
248-276. A'^e-cuYork, 1899.) 


Dale (Sir Thomas). A Letter of Sir Thomas 
Dale, and another of Master Whitakers, from James 
Townein \irginia, June 18, 1614. And a piece of 
a Tractate, written by the said Master Whitaker 
from Virginia the yeare before. (Purchas his Pil- 
grimes. London, 1625. iv, ix, 1768-1773.) 

Robertson (Wyndham). Pocahontas, alias 
Motoaka, and her descendants through her marriage 
at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John 
Rolfe. . .With biographical sketches by Wyndham 
Robertson, and illustrative historical notes by R. A. 
Brock. Richmond: J. W. A'andoiph dr' English, 
1S87. viii, 84 p., I port. 4°. 

The marriage of Pocahontas: notes on the 

date of Pocahontas' marriage and some other inci- 
dents of her life. (Hist. Maga. v. 4, pp. 289-297. 
Nezv York, i860.) 

Hamor (Raphe). A true discourse of the pres- 
ent estate of Virginia and the successe of the affaires 
there till the iS of June, 1614. Together with a 
relation of the severall English Townes and fortes, 
the assured hopes of that countrie and the peace 
concluded with the Indians. The Christening of 
Powhatan's daughter and her marriage with an 
Englishman . . . Printed at London by John Bcale for 
William Wellby dwelling at the signe of the Swatine 
in Pauls Church-yard, 161 5. 4 p.l., 69 p. 4°. 

Another copy, with typographical 

variations on page 60. 

(Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. 

IV, ix, 1766.) 

[Reprinted at Albany, 200 copies, by 

Joel Munsell, for Charles Gorham Barney of Rich- 
mond.] i860. 8, 69 (i) p. f°. 

Another copy, large paper. 

Dreyzehente Schiffahrt Darinnen Ein War- 

hafftiger und Grtindlicher Bericht, von dem jtzigen 
Zustand der Landtschafft Virginien... Erstlicher 
in Engelischer Sprach durch Raphe Hamor. . .be- 
schrieben. . .Hanaza: Ln Verlegtmg der Htdsischen, 
161 7. 76 p., I map, 4 pi. 4°. 

Another issue, with slight typographic 

variations on title-page and two following leaves. 


Rolfe (John). [Account of Virginia in 161 7.] 
(Abbreviated by Purchas in his Pilgrimage. Lon- 
don, 1617. 3. ed. p. 946-8.) 

(Southern Literary Messenger, v. 5, 

p. 401-406. Pichtnond, 1839.) 

Here printed in full from the original ms. in the British 

(Virginia Historical Register, and 

Literary Advertiser, v. i, p. 101-113. Richmond, 


Note (A) of the shipping, men, and provisions, 
sent to Virginia, by the Treasurer and Company, in 
the yeere 1619. {^London, 1619.] 2 1. f°. 



History, 161 9- 1622. 

(Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 

1625. IV, ix, 1776-1778.) 

[Occurrents in Virginia.] Of the Lottery; 
Sir Thomas Dales returne; the Spaniards in Vir- 
ginia. Of Pocahontas and Tomocomo ; Captaine 
Yerdley and Captaine Argoll (both since Knighted), 
their Government; the Lord La-Warrs death, and 
other occurrents till Anno 1619. (Purchas his Pil- 
grimes. London, 1625. IV, ix, 1773-1775.) 

Bayne (Howard R.) The year 1619 in the 
colony of Virginia. \_New York, 1899?] 16 p. 8°. 
(Soc. of Colonial Wars in the State of N. Y. Hist, 
papers, No. 2.) 

Read before the Society, Dec. 20, 1S97. 

Garrett (W. R.) History of the first legislative 
assembly ever convened in America. \_Nashville, 
Tenn., 1S9-?] 31 p., I pi., i port. 12°. 

Henry (William Wirt). The first legislative 
assembly in America. (Amer. hist, assoc. Ann. 
rept. for 1893, p. 301-316. Washington, 1894.) 

Neill (Edward Duffield). The earliest contest 
in America on charter-rights, begun. . .1619, in 
Virginia legislature; with documents now first 
printed. Saiitt Paul, Minn., i8go. p. 141-168. 
8°. (Macalester College Contributions, 5.) 

Virginia. — General Assembly. Proceedings of 
the First assembly of Virginia, 1619. Communi- 
cated, with an introductory note, by George Ban- 
croft. (New York Historical Society. Collections. 
2. series, v. 3, 1857, p. 329-358.) 

Same, separate. 30 p. 8°. 

[With Bancroft's Note and with an 

introduction signed by Thos. H. Wynne andW. S. 
Gilman.] (In: Colonial Records of Virginia. Rich- 
mond, 1874. 4°. p. 9-32.) 

The substance of Bancroft's paper is given in CarapbelPs 
History 0/ Virginia. 

Virginia Company of London. Abstract of 
the proceedings. .. 1619-1624, prepared from the 
records in the Library of Congress, by C. Robinson, 
and edited with an introduction and notes by R. A. 
Brock. Rich>nond, Virginia : Virginia Historical 
Society, 1888-9. 2 v. 4°. (Virginia Historical 
Society — Collections. ) 

Virginia Company of London. Extracts 

from their manuscript transactions; with notes by 
E. D. Neill. Washington : Government printing 
office, 1868. 17 p. 8°. 

(U. S. 40. Cong., 2. Sess., Senate 

misc. docs. 84, v. i. 11 p. 8°.) 

Library of Congress. The Records of the 

Virginia Company of London [28 April 1619-7 June 
1624]. The court book, from the manuscript in 
the Library of Congress. Edited with an introduc- 
tion and bibliography by Susan Myra Kingsbury, 
A.M., Ph.D., instructor in history and economics 
Simmons College, preface by Herbert Levi Osgood, 
A.M., Ph.D., professor of American history in 
Columbia University. Washington : Government 
Printing Office, 1906. I p.l. , 636 p., 4 facsim. ; 
611 p., 5 facs. 2 V. 4°. 

Miss Kingsbury's introduction was also issued separately. 


Bacon (Francis), Viscount St. Albans. An 
essay on plantations. [1620?] (In: Select tracts 
relating to colonies. London [174-?]. p. 1-4.) 

Brown reprints it (Genesis, ii, 799-802); thinks it was revised 
between 1620- 1624, but composed at an earlier date. 

Orders and constitutions, partly collected out 
of his Maiesties letters patents, and partly ordained 
vpon mature deliberation, by the treasvror, covnceil 
and companie of Virginia, for the better gouerning 
of the actions and affaires of the said companie here 
in England residing. Anno 1619 and 1620. n.p., 
n.d., 26 p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Ilist'l Tracts. 
V. 3, no. 6. Washington, 1844.) 

By the Treasurer, Councell, and Company of 
Virginia. [A proclamation to the Governor, order- 
ing the erection of guest houses and the appoint- 
ment of ministers for James City, Henrico, Charles 
City, and Kicowtan (Elisabeth city).] Given in a 
general court, the 17. day of May, 1620. [London, 
1620?] Broadside. 21^x16^ in. 

Chester (Anthony). Sheeps-togt van A. Chester 
na Virginia, gedaan in het Jaar 1620. . .Leyden: P. 
vander Aa, lyoj. I 1., 15 (3) p., I pi. 8°. (In : 
Aa(P. vander). Zeeen Land-Reysen. v. 26. 1707.) 

Declaration of the state of the Colonic and 
Affaires in Virginia ; with The Names of the Aduen- 
turors, and Summes aduentured in that Action. By 
his Maiesties Counseil for Virginia. 22. Junij 1620. 
London: Printed by T. S., 1620. i p.l., II (i), 16, 
30, 4, 39 p. 4°. 

An initial "A" is probably trimmed away. 

London: Printed by Thomas Snodham, 1620. 

I p.l., 92 p. 4°. 

London: Printed by Thomas Snodham, 1620. 

I p.l., 97 p. 4°. 

The second two issues are probably from the same composi- 
tion, a different setting from the first issue; the third issue 
differs from the second in having as a supplement the court 
vote of 15 November, 1620. 

(Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. 

IV, ix, 1775-1776.) 

(In : Force's Tracts, v. 3, no. 5. 

Washington, 1844.) 


Note (A) of the shipping, men and provisions 
sent and provided for Virginia by. . .Henry Earle 
of Sovth-hampton, and the Company and other 
private adventvrers, in the yeere 1621 &c. n.p., 
n.d. 4 p. f°. 

(Purchas his]Pilgrimes. London, 1625. 

IV, ix, 1793.) 

Virginia — Charter. Charter of 1621. (In : 
Stith's Virginia, v. i, p. 32-34; Henning, v. i, 
p. 110-113.) 


Bonoeil (John). His Maiesties gracious letter 
to the Earle of Sovth-hampton. . .and to the Coun- 
cell and Company of Virginia heere...Also si 
Treatise of the Art of making Silke...Set foorth 
for the benefit of the two. . .Sisters, Virginia, and 
the Summer- 1 lands. . . London: F. Kyngston, 1622. 
61., 88 p., 4 pi. in text. 4°. 



History, 1622-1640. 

A consolation for ovr grammar schooles. . . 
More specially for all those of the inferiour sort, 
and all ruder countries and places; namely, for Ire- 
land, Wales, Virginia, with the Sommer Hands... 
[By John Brinsley, the elder.] London: R. Field 
for f. Man, 1622. 8 1., 84 p., I I. 4°- 

Copland (Patrick). Virginia's God be Thanked, 
or A sermon of thanksgiving for the happie suc- 
cesse of the affayres in Virginia this last yeare. 
Preached ... before the Honorable Virginia Com- 
pany. . . Hereunto are adjoyned some Epistles, writ- 
ten. . .by Peter Pope... London: /. D. for W. 
Sheffard and L. Bellatnie, 1622. 3 1., 36 P-. 3 L 4°- 

A declaration of the state of the Colony and 
Affaires in \'irginia. . . [By Edward Waterhouse.] 
And a treatise annexed. Written by. . .Mr. Henry 
Briggs, of the Northwest passage to the South 
Sea... London: G. Eld for Li. Alylbourne, 1622. 
3I., 54 p. 4°- 

Donne (John). A sermon vpon the viil. verse 
of the I. chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. 
Preach'd To the Honourable Company of the Vir- 
ginian Plantation. 13. Nouemb. 1622. By John 
Donne Deane of St. Pauls, London. London: A. 
Mat: for T. Lones, 1622. 2 1., 49 p. 4°. 

A sermon vpon the eight ver[s]e of 

the first Chapter Of the Acts Of the Apostles [etc.] 
London: Printed for Thomas Lones, 1624. 2 p. I., 
49 p. 4°. (In his: Five sermons upon special 
occasions. London, 1626.) 

Inconveniences (The) that have happened to 
some persons which have transported themselves 
from England to Virginia, without provisions neces- 
sary to sustaine themselves hath greatly hindred the 
Progress of that noble Plantation. . .it is thought 
requisite to publish this short declaration: wherein 
is contained a particular of. . .necessaries. . . Lon- 
don: F. Kyngston, 1622. Broadside. 

Same, photozincographic facsimile, 

made in London, about 1905. 

Neill (Edward D.) Massacre at Falling Creek, 
Virginia, March 22, 1621-22. (Maga. of Amer. 
Hist. v. I, pp. 222-225. New York, 1877.) 

Orders and constitutions, partly collected out 
of his Maiesties Letters Patents; and partly by 
authority . . . Ordained ... by the Gouernour and 
Company of the City of London, for the Plantation 
of the SvmmerTlands. . .6. Febr. 1621. London: 
F. Kyngston, 1622. i 1. , 83 p. sm. 4°. 


Lists of the Livinge & the Dead in Virginia 
February 16, 1623. (Colonial Records of Virginia. 
Richmond, 1874. p. 37-66.) 

Original in State Paper Office, Colonial, Volume 3, No. 2. 

(In J.C.Hotten's Original lists of. . . 

emigrants. New York, 1874. p. 169-196.) 

Briefe intelligence from Virginia by Letters, a 
supplement of French-Virginian Occurrants, and 
their supplantation by Sir Samuel Argal, in right 
of the English Plantation. [1624.] (Purchas his 
Pilgrimes. London, 1625. iv, ix, 1806-1809.) 

Donne (John). A sermon vpon [Acts i, 8] . 
London, 1624. See under 1622 above. 

Musters of the inhabitants of Virginia, 1624. 
(In J. C. Hotten's Original lists of. . .emigrants. 
AVw York, 1874. p. 201-265.) 

Neill (Edward D.) A study of the Virginia 
census of 1624. (New Engl. Hist. & Geneal. Reg. 
v. 31, pp. 147-153; 265-272; 393-401. Boston, 



Breife (A) Declaration of the Plantation of Vir- 
ginia duringe the first Twelve Yeares, when Sir 
Thomas Smith was Governor of the Companie, & 
downe to this present tyme. By the Ancient Plan- 
ters nowe remaining alive in Virginia. [1625?] 
(Colonial Records of Virginia. Richmond, 1874. 
p. 69-83.) 

Original in State Paper Office, Colonial, Volume 3, No. 21, I- 
The Bancroft MSS. in the Library contain a transcript. 

Virginia's Verger: Or a Discourse shewing 
the benefits which may grow to this Kingdome from 
American English Plantations, and specifically 
those of Virginia and Summer Hands. [1625.] 
(Purchas his Pilgrimes. London, 1625. iv, ix, 


Patents granted to settlers in Virginia (circa) 
1626. (In J. C. Hotten's Original lists of. . .emi- 
grants. New York, 1S74. p. 266-274. 


Von der Landtschafft Virginia. (Hulsius, 
Zwantzigste Schifffahrt. Franckfurt a. M., 1629. 
2 pi. p. 39-116.) 


List (A) of the number of men, women and 
children Inhabitinge in the severall Counties wt^in 
the Collony of Virginia. Anno Dne, 1634. (Colo- 
nial Records of Virginia. Richmond, 1^-^. p. 91.) 

Original in State Paper Office, Colonial, Vol. S, No. 55 
(1634). The Library has a transcript among the Bancroft 

Sainsbury (W. Noel). The First Settlement 
of French Protestants in America [1634]. (The 
Antiquary, v. 3, p. 101-103. London, i88i.) 


Passengers for Virginia, 1635. [List of 
names.] (New Engl. Llist. & Geneal. Reg. v. 2, 
pp. 111-113; 211-212; 268; v. 3, pp. 184; 388-390; 
v. 4, pp. 61; 189-191; 261-264; V. 5, pp. 61-62; 
343-344; v. 15, pp. 142-146. Boston, i848-'5i, 


Sainsbury (W. M.) Virginia in 1638-39, '40. 
(Va. Mag. of Hist. & Biog. v. 11, p. 46-57. 
169-182, 284-288; v. 12, p. 385-396; V. 13, 
P- 375-388. Richmond, 1 903-1906.) 

Virginia Council and General Court Records, 
1640-1641. (From " Robinson's notes," Virginia 
Historical Society Collection.) (Virginia Mag. of 
Hist. & Biog. v. II, p. 277-284. Richmond, 



History, 1 649-165 7. 


Bullock (William). Virginia impartially ex- 
amined, and left to public view. .. Under which 
title, is comprehended the degrees from 34 to 39, 
wherein lyes the rich. . .countries of Roanock, the 
now plantations of Virginia and Maryland. . . Lon- 
don: J. Hammond, 1649. 6p.l., 66 pp. 4°. 

Norivood ( ), Colonel. A voyage to Vir- 

ginia [made in 1649]. (Churchill's Voyages. Lon- 
don, 1732. V. 6, pt. I, p. 143-170. f°.) 

50 p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Ilist'l 

Tracts, v. 3, no. 10. Washington, 1844.) 

Perfect (A) description of Virginia: being, A 
full and true relation of the present state of the 
plantation. . .also, A narration of the countrey, 
within a few dayes of Virginia, West and by South 
. . .with the manner how the emperor Nichotawance 
came to Sir William Berkley. . .to doe homage. . . 
to King Charles. . . London: Prind [sic] for R. 
Wodenoth, 1649. I p.l., 19 pp. 4°. 

(Massachusetts Hist. Soc. Collections. 

ser. 2, V. 9, p. 105-122. Boston, 1822.) 

(Force's Tracts, v. 2, no. 8. iS p. 

8°. IVasJmtgton, 1837.) 


W. (E.), Gent. Virginia: more especially the 
South part thereof, richly and truly valued. . .The 
second edition, with addition of The discovery of 
silkworms. . .and implanting of mulberry trees, also 
the dressing of vines, for the rich trade of making 
wines in Virginia. Together with the making of 
the saw-mill. . .by E. W. Gent \i. e. E. Williams]. 
London: Printed by T.H. for John Stephenson, 1650. 
6 p.l., 47 pp., 4 1., 3 1., 75, (i) p., I 1., I map. 4". 
Virginia Farrer issue of the folded map dated 1651. 

Another copy. 

This copy has a blank leaf before the separate title to 
" Virginia's Discovery of Silke-Wormes," which is not in 
the first copy, and the folded map, Virginia Farrer issue, is a 
later state than the same map in the other copy. 

— (Force's Tracts. 

Washington, 1844.) 

v. 3, no. II. 62 p. 

Williams (Edward.) Virgo trivmphans; or, Vir- 
ginia richly and truly valued; more especially the 
south part thereof: viz. The fertile Carolana, and 
no lesse excellent isle of Roanoke. . .Presented as 
the auspice of a beginning yeare, to the parliament 
of England and council of state. London: Printed 
by Thomas Harper for Johfi Stephenson, ib'^O. 7 p.l., 
47 pp., 4 1., I map. 4°. 

Another copy. 

This copy has marginal notes in a contemporary hand, and 
also a folded manuscript map in the same hand. It has been 
called the author's copy with his marginalia, but careful in- 
vestigation proves the notes are not in his hand. 

This copy has no engraved map, nor dedication (8 p.), nor 
address to the " Lord President and Counsell of State " (2 p.) 


Beschrijvinghe van Virginia, Nieuw Neder- 
landt, en d'Eylanden Bermudes, Berbados, en S. 
Christoffel. . . t' Amsterdam: by J. Hartgers, 1651. 
88 pp., map. 8°. 

Copy of a petition from the governor and com- 
pany of the Summer Islands, with annexed papers, 
presented to... the councel of state, July 19, 1651 
. . .also An occasional letter written to Sir J. Dan- 
vers. With a short collection of. . .passages from 
the original to the dissolution of the Virginia Com- 
pany, and a large description of Virginia. . . London: 
Printed for E. Husband, 1651. 30 pp., 2 1., 20 pp. 

Withington (Lothrop). Surrender of Virginia 
to the Parliamentary Commissioners, 1651-52. 
(Va. Mag. of Hist. & Biog. v. 11, p. 32-41. 
Richmond, 1903.) 


[Hartlib (Samuel ) . ] A rare and new discovery 
of a speedy way, and easie means, found out by a 
young lady in England. . .for the feeding of silk- 
worms. . .in Virginia, .[preface signed Samuel 
Hartlib]. \London:^ R. Wodenothe, 1652. 8 p.l. 
12 pp. 4°. 

[^London: Printed by R. Wodenothe, 

1653.] 8 P-1-. 12 p. 4°. 

Imprint in pen-and-ink facsimile; apparently identical with 
the 1652 title above. 


The Lord Baltemore's Case, Concerning the 
Province of Maryland, adjoyning to Virginia in 
America... London, 1653. i 1., 20 p. sm. 4°. 


Hartlib (Samuel). The reformed Virginian 
silk-worm, or, A rare and new discovery of a speedy 
way, and easie means, found out by a young lady 
in England. . .in May Anno 1652 for the feeding of 
silk-worms in the woods on the Mulberry tree leaves 
in. . .Virginia. . .London: Printed by J. Streater for 
Giles Calvert, 1655. 2 p.l., 40 pp. 4°. 

37 p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l 

Tracts, v. 3, no. 13. Washington, 1844.) 

Virginia and Maryland, or, the Lord Balti- 
more's printed case, uncased and answered. Shew- 
ing, the illegality of his patent and usurpation of 
royal jurisdiction and dominion there. With the 
injustice and Tyranny practised in the government, 
against the laws and liberties of the English nation, 
and the just right and interest of the adventurers 
and planters. Also, a short relation of the Papists 
late rebellion... London, 1655. 47 p. 8°. (In: 
Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts, v. 2, no. 9. Wash- 
ington, 1837.) 


Hammond (John). Leah and Rachel or the 
two fruitful! sisters Virginia and Mary-land: their 
present condition, impartially stated and related. . . 
London: T. Mabb, 1656. 30 p. 8°. (In: Force's 
Coll. of Hist'l Tracts, v. 3, no. 14. Washington, 


Publick good without private interest: or, A 
compendious remonstrance of the present sad state 
and condition of the English colonie in Virginea. .. 
[By Lionel Gatford.] London: H. Marsh, ibsi. 
10 p.l., 26 p. 4°. 



History, 1659-1676. 


Gorges (Ferdinando). America painted to 
the life. The true history of the Spaniards' pro- 
ceedings in the conquests of the Indians. . .an ab- 
solute narrative of the North parts of America, 
and of the discoveries and plantations of our Eng- 
lish in Virginia, New-England, and Berbadoes. 
London : JV. Brook, 1659. i p.l., 52 p., lO 1., 51 
p., I 1., 57, 236 p., I map, I pi. 4°. 


G. (R.) Virginia's cure: or, An advisive narra- 
tive concerning Virginia. Discovering the true 
ground of that churches unhappiness, and the only 
true remedy. As it was presented to the Right 
Reverend Father in God Gvilbert Lord Bishop of 
London, September 2, 1661. London: W. Godbid 
for Henry Brome, 1662. 3 p.l., 22 p. 4°. 

ig p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l 

Tracts, v. 3, no. 15. Washington, 1844.) 

Maryland. — House of Delegates. Document 
presented by Charles C. Harper, Esquire, from the 
Committee on the Library, enclosing Col. Edmond 
Scarburgh's account of proceedings in an expedi- 
tion from Virginia to Annamessecks and Manokin, 
pursuant to an act of the Grand Assembly of Vir- 
ginia, in the year 1663. Amtapolis : J. Hughes, 
1833. 16 p. 8°. 

Shrigley (Nathaniel). A true relation of Vir- 
ginia and Mary-Land; with the commodities therein, 
which in part the author saw; the rest he had from 
knowing and credible persons in the moneths of 
February, March, April and May. . . 1669. London: 
T. Milbourn for Thomas Hudson [1669]. 5 p. 
8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts, v. 3, no. 7. 
Washington, 1844.) 


Lederer (John). The discoveries of [ohn 
Lederer, in three several marches from Virginia to 
the West of Carolina, and other parts of the con- 
tinent: begun in March, 1669, and ended in Sep- 
tember, 1670. Together with a general map of the 
whole territory which he traversed. Collected and 
translated out of Latine from his discourse and 
writings by Sir William Talbot. London: Printed 
h' J- C. for S. He^'rick, 1672. 4 p.l., 27 p., i map. 


Kidnapper (The) trap an'd: or, The treache- 
rous husband caught in his own Trap. Being a 
pleasant and true relation of a man in this town 
that would have sold his wife to Virginia. . .Z^«- 
don : Printed for P. B., 1675. 7 (i) p. 4°. 


Glover (Thomas). An account of Virginia, its 
scituation, temperature, productions, inhabitants, 
and their manner of planting and ordering tobacco, 
etc. (Philosophical transactions. London, 1676. 
4°. V. II, p. 623-636.) 

Beginning (The), progress, and conclusion of 
Bacon's rebellion in Virginia, in the years 1675 and 
1676. [By T. ^L] Washington: P. Force, 1835. 

26 p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts. 
V. r, no. 8.) 

Reprinted from the Richmond Enijtiirer oi i-S Sept., 1S04, 
where Jefferson had printed it from a copy in his possession. 

Same. (In: American Colonial Tracts, no. 

8. Dec, 1897. Rochester: G. P. Humphrey, 

1897. I p.l., v., 22 p. 8°.) 

Behn {Mrs. Aphra). The widdow ranter, or, 
The history of Bacon in Virginia. A tragi-comedy. 
London: J. Knapton, 1690. 4 p.l., 56 p. 4°. 

Cotton (An). An account of our late troubles 
in Virginia. Written in 1676. .. Published from 
the original manuscript, in the Richmond (Va.) 
Enquirer, of 12 Sept., 1804. Washington : P. 
Force, 1S35. 11 p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of 
Hist'l Tracts, v. i, no. 9.) 

Same. (In: American Colonial Tracts, 

No. 9. Jan., 189S. Rochester: G. P. Humphrey, 

1898. I p.l., 12 p. 8°.) 

Grantham (6Vr Thomas) . An historical ac- 
count of some memorable actions, particularly in 
Virginia; also against the Admiral of Algier, and 
in the East Indies: performed for the service of his 
prince and country. With an introduction by 
Robert A. Brock. London: J. Roberts, 17 16. Re- 
printed : Richmond : Carlton, McCarthy 6^ Co., 
1S82. viii, 71 p. 8°. 

List (A) of those that have been executed for 
the late rebellion in Virginia, by Sir William Berk- 
ley, Governor of the colony. Copied from the 
original manuscript, (Harleian Collection, codex 
6845, page 54,) in the Library of the British Mu- 
seum, London, by Robert Greenhow, Esq., of Vir- 
ginia. Washingt07i : P. Force, 1835. 4 p. 8°. 
(In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts, v. i, no. 10.) 

Same. (In: AmericanJColonial Tracts, 

no. 9, Jan., 1S9S. Rochester : G. P. Humphrey, 
189S. "[2] p. 8°.) 

[Narrative of the Indian and civil wars in 
Virginia, in the years 1675 and 1676. Published 
from the MS. copy found among the papers of the 
late Captain Nathaniel Burwell, of King William 
County.] (Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections. 2. sen, 
v. I, p. 27-80. Boston, 1 8 14.) 

(Force's Tracts, v. i, no. 11. 47 p. 

8°. Washington, 1835.) 

(Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, 1S66- 

67. v. 9, p. 299-342. Boston, 1867.) 

The text as printed in 1814 was found to be inaccurate after 
a careful collation in 1866, as noted above, before the MS., 
which had originally been found among the papers of Captain 
Nathaniel Burwell, of Virginia, was given by the Massachu- 
setts Society to the Virginia Historical Society. 

(In: American Colonial Tracts, No. 

10. Feb., 1898. Rochester: G. P. Humphrey, 
1S9S. I p.l., 51 p. 8°.) 

Strange news from Virginia; being a full and 
true account of the life and death of Nathanael 
Bacon. .. who was the only cause and the original 
of all the late trouble in that country. With a full 
relation of all the accidents which have happened 
in the late war between the Christians and Indians. 
L.ofidon: W. Harris, 1677. 8 pp. 4°. 

Bayne (Howard R.) A rebellion in the colony 
of Virginia. [Bacon's rebellion, 1676.] {^jVe'dfYork, 
1904.] i6 p. 8°. (Society of Colonial Wars. — 
New York. Historical Papers, no. 7, 1904.) 



History, 1676-1725. 

Brent (Frank P.) Some unpublished facts re- 
lating to Bacon's rebellion on the Eastern Shore of 
Virginia, gleaned from the court records of Acco- 
mac County. A paper read before the Virginia 
Historical Society.. . Dec. 22, 1891. (Virginia 
Hist. Soc. Collections, n. s., v. 11, 1892, p. 177- 

Eg'gleston (Edward). Nathaniel Bacon, the 
patriot of 1676. 

E.xtr. : Century Magazine. July, igoo. v. 40, p. 418-434. 

Great Britain. — Ordnance Board. Estimate 
of stores for a voyage to Virginia, list of stores sent, 
and of stores in the magazine of the colony, 1676- 
1681. 12 11. F°. Unbound. MS. moore 

Godwyn (Morgan). The negro's and Indians 
advocate, suing for their admission into the church: 
or, A persuasive to the instructing and baptizing of 
the negro's and Indians in our plantations. ..added, 
A brief account of religion in Virginia. London: 
Printed by J. D. for the author, 16S0. 7 p.l., 
174 pp. 8°. 

A supplement to the negro's and Indian's 

advocate: or. Some further... proposals for the 
carrying on of the negro's Christianity in our plan- 
tations by M. G[odwyn]. Londo7i: Printed by 
J. D., i68r. 12 pp. 4°. 

List (A) of the parishes in Virginia. June the 
30th, 16S0. (Colonial Records of Virginia. Rich- 
mond, 1874. P- 103-104.) 

Original in State Paper OflBce, Colonial, Virginia, Vol. 60, 
No. 410. 

Vain (The) prodigal life and tragical penitent 
death of Thomas Hellier. . . who for murdering his 
master, mistress, and maid, was executed. . . in 
Charles City, in the country of Virginia. . . 5th of 
August, 167S. London: S. Crouch, 1680. 2 p.l, 
40 pp. 4°. 

Godwyn (Morgan). Trade preferred before 
religion, and Christ made to give place to mam- 
mon: represented in a sermon relating to the plan- 
tations. London: B. Took, 1685. 3p. 1. , 34 pp. 4°. 

Clayton (John). A letter. .. to the Royal So- 
ciety, May 12., 1688, giving an account of several 
observables in Virginia and in his voyage thither, 
more particularly concerning the air. (Royal So- 
ciety, London. Miscellanea Curiosa. London, 
xiib--]. V. 3, p. 281-355.) 

45 P- 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of 

Hist'I Tracts, v. 3, no. 12. Washington, 1844.) 

Great Britain. — JCing. Grant of the North- 
ern Neck in Virginia to Lord Culpeper. Septima 
Pars Patentium de Anno Regni Regis Jacobi Se- 
cundi Quarto, Sept. 27 [1688]. [London, 168S.] 
6 p. i° . 


Child (Sir Joshua). A discourse concerning 
plantations... Published 1692. (In: Select tracts 
relating to colonies. . .London [174-?]. pp. 31-40.) 

Hartwell (Henry), G. Blair, andY,. Chilton. 
The present state of Virginia, and the college. . . 
To which is added, the charter for erecting said 

college, granted by... King William and Queen 
Mary. .. London: J. IVyat, 112-]. 2 1., 95 pp. 8^. 
Reprinted under date of 20 Oct., 1697, in Calendar of State 
Papers, 1896/7, p. 641-666. Reprinted also in Mass. Hist. 
Soc. Coll. V. 5 (1798), p. 124-166, from a MS. presented "'by 
Carter B. Harrison, Esq. of Prince-George county in Virginia, 
by the hands of the Rev. John Jones Spooner." 

Nicholson (Francis). Communications from 
Governor Francis Nicholson of Virginia, to the 
British lords of trade concerning the Huguenot 
settlement, with " list of ye refugees," August 
I2th, 1700. [Richmond, Fa., 1887.] 8^ (In: 
Virginia Historical Society, Collections, new series, 
vol. 6, p. 61-67. 1887.) 

Documents, chiefly unpublished, relating to 
the Huguenot emigration to Virginia and to the 
settlement at Manakin-Town, with an appendix 
of genealogies, presenting data of the Fontaine, 
Maury, Dupuy, Trabue, Marye, Chastain, Cooke, 
and other families, edited and compiled for the 
Virginia Historical Society by R. A. Brock. Rich- 
mond, Va.: the Society, 1886. xx, i 1., 247 p., 
I plan. 8°. (Virginia Hist. Soc. Collections, 
n. s., V. 5.) 

Walloons and French emigrants to Virginia. 
(In J. C. Hotten's Original list of emigrants. 
New York, 1874. p. 197-199. 

Case (The) of the Merchants, and Planters, 
Trading to, and Residing in, Virginia, and Mary- 
land. [Zcwrt'fw .? 1707 ?] 2 p. f°. 

Relates to the tobacco trade. 

Spotswood (Alexander). The official letters 
of Alexander Spotswood, lieutenant-governor of 
the colony of Virginia, 1710-1722, now first printed 
from the manuscript in the collections of the Vir- 
ginia Historical Society, with an introduction and 
notes by R. A. Brock. Richinond, Va.: the Society, 
1882. 2 V. in I. 8°. (Virginia Historical Society. 
Collections, new series, vol. 1-2.) 

Controversy (The) between Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor Spotswood, and his council and the House of 
Burgesses, on the appointment of judges on com- 
missions of oyer and terminer, 1718. Edited by 
Worthington Chauncey Ford. Brooklyit, N. Y.: 
Historical Prtg. Club, 1891. 61 p. 12°. (Win- 
nowings in Amer. History. Va. tracts. No. 2.) 

Warhaffte Nachricht von einer Hochteutschen 
evangelischen Colonie zu Germantown, in Nord 
Virginia in America, und derselben dringendliches 
Ansuchen an ihre Glaubens-Genossen in Europa. 
n. p., 1720. 4 1. 4°. 

Eemper (Chas. E.) The early westward move- 
ment of Virginia, 1 722-1 734. (Va. Mag. of Hist, 
and Biog. v. 12, p. 337-352; v. 13, p. 1-16, 113- 
138, 281-297, 351-373. Richmond, i905-'o6.) 

Jones (Hugh). The present state of Virginia. 
Giving a. . . short account of the. .. inhabitants. . . 
their religion, way of living, &c.,... [also] a... 
view of Maryland and North Carolina. . . London: 
J. Clarke, \'Jii,. 2I., viii, 151 (i) pp. 4°. 

New York: \_Alvord, printer, \ 1S65. 

3 p.l., viii, 151 (i) p. 4°. (Sabin's Reprints. [Oc- 
tavo series,] no. 5.) 

Virginia. — Statutes. Laws of Virginia relat- 
ing to the church and the clergy, to religion and 
learning. (Trott, Nicholas. Laws of the British 
colonies relating to the church and the clergy, etc. 
London, 1725. f°. p. 105-161.) 



History, 172 5-1 756. 

Hartwell (Henry), and others. The present 
state of Virginia. 1727. See under 1697 above. 

Sioussat (St. George Leakin). Virginia and 
the English commercial system, 1 730-1 733. (Amer. 
Hist. Assoc. Ann. rep. 1905, v. i, p. 71-97. 
Washington, 1906.) 

Case (The) of the planters of tobacco in Vir- 
ginia, as represented by themselves... Added, A 
vindication of the said representation. London: 
J. Roberts, 1733. 64 pp. 8°. 

Burges (Frances) vs. John Hack. Virginia, 
ss. Pleas at the Capitol in Williamsburgh, before 
. .. William Gooch. . . Lieutenant-Governor. . . the 
15th day of April, in the Eighth Vear of. .. George 
the Second... [A copy of the record, transmitted 
on the appeal of Frances Burges, plaintiff, John 
Hack, defendant. To be heard before the Lords of 
the Committee of the Privy-Council for Plantation- 
Affairs, Nov. 2, 1737.] ^London, 1737.] 4°. f°. 

Virginia. — Cou?tcil. Journals of the Council 
of Virginia in executive sessions, 1737-1763. (Vir- 
ginia Mag. of Hist, and Biog. v. 14, p. 1-35. 
Richtnond, 1906.) 

Keith (Sir William). The history of the British 
Plantations in America. With a chronological ac- 
count of the most remarkable things that happen'd 
to the first adventurers in their several discoveries 
of that New World. Part I. Containing the His- 
tory of Virginia; with remarks on the trade and 
commerce of that Colony. London: Society for the 
encouragevient of lear7iing, 173S. 4 1., 187 p., 
map. 4°. 

No more published. 

Clayton (John). Flora Virginica Exhibens 
Plantas Quas V. C. Johannes Clayton In Virginia 
Observavit atque coUegit. Easdem Methods Sexu- 
ali disposuit, ad Genera propria retulit, Nominibus 
specificis insignivit, & minus cognitas descripsit 
Joh. Fred. Gronovius. Part Prima[-Secunda]. 
Lugdiini Batavonim: Apud Cornelium IIaak,i']i\2i- 
3 p.l., 3-128 p., 3 1.; I I., 129-206 p., 2 1. 8°. 

Second edition noted below under date of 1762. 

Moravian diaries of travels through Virginia. 
[1743, '44, '47, '48, '49, '53.] Edited by Rev. 
William J. Hinke and Charles E. Kemper. (Vir- 
ginia Magazine of History and Biog. v. 11, p. 113- 
131, 224-242, 370-393; V. 12, p. 55-82, 134-153, 
271-2S4. Richinottd, 1903-05.) 

Treaty (A) held at. . .Lancaster, in Pennsyl- 
vania, by the. . .Lieutenant-Governor of that pro- 
vince, and the. . .commissioners for. . .Virginia and 
Maryland, with the Indians of the Six Nations, in 
June, 1744. Philadelphia: B. Franklin, 1744. 39 
pp. i\ 

Treaty (The) held with the Indians of the Six 
Nations, at Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, in June, 
1744. To which is prefix'd. An account of the first 
confederacy of the Six Nations. . . Williainsbitrg: 
W. Parks [1744]. xii, 79 p. 8°. 

Washington (George). Journal of my journey 
over the mountains; while surveying for Lord 
Thomas Fairfax, baron of Cameron, in the northern 
neck of Virginia, beyond the Blue Ridge in 1747-8. 
Copied from the original. . .and edited with notes 

by J. M. Toner, M.D. Albany, N. Y.: J. Mun- 
sell's Sons, 1892. I p.l., 144 p., i map, 9 plans. 

Walker (Thomas). Journal of an exploration 
in the Spring of the year 1750. . .With a preface by 
William Cabell Rives. Boston: Little, Bro-wn &' 
Co., i838. 69 p., I pi. 12°. 

Din^viddie (Robert). The official records of 
Robert Dinwiddle, lieutenant-governor of the Col- 
ony of Virginia, 1751-175S, now first printed from 
the manuscript in the collections of the Virginia 
Historical Society, with an introduction and notes 
by R. A. Brock. Richmond : Virginia IListorical 
Society, 1883-4. 2 v. 4°. (Virginia Historical 
Society. Collections, new series, v. 3-4.) 

The Fair traders objections against the bill 
entitled, A bill for preventing clandestine trading, 
as it relates to the plantations of Virginia and Mary- 
land, n. p. [1751.] Broadside. f°. 

Virginia Gazette, Extracts from, 1752. (Wm. 
and Mary College Quarterly Hist. Mag. v. 12, p. 
207-220; v. 13, p. 3-15. Richmond, 1904.) 

Bland (Richard). A fragment on the pistole 
fee, claimed by the Governor of Virginia, 1753. 
Edited by Worthington Chauncey Ford. Brooklyn, 
jV. Y.: IListorical Printing Club, i?>()i. 43 p. 12°, 
(Winnowings in American history. Virginia tracts, 
No. I.) 

Davies (Samuel). The duties, difficulties and 
reward of the faithful minister. A sermon, preached 
at the installation of the Revd . . . John Todd . . . into 
the... charge of the Presbyterian congregation in 
Hanover county, Virginia, Nov. 12. 1752. . . G^/aj- 
gow: W. Duncan jun., 1754. 114 p. 8°. 

Washington (George) . The Journal of Major 
George Washington, sent by the Hon. Robert Din- 
widdle, Esq.; His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, 
and Commander-in-Chief of Virginia, to the Com- 
mandant of the French forces in Ohio, To which are 
added, the Governor's letter, And a Translation 
of the French Officer's Answer. Williamsburg: 
Printed by William LLunter , 1"]^^,. 28 p. 12°. 

London: T. Jefferys, 1754. 32 p., 

I map. 12°. 

A^eiu York : reprinted for Joseph Sabin, 

1865. 46 p., map. 12°. 

Braddock (Edward). Major-General Edward 
Braddock's Orderly books, from February 26 to 
June 17, 1755. From the originals in the Congres- 
sional library. Cutnberland, Md.: Will H. Lowder- 
milk, 1878. 58 p., I 1. 8°. 

Stobo (Robert). Memoirs of Major Robert 
Stobo of the Virginia regiment. [Edited by N. B. C. , 
i. e., Neville B. Craig.] Pittsburgh: J. S. David- 
son, 1854. I p.l., v-vii, 13-32 p. 24°. 

Thackeray (William Makepeace). The Vir- 
ginians. A tale of the last century. London : 
Smith, Elder b' Co., 1869. 2 v. 8°. 

[Davies (Samuel).] The good soldier. Ex- 
tracted from a sermon preached to a company of 
voluntiers, raised in Virginia, Aug. 17, I755- Lon- 
dott, 1756. 15 p. 12°. 

Treaty (A) held with the Catawba and Cherokee 
Indians at the Catawba-Town and Broad River, in 
the months of February and March, 1756. By 



History, 175 6- 1773. 
virtue of a commission granted by the Honorable 
Robert Dinwiddie, Esquire, His Majesty's Lieute- 
nant-Governor, and commander in chief of the 
colony and dominion of Virginia, to the Honorable 
Peter Randolph and William Byrd, Esquires, mem- 
bers of His Majesty's council of the said colony. 
S^Williamsburg: Printed by W. Hunter, 1 756. J xiv, 
25 p. f° cropped to 4°. 

(Virginia Mag. of Hist, and Biog. 

V. 13, p. 225-264. 1906.) 

Davies (Samuel). The crisis; or. The uncertain 
dawn of kingdoms at particular times, considered 
with reference to Great-Britain and her colonies. . . 
A sermon, preached in Hanover, Virginia, October 
23, 1756; a day appointed by the Synod of New- 
York to be observed as a general fast, on account 
of the war with F" ranee. With a preface by the 
Rev. . .T. Gibbons. London: J. Buckland,J. Ward, 
and T. Field, i-]Sl. viii, 36 p. 8°. 

Dunbar (Charles). Virginia. Charles Dunbar, 
of the Island of Antigua, Esquire, only surviving 
acting E.xecutor of Thomas Dunbar Parke, late of 
the said Island, Esq. ; deceased, Appellant. Daniel 
Parke Custis, Son and Heir, and also sole Executor 
of the last Will and Testament of John Custis, of 
Virginia, Esq.; deceased. Respondent. The Appel- 
lants Case. \_London, 1757?] 7 p. f°. 

The endorsement assigns the hearing before the committee 
of privy council for plantation affairs for Friday, June 24, 
1757- There are marginal notes on pages 4, 5, 6, 7, in a con- 
temporary hand. 

Davies (Samuel). The curse of cowardice : a 
sermon preached to the militia of Hanover county, 
in Virginia, at a general muster, May 8, 1758. 
With a view to raise a company for Captain Samuel 
Meredith. London : J. Biukland, J. Ward, and 
T. Field, 1758. 3 1., 3-36 p. 12°. 

Virginia. — Committee of Correspondence. Pro- 
ceedings, 1759-67. (Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog. 
V. 10, p. 337-353; V. II, p. 1-25, 131-143. 345- 
354; V. 12, p. 1-14, 157-169, 225-240, 353-364- 
Richmond, 1903-1905. 8°.) 

Virginia legislative documents [records of the 
General Assembly, 1764-5, 1770, 1774, 1775]. 
(Virginia Mag. of Hist and Biog. v. 9, p. 353- 
368; v. 10, p. 1-16; V. 12, p. 417-424; V. 13, p. 36- 
50, 411-424; V. 14, p. 50-79. Richmond, 1902-6.) 

Burnaby (i'Pd'z/. Andrew). Travels through the 
middle settlements in North-America, in the years 
1759 and 1760. With observations on the state of 
the Colonies. London : Printed for T. Payne, 
1775. viii, 106 pp. 4°. 

Voyages dans les colonies du milieu de 

I'Amerique Septentrionale, faits en 1759 & 1760; 
avec des observations sur I'etat des colonies. Tra- 
duit d'apres la seconde edition, par M. Willd. 
Lausanne: SociJte typographique, i"]"]?). 1 p.l., x, 
I 1., iSi pp. -8° (16°. ) 

Clayton (John). Flora Virginica^ exhibens 
Plantas, quas nobilissimus vir D. D. Johannes 
Claytonus, Med. Doct., etc., etc., in Virginia cre- 
scentes observavit, collegit & obtulit D. Joh. Fred. 
Gronovio, cujus studio & opera descriptce & in 
ordinem sexualem systematicum redactas sistuntur. 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1762. 6 p.l., 176 p., 4 1., 
I map. 4°. 

Citationes auctorum explicatEe, on 4 leaves preceding text. 

First edition noted above under date of 1743. 

Aspinwall (The) papers. (Mass. Hist. Soc. 
Collections, ser. 4, v. 9-10. Boston, 1S71.) 

Some of these papers relate to the earlier history of Virginia, 
but most of them have to do with the critical years, 1763-1775. 

Carter (Landon). The rector detected: being 
a just defence of the Twopenny Act, against the 
...misrepresentations of the Rev. John Camm, 
rector of York-Hampton, in his Single and distinct 
view. . . Williamsburg: printed by J. Ro-ule, 1764. 
39. (I) pp. 4°- 

Review (A) of The rector detected ; or. The 
colonel reconnoitred. Part the First. Williams- 
burg: J. Royle, 1764. 29 pp. sq. 8°. 

Extract from An Address in the Virginia Ga- 
zette, of March 19, 1767 [to the members of the 
Assembly upon the abolition of slavery and the 
retrieval of specie]. [w./.,n. d.] 4 pp. 16°. 

Copy (A) of a Letter from a Gentleman [in] 
Virginia, To a Merchant in Philadelphia. [Phila- 
delphia, 1768.] 2 p. f°. 

On the opposition of Philadelphia merchants to the plan of 

Virginia. Journals of the House of Burgesses 
of Virginia, 1770-1772. Edited by John Pendle- 
ton Kennedy. I'lichmond [Coloftial Press'\, 1906. 
xxxiii, 333 p., I map. f°. 

Address (An) from the clergy of New-York 
and New Jersey, to the Episcopalians in Virginia; 
occasioned by some late transactions in that colony 
relative to an American Episcopate. [By Myles 
Cooper.] New York: Printed by Hugh Gaine, 
1771- 2 p.l., 58 pp. 4°. 

Grwatkin {Rev. Thomas). Letter to the clergy 
of New York and New Jersey, occasioned by an 
address to the Episcopalians in Virginia. Will- 
iamsburg: A. Purdie &= J. Dixoji, 1772. 26 pp., 
1 1. 4°. 

Droz (M.) The colony of Virginia in 1771, as 
pictured by a Swiss traveller, M. Droz. [Rich- 
mond, 1881.] 5 p. 8°. 

Mounted clipping from the Standard, Feb. 19, 1881. 

Virginia. Journal of the House of Burgesses 
[Feb. lo-Apr. 11, 1772]. [Colophon: Williams- 
burg: Printed by W. Rind, 1772.] 164 p. f°. 

Nachricht von der Provinz Virginien in Nord- 
America, nebst ausfuhrlichen Beschreibung der. . . 
Wasser-Fluth so gedachte Provinz iin Jahr 1771 . . . 
Als auch Beschreibung von der Schlacht und... 
Ausrottung der Regulatorn in Nord-Carolina 
. .und. . .geographische Beschreibung der Pro- 
vinz VennsylvanxQii. . .Frankfurt am Mayn: J. G. 
Flcicher, 1772. 16 pp. 4°. 

Boston, Mass. — Committee of Correspondence. 
Boston, April 9, 1773. [Circular letter to the com- 
mittees of other towns, communicating an extract 
of a letter " from a Gentleman of distinction in 
Virginia," dated Mar. 14, 1773, with the resolutions 
of the House of Burgesses. " We congratulate 
you upon the acquisition of such respectable Aid as 
the ancient and patriotic Province of Virginia, the 
earliest Resolvers against the detestable Stamp Act, 
in Opposition to the unconstitutional Measures of 
the present Administration." Signed in manu- 
script by William Cooper, town clerk.] i page. 
[Bostoti, 1773.] f°. 

The original resolution directing that the above be printed 



History, \-]-]2i-lll(i- 
and sent out, is among the manuscript proceedings of the com- 
mittee of correspondence (Samuel Adams Papers, Bancroft 
Collection) in the New York Public Library. See Hutchin- 
son's itfassac/iuseits, vol. 3, p. 392, note, for the Virginia 

Virginia. Journals of the House of Burgesses 
of Virginia, 1 773-1 776, including the records of the 
committee of correspondence. Edited by John 
Pendleton Kennedy. Richmond : [Colonial Press, '\ 
1905. xxiii, 301 p., I facs. f°. 

Garnett (James Mercer). Early revolutionary 
history of \'irginia, 1 773-1 774- The Committee of 
Correspondence and the call for the First Congress. 
A paper read before the Virginia Historical Soci- 
ety, ... Dec. 21, 1891. (Virginia Hist. Soc. Col- 
lections, n. s., V. II, p. 1-23. Richmond, 1892.) 

Randolph (Peyton) and others. [MS. letter 
enclosing two papers to explain the political state 
of Virginia, dated Williamsburg, May 2Sth, 1774, 
addressed to the Connecticut Committee of Corre- 
spondence ; signed Peyton Randolph, Ro. C. 
Nicholas, Dudley Digges.] i page. f°. 

Virginia. — House of Burgesses. Tuesday, the 
24th of May, 14 Geo. IH. 1774. [Order, for mak- 
ing June ist a day of fasting and prayer on account 
of the threatened destruction of " our civil rights." 
Williatnsburg, 1774.] Broadside. 4°. 

Enclosed in the letter from Peyton Randolph to the Con- 
necticut Committee of Correspondence of 28. ^lay, 1774. 

Virginia. — House of Burgesses. An Associa- 
tion, signed by 8g members of the late House of 
Burgesses. . .The 27th day of May, 1774. . . [ Wil- 
liamsburg, 1774.] 2 p. f°. 

Enclosed in the letter from Peyton Randolph to the Con- 
necticut Committee of Correspondence of 28. May, 1774. 

JefiFerson (Thomas). A summary view of the 
rights of British America. Set forth in some reso- 
lutions intended for the inspection of the present 
delegates of the people of Virginia, now in Conven- 
tion. . .By a native, and member of the House of 
Burgesses [/. e., Thomas Jefferson]. Williams- 
burg, printed by Clementina Kind. London, re- 
printed for G. Kearsly, 1774. 44 pp. 4°. 

Philadelphia: John Dunlap, 1774. 

23 p. 12°. 

(Force's American Archives. Wash- 
ington, 1S37. V . ser. 4, V. I, p. 690-699.) 

Virginia. — Convention. [Association adopted 
by the delegates to the conventional Williamsburg, 
1-6 August, 1774.] (Force's American Archives, 
Washington, 1837. ser. 4, v. i, p. 6S6-690.) 

The proceedings [Journals and Ordi- 
nances] of the convention of delegates for the 
counties and corporations in the Colony of \'irginia, 
held at Richmond town, in the county of Henrico, 
March 20.-27., 1775 [July I7--Aug. 26, 1775; 
Dec. I., 1775-Jan. 20., 1776; May 6. -July 5., 
1776J. Reprinted by a Resolution of the House 
of Delegates, of Feb. 24., 18 16. Richmond: Ritchie, 
Trueheart Ss' Du-Val, 1816. 116, 86, 19 pp. 4°. 

March 20-27, 1775. (Force's 

American Archives. Washington, 1837. ser. 4, 
V. 2, p. 165-172.) 

July 17-August 26, 1775. Pro- 
ceedings. (Force's American Archives. Wash- 
ington, 1837. ser. 4, V. 3, p. 365-430.) 

Ordinances. (Hening. v. 9, 
p- 1-74- ) 

The proceedings of the convention of 

delegates, held at. .. Richmond, in the colony of 
Virginia, on F"riday the ist of December, 1775, and 
afterwards, by adjournment, in the city of Wil- 
liamsburg. Williamsburg: Prtd. by A. Pur die 
[1776?]. 2 p.I., io6pp. 4°. 

(Force's American Archives. 

Washington, 1S43. ser. 4, v. 4, p. 75-148.) 

Ordinances passed at a convention 

held in the city of Williamsburg, in the colony of 
Virginia, on Friday the ist of December, 1775. 

Williamsburg: Prtd. by A. Pur die [1776?]. 34 
pp. 4°. 

(Hening. v. 9, p. 75-107.) 

May 6-July 5, 1775, at Williamsburg. 

Proceedings. (Force's American Archives. Wash- 
ington, 1846. f°. ser. 4, V. 6, p. 1 509-1616.) 

Ordinances. (Hening. v. 9, 

p. iog-151.) 

The Revolation. 

Cooke (John Esten). Virginia in the Revolu- 
tion. 8°. 

E.xtr.: Harper's Magazine. June, 1876. p. 1-14. 

Gilmer (George). Papers, military and politi- 
cal, 1775-1778, of George Gilmer. ..of "Pen Park," 
Albemarle County, Va. (In: Miscellaneous papers, 
1672-1865, now first printed from the manuscripts 
in the collection of the Virginia Historical Society 
.. .Richmond, 1%%-j. 4°. (Virginia Historical So- 
ciety Collections. New series. Vol. 6. p. 70-140.) 

Henry (William Wirt). The causes which pro- 
duced the Virginia of the revolutionary period; in- 
augural address. (Amer. hist, assoc. Ann. rpt. 
for i8gi, p. 15-29. lPashingto?t, 1S92.) 

Nelson (Thomas), jr. Letters of T. Nelson, 
jr., governor of Virginia. Richmond: Virginia 
Hist. Soc, 1S74. 71 pp. 4°. (Virginia Historical 
Society. Publications, n. s. , no. i.) 

Row^land (Kate Mason). The life of George 
Mason, 1725-1792. Including his speeches, public 
papers and correspondence, with an introduction by 
Gen. Fitzhugh Lee. Ne^a York: G. P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1892. 2 V. 8°. 


Henry (Patrick). Speech ... [in the Va. Assem- 
bly, March, 1775, ending: "give me liberty, or 
give me death!"]. (In: Patriot's (The) manual... 
Utica, 1S28. 12°. pp. 13-16.) 

Virginia, Colony. — Governor. By his E.xcel- 
lency the Right Hon. John Earl of Dunmore, his 
Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the 
Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Ad- 
miral of the same : A Proclamation [dated Wil- 
liamsburg, May 8, 1775, concerning grants of land 
to officers and soldiers]. [Williamsburg, 1775.] 
I p. l\ 

Braxton (Carter). An address to the conven- 
tion of the colony and ancient dominion of Vir- 
ginia; on the subject of government. . By a native 
of that colony [/. e.. Carter Braxton]. Philadel- 
phia: Printed by J. Dunlap, 1776. 25 p., I blank 1. 


I I 

History, 17 76-17 86. 

Crumrine (Boyd). The County Court for the 
District of West Augusta, Virginia, held at Au- 
gusta Town, near Washington, I'a., 1776-77. An 
historical sketch. .. Printed. . .for the Washington 
County Historical Society.. . [Washington, Pa. .•] 
Observer Job Rooms, 1905. 46 p., 2 maps, I pi. 

Grigsby (Hugh Blair). The Virginia conven- 
tion of 1776. A discourse delivered before the 
Virginia Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa society. . . 
William and Mary college. ..Williamsburg. . .July 
3rd, 1%^-,. . .Richmond, Fa.: J. W. Randolph, 
1855. 206 p. 8°. 

Virginia. — Constitution. Bill of rights... 
adopted June 12th, 1776. An amended constitu- 
tion or form of government for Virginia. Adopted 
January 14th, 1830. n.t.-p. [1830?] 14 p. pap. 

Virginia bill of rights, 1776. (In: Poore 

(B. P.) Constitutions. Washington, 1878. i° . 
p. 1908-1909.) 

Declaration of Rights. (Copy of the first 

draught by George iMason.) A declaration of rights 
made by the... people of Virginia. . .adopted by 
the convention of Virginia, June 12, 1776. (In: 
Niles, Hezekiah — Principles and Acts of the Revo- 
lution. . .^a///w^r^ .• Wm. Ogden yV?7^.f, 1822, p. 
123-124; N'ew York: A. S. Barnes 6^ Co., 1876. 
p. 301-303.) 

A collection of all such acts. . .of a public 

and permanent nature, as are now in force; with a 
table... to which are prefixed the Declaration of 
Rights, and Constitution. . .A'zV/^wcwf/.- A. Davis. 
1794. 380 p. f°. 

Constitution of Virginia, 1776. (In: Poore 

(Benjamin Perley). The federal and state consti- 
tutions. . .of the United States. Washington, 1878. 
p. 1910-1912.) 

Same. In French. (In: Dufau's Collec- 
tion des constitutions, v. 455-) 

Washington (Henry Augustin). The Vir- 
ginia constitution of 1776. A discourse. . .before 
the Virginia Historical Society.. . 1852. Richmond: 
McFarlatte (Sr* Fergusson, 1852. 51 p. 8°. 

Exiles in Virginia; with observations on the 

conduct of the Society of Friends during the Revo- 
lutionary war, comprising the official papers of the 
government relating to that period, t777-i778. 
[By T. Gilpin.] Philadelphia : \_C. Sherman, 
printer'] 1S48. (2) v-xvi, 17-802 p., I pi. 8^ 

Nelson (Thomas). Head Quarters, York 
[town, Va.], August 23, 1777. [Circular letter 
directing the chief officers of the militia of every 
county to transmit to the commander in chief of 
the state forces a full account of their arms, stores, 
and number of men enrolled. Signed in ms., 
Thos Nelson jr. B: Gl. Yorkto7un, I777-] i P- 


Minute (or order) book of the Virginia Court 
held for Ohio county, Virginia, at Black's Cabin 
(now West Liberty, W. Va.), from January 6, 1777, 
until September 4, 1780, when its jurisdiction over 
any part of Pennsylvania had ceased. Edited by 
B. Crumrine. (Annals of the Carnegie Museum. 
V. 3, p. 5-78. Pittsburgh, 1904.) 

Brief (A) narrative of the revival of religion in 
Virginia. In a letter to a friend. London : R. 
I/awes, 1778. 35 p. 3. ed. 16°. 

Hutchins (Thomas). A topographical descrip- 
tion of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and 
North Carolina, comprehending the rivers Ohio, 
Kenhawa, Sioto, Cherokee, Wabash, Illinois, Mis- 
sissipi, &c... And an Appendix, containing Mr. 
Patrick Kennedy's journal up the Illinois river, and 
a list of the. . .nations and tribes of the Indians. . . 
London : the author, 177S. 1 1, ii, 67 p. , 2 maps, 
table. 4°. 

Another ed. with table of errata. 

A topographical description of Virginia, 

Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina. Re- 
printed from the original edition of 1778. Edited 
by F. C. Hicks. Cleveland : Burrows Bros, Co., 
1904. 143 p., X facsim., i map, 2 plans, i table. 

Evans (Israel). A discourse delivered near 
York in Virginia on the memorable occasion of the 
surrender of the British Army to the allied forces 
of America and France before the Brigade of New- 
York Troops and the Division of American Light- 
Infantry, under the command of the Marquis de 
la Fayette. Philadelphia: Prtd. by F.Bailey, 1782. 
46 p. 8°. 

Journal of a young lady [Lucinda Lee] of 
Virginia, 17S2. [Edited by Emily V. Mason.] 
Printed and published for the benefit of the Lee 
Memorial Association of Richmond. Baltimore : 
J. Murphy &> Co., 187X. I p.l., v-vi, 7-56 p. 8°. 
[Jefferson (Thomas).] Notes on the State of 
Virginia; written in the year 1781, somewhat cor- 
rected and enlarged in the winter of 17S2, for the 
use of a Foreigner of distinction, in answer to 
certain queries proposed by him respecting i. Its 
boundaries... 2. Rivers... 3. Sea ports... 4. 
Mountains... 7. Climate... 8. Population... 11. 
Aborigines... 13. Constitution... 15. Colleges, 
buildings, and roads... 17. Religion... 18. Man- 
ners. . . 22. Public revenue and expences. 23. His- 
tories, memorials, and state-papers. [Paris,] 1782. 

I p.l., 326, 367-391 P- 8^ 

This copy contains the autograph presentation inscription 
in English from Jefferson to Abbe Morellet, with a note of 
acknowledgment in French from the abbe and his bookplate. 

Though dated 1782 the book was sent to press 13 Sept., 
1784. Writing to .Madison from Paris, 11 May, 1785, Jeffer- 
son said: "They yesterday finished printing my notes. I 
had 200 copies printed, but do not put them out of my own 
hands, except two or three copies here and two which I shall 
send to America, to yourself & Colo. Monroe." 

Another copy, i p.l., 391 P-. ^ table- 


Bound after page 391 are (i) the map of Virginia that accom- 
panied later editions ; (2) Draught of a fundamental constitu- 
tion for the Commonwealth of Virginia [Fan's, 1786], 14 P-; 
(3) Notes on the establishment of a money unit, and of a coin- 
age for the United States [Far/s, 1786]. 14 p., dated at end 
"Annapolis, May g, 1784"; (4) An Act for establishing Re- 
ligious Freedom, passed in the assembly of Virginia in the 
beginning of the year 1786 [/'rtr/.s, 1786]. 4 p. , <• » 

Pages 51-54 are reprinted in smaller type than that ot tirst 
copy above noted, and p. 315-317 bave typographical varia- 
tions. , ■»« T *** 

Observations sur la Virginie, Par M. J.** . 

Traduites de I'Anglois. A Paris : chez Barrels, 
1786. 2 p.l., viii, 290 [really 390] p., 3 1-. i ™ap, 
I table. 8°. 

French translation made by the Abbe Morellet. 



History, 1 787-1 7S8. 

Notes on the State of Virginia. Written by 

Thomas Jefferson. Illustrated with A Map, includ- 
ing the Stales of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and 
Pennsylvania. London: John Stockda/e,i'j%']. 2 p.!., 
3S2 p., I map, I table. 8°. 

Philadelphia: Printed by Prichard Ss' 

Hall, 1788. 2 p.l., 244 p., I table. 8°. 

First hotpressed edition. Philadelphia: 

R. T. Rawle,\Zoi. (4), 436, (i) 56 p., 1 pi., 2 maps, 
I table. 8°. 

8. American edition. Boston: D. Car- 
lisle, printed for Thomas &" Andrews, etc., 1 801. 
364 p., I map, I pi., I port. 8°. 

9. American edition. Boston : H. 

Sprague, 1802. 368 p., i map, i port., i tab. 16°. 

Notes on the state of Virginia. With an 

Appendix relative to the murder of Logan's family. 
Trenton: M. Carey, 1803. 356 p., i map, i port., 
I table. 12°. 

Philadelphia: H. C. Carey &- J. Lea, 

1825. 344 p. 12°. 

Richmond : J. IV. Randolph, 1S53. 

4 p.l., 275 p., 5 maps, I pi. New ed. 8°. 

Notes on the state of Virginia. A reprint 

of the original edition of 1784. Edited by P. L. 
Ford. Brooklyn: Hist. Print. Club, 1S94. 3 p.l., 
235 p., I facsim., i map, 4 pL, i table. 8°. 

Moore (Clement Clarke). Observations upon 
certain passages in Mr. Jefferson's notes on Vir- 
ginia, which appear to have a tendency to subvert 
religion and establish a false philosophy. N^ew 
York, 1804. 32 p. 8°. 

United States. — Congress, Continental, IITS- 
1789. By the United States of America In Congress 
Assembled, A Proclamation, Declaring the Cessa- 
tion of Arms, as well by Sea as by Land, agreed 
upon between the United States of America and 
his Britannic Majesty; and enjoining the Observ- 
ance thereof. [Dated Philadelphia, Apr. 11, 1783. 
Followed by a proclamation of Benjamin Harrison, 
Governor of \'irginia, enjoining obedience to the 
said proclamation; dated Richmond, Apr. 21,1783.] 
Richmond: Printed by John Hayes, Printer to the 
Commonwealth [1783]. i p. f°. 


Matthews (.Mbert). Notes on the proposed 
abolition of Slavery in Virginia in 1785. (Colonial 
Soc. of Mass. Publications, v. 6, p. 370-380. 1904.) 

Virginia. — Delegates, House of. In The House 
of Delegates. Nov. 14, 1785. Whereas the relative 
situation of the United States, has been found on 
trial to require uniformity in their commercial regu- 
lations, ... I p. V\ 


Memorial and remonstrance, presented to the 
General Assembly, of the state of Virginia, at their 
session in 1785, in consequence of a bill brought 
into that assembly for the establishment of religion 
by law. Worcester, Afass.: L. Thomas, i-jSt. 16 p. 

Parke (John). Virginia: a pastoral drama, on 
the birthday of an illustrious personage and the re- 

turn of peace; February nth, T784. Philadelphia: 
Prtd. by E. Os'U'ald,ii?>(). (In: Horace.— The lyric 
works of Horace translated into English verse. . . 
added, a number of original poems. By a native of 
America [/. e., John ParkeJ. Philadelphia, 1786. 
p. 321-334- 8°.) 

Virginia. — Statutes. An Act For appointing 
Deputies from this Commonwealth to a Convention 
proposed to be held in the City of Philadelphia in 
May ne.xt, for the purpose of Revising the FtL-deral 
Constitution. [Passed the House of Delegates 9 
Nov., Senate 23 Nov., 17S6.] {^Richmond, 1786.] 
I p. 4°. 


Virginia. — Delegates, Hotise of. In the House 
of Delegates, Thursday, the 25th of October, 17S7. 
Resolved [that the proceedings of the Federal Con- 
vention be submitted to a Convention of the people. 
Agreed to by the Senate, Oct. 31.] {^Richmond, 
1787.] I p. 8°. 

Statutes. Virginia, to wit: General Assem- 
bly begun and held at the Capitol in the city of Rich- 
mond, on Monday the fifteenth day of October, in 
the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and eighty-seven. An Act Concerning the Conven- 
tion to be held in June next. Passed December 
I2th, 1787. iRickmond, 1787?] i p. f°. 


L'Academie des Sciences et Beaux Arts des 
Etats-Unis de I'Amerique, Richmond, Va. Memoire 
et prospectus, concernant I'Academie. . .etablie a 
Richemond, capitale de la Virginie; par le Cheva- 
lier Quesnay de Beaurepaire, Fondateur-President. 
Paris: Cailleau, Lmprimeur de V Acadhnie de Riche- 
mond, 17S8. 8 p.l., 52 p. 8°. 

Virginia. — Constitutional Convention, 1788. 
Debates and other proceedings of the convention of 
Virginia, convened at Richmond, on Monday the 2. 
of June, 17S8, for the purpose of deliberating on 
the Constitution recommended by the Grand Fed- 
eral Convention. To which is prefixed the Federal 
Constitution. Petersburg : Hunter ^^ Prentis, 
prtrs., 1788-89. 3 V. 8°. 

Form of the ratification of the new consti- 
tution by the convention of Virginia. [27 June, 
1788. With the Declaration of rights, and the 
Amendments proposed.] (American Museum. 
Philadelphia: M. Carey, 1788. v. 4, p. 149-153.) 

Debates and other Proceedings of the Con- 
vention of Uirginia [j/c], convened at Richmond, 
on Monday, the second day of June, 178S, for the 
purpose of deliberating on the Constitution recom- 
mended by the grand Federal Convention. To 
which is prefixed the federal Constitution. Taken 
in short hand, by David Robertson — of Petersburg. 
2. ed. Richmond: Ritchie Ssf Worsley, and Augus- 
tine Davis, 1805. viii, 477 p. 8°. 

Journal of the Convention of Virginia; held 

in the City of Richmond, on the First Monday in 
June, in the Vear of our Lord one thousand seven 
hundred and Eighty-eight. Richmond: Thomas W. 
White, 1827. 39 p. 8°. 

Ci.ASON (A. W.) The Convention of Virginia, 
1788. (Magazine of American History, v. 15, 
p. 566-589. Nexv York, 1886. S°.) 

(In his: Seven conversations. New 

York, 1 888. p. 68-102.) 


T I 

History, 178S-1800. 

Dkcius's letters on the opposition to the new 
constitution in Virginia, 1789. [By James Mont- 
gomery.] Richmond: Printed by Aug. Davis [1789]. 
4 p.l., 134 p. 8°. 

The half-titles, p. 65-82 and 129-134, are in facsimile from 
the Lib. of Congress copy, which has Jefferson's MS. notes. 

Grigshy (Hugh Blair). The History of the Vir- 
ginia Federal Convention of 17SS, with some ac- 
count of the eminent Virginians of that era who 
were members of that body. With a Biographical 
Sketch of the Author and illustrative Notes edited 
by R. A. Brock. Richmond: \_Virginia Historical^ 
Society, 1890-gi. 2 v. (Virginia Historical Col- 
lections, new series, v. 9 and 10.) 
Vol. I, pp. 363-372, contains text of the federal constitution. 

Henry (Patrick). On the Expediency of adopt- 
ing the P'ederal Constitution. [Speech in] Conven- 
tion of Virginia, June 4, 1788. (In: Johnston's 
American Orations, v. i, p. 24-29. N'ezu York, 
1884. 12°. ) 

[Speeches on the Federal Constitution de- 
livered in the Virginia Convention, 4th to the gth 
of June, 17S8.] (In: Moore's American Eloquence. 
v. I, p. 13-39. ^'V'^f^i' York, 1S57. 8°.) 

Same. (In: Henry (W. W.) Patrick Henry. 

Life, Correspondence and Speeches. Nezv York, 
1 89 1. V. 3, p. 431-600. 8°.) 

Patrick Henry in the Virginia Convention, 

1788. (Magazine of American History, v. 27, 
p. 2 1 1-2 1 2. /Yew York, 1892. 8°.) . 

Independent Journal, New York. Supplement 
to the Independent Journal, New-York, July 2, 
178S. In our Independent Journal of this Morn- 
ing, we announced the Ratification of the New Con- 
stitution by the Convention of Virginia. . . Ne%v- 
York: J. 6^ .4. McLean [1788]. i p. f°. 

Madison (James). [Speeches on the Federal 
Constitution delivered in the Virginia Convention, 
June, 178S.] (In; Moore's American Eloquence, 
v. I, p. 127-144. New York, 1857. 8°.) 

Marshall (John). [Speeches on the Federal 
Constitution delivered in the Virginia Convention, 
10-20 June, 1788. (In: Moore's American Elo- 
quence. V. 2, p. 10-20. New York, 1857. 8°.) 

Randolph (Edmund). [Speech on the Federal 
Constitution delivered in the Virginia Convention, 
6th June, 1788.] (In: Moore's American Eloquence. 
V. I, p. 165-173. Netu York, 1857. 8°.) 


Tatham (William). A Topographical Analysis 
of the Commonwealth of Virginia, compiled for the 
years 1 790-1. Shewing the Extent. . . of the seve- 
ral Counties. . . Population, Force, County Lieu- 
tenants, Representatives. . . Courts, Civil Lists, &c. 
. . . Richmond : Printed by Thomas Nicolson, ex- 
clusive printer for the author at that place [1791]. 
I p. f°. 


Virginia. — Delegates, House of. Resolved 
[Thursday, 28 November 1793]. - . that a state can- 
not, under the Constitution of the United States, 
be made a defendant at the suit of any individual or 
individuals... [^Richinond, 1793.] i p. 12°. 

Virginia. — Courts. Decisions of cases in Vir- 
ginia by the High Court of Chancery, with remarks 
upon decrees by the Court of Appeals reversing 
some of those decisions. Rich?nond: T. Nicolson, 
1795. 166 p., I 1. f.°. 

In the House of Delegates, Saturday, De- 
cember 12, 1795. The House, according to the 
order of the day, resolved itself. . . [Resolution on 
amendments to the constitution concerning ratifica- 
tion of treaties, a tribunal for trial of impeach- 
ments, and the composition of the U. S. Senate.] 
I p. 8°. 


Virginia. Proceedings of the Virginia Assem- 
bly, on the answers of sundry States to their reso- 
lutions, passed in December, 1798. Philadelphia: 
J. Carey, 1800. 59 p. 8°. 

New York: Gar denier &" Buell, 1815. 

I p.l., 40 p. 8°. 

Federal Relations Committee. Report and 

resolutions of the Virginia Legislature, in 1799, on 
the subject of our Federal relations, n.t.-p. 20 p. 
4°. (Doc. no. 12.) 

Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 1798 

and '99, with Jefferson's original draught thereof. 
Also, Madison's report, Calhoun's address, resolu- 
tions. . . in relation to State rights. With other 
documents in support of the Jeffersonian doctrines 
of '98. Published by Jonathan Elliot. Washing- 
ton, 1832. 82 p. 8°. 

The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions of 

1 798-1 799. (In: Niles' Weekly Register, Supple- 
ment to Vol. 43, p. 1-24. Baltimore, 1833.) 

The Virginia report of 1 799-1 800, touching 

the alien and sedition laws; together with the Vir- 
ginia resolutions of December 21, 1798, the debate 
and proceedings thereon in the House of Delegates 
of Virginia, and. . . other documents. . . Richmond: 
J. W. Randolph, I'iiSO. I p.l., ix-xvi, 17-264P. 8°. 

The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions 

with the Alien, Sedition, and other acts, i798-'99. 
I p.l., 26 p. N'ew York : A. Lovell ^^ Co., 1894. 
12°. (American History Leaflets, no. 15.) 

Hansford (Theodosius). Debates in the House 
of Delegates of Virginia, upon certain resolutions 
before the House, upon the. . . subject of the Acts 
of Congress, passed at their last session, commonly 
called the Alien and Sedition laws. {^Richmond? 
1798.] I p.l., 5-190 p., I 1. 8°. 

Address (The) of the Minority in the Virginia 
Legislature to the people of that State; containing 
a vindication of the constitutionality of the Alien 
and Sedition laws. n. t.-p. \_Richmond, Va., 
1799.] 16 pp. 8°. 


Addison (A.) Analysis of the report of the 
Committee of the Virginia Assembly, on the pro- 
ceedings of sundry of the other states in answer to 
their resolutions. Philadelphia: Z. Poulson,Jun., 
1800. 54 p. 12°. 

Virginia. — House of Delegates. Communica- 
tions from several states, on the resolutions of the 
Legislature of Virginia, respecting the alien & se- 
dition laws: also instructions from the General as- 



224 p. 

History, 1800-1830. 
sembly of Virginia, to their senators in Congress; 
and the report of the committee to whom was com- 
mitted the proceedings of . . . other states in answer 
to the resolutions of the General assembly, of . . . 
Dec. 1798... Kichmo7td, Va.: M. Jones [1800]. 
104 pp. 16°. 


Letter to a member of the general assembly of 
Virginia, on the subject of the late conspiracy of 
the slaves; with a proposal for their colonization. 
23 p. Baltimore: Bonsai dr' Niles, printers, 1801. 

Letters (The) of the British Spy. [By William 
Wirt.] Originally published in the Virginia Argus, 
in August and September, 1803. Richmond: S. 
Pleasants, Jr., 1803. 88 p. 2. ed. 8°. 

Richmond: S. Pleasants, jun., 1805. 

3. ed. 16°. 

Baltimore: F. Lucas, jr., 181 7. 186 p., 
port. 6. ed. 24°. 

Baltimore: F. Lucas, jzai. [1830?] 

2 pi. 8. ed. 24°. 

10. edition, revised and corrected. To 

which is prefixed, a biographical sketch of the au- 
thor. N^eiv York: J. ^ J. Harper, \'i)'},i. i p.l., 
Q-260 p., I port. 12°. 

Jones (Thomas). An Address to the People of 
Virginia: in two parts, shewing the danger arising 
from the unbounded influence of lawyers, and the 
impolicy of confiding to them the legislation of our 
State. IVinchester: Va.: J. Collett [1807]. 36 p. 

Address (An) to the Freeholders of the Con- 
gressional district composed of the counties of 
Greenbrier, Botetourt, Rockbridge, Monroe, Giles, 
Kenawha, and Mason. By a Citizen of the Dis- 
trict. {^Staunton, Va.:^ Political Censor, 1809. 
16 p. 8°. 

Tour (A) through part of Virginia, in the sum- 
mer of 1808, in a series of letters, including an ac- 
count of Harper's Ferry, the natural bridge, the 
new discovery called Weir's Cave, Monticello, and 
the different medical springs, hot and cold baths, 
visited by the author [T. Caldwell]. lYe-cO York: 
printed for the author, H. C. Soiith7vick, printer 
[1S09]. 31 p. 12°. 

Virginia. Preamble and resolutions adopted 
by the General Assembly of Virginia on the subject 
of the right of the state Legislatures to instruct 
their Senators in Congress. \^Richmond, 18 12.] 
28 p. 16°. 

Aitditor's Office. Muster rolls of the Vir- 
ginia militia in the war of 1812, being a supple- 
ment to the pay rolls printed and distributed in 

1851. Copied from rolls in the Auditor's office at 
Richmond. Richtnotid: W. F. Ritchie, pul>. prtr., 

1852. xiv, 858 p. 8°. 

Letters from Virginia, translated from the 
French. Baltimore: Fielding Lucas,jr.,\'a\b. 220 p. 

Fordham (Elias Pym). Personal narrative of 
travels in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, 
Indiana, Kentucky and of a residence in the Illinois 

. Edited by F. A. Ogg. 
Clark Co., 1906. 

43 ?• 

Territory: 1817-1818 . . 
Cleveland: The A. H. 
3 plans, I pi. 8°. 

Pocahontas: a proclamation with plates, n. p. 

[1S20] 16 p. 8°. 

Ravenscroft (John Stark), bishop of N^orth 
Carolina. A sermon preached ... at the opening 
of the Virginia Convention .. . 1820. Philadelphia: 
IV. Fry, 1820. 31 p. 8". 

Virginia opposition to Chief Justice Marshall. 
Reprints from Richmond Enquirer, 1821. (The 
John P. Branch Historical Papers of Randolph- 
Macon College, v. 2, no. 2, p. 78-183. igo6.) 

United States. — Public Lands, Committee on. 
Report . . . upon the subject of certain lands in the 
state of Ohio, situate between Roberts' and Lud- 
low's lines, with a bill to provide for the relinquish- 
ment of certain claims to land sold by the United 
States, in the state of Ohio. January 21, 1825. 
n. t.-p. \^Washington, 1S25.] 29 p., i tab. 8°. 
(18. Cong., 2. sess. [H. rpt.] 34.) 

[Letters and memorials to the Com- 
mittee on Public Lands relating to the western 
boundary of the Virginia military district and Gen- 
eral McArthur's land claims.] February 22, 1825. 
n. t.-p. \^lVashington, 1825.] 13 p. 8°. (18. 
Cong., 2. sess. [S. doc] 37.) 

Wallace (Cadwallader). Memorial [submitting 
letter on claims to public lands between the Scioto 
and Little Miami Rivers]. December 24, 1827. 
Washington: Gales 6^ Seaton, prtrs., 1827. 31 p. 
8°. (U. S. 20. Cong., I. sess. H. doc. 19.) 

To Thomas Scott and John Alexander. [A 

letter concerning Virginia military land and the 
Ohio boundary dated] Chillicothe, June ist, 1827. 

71. t. p. «./. [1827?] II p. 4°. 

[Letter dated] July 26, 1827. n. p. 

[1827?] 4 p. 4°. 

To Littleton W. Tazewell and John Ran- 
dolph. [A letter dated] Chillicothe, October i, 
1827 [concerning the Virginia military land and the 
Ohio boundary], n. t.-p. n. p. [1827?] 14 p. 4°. 

[Letter dated] December 10, 1827. 

n. t.-p. n.p. [1827?] 4 p. 4°. 

[Correspondence of the Chairman of the 

Committee on public lands, in relation to the matter 
of the Virginia military land and the Ohio bound- 
ary.] \^lVashington? \'i>i'i>T\ 16 p. 4°. 

Taylor (Robert B.) Speech. . . as delivered in 
the Convention . . October 26, 1829, upon the sub- 
ject of the right of suffrage, basis of representation, 
and taxation. Richmond : T. W. White, 1S29. 
16 p. 8°. 

Virginia. Report of committee on revolu- 
tionary war claims. 4 p. (House Journal. Dec. 
sess. 1829. Doc. 14.) 

Substitute proposed, {ibid. Doc. 15.) 

Virginia. — Constitution. Constitution of Vir- 
ginia, 1830. (In: Poore (Benjamin Perley). The 
federal and state constitutions ... of the United 
States. Washington, 1878. f°. pp. 1912-1919.) 

Proceedings and debates of the Vir- 
ginia state convention of 1829-30, to which are sub- 
joined the new constitution of Virginia and the 



History, 1 830-1833. 
votes of the people. Richmond: Printed by Samuel 
Shepherd &= Co., for Ritchie dr' Cook, 1 830. iv, 
920 p. 8°. 

Proceedings and debates of the Virginia 

convention begun and held in the county of Rich- 
mond, Oct. 5, 1829. ..Jan. 15, 1830. Winchester: 
S. H. Davis, 1830. i p.l., 124 p. f°. 

Reprinted by " Winchester Republican." 

Bill of rights.. . adopted, June 12th, 1776. 

An amended constitution or form of government 
for Virginia. Adopted January 14th, 1830. n. t.-p. 
[1830?] 14 p. pap. 8°. 

Grigsby (Hugh Blair). The Virginia Conven- 
tion of 1S29-30. A discourse delivered before the 
Virginia Historical Society, at their annual meeting, 
held in the Athen^um in the City of Richmond, 
Dec. 15, 1853. Richmond: the Society, i?>^^. 104 P- 

Printed also in the Virginia Historical Reporter, vol. i, 
part I, pp. 15-116. 

Young (C. H.) Virginia constitutional conven- 
tion of 1829. (In: The John P. Branch historical 
papers of Randolph-Macon College, no. 2, 1902, p. 


To the Honorable the Congress of the United 
States, the memorial of the commonwealth of Vir- 
ginia, by her commissioner and agent [asking for 
settlement of claims against the United States for 
value of 150,000 acres of land to enable the State 
to give to certain revolutionary officers half pay for 
life], n. t.-p. [183-?] 15 p. 8°. 

Drewry (W. S.) *Slave insurrections in Vir- 
ginia, 1S30-1S65. Johns Hopkins University. 
Washington: Neale Co., 1900. 201 p. , i 1., i map, 
33 pi., 4 port. 8°. 

Virginia. Report of committee on Virginia 
revolutionary war claims. 5 p. (House Journal, 
Dec. Sess., 1830. Doc. 32.) 

To the General Assembly of the Commonwealth 
of Virginia, the heirs and representatives of Gen- 
eral Thomas Nelson of York-Town, represent: 
That their ancestor was an active agent in the war 
of the revolution \e'tc.'\ {^Richnond? 1831.] (8) p. 

This is the second claim for indemnity made by the heirs of 
Thomas Nelson, signer of the Declaration of Independence, 
member of the Continental Congress, and governor of Virginia . 
The first was presented in 1822 through the efforts of St. 
George Tucker, but remained dormant until renewed in 1831; 
the second appeal was referred to the First and Second 
Auditors, who reported adversely as noted below. The heirs 
petitioned the U. S. Congress, on Dec. 10, 1833, but this at- 
tempt was also reported unfavorably. See on this and related 
matter, articles by R. A. Brock, in The Richtnond Standard., 
June 7 and Dec. 13, 1879; Sept. 25, 1880. 

Virginia. Report on "An act referring to the 
first and second auditors and treasurer, the petition 
and accompanying documents of heirs of General 
Thomas Nelson " for revolutionary war claims. 
10 p. (House Journal, Dec. Sess., 1831. Doc. 9.) 

[Warner (Samuel).] Authentic and impartial 
narrative of the tragical scene which was witnessed 
in Southampton County (Virginia) on. . the 22d of 
August last, when fifty-five of its inhabitants 
(mostly women and children) were inhumanly mas- 
sacred by the blacks! \_New York.-] Printed for 
Warner cr' West, 1831. [3-]38p., I folded pi. 12°. 

Agricola. Virginia doctrines, not nullifica- 
tion. Published in the Richmond Enquirer. . . 
1832 . . .Richmond: S. Shepherd dr' Co., 1832. 52 pp. 

Appomatox. The letter of Appomatox to the 
people of Virginia, e.xhibiting a connected view of 
the recent proceedings in the House of Delegates, 
on the subject of the abolition of slavery. . .47 pp. 
Richmond: T. W. White, printer, 1832. 8°. 

Berry (H.) The speech of H. pjerry in the 
House of delegates of Virginia, on the abolition of 
slavery. {Richmond? 1832?] 8 pp. 8°. 

Boiling (P. A.) The speeches of P. A. Boiling the House of delegates of Virginia, on the 
policy of the State in relation to her colored popula- 
tion: delivered on the nth and 25th of January, 
\%Z'^...Richmond : T. W. White, 1832. 2. ed. 
16 pp. 8°. 

Chandler (J. A.) The speech of J. A. Chand- 
ler. . .in the House of delegates of Virginia, on the 
policy of the State with respect to her slave popula- 
tion. Delivered Jan. 17, 1832. Richmond: T. W. 
White, 1832. 10 pp. 8°. 

Dew (Thomas Roderick). Review of the debate 
in the Virginia Legislature of 1831 and 1832. 
Richmond: T. W. White, 1832. 133 pp. 8°. 

Faulkner (C. J.) The speech of C. J. Faulkner the House of delegates of Virginia on the 
policy of the State with respect to her slave popula- 
tion. Delivered Jan. 20, 1832. Richmond: T. W. 
White, 1832. 22 pp. 8°. 

M'Dowell (J.) jr. Speech of J. M'Dowell jr. the House of delegates of Virginia, on the 
slave question: delivered. . .Jan. 21, 1832. Rich- 
mond: T. IF. White, 1832. 2. ed. 33 pp. 8°. 

Marshall (T.) The speech of T. Marshall. . . 
in the House of delegates of Virginia, on the policy 
of the State in relation to her colored population, 
delivered. . .Jan. 14, 1832... Richmond : T. W. 
White, 1832. 2. ed. 8°. 

United States. — Statutes. Resolution ex- 
planatory of the third section of the act of fifth 
July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, 
entitled "An act for liquidating and paying certain 
claims to the State of Virginia." {Washington, 
1833.] 2 p. 4°. (22. Cong., 2. Sess. H. R. 16.) 

Virginia. List of officers of Virginia continen- 
tal and state line, and state navy whose names ap- 
pear on army register and have not received land for 
revolutionary services. 18 pp. (Jol. House, Dec, 
1833. Doc. 31.) 

• List of portion of Armond's corps. . . . list of 

officers and soldiers of the Virginia continental 
line. . .who have not received land for revolutionary 
war services. 16 p. (House Journal, Dec, 1833. 
Doc. 34.) 

Virginia (The) scrivener, .. .forms of bonds, 
contracts, conveyancing, and other instruments of 
writing. . .accompanied by. . .explanatory rules of 
law, with the mode of authenticating deeds for 
record in all the states of the Union. Prepared by 
a gentleman of the bar of Staunton. To which are 
prefixed the Constitution of the U. S., the Bill of 
rights, and new Constitution of Va. Staunton, 
Fa.: K. Harper, 1833. iv, 5-181 pp. 8°. 



£ls:.-^-. 1534-1S50. 

Virsinia. Report of the - — : 

Cj^ " - - TT tor semccs in Lae war oi the 

rev; ;er iSth. i5^4. n.t.-r. \_R:ck- 

^•^■- :-i.. -i??- s^ 

5 p. (Hoase TocmsL Dec. Sess. . 

i5j^ Doc- 5.> 

List of claims for boimnr land for 

revol-tioaarT serrices, acted upon bv governor 
siace April i. 1534. 20 pp. (House JoamaL 
Dec Sessioa. 1534, Doc 35.1 

List of non-commissioned oficers and 

soldiers and non-commissioned oScers and seamen 
and ma-Ines of state navy whose names are in the 
army register, and who have not received bonntv 
land for reToIntionary services. 19 pp. (Hoase 
Tocmal. Dec Session, 1S54. Doc. 43.) 

List of non-commissioned omcers and 

soldiers of Va. line on continental establishment 
whose names appear on the armv register and who 
nave 'not received bounty land. 51 pp. (Hoose 
Jocmal Dec. Sess.. iSjO. Doc. 44.'* " 

Opinion of Attorney General re revo- 

Intionary claims. 5 pp. (^Honse Tonmal. Dec 
sess., 1534, Doc 45.) 

Report of select committee to whom 

was referred part of the Governor's message re 
revolt-tionary claims. ( House TrL Dec. sess.. 1334: 

p. Q2-GC.) 

Report of Commissioners of revoln- 

rionaiy war claims. ii5 p. 1 Honse TotimaL i5^?. 
Doc 6-1 

Proceedings of a convention of Republican 
<iei=g^-=5- -"':m the adjacent counties, held in 
Frec-ericksburg. . .1536, including an address to 
the RepnbHcans of Virginia. Fndiricksiurg: tki 
An -z. trinur. 1536. 17 p- :'. 

RD^rs ("^lUiam B[ar:on]}. Report of the 
geo ogical reconnoissance of the state of \liginia. . . 
Pk.ladiltkia : Desilzir, T'icm.iis c^ Co.. i5"6. 
143 (i) P^, r =5.D. 5\ (Virginia Public Works. 
Bd. oL) 

Sketch oi Western Virginia: for the use of 

British settlers in that countrv. Lcndcn: E. Bull. 
i537- ~-- - - Ii5- ^- p.. I map. 12'. 

Ne"w York State. — G-yvemor. Correspon- 
dence between the Governor of New York and the 
Executive of Virginia, i 539—40. concerning the dis- 
position c: fugitives. K.r.-/. [1:35] 4i-ii5p. 5'. 

United States — Public Lznds, Oymmitt^e on. 

Military land — arrants. Report [on resolution re- 
lating to an appropriation of land to satisfy military 
bounty Land warrants]. To ace. bul H' R. 2S0. 
-\pril 4, 1:40. n. t. p. \_WaskinpcTi:'\ Blair <r- 
Eivis.prtrj.[i'ij^o\ 5 pp. S'. (26. Cong., I. sess. 
H. rpt. 317.1 

Ri'^oluticnary Claims, Co-mmitUi en. Vir- 
ginia revolutionary claims — bounty land and com- 
mutation pay. Report, .\pril 24, 1:40. n. t.-p. 
l^rasiingtoH .-"l Blair g" Rives, prtrs. [1S40] 
155 pp. a". (26. QxjQ%., I. sess. H. rpt. 456.) 

Pitili/: Lands, CommitUi en. Cadwallader 

^^a^ace. Report [on the petition of C. Wallace. 

praying compensation for lands in the Virginia mili- 
tary reservation appropriated by virtue of Virginia 

military land war rants and sold by the United 
States government]. May 25. 1S40. «. t.-p. 
\^}VaskiKrtjn, I Sao.] 20 pp. S°. (26. Cong., i. 
sess. H. rpt. =09.) 

Same. Feb. g, 1S42. [ Waskingtim, 1242.] 

3 pp. \z-. Cong., I. sess. H. rpt. iSg.) 

Same. T: ' S. no. 261. 10, 

1546. [iVaskiHg:: b' Hiiss,f^rtrs.\\%At'^ 

40 j^ (29. Cong.. :. jc;<. S. doc 435.) 

Same. To ace bill S. no. 54. Dec 2S, 

1546. \li~askingttm, 1547.] 4° PP- (29. Cong., 
2. sess. S. doc 20.) 

Same. To ace bill S. no. 44. Dec. 30, 

1547. \^lVaskingtifn, 1S4S.] 43 pp. (^30. Cong., 
I. sess. S. rpt. 10.) 

Virginia. Report of the progress of the geo- 
logical survey of the state for 1539; by W. B. 
RGGEB.S. [Imperfect?! Richmond, \i\o. 160 p., 
dia. S\ 

Bayl|_e]y (Thomas Henry). Speech of Mr. 

Bayly of Accomack, on the bill to prevent citizens 
of Xew York from carrying slaves out of this com- 
monwealth, and to prevent the escape of persons 
charged with the commission of any crime, and in 
reply to Mr. Scott of Fauquier, delivered in the 
House of Delegates of Virginia, on the 25th and 
2cth of February, 1S41. Rickmcnd: Sk^pkerd and 
C'jlin. 1541. 35 pp. S°. 

Letter to his Excellency Wm. H. Se-;v2rd, 
Governor of the state of Xew York, touching the 
surrender of certain fugitives from justice. [Signed : 
By .\ Virginian, now a citizen of New York.] 
.Vir-s- Ycri: li'. Osbcrn, li\\. 100 pp. 5". 

Carter (St. Leger L.) Xngje, by Xngator: or 
Pieces in prose and verse. Baltimore: W::i: or' 
Cram. rSxx. iv. 5—215 pp. 16". 

United States. — Ways ar.d Means, CciKmitiee 
cf. Th;~i.5 Gree-. Report [submitting the memo- 
rial 01 T. Green, commissioner, on behalf of Vir- 
ginia, claiming payments for certain revolutionary 
services]. To ace bill H. R. no. 365. May 15, 
iSjj- n. t.-p. [ Washington:^ Blair ^ Rives, prtrs. 
[iSo-i] 45 pp. 5". (22. Cong.. I. sess. H. rpt. 

Green < Thomas 1. [Letter concerning the Vir- 
ginia military land, dated] Richmond, December, 
1:44. n. p. [1544?] S p. 4°. 

United States. — Public Lands, Cammittee on. 
Heirs c: Colo-el Archibald Loughery. Repor t 
[on petition of -\. Loughery's heirs, making appli- 
cation forMrginia bounty lands]. May 16, i543. 
n. t.-p. \_Washington, 1S43.] 3 p. 5'. (30. 
Cong., I sess. H. rpt. 605.) 

Tkorbam (Grant). Laurie Todd's notes on 
Virginia : with a chapter on puritans, witches and 
friends. Xi-j: Yc^k: the author, 1343. 36 p. S". 

United States. — Public Lands, Committie on. 

Cadwallader Wallace. Report [on bill for the relief 
of C. Wallace, proposing compensation for claims 
to lands in the Virginia military reservation.] To 
ace. bill S. no. 44. February 27, 1549.] n. t.-p. 
\_Washingicn, 1549.] 14 p. 3'. (30. Cong., 2 
sess. H. rpt. Ii3.) 

Virginia claims. Statement [concerning the 
payment of Revolutionary debts], n. t.-p. n. p. 
[i§5-?J 12 p. 5^ 



History, 1S50-1857. 

Botts (John Minor). Speech at Powhatan 
Court House, Va., Jiine 15, 1S50. n. t.-p. 8°. 

Scott (Robert G.) Address on the state con- 
vention. Richmond \l%^6\. S°. 

Virginia. — Constitution. Constitution of Vir- 
ginia, 1650. (In: Poore (Benjamin Perley). The 
federal and state constitutions... of the United 
States. Washington, 1S7S. f°. p. 1919-1937.) 

Journal, acts and proceedings of a general 

convention of the State of Virginia, assembled at 
Richmond, on Monday, October 14, 1850. With 
appendix to the Journal: being a journalized ac- 
count of the proceedings in Committee of the 
Whole upon the basis of representation. Richmond: 
William C:tlley, 1850. v. p. 8°. 

Journal, with appendix, 424, 23 pp. (1850); Basis of Repre- 
sentation, and amendment, 82 pp. (n. d.); Bill of Rights of 
Va., 1776-1851, 5 p. (1S51); Constitution 1851, 40 pp. (1851). 

Same. Another issue. 

Journal, with appendix, 424, 23 pp. (1850); Basis of Repre- 
sentation, and amendments, 15, 5 pp. (n. d.); Bill of Rights of 
Va., 1776-1851, 5 pp. (1851); Constitution, 1851, 40 pp. (1851); 
Resolutions, Reports, Amendments, v. p. (n. d.) 

Documents containing Statistics of Virginia, 

ordered to be printed by the state convention sitting 
in the city of Richmond, 1S50-51. Richmond: 
William Culley, 1851. v. p. 8°. 

Contents : Statement showing the number of patents issued 
annually from the Virginia land office, from Jan. i, 1840, to 
Oct. 31. 1850, and the amount of acres of land patented. — State- 
ment of the number of persons paying taxes on land, slaves 
and other property, 1850. — Statement showing the values of 
the lands and lots in the counties and districts of Virginia, 
under the assessment of 1850. — Statement showing the amount 
paid out of the treasury in each year for convict slaves from 
1800 to 1850. — Statement of expenditures of the Commonwealth 
for the year ending Sept. 30, 1850, divided among the counties, 
cities and towns. — Statement of taxes assessed for each county, 
city and town, and the amount of each subject to taxation for 
the year 1850. — Table showing the amount of tax that would 
be payable by each county, city and town under the recent 
assessment of lands at the rate of taxation now prescribed by 
law. — Statement shewing the amount of taxes assessed for each 
county, city and town, for the years 1790, 1800, 1810, '20, '30, 
and '40. — Statement shewing the average value of lands per 
acre, for the years 1800, 1820, 1S40 and 1850. — Statement shew 
ing the value of all the real estate and personal property in each 
of the counties, cities and towns, taxed in 1849 and 1850. — Tables 
shewing the number of free white persons over the age of 
twenty years, in Virginia, who cannot read and write, the num- 
ber of free white, free colored and slave titheables in 1830, 
1840 and 1850. — Statement showing the number of white males 
and white females over twenty-one years of age, in Virginia. — 
Report of the second auditor in relation to the internal im- 
provements to which the state has contributed by subscrip- 
tions, loans and appropriations. — Statement shewing the ap- 
propriations made by the last General assembly to works of 
internal improvement. — Statement from the governor relative 
to the unfinished improvementsin which the state is interested. 
—Report of the second auditor in relation to the number of 
poor children sent to school, and the number of schools in the 
state, and what portion of the literarj- fund has been loaned 
to colleges, academies, &c. — Statement of the second auditor 
shewing the debt, liabilities and resources of Virginia, to 
April I, 1S51— Statement of causes pending in the Court of 
Appeals at Lewisburg, 22 Oct., 1850. — Statement of causes 
pending at the Court of Appeals at Richmond. — Abstracts 
from the reports of the clerks of the court of appeals and of 
the circuit superior courts of law and chancery for the years 
ending 30th August, 183S to 1840. — Statement of the number 
of justices of the peace in Virginia, from 1830. 

Revolutionary Claims, Committee on. Re- 
port on the subject of revolutionary claims [to 
bounty land], 1S51. n. p. [iSsi] 14 p. 8°. 
(Doc. 46.) 

(House Journal. Dec. Session. 

1S50-1. p. 174-1S3.) 

United States. — Public Lands, Committee on. 
Report [of the committee to whom was referred the 
petition of Cadwallader Wallace, being a state- 
ment of facts concerning Virginia military land 
bounties]. To ace. S. bill no. 401. April 28, 1852. 
n. t.-p. [IVashington, i8fi2.] 3 p. 8°. (32. Cong., 
I sess. S. rept. 205.) 

Petition of heirs of Ambrose Walden, for 

bounty land for revolutionary services of their an- 
cestors: Jan. 27, 1852. 12 p. (Jol. Sen., Jan. 
1852. Doc. 4.; 

•♦Gierke of Oxenforde." The blackwater 
chronicle: narrative of an expedition into the land 
of Canaan in Randolph county, Virginia. .. A'if a; 
i^orh: Redfield, 1853. 223 p., 2 pi. 12°. 

Douglass {Mrs. Margaret). Educational laws 
of Virginia. The personal narrative of Mrs. . . 
Douglass, a southern woman, who was imprisoned Norfolk, under the laws of Virginia, for 
. . . teaching free colored children to read. Boston: 
J. P. Jezi'ett er= Co., 1S54. 65 p. nar. 8°. 

Virginia. — Senate. Bill to incorporate the Vir- 
ginia Canal Company and to transfer the rights 
and franchises of the James River and Kanawha 
Company thereto, n. p. [1854?] 96 p. 8°. 

James River &' Kanawha Co. Committee. 

Report of the joint committee on the affairs of the 
James River and Kanawha Co., 1853-4. \^Rich- 
f?iond, 1854] 35 p. 8°. (Doc. no. 62.) 

Wise ([Henry Alexander]). Religious liberty. 
Equality of civil rights among native and natural- 
ized citizens. The Virginia campaign of 1855. 
Governor Wise's letter on Knownothingism, and 
his speech at Alexandria, n. p. [1854] 67 p. 8°. 

Caskie (James). Speech before the [Virginia] 
Senate committee on banks, Dec. 17, 1S55. Rich- 
mond, 1S56. 8°. 

Slaughter (Philip). The Virginian history of 
African colonization. Richmond: Alacfarlane dr" 
Ferguson, 1855. xx, 1 16 p. 4°. 

Hambleton (J. P.) A biographical sketch of 
Henry A. Wise, with a historj' of the political 
campaign in Virginia in 1S55... Richmojid, Va.: 
J. W. Randolph, 1856. xxxvi, 509 p., I port. 8°. 

Hopkins (S.) The youth of the Old Dominion. 
Boston: J.P.Jewett Gr" Co., 1856. viii, 473 p. 12°. 

Wise (Henry Alexander). The life and death 
of Sam, in Virginia. By a Virginian \i. e., H. A. 
Wise]. Richmond: A. Morris, 1856. 2 p.l., vii- 
viii, 13-30S p. 12°. 

Wise (John Sergeant). The end of an era. 
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin b" Co., 1S99. iv, I 1., 
474, I p. 8°. 

Wise (Barton Haxall). The life of Henry A. 
Wise of Virginia, 1806-1876. N'ew York: Mac- 
millan Co., 1S99. xiii, 434 p., I port, 8°. 

Bisbie (D. T.) An appeal for the speedy com- 
pletion of the water line of Virginia, and through 
that of the great central water line of the Union, 
etc. Norfolk, 1857. map. 8°. 

Fitzhugh (G.) Cannibals all! or, Slaves with- 
out masters. Richmond, Va.: A. Morris, 1857. 
xxiii, 379 p. 12°. 

Virginia illustrated: containing a visit to the 
Virginian Canaan, and the adventures of Porte 



History, 1857-1861. 
Crayon and his cousins. Illustrated from draw- 
ings by Porte Crayon \i.e., David Hunter Strother]. 
Ne7v York: Harper &• Brothers, 1S57. 300 p. 
iilus. 8°. 

N^e^oYork: Harper &= Brothers, 1S71. 

300 p. illus. 8°. 

Beyer (Edward). Album of Virginia, or illus- 
tration of the old dominion, n. p., 1858. 40 pi. 
ob. f°. 

Ellet (C), jr. Report on the tariff for the 
Virginia Central R. R. \^Washington, D. C, 
1S5S] 38 p. 8°. 

Holcombe (James P.) An address delivered 
before the 7. annual meeting of the Virginia State 
Agricultural Society, Nov. 4, 1858. 21 p. J\ich- 
mo7id: Mac far lane is' Ferguson, 1858. 8°. 

Virginia. — Governor. A list of commission- 
ers [in other states, &c., appointed by the executive 
of \'irginia, and appearing to be in office on the 31. 
day of December, 1S57, with dates of appointment 
and residence of each commissioner]. «. t.-p. 
[185S] 7 p. 8°. 

Same. [Commissioners appointed during 

1858 and 1859.] n. p. [i860?] 8 p. 8°. (Doc. 
36. i860?) 

Moorman (J. J.) The Virginia springs and 
springs of the south and west. Philadelphia: J. 
B. Lippincott ^ Co., 1S59. .x.xvii, (i), 25-403 p., 

5 pi., 2 maps. 12°. 

Virginia. — Public Works Board. Letter of I. 
Robinson, state pro.xy in the Chesapeake and Ohio 
Canal, to the board of public works of Virginia, in 
reference to the policy of the Baltimore and Ohio 
railroad towards the canal. S^Martitishtirg, 1859.] 

6 p. 8°. 


" Barbarossa *^— pseud. ^/Captain J. Scott. 
The lost principle; or. The sectional equilibrium: 
how it was created — how destroyed — how it may 
be restored. Richmond. Va.: J.Woodhouse Ss' Co., 
1S60. viii, 9-266 p. 8°. 

Grigsby (H. B.) Discourse on the life and 
character of the Hon. Littleton Waller Tazewell. . . 
A^orfolk: J. D. Ghisclin, jr., 1S60. 124 p. 8°. 

Shriver (H.) Rain-fall ; average temperature 
... IVytheville, 1860-S6. n.t.-p. 3 p. 16°. 

Virginia. — Auditor s Ojftcc. Tables showing 
the population of th^ several districts of the state 
of Virginia, as returned by the eighth census, i860. 
And the federal numbers of the counties. [ IVheel- 
ing, i860.] 8 p. 8". 

Report of the select committee on revolu- 
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sioners and Collectors of the public revenue... 
now in force. Published by the Auditor of Public 
Accounts. Richmond: Enquirer .. .Office, i860. 
205 p. 8°. 


BrufF (J. G. ) Army map of the seat of war in 
Virginia, showing battle fields, fortifications, etc., 
on and near the Potomac River. A'cw York: J. 
Disturnell[i%bif\. f°. 

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of Accomac and Northampton counties, Va. Balti- 
more, 13 Nov. 1S61. single sheet, folded 8°. 

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8g. Washington, igoo.) 

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gates of Virginia, March 30, 1S61, on the resolu- 
tions of the Senate, directing the Governor of 
Virginia to seize by military force, the U. S. guns 
at I5ellona arsenal; and on the secession of Vir- 
ginia. ;/. t.-p. \^Richmond? 1861.] 8°. 

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ginia, 1861. (In: Poore (Benjamin Perley). The 
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Brief synopsis. 

The new constitution of Virginia, with the 

amended bill of rights, as adopted by the reform 
convention of 1850-51, and amended by the con- 
vention of 1860-61. n. p., n. d. 27 p. 8°. 

Journal of the acts and proceedings of a 

General Convention of the State of Virginia assem- 
bled at Richmond. Feb. 13, 1861. Richmond: 
W. M. Elliot, 1 861. V. p. 8°. 

Appendix to the journal, commencing 

with a journalized record of the proceedings in 
committee of the whole upon federal relations. 
n. p. [1861] 136 p. 8°. 

[Documents of the Convention.] nos. i- 

54. \_Rich)nond, 1861.] 8°. 

Addresses delivered before the Virginia 

state convention by Hon. Fulton Anderson (com- 
missioner from Mississippi), Hon. Henry L. Pen- 
ning (Commissioner from Georgia), and Hon. John 
S. Preston (commissioner from South Carolina), 
Feb. 1S61. Richmond: Wyatt M. Elliott, trtr., 
1861. 64 p. 8°. 

Portions of journal of secret session of the 

Convention, withheld from publication at its ses- 
sion ending May i, 1861. n. p. [1861.] 26 p. 8°, 

Ordinances adopted by the conven- 
tion of Virginia at the adjourned session in June 
and July, 1S61. n.p.,n.d. i p.l., 49-73 p., i 1. 8°. 

Ordinances of the convention assem- 
bled ..nth of June, 1861. Wheeling, 1861. 3- 
22 p. (In: West Virginia. Legislature. Ordi- 
nances and acts of the restored government of Vir- 
ginia. Wheeling, 1866. 8°.) 

Ordinances adopted by the conven- 
tion of Virginia, at the adjourned session in 
November and December, i36i. n. p., n d. 11 p. 

Governor. Governor's communication on 

the subject of secession of Alabama and Georgia. 
Jan. 1861. n. t.-p. 1861. 7 p. 8°. (Doc. 17.) 

Governor's communication announc- 
ing the secession of Mississippi, Jan. 1861. 
n. t.-p. 5 p. 8°. (Doc. 12.) 

Governor's communication enclosing 

letter from Judge [John] Robertson. . .[relating to 
his mission to the seceding states.] Feb. 1S61. 
n.t.-p. 1S61. 6p. 8°. (Va. Governor. Doc. 28.) 

Governor's communication transmit- 
ting documents from several states. [Containing 
the Louisiana secession ordinance, and the Indiana 



History, 1 86 1 -1 866. 
resolution in response to the invitation of Virginia 
for a convention in Washington ] Feb. ii, i86i. 
n. t.-p. i6 p. 8°. (Doc. 29.) 

Governor's communication transmit- 
ting documents from Texas. February, 1861. 
[joint resolution relative to coercion.] n. t.-p. 7 p. 
8°. (Doc. 33.) 

Governor's communication transmit- 
ting report of Judge [John] Robertson [on his 
mission to the seceding states], and accompanying 
document. w. t.-p. [1861.] 15 p. 8°. (Va. 
Governor. Doc. 36.) 

Governor's communication transmit- 
ting a joint resolution of Congress to amend the 
constitution of the United States, March, 1S61. 
n. t.-p. 9 p. 8°. (Doc. 43.) 

State and Federal Relations Committee. Re- 
port of the joint committee on state and federal 
relations, 1861. n. t.-p. 1861. 3 p. 8°. (Doc. 13.) 

Report, Jan. 17, 1861. 3 p. 8°. 

(Doc. 15.) 

Virginius, pseiid. Four essays on the right 
and propriety of secession by Southern states. By 
a member of the bar of Richmond. [Signed Vir- 
ginius.] Richmond: Ritchie dr^ Dunnevant, 1861. 
56 p. 8°. 


Sentinel — Extra. Saturday, June 20, 1863. 
Later from the United States. Great excitement 
in Vankeedom. . . [^zV/i;«o«^, 1863.] i p. f°. 

Sentinel — Extra. Tuesday, June 23, 1863. 
Another victory at Vicksburg. . . \^Richmond, 1863.] 
I p. i\ 

Sentinel — Extra. Tuesday, July 7, 1863 — 
Six o'clock P.M. Still later from the north. 
[Richmond, 1863.] i p. 4°. 

Sentinel — Extra. Monday, July 6, 1863 — Six 
o'clock P.M. Later from the north. \^Richmond, 
1863.] I p. 4°. 

Virginia. — Senate. Correspondence and re- 
marks on two occasions in the Senate of Virginia, 
on the subject of martial law and arrests and con- 
finement of civilians by military orders. Richmond: 
J. E. Goode, prtr., 1863. 32 p. 8°. 


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State of Virginia and the ordinances adopted by the 
convention which assembled at Alexandria on the 
13. day of February, 1864. Alexandria: D. Turner, 
printer to the state, 1864. 31 p. 8°. 

Constitution of Virginia, 1864. (In: Poore 

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tions. . .of the United States. Washington, 187S. 
p. 1937-1952. f°.) 


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government. Speech of Gov. F. H. Peirpont, de- 
livered at Mechanic's Hall in the city of Norfolk, 
on. . .Feb. 16, 1865. n. t.-p. {Norfolk, Fa.. 1865.] 
7 p. 8°. 

We celebrate the fall of Richmond! Philadel- 
phia: Loag, print. [1865] i p. f°. 

The War, in General. 

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tory of the Richmond Howitzer battalion. 1-4. 
Richmond, Va.: C. McCarthy S^ Co., \^%-},-'^b. 4 
V. in I. 8°. 

V. 4 published by J. W. Randolph & English. 

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Recollections of The Parker battery, Confederate artillery. 

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367 p., I port. 8°. 

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Morrisartillery. . .by One of the Company [R. C. M. 
Page]. Ne7vYork: T. Smeltzer, printer, 1885. 82 
p., I 1. 12°. 

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From the William and Mary College Quarterly, Oct. 1904, 
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. . .with personal reminiscences, sketches of skir- 
mishes, battles. . . in the history of Mosby's command 
. . .Neiv York: R. B. Kenyan, 1896. 510 (i) p., i 
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of Virginia to the union. Richmond, Va.: W. E. 
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Hughes, Denver & Peck. Argument in support 
of the right of the United States to hold the coin 



History, 1866-1874. 
and bullion claimed by the Bank of Virginia, the 
Farmer's bank, and the Exchange bank, all of Rich- 
mond, Va. Washington, 1866. 22 p. S°. 

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Kanawha and James rivers, affording the shortest 
outlet of navigation from the Mississippi basin to 
the Atlantic. Kichmo7id, Va.: Gary &■ Clemmitt, 

1868. 95 p., I map. 8°. 

Richmond: Gary, Clemmitt &f Jones, 

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New York: D. Van N'ostrand, 1 869. 

loop., I map. 2 ed. 8°. 

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Richmond: Office of N^ew Nation, 1868. 41 p., 
I 1. 8°. 

Letter of the Secretary of War, communi- 
cating a corrected copy of the constitution framed 
by the Virginia convention, as furnished by Brevet 
Major General J. M. Schofield, commanding the 
first military district. {Washington: Govt. Prtg. 
Office, 186S.] 26 p. 8°. (U. S. 40. Cong., 2. 
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tional convention of the State of Virginia, assem- 
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Title from cover. 

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(Virginia Physical Survey.) 

Another copy. 1899. 100 p., 3 maps. 

2. ed. 8°. 

Spirit of the South; or. Persecution in the name 
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some victims thereof. Also its effects upon the 
nation and its general government. Washington, 
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1 870-1906. 

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Sketches of the springs and mountains of Virginia 
.. .Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott cSr" Co., 1870. 
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Repudiation is theft. . .forcible adjustment 
highway robbery. [Signed: Clergyman] n. p. 
[1S7-] 16 p. 8°. 

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lative to the financial condition of the common- 
wealth, March 8, 1870. «./>. [1870.] 37 p. 8°. 

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public instruction "]. Richmond, 1870. up. 8°. 

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election. [With: Substitute to Senate bill, no. 99. 
Reported by Com. on Privileges and Elections of 
House. 1870?] n. t.-p. 51 p. 8°. (Senate 
bill, no. 99. ) 

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Extr. Putnam's Magazine, Feb. 1870. pp. 149-159. 

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of the James River and Kanawha Canal, and on 
the advantages of the Central Water Line as a na- 
tional work. Richmond: G. W. Gary,prtr., 1871. 
104 p. pap. 8°. 

Title taken from cover. 

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missioners and collectors of the public revenue, 
etc., now in force, containing suggestions to, and 
forms for clerks of courts. Richmo7id : R. F. 
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Walker (G. C.) Communication from the 
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{Richmond, 1873.] 15 p. 8°. (Virginia. Gov- 

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is' Co., 1874. 128 p. 12°. 



History, 1874- 1884. 

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Hy Jedcdiah Hotchkiss. 

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(Va. Immigration Bd.) 

No. 2 has notes and additions by his son. July i, 1877. 

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the laws of this commonwealth relating to fish and 
game. Richmond, 1878. 20 p. 8°. 

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and Kanawha canal. Richmond: West, Johnston 
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port of the special committee of the Senate and the 
Committee on Federal Relations of the House. . . 
as a joint committee. . .on usurpation of power by 
the federal judiciary in Virginia. Richmond: R. E. 
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[Signed William Marshall. London, i83-?] 16 
p. S°. 

Virginia; its climate, soil, productions, man- 
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more .•] iVorfolk &" Western Railroad [188-]. 
30 p. 8°. 

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Illustrated by numerous plates and large colored 
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Danville and New River Railroad Company 
(projected). Charter, president's report, resolutions 
of stockholders, &c. , &c. Line of road, when com- 
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Iron, copper, coal, &c., &c., in abundance. 23 p. 
Danville, Va. : E. R. Waddil dr' Bro. , printers, 
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fect upon her obligations of changing remedies for 
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error, vs. Samuel C. Greenhow, treasurer of the 
city of Richmond . . Opinion of the court ... n.t. -p. 
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Fort Monroe, National home for disabled volunteer 
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I E.xtra map in pocket. 

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Washington . . . ^Philadelphia: Printed by Allen, 
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From Norfolk to Bristol. Read and circulate. 
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■ 19 1. i\ 

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Reissued in 1897. 

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Issued first in 1S97. 

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I '\2 


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This is a continuation of the author's " Mount Lebanon," 
and contains an index to both works. 

Conybeare (Frederick Cornwallis). Ritualc 
Armenorum, being the administration of the sacra- 
ments and the breviary rites of the Armenian 
church, together with the Greek rites of baptism 
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derner Staat und romische Kirche. . . Ein kirchen- 
politischcs Programm auf geschichtlicher Grund- 
lage. Berlin : C. A. Schwetschke Ss' Sohn, 1906. 
ix (i), 301 p. 8°. 












Academia Romrma. 
Amateur Comedy Club 
Amer. Art Assoc. . 
Amer. Book Co. 
Amer. Water Works Assoc. 
Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers 
Apostolides, Dr. B. 
Australasian Massage Assoc 
Automobile Institute . 
Baker, Arthur .... 
Belgium, Min. de I'lnterieur 
Bigelow, Hon. John . 
Boardman, Samuel Lane . 
Bremen, Handelskammer 
British Columbia, King's 


California State Library . . i i 

Canada, Geological Survey . 3 2 

•Canada, King's Printer . . 4 
Catholic L'niv. of America . i 
Cattell, Prof. J. McKeen . 4 

Cellarius, F 15 

Ceska Akademie .... 3 
Colchester, Eng., Town Clerk 2 

Coleman, Prof. J i 

Corporation Trust Company 3 14 

Denmark, Store Kongelige 

Bibliothek i 

Draper, Mrs. Henry (230 

prints) 5 I 

Evening Post 207 13 

Feuchtwanger, Mrs. E. . . 13 
Florida, Sec. of State ... 5 
Florida, State Chemist . . 2 
Ford, Worthington C. (95 

prints) 2900 1400 

Forney, M. N 4 100 

Gloucestershire Co. Council 15 2 

Gt. Britain, Patent Office . 22 

Halpin, Paul 13 

Harvard College, Classofi88i i 
Hawaiian Engineering Assoc. 2 

Hosp. Book and News. Soc. 38 97 

Houghton, Clement S. . . i 
Hunt, Edmund Soper. . i 

Illinois, Sec. of State ... 47 38 

Indiana, Adjutant-General . i 
Indiana State Library . . 2 
Inst, for Educ. of Blind in 

Egypt 4 

Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York City. 

Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood. Business 

Superintendent, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York. 
Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second<lass matter, January 30, iSq?, under .^ct of July i6, 1894. 


Internat. Correspondence 


Knortz, Karl . . (MSS.) 
Lawrence, R. H, (r print) 
Liberal Immigration League 
Maryland Geological Survey 
Mercante, Victor . 
Nagle, Dr. John T. 
Nat. Assoc. Cotton Manu 


New England Soc. 

New Orleans Progressive 


New York City, Dept. of 


New York State Library . 
Newton, Mass., City Clerk 
New Zealand, Gov't Printei 
Norton, Eliot .... 
Norway, Bur. Cent, de Stat 


Ontario, Minister of Educa 


Pruyn, Mrs. Anna Parker 

Publishers' Weekly 

Royal Philosophical Society 


Schenectady, N. Y., City Clerk 
Scientific American 
Schoenrich, Prof. C. O. . 
Sheldon, Frederick 
Smithsonian Institution . 
Stockton-on-Tees, Town Clk 
Straits Settlement, Americat 

Consul-General . 
Sweden, Bur. Cent, de Stat 


Teggart, Frederick J. 
Tikhon, Archbishop . 
Trowd, Mrs. William T. . 
Ulster Soc. Educ. of Dea 

and Dumb 

U. S. Supt. of Documents 
U. S. Surgeon-General . 
Universidad de La Plata . 
University Club Library . 
Virginia, Corporation Comm 
Woman's Century Club, N 

C. R 





















2 I 























APRIL 1907 
ToiiUMB XI • Number 4 

Report for IVIarch 

List of "Works relating to Virginia (Conclusion) 

Principal Accessions en March 

Principal Donors in March 







William W. Appleton. 

John Bigelow. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H, Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. Pierpont Morgan. 
Morgan J. O'Brien. 
Stephen H. Olin. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Rowland Russell. 
Edward W. Sheldon. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturges. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, So Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street. 


Lafayette Street, 425. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo. 




East Broadway, 33. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

RiviNGTON Street, 61. 

Le Roy Street, 66. (Hudson Park.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (Muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Le.xington Avenue. 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avejiue. (Yorkville.) 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (St. Agnes. Blind Library.) 

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues. 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 

t45th Street, 503 West. (Hamilton Grange.) 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (Tremont.) 
230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. XI. 

April, 1907. 

No. 4. 


Reference Department. 

During the month of March there were received at the Library by purchase, 
1,291 volumes and 409 pamphlets; by gift, 5,257 volumes and 3,656 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 72 volumes and 3,830 pamphlets, making a total of 6,620 vol- 
umes and 7,895 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 4,024 volumes and 1,802 pamphlets; the number of cards 
written was 8,667, ^^id of slips for the copying machine 2,065 ! from the latter were 
received 12,959 cards. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox during the month: 







No. of readers and visitors 












No. of readers 

No. of readers, desk applicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk ap- 
plicants. . 

Daily average of readers 

No. of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc. 


Circulation Department. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Ibsen's Plays, 
Clemens' "Christian Science," Gasquet's "Lord Acton and his circle"; (adult 
fiction): Chambers's "Fighting Chance," Harrison's "The Far Horizon," Klein's 
"The Lion and the Mouse"; (juvenile fiction): Alcott's " Little Women," Bar- 
bour's " Crimson Sweater," Aldrich's " Story of a bad boy." 





East Broadway, 33 

East Broadway, 197 

Rivington Street, 61 

Le Roy Street, 66 

Bond Street, 49 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue 

loth Street, 331 East 

13th Street, 251 West 

22d Street, 230 East 

23d Street, 209 West 

34th Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

42d Street, 226 West 

50th Street, 123 East 

51st Street, 463 West 

59th Street, 113 East 

67th Street, 328 East 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. 

Travelling Libraries 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A 

79th Street, 222 East 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. 

Blind Library 

96th Street, 112 East 

looth Street, 206 West 

iioth Street, 174 East 

123d Street, 32 West 

125th Street, 224 East 

135th Street, 103 West 

145th Street, 503 West 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue 

140th Street and Alexander Avenue. . 

176th Street and Washington Avenue 

Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933 


Port Richmond 





















































































The most important gift of the month consisted of 332 volumes from the 
Honorable Elihu Root, Secretary of State, being a collection of reports, orders, 
statutes, translations of Spanish laws and documents, official opinions, decisions 
circulars, etc., printed in the course of the military government of Porto Rico 
Cuba, and the Philippine Islands, and of the civil government of the Philippine 
Islands, together with some volumes relating to kindred subjects, such as the 
China Relief Expedition of 1900, and various features of the War with Spain, the 
annexation of the Hawaiian Islands, and our insular policy and affairs. 

Other gifts were from : Lord Amherst of Hackney, " A hand-list of a collection 
of books and MSS. belonging to the Right Hon. Lord Amherst of Hackney," 
compiled by Seymour de Ricci, Cambridge, 1906 (privately printed) ; from the 
British Museum, 3 volumes of catalogues, including Barclay V. Head's " Catalogue 
of the Greek Coins of Phrygia," London, 1906, J. F. Blumhardt's "Catalogue of 
the Marathi Guajarati, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Pushtu and Sindhi MSS., 
London, 1905, and G. K. Fortescue's "Subject Index of the Modern Works 
added," 1901-1905, London, 1906; from Loys Delteil, a copy of his " Le peintre 
graveur illustre, XIX et XX siecles. Tome 2 : Charles Meryon," Paris, 1907 ; from 
the Frankfurter Zeitung, i volume and 2 pamphlets, including the " Geschichte 
der Frankfurter Zeitung 1856 bis 1906," Frankfurt a. M., 1906; from George A. 
Lucas, a copy of "Manet, graveur et lithographic, par Etienne Moreau-Nelaton," 
(No. 4 of 20 copies printed); from the American Ambassador to Mexico, a set of 
plans, with a descriptive album, relating to the General Hospital of Mexico, 
Mexico, 1905; from Charles B. Meyer, 48 volumes relating to railways in New 
York State; from the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First 
Judicial Department, 4,000 volumes and 2,000 pamphlets, a collection of briefs 
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of the Oxford University Press his " Notes on a Century of Typography at the 
University Press, Oxford, 1693-1794," printed in an edition of 150 copies in 1905. 
Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
circulation branches were as follows: East Broadway, Birds, Birthdays of cele- 
brated men and women. Books on Japan, John Fiske, Music and musicians, Sir 
Edwin Landseer; Rivington Street, Indoor games. Sea stories, Roumania; 
Hudson Park, Lakes of New York and the Erie Canal, Niagara Falls, New Eng- 
land States, Cats, Ireland, Knights of the Round Table; Bond Street, Folk 
Songs, Central Africa, Picturesque New Zealand, New York Harbor, Education, 
Battle of Gettysburg, Spectrum analysis and the stars, Color photo, Optics of 
painting; Ottendorfer, Japan, Animal stories, John Milton; Tompkins Square, 
Alice in Wonderland, Lists of books in connection with public lectures, Panama; 
Muhlenberg, Modern Government, Julius Caesar, Lafayette, Pilgrims; George 
Bruce, Wild animals. Country life; 67TH Street, The baby. Circus books. Pic- 
ture books. Birds, Animals; Riverside, Country homes, Playtime, Henry W. 



Longfellow, Indians, Telephone engineering; Webster, Japanese, Birds, Plants; 
YoRKviLLE, Sea yarns; 96TH Street, Abraham Lincoln, Cotton, Puritans in Eng- 
land, New York in Colonial times, Oliver Cromwell, Paradise Lost and its author* 
Holy Grail, House of Commons, New Amsterdam ; Bloo.mingdale, Dante, 
Minerals, School stories. Lists for grade work in public schools; Aguilar, Japan, 
Mexico, West Indies, Ireland, European travel. Travel in the North West; 125TH 
Street, Indoor games, Mexico, Good books, Country homes; Mott Haven, 
New Amsterdam, Pilgrims, Children of Holland; Tremont, Evolution of kind- 
ness. Impressment of American seamen, Jamestown celebration, the Pirate, 
Snakes, Solar system; Port Richmond, The drama, Gardening; Tottenville, 
Staten Island birds. 

In addition there were bulletins on Easter at twelve branches, on Thomas B. 
Aldrich at six branches, on new books at five, on Spring at four, on the opera at 
three, on St. Patrick's day at three, on music at three, and on the Chinese Empire 
at two branches. 

At the Lenox Branch, a tenth exhibition of the work of American artists was 
opened on March 2d. This exhibit comprises a selection from recent accessions 
of work by contemporary artists, and serves to call attention to the extensive 
collection of the work of these various artists in the print room. 

At the Astor Branch, the exhibition of Martin's " Oriental carpets " was 
continued, and Smith's " Venice of to-day " was replaced on March 9th by plates 
from Champier's " Les anciens almanachs illustre." 



Part III. 



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Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Dec. 28, 

1888, etc. 

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Lieut. John Henderson, of Greenbrier county, 
Virginia, 1650-igoo. By Joseph Lyon Miller. 
Richmond, Va.: Whittet ^ Shepperson, 1902. 
37 p., I port. 8°. 

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from the landing of the ancestor of the race up to 
present time. By David A. Heatwole. Dale En- 
terp7-ise, Va. : The Watchful Pilgrim," 1882. 
24 p. 24°. 

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Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, June 9, 

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Genealogies, cont'd. 

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Arnold Harris Hord. Philadelphia: J. B. Lip- 
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Thomas Hord, gentleman. Born in Eng- 
land, 1 701, died in Virginia, 1766. A supplement 
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cott (St" Co.,'\ 1903. 30 p., I fac, I pi. , 2 port. 8°. 

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members of the Houston family. .. By Rev. Samuel 
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ica. By Frederick Humphreys, M.D., assisted by 
Otis M. Humphreys, M.D., Henry R. Stiles,M.D., 
Mrs. Sarah M. Churchill. N'ewYork: I/ttmphreys 
Print, 1SS3. 8 p.l., 1115 p., 4 pi., 9 fac, 20 port., 
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of the Irvine family and their descendants. By 
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JoLiFFE. Historical, genealogical, and biographi- 
cal account of the Joliffe family of Virginia, 1652 
to 1893. Also sketches of the Neill's, Janney's 
HoUingsworth's and other cognate families. [By 
William Joliffe.] Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott 
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Jones. A genealogical history. By Cadwallader 
Jones. Columbia, S. C: Ye Bryan Print Co., 
1900. vii, 73 p., I 1., 8 pi., 10 port. 12°. 

Captain Roger Jones, of London and Vir- 
ginia. Some of his antecedents and descendants, 
with appreciative notice of other families, viz.: 
Bathurst, Belfield, Browning, Carter, Catesby, 
Cocke, Graham, Fauntleroy, Hickman, Hoskins, 
Latane, Lewis, Meriwether, Skelton, Walker, War- 
ing, Woodford and others. By Lewis Hampton 
Jones. Albany, N. Y.: J. MunselV s Sons, 1891. 
295 p., 2 pi., 21 port. 8°. 

Kemper. Genealogy of the Kemper family in 
the United States. Descendants of John Kemper 
of Virginia. With a short historical sketch of his 
family and of the German Reformed colony of Ger- 
manna and Germantown, Va. By Willis Miller 
Kemper and Harry Linn Wright. Chicago: G. K. 
Hazlitt iSr= Co.. 1899. 24S, xix p. 4°. 

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Richmond, 1888. 8 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Oct. 29, 1888, 

Ladd. The Ladd family. A genealogical and 
biographical memoir of the descendants of Daniel 
Ladd, of Haverhill, Mass., Joseph Ladd, of Ports- 
mouth, R. I., John Ladd, of Burlington, N. J., 

John Ladd, of Charles City Co., Va. By Warren 
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Sons, i8go. i p.l., xii, 413 p., i port. 8°. 

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1866. ..By Edward C. Mead. New York: Rich- 
ardson and Co., 186S. vii (i) 9-15, 21-214 P-. 
3 pi., 6 port. 8°. 

Descendants of Col. Richard Lee, of Vir- 
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A record of the descendants of Col. Richard 

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vestigations. By Cassius F. Lee, jr., and J. Pack- 
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Lee of Virginia. By J. Henry Lea. {^Bos- 
ton, 1892.] 23 p. 8°. 

Repr. from " New Eng. Hist, and Gen Reg.," Jan., 1892. 

Lee of Virginia, 1642-1892. Biographical 

and genealogical sketches of the descendants of 
Colonel Richard Lee, with brief notices of the re- 
lated families of Allerton, Armistead. . .and others. 
Philadelphia, 1895. 586 p., I 1., 4 pi., 31 port., 
I map, 2 fac. 4°. 

The Lees of England and Virginia. Rich- 

fHond, 1888. 20 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, July 30, 
1888, etc. 

Leftwich. Genealogical chart showing de- 
scents of Alexander T. Leftwich and Rosalie 
Vivian Lightfoot. Saugerties, N. Y.: engrossed 
and painted by IV. LP. Abbott [igo2]. 4°. 

Photograph from the original, which measures 5 x 3 ft. 

Lester. Bryant Lester of Lunenburg County, 
Virginia, and his descendants. By Thomas Mc- 
Adory Owen. Baltimore, Md. : the Priedetiwald 
Co., 1897. 13 p. 8°. 
Repr. from Southern Hist. Ass'n Pub'ns, April, 1897. 

Lewis. Genealogy of the Lewis family in Amer- 
ica, from the middle of the seventeenth century 
down to the present time. By William Terrell 
Lewis. Louisville, Ky.: the Courier-Journal Job 
Print. Co., 1893. 2 p.l., 454 p. 8°. 

Genealogies of the Lewis and kindred fami- 
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ica. [Constitution, 1904. Boston, 1904.] 12°. 

Annual report, 1.-2. [Boston, 1904- 

05.] 8°. 

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Gordon. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 
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The Lindsays of America. A genealogical 

narrative and family record, beginning with the 
family of the earliest settler in the mother state, 
Virginia, and including in an appendix all the 



Genealogies, cont'd. 
Lindsays of America. By Margaret Isabella Lind- 
say. Albany: J. Munsell's Sons, 1889. xv, (i) 
275 (7) p., 4pl-. 5 charts. 8°. 

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Lee, jr. (In: New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Reg., 
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Same, separate. 

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ants of whatsoever surname, with a biographical 
sketch of Benjamin Lundy. By William Clinton 
Armstrong. Neiu Brunsioick, AL J. : J. Heidings- 
feld, 1902. 485 P-. I fac, 5 pl-. 23 port. 8°. 

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White. \Roanoke, Va.: the Stone Print, and 
Manuf. Co., 1894.] 43 P-. i gen. table. 16°. 

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ily. Edition B. Comprising all names obtained 
up to February, 1S76. [By Frank Virgil McDonald. 
New Haven, Conn.: Tuttle, Morehouse &^ Tay- 
lor, 1876.] 6 1., 123 p. 8°. 

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logical history of James McGavock and his de- 
scendants from 1760 to 1903. By Robert Gray. 
Richmond: IV. E.Jones, 1903. 175 p. 8°. 

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Peter's Parish Register, New Kent Co., Va. (In: 
Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., 
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Mann. Mann memorial. A record of the Mann 
family in America. Genealogy of the descendants 
of Richard Man of Scituate, Mass. Preceded by 
English family records, and an account of the 
Wrentham, Rehoboth, Boston, Le.xington, Virginia, 
and other branches of the Manns who settled in 
this country. By George S. Mann. Boston: D. 
Clapp ^ Son, 18S4. 251 p., I pl., 9 port. 8°. 

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M. Anderson. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., 
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Mason. Mason family and Gunston Hall, Vir- 
ginia. \_Washington, 1896.] 22 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Washington Evening Star. 
1896, etc. 

Curious wills in Mason family. Richmond, 

18S8. 7 P- 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the^Richmond Critic, Oct. 22, 1838. 

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Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 6, p. 91- 
93. 1897.) 

Minor. Four successive John Minors. By 
Charles M. Blackford. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and 
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1 902-1 903.) 

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(In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart., Hist. Mag., 
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den (H. E.) Virginia Genealogies. Wilkes-Barre, 
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tague family of America, descended from Richard 
Montague of Hadley, Mass., and Peter Montague 
of Lancaster Co., Va., with genealogical notes of 
other families by name of Montague. By George 
Wm. Montague. Revised and edited by William 
L.Montague. Amherst, Mass.: J. E. Williams, 
1886. 785 p., 5 pl., 30 port., 2 charts. 8°. 

History and genealogy of Peter Montague 

of Nansemond and Lancaster counties, Virginia, 
and his descendants, 1621-1894. By George 
William Montague. Amherst, Mass.: J. W. Mon- 
tague, 1894. I p.l., 494 p., I chart, 4 pl., 39 port. 

Montague family. N'ewYork: Amer. Col- 
lege of Heraldry \\%-] 1\. Photo-lithographed, i 
sheet. 8°. 

Morton. The ancestry of David Morton. By 
Daniel Morton. [St. Joseph, Mo., 1901.] i gen. 
table. f°. 

Morton data. By Daniel Morton. (In: 

Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 11, p. 205-207, 
339-340, 451-453- 1903-04-) 

■ Morton data. By Daniel Morton. [St. 

Joseph, Mo., 1901.] 22 p. 16°. 

MosELEY. Moseley family of Lower Norfolk 
County. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 5, 
p. 327-334- 189S.) 

Nance. The Nance memorial. A history of 
the Nance family in general, but more particularly 
of Clement Nance, of Pittsylvania County, Vir- 
ginia, and descendants, containing historical and 
biographical records with family lineage. By 
George W'. Nance. Bloomington, III.: J. E. Burke 
&> Co., 1904. xvi, 354 p., I port. 8°. 

Nicholas. The Nicholas family of Virginia. 
Richmond, 1890. 4 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Aug. 30, 

Nourse. James Nourse and his descendants. 
By Maria Catharine Nourse Lyle. Lexington, Ky.: 
Transylvania Print. Co., 1897. iv, i 1., 163 p., I 
fac. , 19 pl., 4 port. 4°. 

Page. Genealogy of the Page family in Vir- 
ginia. Also a condensed account of the Nelson, 
Walker, Pendleton and Randolph families, with 
references to the Byrd, Carter, Gary, Duke, Gilmer, 
Harrison, Rives, Thornton, Wellford, Washing- 
ton, and other families in Virginia. By one of the 
family [Richard Channing Moore Page]. New 
York : Penkins 5f Thomas, i?>?>2, 250 p. 4°. 

Another copy. Ne7v York: Pub. 

Print. Co., 1893. x, 275 p., 2 pi., 5 port. 2. ed. 



Genealogies, cont'd. 

A genealogy of the descendants of Colonel 

John Page, who settled in the Colony of Virginia, 
Anno 1650. (In: Glenn (T. A.) Some colonial 
mansions, vol. i, p. 195-213. iSgS.) 

American family antiquity. Genealogy of 

the Page family in England and America. By 
Albert Wells. Ne-u York, 188-. 125-170 p., i pi., 
2 port. 8°. 

Pe.^chey. Peachey family. (In : Wm. and 
Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 3, p. iii- 
115. 1894.) 

Peyton. Peyton, of " Iselham," Cambridge- 
shire, England, Gloucester and Westmoreland 
Counties, Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia 
genealogies. Wilkes-Barre, i8gi. p. 459-566.) 

Pocahontas. Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and 
her descendants through her marriage at James- 
town, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe, 
gentleman; including the names of Alfriend, Archer, 
Bentley. . . and others, with biographical sketches 
by Wyndham Robertson, and historical... notes, 
by R. A. Brock. Richmond, Va.: J. W.Randolph 
&' English, 18S7. vii (i) 84 p., I port. S°. 

Preston. The Preston genealogy. Tracing 
the history of the family from about 1040, A. D. , 
in Great Britain, in the New England States, and 
in Virginia, to the present time. Edited by L. A. 
Wilson. By William Bowker Preston. Salt Lake 
City, Utah: Deseret Neivs, 1900. i p. 1., viii, i 1., 
368 p., 4 gen. tables. 8°. 

Memoranda of the Preston family. By 

Orlando Brown. Albany: J. Munsell, 1864. 26 p. 
[3. ed.] 8°. 

Price. The Price family of " Cool Water," 
Hanover County, Va. Maternal ancestry and de- 
scendants in two lines to the year 1906. By Theo- 
dore H. and Charlotte P. Price. New York: T. A. 
Wright, 1906. Genealogical chart, 28 x 40 in. 

QuiSENBERRY. Genealogical memoranda of the 
Quisenberry family and other families, including 
the name^- of Chenault, Cameron, Mullins, Burris, 
Tandy, Bush, Broomhall, Finkle, Rigg, and others. 
By Anderson Chenault Quisenberry. Washington, 
D. C: Hart7nan &= Cadick, 1897. 204 p., 2pl. , i 
port. 8°. 

Memorials of the Quisenberry family in 

Germany, England and America. . . By Anderson 
C[henault] Quisenberry. Washington, D. C. : Gib- 
son Bros., 1900. 137 p., 5 pi., I port. 8°. 

Randolph. The Randolph family of Virginia 
. . . Richmond, 1888. I p.l., 40 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Sept. 3, 
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The Randolph family. By W. G. Stanard. 

(In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart. Hist. Mag., vol. 
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By Robert Douglas Roller. {^Charleston, W. Va.: 
the Tribune Prtg. Co., 1905.] 50 p. 8°. 

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198; vol. 10, p. 98-99, 205-206, 307-308; vol. II, 
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son. By Lavina R. [Hill] Brown. (In: Amer. 
Hist. Mag., vol. i, p. 174-188, 271-279, 375-389; 
vol. 2, p. 45-59. Nashville, Tenn., 1896-1897.) 

Maj. Charles Robertson, and some of his 

descendants. By Mrs. Charles F. Henley. (In: 
Amer. Hist. Mag., vol. 3, p. 21-32, 190-192. 

Robinson. Robinson, of York County, Vir- 
ginia. (In: Hayden (II. E.) Virginia genealogies. 
Wilkes-Barre, 1891. p. 567-584.) 

Rootes. The Rootes family. By S. R. Rootes. 
(In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., Vol. 4, p. 204- 
211, 332-333- 1896-1897.) 

Ryedale. History of the Ancient Ryedales and 
their descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ire- 
land, and America, from 860 to 1884. Comprising 
the genealogy. . .of the families of Riddell, Riddle, 
Ridlon, Ridley, etc. By G. T. Ridlon. Majiches- 
ter, N. H.: the author, 1884. x, 786 p., 28 pi., 
17 port. 8°. 

Robertson. Donald Robertson and his wife 
Rachel Rogers of King and Queen County, Vir- 
ginia, their ancestry and posterity; also a brief ac- 
count of the ancestry of Commodore Richard Taylor 
of Orange County, Virginia, and his naval history 
duringthewarof American Independence. By Wil- 
liam Kyle Anderson. \_Detroit, Alich.: Winn and 
Hammond, 1902.] 263,xxvi p., 5 pi., 13 port. 8°. 

Rose. A chart of the ancestors and descendants 
of Rev. Robert Rose, born at Wester Alves, Scot- 
land, February 12, 1704, came to Virginia in 1725, 
died June 30, 1751. By William G. Stanard. 
Richmond: W. E. Jones, 1895. gen. chart. f°. 

RuFFiN. The Ruffin family. Richmond, 1889. 
I p.l., 7 p. 8°. 
Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Oct. 19, 1889. 

RuNKLE. The Runkle family: being an account 
of the Runkles in Europe, and their descendants in 
America. By Benjamin Van Doren Fisher. New 
York: T. A. Wright, 1899. 366 p., 3 pi. 8°. 

Scott. Scott, of Dipple Parish, Moray, Scotland; 
and "Dipple," Stafford County, Virginia. (In: 
Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies. Wilkes- 
Barre, 1891. p. 585-668.) 

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College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 5, p. 60-62, 
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William Carvosso Sharpe. Seymour, Conn. : Record 
Print, 1880. 178 p., I pi., 4 port., I fac. 16°. 

Sheild. Sheild family. By Lyon Gardiner 
Tyler. (In: Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, 
Hist. Mag., Vol. 3, p. 268-271; vol. 4, p. 591 vol. 5. 
p. 22-24. 1895-1S96.) 

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Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quarterly, 
Hist. Mag., Vol. 4. P- 46-52, 95-I03. 183-187; 
vol. 5, p. 50-53- 1895-1896.) 



Genealogies, cont'd. 

Genealogy of the Smith family of Essex 

County, Virginia. By C. W. Coleman. (In: Wm. 
and Mary Coll. Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 6, 
p. 41-52. 1S97.) 

Spalding. The Spalding memorial: a genea- 
logical history of Edward Spalding of Virginia and 
Massachusetts Bay, and his descendants... By 
Charles Warren Spalding. Chicago: Avicr. Pub. 
Ass'n, 1897. 2 p.l., ii, i 1., vi, 15-1276 p., lO pi., 
15 port. rev. ed. 8°. 

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family. By Thomas Speed. Louisville. Ky. : 
Courier-Journal, 1892. 206 p., 3 pi., 13 port. S°. 

Spotswood. Genealogy of the Spotswood family 
in Scotland and Virginia. By Charles Campbell. 
Albany: J. Munsell, i?:(i?i. 44 P- 8°. 

Starke. The Starke family. (In: Wm. and 
Mary Coll. Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 270-272; 
vol. 5, p. 56-57- 1896.) 

Stephens. The Stephens family with collateral 
branches . . By Edward Stephens Clark. San Fran- 
cisco: J. Winterburn Co., 1S92. v, (3) 185 p., 24 
port. 8°. (The American Cenealogical Record. 
Vol. I.) 

Stephenson. Genealogical and biographical rec- 
ords of William Stephenson and his descendants. 
By Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell Stephenson Fite. 
New York: the Author [1905]. 32 fl., I folded 
chart. 8°. 

Stith. The Stith family. Kich7nond,\%(^o. i p.l., 

9 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Sept. 27, 
1890, etc. 

Street. The Street'genealogy. By .Mrs. Mary 
A. and Henry A. Street. Exeter, N. H.: J. Temple- 
ton, 1895. viii, 542 p., i 1., 4 pi., 8 port. 8°. 

Stuart. The genealogy of Gen. J. E. B. 
Stuart and of his collateral relations on his mother's 
side — Pannill, Strother, Banks, Bruce, etc. By 
David H. Pannill. (In; Wm. and Mary Coll. Quar- 
terly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 6, p. 113-116, 155-158. 

Strother. William Strother, of Virginia, and 
his descendants. By Thomas McAdory Owen. (In: 
Southern Hist. Ass'n. Pub'ns, Vol. 2, p. 149-173. 

Subi.ett. a partial history... of the French 
Huguenots by name Soblets: who emigrated to 
America in 170Q and settled at Monakin in Pow- 
hattan County, Virginia, 18 miles west of Rich- 
mond City. By Samuel S. Sublett. Richmond: 
J. L. Hill Print. Co., 1896. 32 p. 8°. 

SuLLiVANT. A genealogy and family memorial 
. . .By Joseph Sullivant. Colu?nbus, 0.: Ohio State 
Journal Booh and Job Rooms, 1874. v. p., 9 fam. 
tab., I pi. 4". 

SwEARlNGEN. Family historical register, com- 
piled by a member of the family [i.e., H. H. Swear- 
ingen]. Washington: C. W. Brown, 1884. vi, 
117 p. 12°. 

Same. Washington 

3 p.l., 80 p. 2. ed. 8°. 

Tabb. The Tabb family. 
Coll. Quar., Hist. Mag., vol. 
p. 121-128, 168-175, 270-278 

the Cofiipiler, 1894. 

(In: Wm. and Mary 
7, p. 45-49; vol. 13, 

Taliaferro. The Taliaferro family. Richmond, 
1889. I p.l., 31 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Nov. 16, 
1889, etc. 

Taylor. Taylor, of Orange County, Virginia. 
(In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies... 
Wilkes- Barre, 1 89 1, p. 669-684.) 

Thomas. The Thomas book, giving the genealo- 
gies of Sir Rhys ap Thomas, K. G., the Thomas 
family descended from him, and of some allied 
families. By Lawrence Buckley Thomas. A'ew 
York: H. T. Thomas Co., 1S96. xxi, 627 p., 12 pi., 
42 port. 8°. 

Thornton. The Thornton family. By W. G. 
Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quar., Hist. 
Mag., vol. 4, p. 89-93, 157-164, 280-283; vol. 5. 
p. 58-60, 197-200; vol. 6, p. 53-57, 109-113, 238- 
244. 1895-1898.) 

Throckmorton. The Throckmorton family. 
(In: Va. Maga. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 8, p. 83- 
89, 309-312; Vol. 9, p. 192-194. 1900-or.) 

Throckmorton of England and Virginia. 

By W. G. Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quar., 
Hist. Maga., vol. 2, p. 241-247; vol. 3, p. 46-52, 
192-195, 240-242; vol. 4, p. 128-129; vol. 5, p. 54- 
55. 1894-96.) 

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A^ewYork: Society Library,!?)-]^), vi, 7-12, xxxvii(i) 
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Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Aug. 4, 

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8 1. f°. Title from cover. 

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Also some hitherto unpublished documents which 
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Temperance, Lady Yeardley, and some of their 
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Same. Separate. 

Young. Memorial and family tree of Michael 
Cadet Young of Brunswick County, Va., and of his 
descendants. 16 — to 1895... By Nathaniel P. 
Young. Arranged by Capt. Calvin Duvall Cowles, 
U. S. A. Washington, D. C, 1895. Broadside. f°. 

Local History. 
Albemarle County. 

Albemarle County (Virginia). A handbook 
giving a description of its topography. . . Edited by 
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Bibb (A. P.) & Co. Piedmont, Virginia : with 
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nature, of what it was made by man, and of some 
of the men who made it. {^Charlottesville, Va.: 
Michie Co., 1901.] iv, 412 p. 8°. 


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dria, with the revised code of laws of the Corpora- 
tion of said town. Alexandria: Rounsavell ^ Pitt- 
man, T821. 14, 119 p. 8°. 

The charter and laws of the city of 

Alexandria, Va., and an historical sketch of its 
government. . . Alexandria : Gazette Book iSr* Job 
Office, 1874. 112 p. 8°. 

Annual statement for the fiscal year ending 

May 31, 1880/1-1S99/1900. nos. 101-120. Alex- 
andria, 18S1-1900. 8°. 

Early issues have the school report bound with the general 
statement, later ones include it in the text. 

Mayor. Circular and accompanying papers 

[from Mayor K. Kemper]... to the bond holders 
and other creditors of the city. Alexandria: Ga- 
zette Book and Job Office, 1878. 25 p. 8°. 

Ordinances. Laws of the mayor and com- 
monalty of the town of Alexandria; to which are 
prefixed. Acts of the legislature of Virginia, respect- 
ing the town of Alexandria. Alexandria: Printed 
by John and James D. Westcott, Printers to the 
Corporation [iSoi 7]. 37 p. f°. 

Laws of the corporation of Alexandria 

as revised and passed, January 20, 1821. Alexan- 
dria : Rounsavell df Pittman, 1821. 119 P- 8°. 

Public Schools. Superintendent of. Annual 

report. 1878/81, 1881/2, 1 887/8-1 899/1900. Alex- 
andria, 1881-1900. 8°. 

1878-1892/3 are bound with the "Annual Statement " of 
those years, later reports are included in the text of the State- 

Celebration of the first centennial of the 
Municipal Government of the city of Alexandria, 
Virginia, March 9, 1880. Alexandria, Va.: The 
Gazette Book and Job Office, 1880. 49 p. 8°. 

Chataigne's Alexandria City, [Va.,] directory 
...iSSi/32. \^lVas hington, co^. 1?>'?>1.'\ 8°. 

[McKim (Randolph H.)] Washington's church. 
An historical sketch of Old Christ Church, Ale.x- 
andria, Virginia. Together with a brief descrip- 
tion of the centenary services therein, November 
20 and 2ist, 1S73. Alexandria, 1S94. 32 p., i 1. 

Packard (Joseph). Recollections of the old 
Chapel. A discourse delivered at the consecration 
of the new Chapel of the Theological Seminary of 
the Diocese of Virginia [at Alexandria] on Thurs- 
day, June 23, 1881. Philadelphia : Matlack ^ 
Harvey \\%i\\. 24 p., i pi. 8°. 

Richmond's directory of Alexandria, Va, 
1897/8, 1899/1900, T900, 1901. Washington, 
1S97-1901. 8°. 

Slaughter (P.) Address on the centennial 
anniversary of Washington's inauguration, in 
Christ Church, Ale.xandria, 17S9-1S89. Alexan- 
dria: R. Bell's Sons, 1889. 16 p. 8°. 

Alleghany County. 

Meek (Fielding Bradford). Descriptions of 
new species of fossil plants from Alleghany Co., 
Virginia, with some remarks on the rock seen 
along the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, near the 
W^hite Sulphur Springs of Greenbrier county. West 
Virginia. 2 plates. (Bulletin of the Philosoph- 
ical society of Washington, v. 2, apx. p. 26-44.) 
(Smithsonian Inst. Misc. coll., v. 20 (no. 423). 
Washitigton, 1875-1880.) 

Amelia County, 

Farrar (F. R.) Amelia County, Virginia, 
An outline of the soil, productions, minerals, etc. 
Richmond : Everett Waddey, printer, 1S88. cover 
title, 16 p. 8°. 



Local History, cont'd. 


Decker (Karl), atul Angus McSween. His- 
toric Arlington; a history of the national cemetery 
from its establishment to the present time, with 
sketches of the historic personages who occupied 
the estate previous to its seizure by the national 
government — Parke Custis and his times — the 
career of Lee, with descriptions of life in Virginia 
during the early part of the century. Washing- 
ton, D. C: Decker dr" McSween Pub. Co. [cop., 
1892.] 104 p. 8°. 

Lossing (Benson J.) The historic buildings of 
America. The Arlington House, p. 81-8S. 8°. 

Ext. from Potter's American Monthly, Feb., 1876. 

Osborne (John Ball). The story of Arlington. 
A history. . .of the estate and national cemetery, 
containing a complete list of officers of the army 
and navy interred there, with biographical sketches 
of heroes of the Civil and Spanish Wars, and 
notable memorial addresses and poems. . . Wash- 
ington, D. C: [J. F. Sheiry,'\ 1899. 10^ (Op-. 
I map, 9 pi., I port. 8°. 

United States. — Statutes. A bill authoriz- 
ing the erection of a monument in memory of those 
buried at Arlington who lost their lives in the war 
with Spain. Introduced in the House by Mr. Fitz- 
gerald, April 28, 1900. n. p., igoo. i 1. 4°. 
(55. Cong., H. R. 11129.) 

Augusta County. 

Jones (Calvin). Description of Wier's cave, in 
Augusta county, Virginia. Albany, 181 5. pi. 8°. 

Peyton (J. Lewis). History of Augusta County, 
Virginia. Staunton, Va.: S. M. Yost df Son, 
1882. vii, 3S7 (8) p. 8°. 

Waddell (Joseph A[ddison]). Annals of Au- 
gusta County, Virginia. ^Richmond, Va., 1886?] 

55 P- 4". 

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, with 

reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its 
pioneer settlers; biographical sketches... a diary 
of the war, i86i-'5, and a chapter on reconstruc- 
tion, with a supplement. Richmond, Va.: J, W. 
Randolph &' English, 1888. vii, 460 p., 2 maps. 

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 

1726 to 1871. Staunton, Va. : C. R. Caldwell, 
1902. X, 545 p., 2 maps. 2. ed., rev. and enl. 4°. 

Bedford City. 

Colgate (G. L.) & Co. Bedford City, Va. A 
souvenir. New York: South Pub. Co. [cop. 1890.] 
4I. 16°. 

Bedford, the richest in natural resources of the 
counties in Piedmont, Virginia. . . Homes to the 
grazier, dairyman... stock-raiser... and all others 
in search of cheap homes... with... advantage. 
Bedford City, the county town... a great educa- 
tional centre. . . \Bedfordi\ Bedford Index Print 
[1S93]. 48 p. 8°. 

Bedford County. 
Some early marriages in Bedford County, Va. 
(William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 11, p. 
280-282. Richtnond, Va., 1903.) 

Berkley. The charter and ordinances of the 
town of Berkley. Published by authority of the 

council, 1890. Norfolk: Eagle Printing Co., 1890. 
32 p. 8°. 

Once old Battletown, but now the growing and 
progressive city of Berryville. [^Washington, 1891.] 
3 I.. 8°. 
Clipping from IViishington Post, May 13, 1891. 

Big Stone Gap." 

Proctor (John R.) Big Stone Gap, Virginia. 
[With prospectus of Big Stone Gap Improvement 
Co. New York: /. J. Little &• Co., i%<:)0.^ 32 p., 
2 1., 4 maps. 4°. 

Title taken from cover. 


Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, 
Blacksburg. Catalogue, 1872/3, 97/8. Danville, 
1873-98. 8°. 

Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege. Its history and organization, n. p. [1872?] 
36 p. 8\ 


[Harland (Marion), pseud. ofy[. V. (H.) Ter- 
HUNE.] Some old Virginia homesteads. Brandon 
— Lower and Upper, n. p., 189-? 7-15 p. 8'. 

Ext. from "The Home-Maker." 

Brandon on the Lower James [the home of the 
Harrison family of Virginia]. (In: Glenn (T. A.) 
Some colonial mansions, vol. i, p. 401-429. 1898.) 

Historic homes in the Valley of the James, 
Virginia. Upper and Lower Brandon. [Balti- 
more, Md., 189-.] I p.l., 8 p. 8°. 

Mounted clipping from the " Baltimore Sun." 

Bristol Parish. 

Chamberlayne (Churchill Gibson). The ves- 
try book and register of Bristol Parish, Virginia, 
1720-1789. Richmond, Va.: privately printed, 
1898. vii, 419 p. 4°. 

Slaughter (Philip). A history of Bristol Par- 
ish, with a tribute to the memory of its oldest 
rector, and an appendi.x, containing the epitaphs of 
some of its early officers and friends. Richmond, 
Va.: B. B. Minor, 1846. 51 p., i pi. 8°. 

Interleaved copy. Autograph 'Jetter from 'the author, and 
newspaper cuttings inserted. 

A history of Bristol Parish, Va., with gene- 
alogies of families connected therewith, and his- 
torical illustrations. Richmond: J. W. Randolph 
&' English, iZ-]g. .xx, 237p. 2. ed. 8°. 

Buena Vista. 
Buena Vista Company. Facts worth knowing 
about Buena Vista. . . . New York: the Giles Co. 
[1890.] 24 p., I map. 12°. 

Caroline County. 

Caroline County. — Board of Supervisors. A 
hand-book of Caroline County, Virginia. Bo-wling 
Green, Va.: Caroline Sentinel Print., \^%%. 6 1., 
I map. 8''. 

Cedar Mountain. 

Cedar Mountain. [Addresses, poems, &c., at 
the dedication of the monument to the 28th New 
York Volunteers, Culpeper, Va., Aug. 8, 1902. 
Prepared by Gen. Horatio C. King. n. t.-p. 
1892.] 32 p., I pi. ports. 8°. 



Local History, cont'd. 

Beale (James). Chancellorsville, A paper read 
before the United Service Club, Philadelphia, 
Penna., on Wednesday, February 8, 1888. Phila- 
delphia: James Beale, 1S92. 2 p.l., II p., i 1., 5 
maps. 2. ed. ob. X2°. 

Maps included in pagination. 

Dodge (Theodore Ayrault). The Campaign of 
Chancellorsville. 2. edition. Boston: Houghton, 
Mifflin &- Co. [c. 18S1.] 8^ 

Doubleday (A.) Chancellorsville and Gettys- 
burg. /Veza York: Scribfter's Sons, 1S82. 12°. 
(Campaigns of the Civil War. v. 6.) 

Same. 2. ed. New York, 12°. 

Hotchkiss (J. D.), and Wm. Allan. Battle- 
fields of Virginia: Chancellorsville. New York, 
1867. maps, port. S°. 

Charlotte County. 

Gaines (R[ichard] V.) Hand-book of Char- 
lotte County, Virginia. Its history, physical char- 
acteristics, climatic conditions, social, moral and 
religious advantages, statistical and other informa- 
tion. . .Richmond, Va.: E. Waddey, i88g. 78 p., 
I 1., I map. 8°. 

See also Albemarle County above. 

Charlottesville. Blank proposals and ad- 
vertisement. . .Street improvement bonds... Bids 
will be received until. . .April 15th, 1903. \Char- 
lottesville, 1903 ?] 2 1. 8°. 

Daily Progress (Illustrated edition). Charlottes- 
ville, Virginia. " The Athens of the South." Edited 
by A. E. Walker. Charlottesville : Progress Pub. 
Co., 1906. 46 p., I 1. f°. 

Chase City. 
Chase City. Blank proposals and advertise- 
ment. . .6j» improvement bonds. . .Bids will be re- 
ceived until... May 19th, 1904. S^Chase City, 
1904 ?] 2 1. 8°. 

Chesterfield County. 
Baker (W. W.) Description of Chesterfield 
County, Ya.. . .\^JiIanchester, Va.: Manchester 
Leader Print, 18SS?] 15 p. 24°. 

Culpeper County. 

Green (Raleigh Travers). Genealogical and 
historical notes on Culpeper County, Virginia. 
Embracing a revised and enlarged edition of Dr. 
Philip Slaughter's history of St. Mark's Parish. 
Culpeper, Va.: [Exponent Print. Office,\ 1900. 
5 p.l., viii, 120, I 1., 160, xxvi p., i 1., i pi., i port. 

Slaughter (Philip). A history of St. Mark's 
parish, Culpeper County, Virginia; with notes of 
old churches and. . . families, and illustrations of the 
manners and customs of the olden time. [^Balti- 
more: Innes &' Co.,'\ 1877. X, 200 p., I map. 12°. 

History of St. George's Parish, in the 

county of Spotsylvania, and diocese of Virginia. . . 
Edited by R. A. Brock, with a biography of the 
author and a continuation, embracing the history of 
St. George's and Trinity Churches to the present 
time. Richmond, Va.: J. W. Randolph (s;' English, 
1890. xix, 78 p., I pi., I port. 8°. 


Committee of Forty. Danville riot, Novem- 
ber 3, 1SS3. Report of Committee of Forty, with 
sworn testimony of thirty-seven witnesses, &c. 
Richmond: Johtis 6^ Goolsby, 1883. 47 p. 8". 

Danville. — PVater, Gas and Electric Light 
Dept. Annual report. 1903-1905/6. nos. [28- 
30]. Danville, 1903-1906. 8°. 

Turner's 5th, 7th, annual directory for the 
citiesof Danville and North r)anville,Va. 1890/91, 
1892/93. Danville, 1890-1S92. 8°. 

Elizabeth City County. 

Elizabeth City Co., Va. Its soil, climate 
and healthfulness. . .The many places of interest 
in the locality. 2 1. f°. 

Clipping from the Hampton Home Builder, Oct. 27, 1888. 

Tombstones in Elizabeth City County. (Wil- 
liam and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 
14, p. 167-173. 1906.) 

Essex County. 
Garnett (Henry Wise). Historical address on 
the history of Essex County, Virginia, delivered Occupacia, Essex Co., Virginia, on July 4, 
1876. Washington: Judd 6^ Dettveiler, 1876. 
34 p. 8°. 


Marriage bonds in Fairfax. (William and 
Mary College Quarterly Hist. Mag., vol. 12, p. 256- 
25S. 1904.) 

Washington's neighbors. . .Virginia freehold- 
ers and their election franchise before the Revolu- 
tion. Historic names in Fairfax County. .. 12 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Washington Evening Star. 
April 5, 1889. 


Farmville Agricultural and Mechanical Dis- 
trict Fair. Premium list. 1889. Lynchburg, Va., 
18S9. 8°. 

Fort Monroe. 

Patterson (II. K. W.) War memories of 
Fort Monroe and vicinity. Containing an account 
of the memorable battle between the " Merrimac " 
and "Monitor," the incarceration of Jefferson 
Davis, and other topics of interest concerning the 
fort and neighborhood. Fort Monroe, Va.: Pool 
&' Deutschle, 1885. 3 p.l., I02 p. 8°. 


Braxton (C. M.) Map of the battlefield of 
Fredericksburg [by B. L. Blackford], explained by 
extracts from official reports; also Gen. Robt. E. 
Lee's report of the battle. Lvnchburg, Va., 1866. 

Ehlers (E. M. L.) Address at the dedication 
of the monument erected by Major-General Daniel 
Butterlield at Fredericksburg. . .to commemorate 
the services of the fifth corps. Army of the Poto- 
mac, Memorial day, 1901. [Av-c York: J. J. Little 
^ Co., 1901.] 16 pp. 8\ 

Fredericksburg, Va., and vicinity. The 
home of Washington, Mary, the mother of Wash- 
ington, Richard Henry Lee, Light-horse Harry 
Lee, and their descendants. New York: Univer- 
sity Pub. Co., 1876. 24 p. 12°. 

Greene (J. L.) Gen. William B. Franklin and 
the operations of the left wing at the battle of 



Local History, cont'd. 
Fredericksburg, December 13, 1S62. Hartford, 
Ct.: Belknap 6^ War field, 1900. 38 pp., I map, 
I port. 8°. 

Henderson (George Francis Robert). The 
campaign of Fredericksburg. November-Decem- 
ber, 1862. A tactical study for officers. 3. ed. 
xviii, I 1., 145 pp., 4 maps, 2 pi. London: Gale fir" 
Polden, 1891. 12°. 

Howison (Robert R.) Fredericksburg: past, 
present and future. Published under the direction 
and for benefit of the Fredericksburg Library and 
Lyceum Association. Fredericksburg, Va.: R. B. 
Merchant, i?>?>0. 52 p. 8°. 

McGuire {Rev. Edward C.) Centennial com- 
memoration. A sermon, delivered in St. George's 
Church, Fredericksburg,. . .Oct. 4, 1S35, on the oc- 
casion of the hundredth anniversary of said church. 
Fredericksburg: Arena Print. Off., i?)2)S- 43 P- 8°- 

Report of the proceedings in connection with 
the monument erected by Major-Gen. Daniel But- 
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Hampshire County. 

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Congressional petition relative toregulationof import duties. 


Hampton Board of Trade. Hampton illus- 
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Virginia, and its surroundings. Together with the 
history of its development, resources and commerce 
fromitssettlement to the present time. . .Akron, 0.: 
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Harper's Ferry. 

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Local History, cont'd. 

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" Last (The) moments of John Brown.'' 
Painted by Thomas Hovenden, N. A., 1884... 
Etched by Thomas Hovenden, N. A., 1885... [A 
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opinions of the press concerning the painting.] 
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per's Y^xxy...Ne%vYork: The Association [1859?]- 
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minion. No. 5.) 
No. 41 of 100 copies printed. 

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Local History, cont'd. 

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ish by L. W. Burton. .. History of St. John's P. E. 
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James River. 

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King William County. 

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homes and families; an account of some of the old 
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Virginia, from its earliest settlement. Louisville: 
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1 port. X' . 

King William Parish. 

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annotated by Prof R. H. Fife. .. with an introduc- 
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Loudoun County. 

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course delivered before the Ketocton Church, Lou- 
doun, Va. . .December, 1856, to which is appended 
a catalogue of the members. Washington : G. S. 
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Louisa County. 
[Pendleton (P. B.)] Description of Louisa 
County, \'a. Jesse J. Porter, Co. Commissioner, 
appointed to represent the Louisa exhibit at the 
Richmond Exposition, 1888. {^Loiiisa : Louisa 
iVews and Farmer Job Print, 1888.] 4 1. 8°. 

Ammen (S. Z.) History and description of the 
Luray Cave (illustrated). Including explanations 
of the manner of its formation, its peculiar growths, 
its geology, chemistry, etc. ; also a map. The 
whole so arranged as to serve as a guide. Balti- 
more : J. W. Borst dr> Co., 1S82. 48 p., i map. 
3. ed. 8°. 

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The manner of their formation, their peculiar 
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ginia, under the auspices of the Smithsonian In- 
stitution, July 13 and 14, 1880. [Washington, 
18S1.] 12 p. illus. 8°. 


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Resources and advantages of Lynch- 
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Local History, cont'd. 

jNIadison County. 
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Virginia, n. p. [i8S-.] 4 p. 12°. 

Addresses delivered at the unveiling of the 
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Manchester. Advertisement and blank pro- 
posal... Four per cent, refunding Bonds. . Bids 
will be received until. . .March 24, 1905. '[^Man- 
chester, 1905 ?] 2 1. 8°. 

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Local History, cont'd. 

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To the Daughters of Washington. Philadelphia, 
1S55. S p. 8°. 

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p. 112-121 ; 257-268.) 

New Kent County. 
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ginia. A review of important events and incidents 

which occurred from 1736 to 1877; also a record of 
personal reminiscences and political, commercial 
and curious facts. By H. W. Burton, " Harr}' 
Scratch," of the Norfolk Virginian. Norfolk, Va.: 
A^or folk Virginian Job Print, \%-]-]. vi, 264 p. 8". 

Chataigne's directory of Norfolk and Ports- 
mouth, 18S0/S1, 18S2/83, 1883/84, 1885, 1886, 
1888, 1889, 1890/91, 1891/92, 1892/93, 1894, 
1895/96, 1896/97. [Norfolk. 1 879-1 896.] 4to. 

1889-1896 have title " Chataigne's directory of Norfolk, 
Portsmouth & Berkley." 

Facts and figures about Norfolk, Virginia. A 
town in 1680. A borough in 1736. A city in 1845. 
Norfolk: Chamber of Commerce, \.%c)-,. 32 p. 16°. 

Forrest (William S.) Historical and descrip- 
tive sketches of Norfolk and vicinity, including 
Portsmouth and the adjacent counties, during a 
period of two hundred years. Also, sketches of 
Williamsburg, Hampton, Suffolk, Smithfield, and 
other places .. Philadelphia: Lindsay and B la kis- 
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teenth century: (Norfolk and Portsmouth). Their 
past, present and future. Norfolk, Va.: Barcroft, 
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the select and common councils, together with 
municipal reports. 1878, 1879, 1881, 1884, 1886, 
1888, 1897/9-1899/1901. Norfolk: City Printer, 
1878-1901. 8°. 

Councils. Stenographer's minutes. City of 

Norfolk investigation into the "water option," be- 
fore a committee of the Councils, January 21st, 
1897. Norfolk: W. T. Barron &- Co. [1897] 
I p.l., 86 p. 8°. 

Report of the investigating committee 

of the Common and .Select Councils, concerning 
the charges of Mayor Lamb, in his annual message, 
against the Police Commissioners and police force 
of the city of Norfolk, Va. [Norfolk:] T. O. Wise, 
city printer, 1885. 15 p. 8°. 

Ordinances. Joint resolutions of the Mayor, 

Recorder, Aldermen, and Common Council, of the 
borough of Norfolk [relating to commerce with 
British colonies], passed December 17, 1821; and 
memorial of sundry citizens of the same place. 
January 11, 1S22. JVashington: Gales and Seaton, 
1822. 9 p., 2 tab. 8°. (U.S. 17. Cong., I. Sess. 
H. doc. 21.) 

The ordinances of the city of Norfolk, 

with the amended charter and an appendix. . . 1894. 
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I map. 8°. 

The ordinances. . .with the amended 

charter, acts of Assembly relating to city govern- 
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vii, 9-932 p. 8°. 

Water Commissioners. Annual report. 

1876, 1S89/90, 1890/91, 1901/02-1905/06. Nor- 
folk, 1 876-1906. 8°. 

1901/2 and later are numbered 28, etc. 

Contract [and specifications for the 

structures upon the Norfolk water works]. Feb., 
1871. Norfolk, 1S71. 63 p. 4°. 

Report and plans of the Hon. W. J. 

McAlpine for a supply of water for the city of Nor- 
folk. Feb., 1871. Norfolk: Jour7ial Office, i?>li. 
48 p. 8°. 



Local History, cont'd. 

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and by-laws. . Ahrfolk : VV. T. Barroti &f Co., 
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folk : A. C. Jordan &^ Co., 1806. 82 p., I 1. 16°. 

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Travel, entertainment and enterprise. Norfolk 
[1903]. 32 1., I map. obi. 16°. 

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charter, constitution and by-laws of the Norfollc 
Public Library, of Norfolk, Virginia. A^orfolk, 
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By S. P. Q. [An attack on the Norfolk bar. In 
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Norfolk, Va., 1^,%^,. 10 p. 8°. 

Stoner (Winifred Sackville). St. Paul's Epis- 
copal Church, Norfolk, Virginia, U. S. A.. . . Nor- 
folk, Va.: A^usbaunt- Book and N^ezvs Co. [1903.] 
14 p. obi. 16°. 

Storrs (Richard Kalter). Terrors of the pesti- 
lence. A sermon preached in the Church of the 
Pilgrims, Brooklyn, N. V., on the occasion of a 
collection in aid of the sufferers at Norfolk, Va., 
Sept. 30th, 1S55. A'l'Zi' York: J. A. Gray, 1855. 
24 p. 8°. 

Tucker (Beverley D.) The continuity of the 
church. A plea for endowment. Sermon preached 
in St. Paul's Church, Elizabeth River Parish, Nor- 
folk, Va. . . .Apr. ist, 1906. [A^orfolk:'\ the Vestry 
[1906]. II p. 8^. 

Norfolk County. 
Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, Antiquary. 
V. i-v. 5, no. 2. Baltimore [iSgsJ-igos. 8°. 
V. I, pts. 1-3, published at Richmond. 

Marriage bonds of Norfolk County, Virginia, 
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697-8, 703-4, 765-6, 893-8 were omitted in the pagination; 
text, however, is complete. 

Old Point Comfort. 

Hygeia Hotel. Health, comfort, pleasure, 
scenic surroundings. Hygeia Hotel, the seaside 
resort of America. \^A'ew York: the Giles C^^., iSg-.] 
29 p. 16°. 

Pennsylvania Railroad. A Christmas holi- 
day pleasure tour to Old Point Comfort, over the 
Pennsylvania Railroad... {^Philadelphia : Allen, 
Lane dr" Scott, 1891.] 16 p., I map. 12°. 

Visitor's hand book of Old Point Comfort, Va., 
and vicinity, including Fort Monroe, National home 
for D. V. Soldiers, National Cemetery, Hampton 
Normal and Agricultural Institute, town of Hamp- 
ton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, etc. 
Plampion, Va.: Hampton Institute, 1885. 84 p., 
I map. illus. 3. ed. 8°. 

Orkney Springs. 
Mullin (S. M.) History, character, and medi- 
cinal properties of Orkney Springs, Shenandoah 
County, Virginia. . . Washington, D. C: Judd 6^ 
Detweiler, \%'i\, 16 p. 8°. 

Chataigne's Petersburg directory. 1882/83, 

1886/S7, 18S8/S9. [Pich?nond, 1882-88.] 8°. 

Guide (A) to the fortifications and battlefields 
around Petersburg; with a splendid map. from 
actual surveys made by the U. S. Engineer Dep'mt 
. . .By the Prop, of Jarratt's Hotel. Petersburg, I'a., 
1866. 27 p., I map. 8°. 

J. L. Hill Printing Co.'s directory of Peters- 
burg, Va. 1897,1899/1900. {Richmond, i^g']-i}().'] 

Petersburg, Acts of the General Assembly 
of Virginia relative to the jurisdiction and powers 
of the town of Petersburg. To which are added, 
the ordinances, by-laws and regulations of the 
corporation. Petersburg: E. Pescud, 1824. 100 p. 

Virginia. — Governor. Message of James L. 
Kemper. . .to the Senate, giving his reasons for 
withholding his assent to the bill " To provide a 
charter for the city of Petersburg," March 12, 
1874. {Rich7no7td, 1874.] 8 p. pap. 8°. 

Portsmouth. Mayor's message. . . together 

with municipal reports. 1885/86,1895/96-1896/97. 
8°. Ports?nouth, 1886-97. 8°. 

Prince Edward County. 
Prince Edward County for a home in Virginia, 

Richmond, Va.: Johns O- Co., 1888. 46 p. 8°. 

Prince George County. 
Spooner (John Jones). A topographical de- 
scription of the county of Prince George in Vir- 
ginia, 1793. (Massachusetts Hist. Soc, Collec- 
tions, 1794, Vol. 3, p. 85-92. Boston, 1794.) 

See also, Henrico Parish, above. 

li'Academie des Sciences et Beaux Arts des 
Etats-Unisde I'Amerique, Richmond, Va. Memoire 
et prospectus, concernant 1' Academic. . .etablie a 
Richmond, capitole de la Virginie; par le Chevalier 
Quesnay de Beaurepaire, Fondateur-President. 
Paris: Cailleau, hnprimeur de V Academic de Riche- 
mond, 1788. 8 p.l, 52 p. 8°. 

Advantages (The) of Richmond, Virginia, as 
a manufacturing and trading centre; with notes for 
the guidance of tourists on the lines of transporta- 
tion running from Richmond. Richmond: Pub- 
lished under the auspices of the Trade committees 
of the Chamber of Co?ntnerce and Commercial Club, 
1882. 64 p., 3 maps. 8°. 

Baptist Church (First). The first century of the 
Baptist Church of l\ichmond, Virginia, 17S0-18S0. 
Richmond: C. McCarthy, \%Zo. 360 p. S\ 

Baptist Church (Second). Manual for the 
Second Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia, 1834. 
Richmond : IV. Sands, 1834. 16 p. 16°. 



Local History, cont'd. 

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facturing and trading centre; including a historical 
sketch of the city. Richmond, Va. : Jones &■' Cook, 

1880. 92 p., I map, 8 pi. 8°. 

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evacuation of Richmond, April 2, 1865. Baltimore: 
J. Murphy er Co., 1 880. 27 p. 8°. 

Catalogue of stereoscopic and card views of 
Richmond and vicinity. Richmond, Va.: Selden 
dr" Co. [1S6-?] 2 1. 8°. 

Chataigne's directory of Richmond, Va. 

1881, 1SS2/S3, 1883/S4, 1886/87, 1888, 18S9, 1891, 
1892, 1893/94, 1894/95, 1895/96, 1S97. Richmond, 
1881-97. 8°. 

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68 p. 16°. 

Same. Richmond: J. E. Goode, 1884. 64 p. 

illus. 16°. 

Same. Richmond: J. Hill Print. Co., 1894. 

73 p. illus. 12°. 

Richmond, Va. : an outline of its attractions 

and industries. Prepared by order of the Chamber 
of Commerce, and published under the direction of 
its committee on information and statistics. Rich- 
mond : VV. E.Jones, 18S8. 24 p. 12°. 

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tive of the military operations of Maj.-Gen. George 
B. McClellan. . .May and June, 1862. Philadelphia, 
1862. 12°. 

Currier (F. C.) . . . A visit to Richmond, Va., 
at the close of the Civil war. Read at a meeting of 
the [Fitchburg Historical] Society, May 16, 1904. 
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1S14 to 1S78. Richmofid: Whittet 6^ Shepperson, 
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Full (A) account of the great calamity, which 
occurred in the capitol at Virginia, April 27, 1870, 
together with a list of killed and wounded. Rich- 
mond : E Hyson Of Taylor, 1870. 48 p. 8°. 

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foderirten um Richmond im Mai und Juni, 1862. 
2 pi. (Beiheft zum Militar-Wochenblatt, 1901. 
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Gesangverein Virginia, Richmond, Va. Fest- 
Programm des Goldenen Jubilaums. . .nebst einer 
historischen Skizze des Vereins von H. Wenzel, 
Sr. . . .d. I. 2. u. 3. July, 1902. Richmond, Va.: 
[The Dietz Print. Co., 1902.] 35^p., 9pl., i port. 

Heindl (Joseph J.) Preliminary report on heat- 
ing and ventilating the capitol building at Rich- 
mond, Va. \_Richmond,\%it>.'\ [8] p. 8°. (Richmond. 
Public Buildings, Office of Superintendent of.) 

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(In: Historic towns of the Southern States, Edited 
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Historical account of the Washington monu- 
ment in the Capitol Square, Richmond, Va., with 
biographical sketches. . .Richmond, Va.: W. A. R. 
Nye, 1S69. 16 p. 24°. 

Hollywood Memorial Association. Register 
of the Confederate dead, interred in Hollywood 
Cemetery. Rich^nond, 1869. map. 8". 

Miller (Samuel). A sermon delivered January 19, 
1812, at the request of a number of young gentle- 
men of the city of New York, who had assembled 
to express their condolence with the inhabitants of 
Richmond . . . [on the burning of the theatre.] iVew 
York: Whiting and Watson, 1812. 42 p. 8°. 

[Mordecai (Samuel).] Richmond in by-gone 
days: being reminiscences of an old citizen. Rich- 
7nond, Va.: G. M. West,i8s(>. [iii]-xi, [i3]-32i p. 

Mordecai (Samuel). Virginia, especially Rich- 
mond, in by gone days, with a glance at the pres- 
ent: being reminiscences and last words of an old 
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17-359 P- 12°. 

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Richmond in history. Richmond, Va.: G. W. 
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New (The) Richmond. Rise of the city since 
the war left it ruined. More prosperous than ever. 
Great industries established and business growing. 
16 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the New York Sun, October 19, 

New York News-Letter. September-October, 
1901. vol. 34, no. 5. Richmond number. Netv 
York, 1901. 32 p. 8°. 

[Norvell (Watkins)] Richmond, Virginia, 
colonial, revolutionary, confederate, and the pres- 
ent. 1896. [Richmond: E. B. Brown,] 1896. 
22 1. ob. 8°. 

Particular account of the dreadful fire at 
Richmond, Virginia, Dec. 26, 181 1. Which de- 
stroyed the theatre and the house adjoining, and in 
which more than sixty persons were either burnt to 
death, or destroyed in attempting to make their 
escape. To which is added some observations on 
theatrical performances; and an essay from the Vir- 
ginia Argus. . .Baltimore: J. Kingston, 18 12. 46 p. 

Poindexter (Charles). Richmond: an illus- 
trated handbook and guide with notices of the 
battlefields. Rich?nond: Va. : J. L. Hill Print. 
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Richmond. — Auditor. Annual report, 1897/8- 
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the city of Richmond, with the Declaration of 
Rights and Constitution of Virginia. Richmond: 
E Hyson, 1859. 295 p. 8°. 

The charter of the city of Richmond, 

approved May 24, amended July 11, 1870; and the 
city ordinances, passed since the late edition of the 
ordinances in 1869. Richmo7id: Evening News, 
1S71. 95 p. 8°. . , . 

The charter and ordinances of the city 

of Richmond. Published by the authority of the 
Council. Richmond: J. E. Goode, 1875. ix, i 1., 
349 P- S°. 



Local History, cont'd. 

Health Board. Annual report, nos. 6, 

9-13, 27. 1876, 1879-83, 1898. Richmond, 1877- 
•99. 8°. 

James River Improvement Committee. An- 
nual report. . .transmitting report of their engineer. 
1878-9. Richmond, 1879. 8°. 

Mayor. Annual message and accompany- 
ing documents. 1895-98, 1900. Richmond, 1896- 

1901. 8°. 

Police Comtnissioners. Annual report of 

the Chief of Police. 1S95-1901. Richmond, \%c)b- 

1902. 8°. 

Public Schools, Office of Superintettdefit of. 

Annual report of the Superintendent, 1S94. no. 
25. Richmo7id, 1895. S''. 

Treasurer s Office. Annual report of the 

Treasurer. 1 899/1 900. Richviond, 1900. 8°. 

Blank proposals and advertisement. . . 

Four per cent, refunding bonds. . .Bids will be re- 
ceived until. .. December 9, 1904. [^Richmond, 
1904. J 2 1. 8°. 

Same. May 17, 1905. 2 1. 8°. 

Same. June 7, 1906. 2 1. 8°. 

Water Com?nittee, Annual report and ac- 
companying documents. 1871/2-1874/5. Rich- 
mond, 1872-75. 8°. 

Proposals, contract and specifications 

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iSSc] 26 p., I 1. 4°. 

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on the James. Edited by Andrew Morrison. Rich- 
fnond, Va.: G. IV. Engelhardt, 1893. 316 p. 
illus. 4°. 

[ ] Richmond, Va. : its growth, attrac- 
tions, advantages, facilities, resources and develop- 
ment as a business centre. .. Educational institu- 
tions, places of amusement, churches and charities, 
and points of interest in and about the city. \_Rich- 
mond: VVhittet cSt^ Shepperson, 1901.] 22 p. illus. 

Report on the trade and commerce of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, for 1872/3. Richmond, i?)']^- 8°. 

Report of the annua! meeting. . .for 1883/4. 

no. 17. Richmond, 1SS4. 12°. 

Report of the president submitted. .. 1902. 

Richmond, 1902. 8°. 

Address delivered at the Pan-Ameri- 
can e.xposition, Buffalo, New York, on Virginia 
day, August 23, 1901. Richfuond, Va., Whittet 
(s^ Shepperson, 1901. 48 p. 12°. 

Richmond Riot, April 2, 1863. \^Richmond, 
Va.,'] 1S87. 4 p. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Nov. 28, 
1887. Vol. I, no. 12. 

St. Mary's [German Catholic] Church. Manual 
and director)'. .. 1903-1904. ^Richmond: Whittet 
^ Shepperson, ptrs.,iqOi\.^^ 46 p. 8°. 

Annual financial statement, Jan. i, 1903; 

1904. Richmo7id, 1903-4. 8°. 

Annual statement of building committee, 

Jan. I, 1903. Richmond, 1903. 8°. 

Seven (The) days' battles in front of Rich- 
mond. Charleston, 1862. 8°. 

Shalerf Nathaniel Southgate), and].\\ B.\CKUS 
WooinvoRTH. Geology of the Richmond Basin, 
Virginia. Illus. 33 plates, 2 maps. (U. S. geol. 
survey. 19th ann. rep., pt. 2, p. 385-519. Wash- 
ington, 1899.) 

Snapshots at Richmond, Virginia, U. S. A., 
By the business man, editor, preacher, doctor, pho- 
tographer. \^Richmond,] cop. 1S95. 12S p. S°. 

'title on cover reads: " Richmond, \'irginia: her advantages 
and attractions . . ." 

Witherspoon (John). A serious inquiry into 
the nature and eflects of the stage; and a letter 
respecting play actors. Also a sermon on the 
burning of the theatre at Richmond, &c. By 
Samuel Miller, D.D. . .with. . .address, by several 
ministers in New York, &c. A^eiv York: Whiting 
&= Watson, 1S12. 199 p. 16°. 

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Her trade, commerce, manufactures and represen- 
tative establishments'. Richmond, Va.: Metropo- 
litan Publishing Co., 1886. 3 p.l., 7-144 P- 8°. 

[Wright (R. W.)] Richmond since the war, 
{^N'ezu York, 1877.] 303-312 p. 8°. 
Ext. Scribner's ISIonthly Magazine, July, 1877. 

Young (The) Men's Business Association. 
Business facts about Richmond, Virginia. Rich- 
mond: Monitor Pub. Co., 1S97. 42 p., i map. 
ob. 24°. 

Richmond County. 

Marriages, births and deaths in Richmond 
County. (William and Mary College Quarterly, 
Historical Magazine, vol. 13, p. 129-132, 182-192. 


Haddock's Roanoke, Va., city directory, 1890. 
Richmond, 1890. 8^. 

Picturesque Roanoke. Being a series of 
reproductions from photographic views. . .Roanoke: 
The Stone Prtg. &- Mfg. Co. [1905 ?] 2 1., 15 pi. 
ob. 8°. 

Roanoke Industrial and Agricultural Associa- 
tion. Premium list, rules and regulations of the 
great Roanoke fair. . .AW«^>^£', 1904. 64 p. 8°. 

Roanoke souvenir calendar, 1903. [Views of 
Roanoke.] Roanoke, Va.: the Stone Print. dr» 
Manuf. Co., cop., 1902. 12 1. illus. 2. ed. f°. 

Scholes' directory of the city of Roanoke, 
ig92, 1S93, 1896. Roanoke, 1892-1896. 8°. 

Rock Enon Springs. 
Rock Enon Springs and baths, Frederick 
County, Va. Washington : Jitdd df Detiueiler 
[1879]. 18 p., I pi. 8°. 

Rockingham County. 
Hinke (Wm. J.), and Ch.\rles E. Kemper. 
Record of the Peaked Mountain Church, Rocking- 
ham County, Va. (William and Mary College 
Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 13. p. 247-256. 1905.) 

Daniel (Frederick S.) A visit to a colonial 

estate [Romancoke, Va.]. Ne'co York, i'&%%. 517- 

524 p. 8°. 
Ext. from Harper's Magazine, March, 1888. 

Saint George's Parish. 
See Fredericksburg above. 

Saint Mark's Parish. 
See Culpeper County above. 



Local History, cont'd. 


Salem. lilank proposal and circular. . .in gold 
refunding bonds. . . Bids will be received until. . . 
March loth, 1900. \^Sale»i, 1900.] 2 1. 8°. 

Salem and the Roanoke Valley: a circular of 
information... Salem, Fa.: Times- Register Power 
Press Print, \i%A. 6S p. S°. 

Roanoke College. Views of Roanoke college 
and vicinity. Salem, n. d. 4 1. S°. 

Addresses at the inauguration of Julius D. 

Dreher as president... Oct. 17, 1879. \_Boston^ 

1879. 62 p. 8°. 

Potter (Charles Nott). The need of limiting 
legislation and patronage; address before the liter- 
ary societies of Roanoke College, Va., June 12, 
1878. Nezu York, 1878. 8°. 

Shenandoah Valley. 

Allan (William). History of the campaign of 

Gen. T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson, in the Shenandoah 

Valley of Virginia, from Nov. 4, 1861, to June 17, 

1862 ; with maps by J. Hotchkiss. Philadelphia, 

1880. 8°. 

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Shenandoah Valley. A paper read before the Com- 
mandery of the State of Pennsylvania of the Mili- 
tary Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, 
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F. (N. E.) The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 
Railroad development. Agricultural and industrial 
progress. Magnificent scenery. The wonderful 
Luray Caverns. . . Staunton, Va, 18S1. i 1. f . 
Clipping from the "Valley Virginian," May ig, 18S1. 
IngersoU (Ernest). Through the Shenandoah 
Valley. The chronicle of a leisurely journey through 
the uplands of Virginia. . . With illustrations by 
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Another copy, large paper. 

3d 1,000. Philadelphia, 1865. 8°. 

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Historic homes. [Shirley, Va., the ancestral 
home of] The Hills and the Carters. . . Baltimore, 
1888. 3 1. 8°. 

Mounted clippings from "The Baltimore Sun," Oct. 13, 


Humphreys (Mary Gay). An old church. [Old 
Brick Church, near Smithfield, Virginia.] n. p., 
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Smithfield, Virginia. Built in 1632. A paper read 
before the Virginia Historical Society. . .Dec. 22, 
1891. (In: Virginia Hist. Soc. Coll., new series, 
vol. ir, 1892, p. 127-163.) 

Smyth County. 
Francis (W. P.) Smyth County, Virginia. 
Information concerning transportation, mountains, 
streams, water powers, and places of interest, ele- 
vations and the mineral waters. Richmond, Va : 
J. W. Perguson &= Son, iS&S. 16 p. 24°. 

Southampton County. 

Drewry (William Sidney). The Southampton 
insurrection. [With bibliography.] Washington: 
The Neale Co., 1900. 201 p., i map, 34 pl-. 3 
port. 8°. 

Sketch and map of Southampton County, Vir- 
ginia. Prepared by the E.xposition Committee, 
188S. yRichmond:'\ Richmond Dispatch Steam 
Presses, 1888. 8 p., I map. 12°. 

Warner (Samuel). Authentic and impartial 
narrative of the tragical scene which was witnessed 
in Southampton County (Virginia) on Monday, the 
22d of August last, when fifty-five of its inhabi- 
tants (mostly women and children) were inhumanly 
massacred by the blacks! communicated by eye- 
witnesses and confirmed by. . .confessions of seve- 
ral of the \Aa.cV% . . .\_New York:] Printed for 
Warner ^ West, 1831. [3]-38 p., i folded plan. 

Spotsylvania County. 

Virginia county records. Spotsylvania County, 
1721-1S00. Being transcriptions from the original 
files at the County Court House, of wills, deeds, 
administrators' and guardians' bonds, marriage 
licenses, and lists of Revolutionary pensioners. 
Edited by William Armstrong Crozier. Neiu York: 
Fox, Dnffield df Co., iqos. vii, 576 p. 8°. (Vir- 
ginia County Records, Vol. i.) 

Stafford County. 

Overwharton Parish, Virginia. Overwhar- 
ton Parish register, 1720 to 1760. Old Stafford 
County. [Edited, with an introductory sketch] By 
Wm. F. Boogher. Washington, D. C.:^Saxton 
Print. Co., 1899. xiii (i) 195 P-, 2 pl. 8°. 



Local History, cont'd. 


Gordon (Armistead C.) Staunton, Virginia. 
Its past, present and future. .With illustrations 
from photographs by Edmund Berkeley. Xeiu 
York: South Pub. Co. [i8q-?] 74 p., i 1. ob. 

Turner's annual Staunton city directory, 
1S90/91. Yonkers, N. y.,1890. 8°. 

Walker (Albert E.) 1761-1906. Staunton, 
the Queen City. Edited and compiled by A. E. 
Walker. Staunton: Augusta Prt'g Corporation 
[1906]. I p.l., 46 p. f\ (The Dispatch and 
News Hist, and Indus, no.) 

Hotchkiss (Jedediah). The city of Staunton, 
Augusta County, Virginia, and the surrounding 
country, their condition, resources and advantages, 
and the inducements they offer to those seeking 
homes or places for business, investments, etc. . . 
Staunton, Va.: Spectator Steam Print. Co., 1878. 
48 p., I map. 4°. 

Tazewell County. 

Bickley (George W. L.) History of the Set- 
tlement and Indian wars of Tazewell County, Vir- 
ginia. Cincinnati: Morgan &" Co., 1852. xxii, 
I 1., 25-267 p, illus. S". 

Virginia Beach. 
Garnett (Alexander V. P.) Observations on 
the sanitary advantages of tidewater Virginia, em- 
bracing Virginia Beach as a winter health resort. 
Philadelphia: IV. J. Dornan, I'ai']. 16 p. 8°. 

Repr. : Transactions of the American Climatological Asso- 
ciation, May 31, 18S7. 

Virginia Springs. 
Letters descriptive of the Virginia Springs, 
the roads leading thereto, and the doings thereat. . 
by Peregrine Prolix [i. e. P. H. Nicklin]. With a 
map of Virginia. . .Second edition, containing eight 
more letters. Philadelphia: H. S. Tanner, 1S37. 
(4) X, 11-248 p., I map. nar. 16°. 


Washington (Thornton A.) Wakefield, Vir- 
ginia, the birthplace of George Washington, n. p. 
[1884.] 22 1. 8°. 


Washington County. 

Coale (Charles B.) The life and adventures 
of Wilburn Waters. . .embracing the early history 
of Southwestern Virginia. Sufferings of the 
pioneers, etc., etc. Richmond: G. W. Gary 6^ Co., 
187S. 264 p. 12°. 

Mead (E. C.) Historic homes of the South- 
west Mountains, Virginia. Philadelphia: J. B. 
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Summers (Lewis Preston). History of South- 
west Virginia, 1 746-1 786. Washington County, 
1777-1870. Richmond, Va.: J. L. //ill Printing 
Co., 1903. 921 p., I map, I port, illus. 8°. 

West Point. 
West Point. Blank proposal and circular. . . 
Five per cent, water bonds. . . Bids will be received 
until. ..October 8, 1903. [IVest Point, 1903.] 2 1. 

West Point, Virginia, and King William 
County. Richmond, Va.: E. Waddey, 1888. 53 p., 
I map. 8°. 


Historic homes. Westover and its memories. 
The birthplace of Col. Wm. Byrd. Baltimore, 
Md., 1 888. 8 p. 8°. 

Mounted clipping from the " Baltimore Sun," Oct. 6, 1888. 


Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, Va. 
Commemorative of the commencement of the res- 
toration of Bruton, the court church of colonial 
Virginia, Williamsburg. Sermon by B. D. Tucker, 
D.D. . .Introduction by A. M. Randolph. . .With a 
statement relative to the history and condition of 
this church, by Rev.W. A. R. Goodwin. IVilliams- 
burg, 1905. 20 p. illus. 8°. 

Building of Williamsburg. (W^illiam and 
Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 10, 
p. 73-92. 1901.) 

Historic homes. Carter's Grove on the James ; 
also Williamsburg, Virginia's ancient capital. Bal- 
timore, Md., 1SS8. 11 p. 8°. 

Mounted clipping from the Baltimore Sun, September 29 


Goodwin {Rev. William A. R.) Historical 
sketch of Bruton Church, Williamsburg, Virginia. 
\_Petersburg : Franklin Press Co.J 1903. 183 p., 
12 pi. 8°. 

memorials to be placed in Bruton Parish 
Church, Williamsburg, Virginia, successor to the 
church at Jamestown and to the Court Church of 
colonial Virginia. In connection with the preser- 
vation and restoration of the building. [Petersburg: 
The Franklin Press Co., 1906.] 30 p., 2 1. illus. 

Tyler (Lyon Gardiner). Bruton Church. Rich- 
mond, Va.: IVhittet 6^ Shepperson, 1895. 14 p., 
I pi. 8°. 
Reprinted from William and Mary College Quarterly. 

Tyler (Lyon Gardiner). Williamsburg, the 
ancient capital. (In : Historical towns of the 
Southern states. Edited by Lyman P. Powell. 
Ne-M York, 1900. p. 185-217. 8°.) 

Virginia county records. Williamsburg wills, 
being transcriptions from the original files at the 
Chancery Court of Williamsburg. Edited by Wil- 
liam Armstrong Crozier. . . N'eiu York : the Genea- 
logical Ass' n, iqob. 77p. 16°. (Virginia County 
Records, Vol. 3.) 


Gruber (M. A.) Early German settlement of 
Winchester, Virginia. (Pennsylvania-German, Vol. 
5. P- 93-94- IQ04-) 

Winchester. — Common Council. Report of 
committee. . .upon the relations of the city and the 
'Council to the Handley Board and fund. [Win- 
chester : Eddy Press, 1900. ] 39 p. 8°. 


[Barstow (J. L.)] Report of commissioner 
for \ermont, upon the Yorktown centennial cele- 
bration. [Signed by J. L. Barstow.] Rutland : 
Ttittle &^ Co., 1S80. 13 p. 8°. 

Chamber of Commerce of the State of New 
York. Banquet given. . .in honor of the guests of 



Local History, cont'd. 
the nation, to the centennial celebration of the vic- 
tory at Yorktown. New York, November 5th, 1881. 
[Xt7o York, 1881 ?] I p.l., ii, i 1., 51 p., i pi. S". 

[Cooke (J. Esten).] Old St. Peter's Church, 
Yorktown, Virginia. Nem York, 1874, 673-675 p. 


Ext. from "Appleton's Journal," November 28, 1874. 

Hope (J. B.) Arms and the man: a metrical 
address recited on the one hundredth anniversary 
{October 19th, iSSi) of the surrender of Lord Corn- 
wallis at Yorktown, on invitation of joint committee 
of both houses of- Congress. N^orfolk : Landmark 
Puhlishiug Co., 18S2. 104 p. 12°. 

New York (State). — Governor. Yorktown cen- 
tennial. Message of the Governor and report of 
the commissioners of the state for the reception 
and entertainment of the national guests. [January 
19, 1882] «./. [1882.] 19 p. 8°. 

Patton (J. H.) Yorktown: a compendious ac- 
count of the campaign of the allied P'rench and 
American forces... the succeeding events, to the 
treaty of peace; and the celebration of the centen- 
nial anniversary of the surrender at Yorktown. 
A'cT.v York : Fords, Howard 5^' Hulbert, 1882. vi, 
I 1., 9-62 p., I pi., 2 maps, 5 port. 8°. 

Stevens (John Austin). Yorktown centennial 
handbook. Historical and topographical guide to 
the Yorktown peninsula, Richmond, James River 
and Norfolk. Neiu York: the author, 1881. 124 p. 

Tyler (Lyon Gardiner). Memories of York- 
town... Richmond, Va., 1894. 15 p. 8°. 

Mounted clipping from " The Times," Richmond, Va., 
November 25, 1894. 

Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., Portland, 
Me. Yorktown centennial, n. t.-p. [Portland : 
Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., 18S1.] 14 p., 
I 1. sq. f. 

Yorktown Centennial Commission. Report 
of the Commission created in accordance with a 
joint resolution of Congress, approved March 3, 
1881, providing for the erection of a monument at 
Yorktown, Va. , commemorative of the surrender 
of Lord Cornwallis. Washington : Govt. Prtg. 
Office, 1883. 168 p. pap. 8°. 

Official programme of the Yorktown cen- 
tennial celebration, October 18, 19, 20, 21, 18S1. 
Under the joint resolution of Congress of June 7, 
18S0. Washington : Yorktown Centennial Com- 
mission, 18S1. I p.l., xi-xiv, 9 1., 17-154 p., I 1. 

Yorkto'wn centennial illustrated. Oct., 1881, 
Boston, 1 88 1. f°. 

Non-Official Publications. 

Byrd (^Villiam). The Westover manuscripts: 
containing the history of the dividing line betwixt 
Virginia and North Carolina; a journey to the land 
of Eden, A. D. 1733; and a progress to the mines. 
Written from 1728 to 1736, and now first published. 
Petersburg: E. dr^ J. C. Puffin, printers, 1841. 
iv, 143 (I) p. 8°, 

History of the dividing line and other tracts. 

[Edited by T. H. Wynne.] Richmond, Va., 1866. 

2 V. 4°. (Historical Documents from the Old 
Dominion, no. 2-3.) 

Contents: Vol. i. History of the dividing line between Va. 
and North Carolina as run in 1728-29. 2. Journey to the land 
of Eden, anno 1733. A progress to the mines, 1732. Pro- 
ceedings of the commissioners to lay out the bounds of the 
northern neck, lying between the rivers Potomack and Rap- 
pahannock, 1736. Essay on bulk tobacco, London, April 15, 
1692. Miscellaneous papers. 

Another copy, large paper. 

The writings of " Colonel William Byrd of 

Westover in Virginia, Esqr." Edited by J. S. 
Bassett. New York: Doubleday ^ Page, 1901. 
Ixxxviii, 461 p., 3 pi., I port. 4°. 

Crumrine (Boyd). The boundary controversy 
between Pennsylvania and Virginia, 1748-1785. 2 
maps. (Annals Carnegie Museum, v. i, p. 105- 
524. Pittsburgh, igo2.) 

Craig (Neville B.) Lecture upon the contro- 
versy between Pennsylvania and Virginia about the 
boundary line; delivered at the University Build- 
ing, Dec. 5, 1843. Pittsburgh: A. Jaynes, printer, 
1843. 30 p. 8°. (Historical Society of Western 

History of the Boundary Line Controversy be- 
tween Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Illus- 
trated by Thomas Addis Emmet, M. D. Neiu York, 
1886. 4°. 

Four pamphlets extra-illustrated with 148 manuscripts, 
maps, prints, etc. 

Text consists of J. H. B. Latrobe's History of Mason and 
Dixon's line, Philadelphia, 1855; N. B. Cra.\%' 5 Lecture upon 
the controversy betzveen Pennsylvania and Virginia., Pitts- 
burgh, 1843; J. Veech's ^1/rtjo« and Dixon's line, Pittsburg, 
1857, and Message from the Governor of Maryland, trans- 
7nitfing reports in relation to the boundary lines of Rlary- 
land, Pennsylvania, atid Delaware, Washington, 1850. 

The manuscripts are listed in the Calendar oj the Eiuinet 
Collection, nos. 14459-14606. 

Paine (Thomas). Public good, being an ex- 
amination into the claim of Virginia to the vacant 
western territory and of the right of the United 
States to the same: to which are added, Proposals 
for laying off a new state, to be applied as a fund 
for carrying on the war, or redeeming the public 
debt. Philadelphia: John Dunlap, 1780. 38 p. 8°. 
This first edition is anonymous. 

Albany: Printed for C. R. &= G. 

Webster [1792]. 41 p. 8^ 

London: W. T. Sherzuiti, 1S17. 35 p. 


Tazewell (Littleton W.) The Limits of Vir- 
ginia under the Charters of King James the First. 
(In: Virginia Historical Register, v. i, p. 12-18. 
Rich mond, 1 84 S . ) 

Thompson (George W.) Virginia; her ancient 
title to the northwestern territory, and her rights 
upon the Ohio, vindicated. Richmond, 1848. 8°. 
Thompson (Gilbert). The geography and po- 
litical boundaries of the colonies of Virginia and 
Maryland from the earliest date to... Apr. 19, 
1775. \_lVashington, 1899.] 8 p., I map. 8°. (Soc. 
of Colonial Wars in D. C. Hist, papers, no. i, 

Veech (J.) Mason and Dixon's line: a history, 
including an outline of the boundary controversy 
between Pennsylvania and Virginia. Pittsburg: 
W. S. Haven, 1857. iv, 5S p., i map. 8°. 

Whealton (Louis N.) *The Maryland and Vir- 
ginia boundary controversy (1668-1894). .. Johns 
Hopkins University. [iVe7v York:] A. J. Leon 

[1905]- 55,vip. 8°. 
Bibliography, p. 52-55. 



Boundaries, cont'd. 

Official Publications. 
Virginia. Resolutions and reports of commis- 
sioners on subjects of disputed boundary between 
state of Virginia and Pennsylvania. 1 779-1 780. 
(Hening. Statutes of Va. v. 10, p. 519-536.) 

Correspondence between commissioners of 

Virginia and Maryland relative to boundary line 
between the two states. 4 p. (House jol. Nov. 
sess., 1S24.) 

Olaryland. — Attorney-General. Communica- 
tion from the attorney-general [Josiah Bayley] rela- 
tive to the suit of Maryland against Virginia. An- 
napolis : IVm. M'lVeir, prtr., 1836. 38 p. 8°. 
(Md. Pub. docs. 1855.) 

Copy of a correspondence between Gover- 
nor Thomas of Maryland and Governor Tazewell 
of Virginia, in relation to the unsettled divisional 
boundary lines between the two states. Atmapolis: 
Jeremiah Hughes, prtr., 1835. 24 p. 8°. (Md. 

Doc. no. I, 1835.) 

Report of progress of the survey of the 

sounds lying on the Eastern shore of Virginia, 
Maryland and Delaware. [Annapolis : Wm. 
M'Neir, prtr., 1835] 23 p. 8°. (Md. Pub. 
docs. 1835.) 

Virginia. — Governor. Communication relat- 
ing to Maryland boundary. 1835. 4 p. (H. jol. 
1835. doc. 18.) 

Report of select Com. re boundary be- 
tween Ohio and Va. (H. jol. Dec. sess. 1S46-7. 
p. 228-9.) 

Resolution for appointment of commis- 
sioners to settle boundaries of Virginia, Ohio and 
Kentucky. 1S47. 2 p. (House jol. Dec. 1846. 
doc. 47.) 

Report of select committee on resolutions 

of state of Ohio in reference to boundary between 
Virginia and Ohio. 2 p. (House jol. Dec. 1846. 
doc. 53.) 

Maryland. Communication from governorof 
Maryland to governor of Virginia, Nov. 30, 1852, 
reappointment of commissioners to settle boundary. 
8 p. (Senate journal, Nov. 1852. doc. 2.) 

Maryland. Report of the special committee 
of the House of Delegates of Md. on the bounda- 
ries of the state [i.e., Md.-Va boundary]. «. /.-/. 
5 p. 8°. (Md. House doc. W, 1S60.) 

Report of the special committee of the 

House of Delegates of Maryland on the [Va.] 
boundaries of the state, n. p., n. d. 5 p. 8°. 
(Md. House doc. W, i860.) 

Report of the commissioners upon the 

question of boundary between Maryland and Vir- 
ginia, n. p., n. d. 8 p. 8°. (Md. House doc. 
F, i860.) 

Virginia. Communication from the Governor 
transmitting report of the commissioners on the 
boundary line between Virginia and Maryland. 
Jan. 9, 1S60. 63 p. (Senate Journal. 1859. doc. 

Report of joint commissioners on boundary 

line between Virginia and Tennessee. «. t.-p. 
(App. Va. governor's message, ii, 1859, p. 259-264, 
I map.) 

This app. accompanies the message only as it is printed in 
the documents, viz. pt. i Annual Reports 1859/60. 

Confederate States of America. Resolutions 
of the Congress relative to boundaries of Va. Jan. 
23, 1S62. (Virginia Sen. Jol. Session, 1861. doc. 
19.) 5 p. 

Maryland. Report of the select committee 
to whom was referred the memorial of John de la 
Camp, relating to the maps and survey of the 
boundary line between Maryland and Virginia, 
Annapolis: H. A. Lucas, prtr., 1867. 7 p. 8'. 
(Md. Sen. doc. J, 1867; H. doc. I, 1867.) 

Report of the commissioners to settle and 

adjust the boundary line between the states of Vir- 
ginia and Maryland, appointed Dec. 22, 1870. 
Annapolis : S. S. Mills &-'Z. F. Colton, state prtrs., 
1872. 10 p. 8°. (Md. House doc. U, 1S72.) 

This is really the McDona'd report with the title-page of 
the Commissioners' report affixed and " Doc. V " printed on 
upper margin of title-page. 

McDonald (A. W.) Extract from the report 
of Col. A. \V. McDonald in March, 1S61, to the 
Governor of Virginia, of the result of his mission 
to England to obtain maps and documents relating 
to the boundary line between Virginia and Mary- 
land. Annapolis: S. S. Mills dr' L. F. Colton, 
printers, 1872. 13 p. 8°. (Maryland. House 
doc. W.) 

This is really the report of the commissioners with the title 
page of McDonald's Extract affixed and " Doc. W" printed 
on upper margin of title-page. 

Virginia. Communication from comrs. ap- 
pointed on behalf of this state to adjust and settle 
boundary line between states of Va. and Mary- 
land. 2 p. (House Journal, Session 1870-71. 
doc. 5.) 

Report of committee on progress made by 

commissioners in settlement of boundary line be- 
tween Virginia and Maryland and amount of money 
necessary to be appropriated to conclude a settle- 
ment. (Virginia House Journal, Dec. sess. 187, 
p. 493-494.) 

Maryland. Report of William J. Aydelott, a 
member of the joint committee appointed by the 
General Assembly of Maryland, to adjust and mark 
the Eastern Shore boundary betw-een Maryland and 
Virginia. Annapolis: S. S. Mills, L. F Colton (Sr* 
Co., prtrs., 1872. II p. 8°. (Md. House doc. 
G. 1872.) 
There are two House docs, lettered G. 

Appendi.x to the report of the commission- 
ers on the boundary line between the states of Vir- 
ginia and Maryland. Annapolis: S. S. Mills and 
L. F. Colton, 1872. 6 p. 8°. (Md. House doc. X, 


Virginia. Report of the commissioners on 
boundary lines, between the State of Virginia, and 
the States of Maryland, North Carolina and Ten- 
nessee, read in the Senate, Jan. 17, 1S72. n. t.-p. 
I p.l., 22 p. 8°. (Virginia. Senate.) 

Virginia. Report and accompanying docu- 
ments of the Virginia commissioners appointed to 
ascertain the boundary line between Maryland and 
Virginia. Richmond: R. F. Walker, 1873. 146, 
314 p. 8°. 

Virginia. Final report of the Virginia Com- 
missioners. Richmond: R. F. Walker, prtr., 1874. 
221 p. 4°. 



Boundaries, cont'd. 

Maryland. Report and journal of proceed- 
ings of the joint comrs. to adjust the boundary line 
of the states of Maryland and \^irginia. Author- 
ized by the act of 1S72, ch. 210. Annapolis: S. S. 
Mills and L. F. Colton, prlrs. to the House, 1874. 
344 p. 8°. (Md. House doc. J, 1874; Sen. doc. E, 

Virginia. Communication from the Governor 
announcing the arrival of the commissioners on the 
part of the State of Marj'land to adjust the boundary 
question, and transmitting a communication from 
said commissioners. March 17, 1874. 2 p. (Vir- 
ginia Senate Jol. Jan. sess. 1874. S. doc. 16.) 

Resolutions for settlement boundary line 

between the States of Maryland and Va. (ibid. 
p. 316-317.) 

Maryland. Report and journal of proceed- 
ings of the joint Commissioners to adjust the boun- 
dary line of the states of Maryland and Virginia. 
Annapolis: W. F. Iglehart df Co., printers, 1874. 
344 p. 8". 

Virginia. Communication from auditor of 
public accounts responsive to a House Resolution, 
transmitting statement of all appropriations for ar- 
bitration of boundary line, 1S59-18S9. 4 p. (Vir- 
ginia House Journal, Session 1875-76. Doc. 11.) 

Communication from the Governor trans- 
mitting a letter from the Attorney-General relative 
to the Virginia and Maryland boundary line, Feb. 
15, 1876. (Senate Journal. Dec. session, 1875-6. 
S. doc. 17.1 

Maryland. Correspondence of the Governor 
of Maryland with the Governor of Virginia in re- 
lation to the present difficulties in the waters of the 
Pocomoke. Annapolis : Advertiser Office, 1876. 
32 p. 8°. 

Virginia. Communication from the Gover- 
nor transmitting report of commissioners to arbi- 
trate boundary line between Virginia and Mary- 
land. 61 p. (House Journal, Session 1876-77. 
Doc. 6.) 

Communication from the Governor trans- 
mitting report of commissioners to arbitrate the 
boundary line between Virginia and Maryland, 
Jan. 19, 1877. 61 p. (Senate Journal. Session 
1876-77. S. doc. 12.) 

Communication from the Governor in re- 
lation to compensation to the commission, counsel, 
etc , in the Maryland and Va. boundary line case, 
Feb. 21, 1877. 13 p. (Senate Journal. Session 
1876-77. S. doc. 16.) 

Same. (House Journal, doc. 8.) 

Maryland. Report of Isaac D. Jones upon 
the boundary line award between Maryland and 
Virginia to the Governor of Maryland. A7inapolis: 
Geo. Colton, prtr. to the General Assembly, 1878. 
8 p. 8°. (Md. Sen. Doc. N, 1878.) 

Virginia. Communication from the Governor 
enclosing a communication from E. L. Baker, com- 
missioner, in response to a resolution of the Senate 
asking information as to what progress has been 

made in the matter of ascertaining the boundary 

line between Virginia and West Virginia. Jan. 23, 

1880. 2 p. (Senate Journal. Session 1879-80. 
S. doc. II.) 

Maryland. Report of the commissioner of 
Maryland for surveying and marking the boundary 
line between the states of Maryland and Virginia, 
to the Governor of Maryland, Jan. 16, 1884. An- 
napolis: Jas. Younq, state prtr., 1884. 23 p. 8°. 
(Md. Doc. K., 1884.) 

Virginia, Communication from the Governor 
relating to joint jurisdiction of Virginia and Mary- 
land over waters of Potomac River and Pocomoke 
sound. (Senate Journal, Dec. Sess., 1883-4. p. 

18S4. Communication from the Governor 

in relation to boundary line between Virginia and 
Maryland. 28 p. (Senate Journal, 1883/84, doc. 
37 and H. doc. 14.) 

Communication from the Governor trans- 
mitting report of the Commissioner and engineer 
to settle boundary line between Virginia and Mary- 
land, with statement of expences. 28 p. (House 
Journal. Session, 18S3-4. Dec. 14. Senate Jour- 
nal. Doc. 37.) 

Communication from the Governor enclos- 
ing a letter from the Governor of North Carolina, 
re-appointment of commissioners to mark boun- 
dary line of Virginia and North Carolina, i 1. 
(House Journal Session, 885-86. Doc. 4.) 

Communication from the Governor inclos- 
ing a letter from commissioners to mark the boun- 
dary line between the states of Virginia and North 
Carolina, i p. (Senate Journal, 1885/6, Doc. 

Communication from the Governor trans- 
mitting a communication from Governor of North 
Carolina in relation to boundary line between Vir- 
ginia and North Carolina, i p. (Senate Journal, 
1885/6. Doc. 19.) 

Report from committee on general laws 

and joint resolutions appointing a joint committee 
to confer with a joint committee from Maryland 
Legislature, to establish boundary line between 
Maryland and Virginia. 3 p. (Senate Journal, 
1889/90. Doc. 21.) 

Report of Joint Committee relative to 

boundary line between Virginia and Maryland. 
(House Journal, Dec. Session, 1891, p. 477-478; 
Senate doc. 22.) 

Report of special joint committee on the 

Maryland and Virginia boundary line. 3 p. (Sen- 
ate Journal, 18S3/4. Doc. II.) 

Message from the Governor, transmitting 

report of Commissioners of Virginia and North 
Carolina, appointed to define and mark boundary 
line between county of Mecklenburg in Virginia 
and counties of Warren, Vance, and Granville in 
North Carolina. (Senate Journal, Dec. Sess., 
1895-96; p 499-502.) 

Governor's Message, Feb. 20, 1896, on 

boundary line dispute between Virginia and North 
Carolina, with the report of the commissioners on 
the same. 6 p. (House Journal Sess., 1895-96. 
Doc. 7.) 

1 68 


Boundaries, cont'd. 

Message from the Governor relative to re- 
placing buoys along boundary line between Mary- 
land and Virginia in Tangier and Pocomoke 
Sounds. (House Journal, Uec. Session, 1897. 
p. 493-494.) 

Maryland. Report of the Commissioner 
[T. S. IlodsonJ on the part of Maryland, for the 
re-locating and re-marking of the boundary line 
between Maryland and Virginia, in Tangier and 

Pocomoke Sounds. [Baltimore: Hanzsche dr" C?.,] 
1898. 28 p., I map, I pi. 8°. 

Governor's special message on Virginia and 

Tennessee boundary line. (Sen. JoL, e.\tra sess., 
1901, p. 69; House Jol., same, p. 76-77.) 

United States. — Judiciary, Committee on. 
Report [on resolution ratifying agreement between 
Tennessee and Virginia, with reference to the 
boundary line of said states]. February 19, 1901. 
n.t.-p. ^Washington, 1901.] 3 p. 8°. (56. Cong., 
2. sess., H. rept. , 2910.) 



Cairnes family. A history of the family of 
Cairnes or Cairns and its connections. By H. C. 
Lawlor. London, 1906. 4°. 

CoLONNA (Vittoria). Vittoria Colonna, by Maud 
F. Jerrold. London, 1906. 8°. 

CoppfiE (Fran9ois). Fran9ois Coppee. Bio- 
graphie critique. Par Ernest Gaubert. Paris, 
1906. 12". 

Dewees family. By Mrs. Philip E. LaMunyan. 
Elhvood Roberts, ed. Norristoivn, Pa., 1905. 8°. 

Friedenwald (Aaron). Life, letters, and ad- 
dresses of Aaron Friedenwald, M.D., by his son 
Harry Friedenwald, M.D. Printed for private cir- 
culation. Baltimore, 1906. 8°. 

H.A.ECKEL, his life and work. By Wilhelm 
Boelsche. London, 1906. 8°. 

Hawthorne (Nathaniel). The life and genius 
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Schiff Collection. 



Abbe, Mrs. Robert ... 13 

Amherst of Hackne}^ Lord . i 

Andre, Tony 3 

Argentina, Am. Consul Gen'l. 3 6 

Bemis, Mrs. Elizabeth . . 144 

Bordeau.x, France, The Mayor 5 

British Museum .... 3 
Brooks, Howard K. . . . i 
Century Company (29 prints). 
Charlottenburg, The Biirger- 

meister 3 

Collins, C. A 18 

Congregation Adath Israel . i 
Coolidge, T. Jefferson . . i 

Delteil, Loys i 

Dexter, Henry i 

Draper, Mrs. Henry (6 prints) 20 8 

Du'veen Brothers .... i 
Ecuador, Director General de 

Estadistica 2 

Evening Post 190 

Ferencz, Miklus .... i 
Firenze, Comune di, The 

Mayor i 

Frankfurter Zeitung . . . i 2 

Francisco, M. J i 

French, Mrs. E. D. (14 book- 

Gaebelin, A. C 2 

Green, Dr. S. A 18 

Greener, Richard T. . . . 8 
Hainaut, Belgium, Governor 4 
Hamburg, Stadtbibliothek . 3 3 
Hanley, Eng. , County Bor- 
ough of 13 

Hart, Horace ..... i i 
Harvard, Astronomical Ob- 

Hawaii, Board of Health 

Horton, J. M 

Hospital Book and News Soc. 
Houghton, Clement S. 
Huntington, Mrs. S. V. V. . 
India, Bombay Presidency . 
Internat. Typography Union 
Jersey City, Board of Street 

and Water Comm. . 
Knortz, Prof. Karl . . . 
Lange, Gunnar (7 maps). 
Leicester Assoc, for . . . the 
Blind 17 







2 I 









Lucas, George A 

Maitland, Alexander . 

Methodist Library . . . . 

Mexico, American Ambas- 

Meyer, Charles B 

Michigan State Library . 

Mintz, M 

Moffat, Yard & Co. . . . 

Mount Vernon Ladies Assoc, 
of the Union 

Nardecchia, Dr. Attilo 

National Metal Trades Assoc. 

Netherlands, Bur. Central de 

Nevada, Secretary of State . 

New South Wales, Govt. Sta- 
tistician ...... 

New York City Health Dept. 

New York State, Supreme 
Court — Appellate Div. 

Pennsylvania Inst, for 
struction of the Blind 

Persia, U. S. Minister to 

Rajagopal Naidu, G. . 

Richmond, George H. 

Robinovitch, Dr. Louise 

Root, Elihu .... 

Sandys, Arthur . 

Saward, F. E. 

Shepperson, Alfred B. 

Singer, Dr. Isidor . 

Smith, Mrs. Andrew H. 

Signet Library, Edinburgh 

Stoke-upon-Trent, Eng., Bor 
ough of 

Stuttgart, Handelskammer 

Surrey County Council, 

Transvaal, American Consu 

University of Oregon 

Vermont State Library . 

Wapler, Nicholas . 

Warsaw, Russia, The Mayor 

Weinig, Dr. Bernard . 

White, Alain Campbell . 

Wright, E. M 

Yamaguchi Public Library 

Zionistiche Verein f. Deutsch 







1 1 








4000 2000 
















2 I 9 

Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York City. 

Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Business 

Superintendent, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York. 
Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, i8g7, under Act of July 16, 1894. 






MAX 1907 
ToT^UME XI • Number 5 

Report for April 183-180 

List op Works relating to Folk Songs, Folk Music, Bal- 
lads, ETC 187-226 

Principal Accessions in April 227-231 

Principal Donors in April 232 



William W. Appleton. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. J. Pierpont Morgan. 

John L. Cadwalader. Morgan J. O'Brien. 

Andrew Carnegie. Stephen H. Olin. 

Cleveland II. Dodge. Alexander E. Orr. 

John Murphy Farley. Henry C. Potter. 

Samuel Greenhaum. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Charles Rowland Russell. 

John S. Kennedy. Edward W. Sheldon. 

Edward King. George W. Smith. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. Frederick Sturges. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Merman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street. 


Lafayette Street, 425. (AsTOR.) Fifth Avenue, Sqo. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 33. (Chatham Square.) 

East Bro.'^dway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

RiviNGTON Street, 61. 

Le Roy Street, 66. (Hudson Park.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

Sth Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer,) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near Sth Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (Muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 W^est. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

SSth Street, 121 East. Near Le.xington Avenue. 

67th Street, 32S East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

Sist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (St. Agnes. Blind Library.) 

96th Street, 112 East. P>etween Lexington and Park Avenues. 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 

145th Street, 503 West. (Hamilton Grange.) 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 321 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (Tremont.) 
230th Street. 3041 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. XI. 

May, 1907. 

No. 5. 


Reference Department. 

During the month of April there were received at the Library by purchase, 
2,578 volumes and 649 pamphlets; by gift, 1,287 volumes and 2,723 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 199 volumes and 9,562 pamphlets, making a total of 4,064 vol- 
umes and 11,934 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 3,579 volumes and 2,098 pamphlets; the number of cards 
written was 10,836, and of slips for the copying machine 2,507 ; from the latter were 
received 9,490 cards. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox during the month: 







No. of readers and visitors 













No. of readers 

No. of readers, desk applicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk ap- 

Daily average of readers 

No. of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc. 


Circulation Department. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-liction) : Ibsen's Plays, 
Benson's " Upton Letters," Van Dyke's " Studies in Pictures"; (adult fiction): 
Chambers's "Fighting Chance," Mason's " Running Water, " Nicholson's " Port 
of Missing Men"; (juvenile fiction): Lang's Fairy Books, Barbour's " On Your 
Mark," Aldrich's " Story of a Bad Boy." 


1 84 



East Broadway, 33 

East Broadway, 197 

Rivington Street, 61 

Le Roy Street, 66 

Bond Street, 49 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue 

loth Street, 331 East 

13th Street, 251 West 

22d Street, 230 East 

23d Street, 209 West 

34th Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

42d Street, 226 West 

50th Street, 123 East 

51st Street, 463 West 

59th Street, 113 East 

67th Street, 328 East 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. 

Travelling Libraries 

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A 

79th Street, 222 East 

8ist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue . 

Blind Library 

96th Street, 112 East 

looth Street, 206 West 

iioth Street, 174 East 

123d Street, 32 West 

125th Street, 224 East 

135th Street, 103 West 

145th Street, 503 West 

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. 

140th Street and Alexander Avenue. . . 
176th Street and Washington Avenue. 
Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933 


Port Richmond 














































































readers in reading 






























Among the gifts received during the month may be mentioned those from: 
Francis R. Abbott, "Studies in plant and organic chemistry," by Helen Abbott 
Michael, with biographical sketch, Cambridge, 1907; from the city of Bergen, 
12 volumes, city documents; from Charles Edward Cheney, a copy of his "The 
second Norman conquest," Chicago, 1907; from the East Africa Protectorate, a 
copy of the " Handbook for East Africa, Uganda and Zanzibar," 1907; from John 
Henry Hill, 9 prints, including 6 etchings and 2 mezzotints by himself; from Her- 
man Hollerith, a collection of reports, 95 volumes and 35 pamphlets, relating to 
the first general census of the population of Russia, 1897; from the Secretary of 
State, Iowa, 15 volumes and 2 pamphlets, Iowa documents; from Hall N. Jackson, 
18 volumes, the Cincinnati Weekly Times, and the Weekly Star; from the Central 
Committee of the Jewish Colonization Association, St. Petersburg, 4 volumes, 24 
pamphlets, and a number of broadsides, including the reports of the committee, 
pamphlets in the Russian and Hebrew languages relating to emigration, etc. ; from 
Dr. George Wilds Linn, a copy of his " History of a fragment of the Clan Linn," 
1907; from Prof. Diocleziano Mancini, his translation of "Dal Canzoniere di 
Beranger," Terni, 1907; from L. N. Mandelstein, no volumes in Russian, Hebrew, 
and German; from A. R. Mander, 3 volumes and 3 pamphlets, theosophical works; 
from Prof. D.Panajotov, 7 pamphlets, including "Kniga o Yevreyima . . . par S. A." ; 
from David C. Preyer, a copy of "Whistler, notes and footnotes and other memo- 
randa," by A. E. Gallatin, New York, 1907; from J. D. Smillie, 131 engravings by 
R. Hinshehvood, comprising 136 plates; from J. W. Smith, 4 volumes of "The 
Mentor," a magazine relating to the blind; and from Sir Charles E. Howard Vin- 
cent, a copy of his "The police code and general manual of the criminal law," 14th 
ed., London, 1907. 

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
circulation branches were as follows: East Broadway, Birthdays of celebrated 
men and women, Edward Everett Hale, Out of door books, Washington Irving; 
RiviNGTON Street, Cuba; Bond Street, Flowers, Polarized light. Mediaeval Japan, 
Picturesque New Zealand, American composers, Wireless telegraphy ; Hudson Park, 
City of Washington, Cowboy life, Southern California, Home Culture, Indians; 
Ottendorfer, Japan, Wild animals of Africa; Tompkins Square, Gardening, House 
and home; Muhlenberg, Bismarck, Gladstone, Modern Government, Song and song 
writers; 34TH Street, Geography of North America; George Bruce, Old time 
gardens; Sacred Heart, Shakespeare; 67TH Street, Gardeners' books; Riverside, 
Country homes, Play hour, Telephone and engineering; Yorkville, First aid to 
injured. Nature stories; St. Agnes, Sea tales. Famous pictures. Peace conference; 
96TH Street, Printing, Ancient Egypt, Trial by jury. Great Charter, Wallace and 
Bruce, Hundred years' war, Chaucer and Caxton, Discovery of Gold in California 
and Alaska, New York State Government, Causes of American Revolution, Japan, 
Robert E. Lee, Debtors' prisons; Bloomingdale, Candy country. Birds' nests, 
Celebrated paintings; Aguilar, Porto Rico, The Bermudas, Jamaica, Colorado, 
Austrian Tyrol, Turkey, Cuba, Chili, Peru, Antarctic region, Consumption ; 125TH 
Street, West Indies, Concord and Lexington, Gardening, Surveying; 135TH Street, 
Nature study. School stories; Mott Haven, Benjamin Franklin ; Tremont, Ancient 
Egypt, Pyramids, Animals of Africa, Bird notes, Edgar Allan Poe, Gardening, 


History of settlement work, Japan, New York Aquarium, Suez Canal, The coming 
people; Port Richmond, Books for girls, Outdoors in April; Tottenville, The 

In addition there were bulletins on Arbor Day at eleven branches, on Spring 
at seven branches, on Jamestown Exposition at seven branches, on new books at 
seven branches, on birds at three branches, on Panama Canal at two branches, and 
on astronomy at two branches. 

At the Lenox Branch, the exhibition of American engravings was continued. 
The exhibition of etchings by the late Dr. L. M.Yale was open until the 13th April, 
and was replaced on the 15th by an exhibition of bookplates and other engravings 
by the late E. D. French. 

At the AsTOR Branch, Martin's " Oriental carpets " remained on view during 
the month. On the 6th of April Champier's " Les anciens almanachs de Paris " 
were replaced by a collection of American etchings, lithographs and engravings, 
and by Robert Shaw's Etchings of historic spots. 

The new building for the 59TH Street Branch of the library (henceforth to be 
called the 58TH Street Branch) was formally opened on Friday, May 10, at 4.30 p.m. 
This building, which is situated at 121 East 58th Street, is noteworthy for the width 
of its front — 65 feet — and the fact that it has separate entrances for children and 
adults. The branch occupying this building was formerly one of the branches of 
the Aguilar Free Library, and from February, 1898, until its consolidation with the 
New -York Public Library on March i, 1903, it served also as the headquarters 
of the Aguilar Library. At the opening exercises the City was represented by the 
Hon. Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, and the trustees 
by Dr. Billings, Director of the library. 

Music was furnished by the Palley String Quartet, and by Mrs. Speke-Seeley. 


Order of Arrangement : 


General Works. 

General Collections. 
Songs of various nations. 


Aubry (Pierre). Esquisse d'une bibliographic 
de la chanson populaire en Europe. Paris: A. 
Record 6^ Fils, 1905. 37 p., i 1. 4°- (Essais de 
musicologie comparee.) 

Esquisse d'une bibliographie de la chanson 

populaire hors de France. (La Revue musicale, 
V. 5, no. 5, pp. 131-142. Paris, 1905.) 

Crai^ford (26. earl) and Balcarres (9. earl), 
James Lodovic Lindsay. Early bindings, broad- 
sides, proclamations and ballads, exhibited by the 
Earl of Crawford at the soiree of the Society of 
Antiquaries, 23d June, 1886. [London, 1886.] 

2 p.l., 3-8 p. 12°. 

Engel (Karl). The literature of national 
music. London: Novello, Eiuer &^ Co., 1879. 

3 p.l., 108 p. 8°. 

Harvard University Library. Catalogue of 
English and American chap-books and broad- 
side ballads in Harvard College Library. Cam- 
bridge: Library of Harvard University, 1905. 

Miller (George Morey). Bibliography. (In 
his: The dramatic element in the popular ballad. 
Cincinnati, 0., I905. 8°. p. 57-59.) 

Neivton (T. U.) Catalogue of old ballads in 
the possession of Frederic Ouvry. London, iSjj. 

Sedgwick (William Ellery). Catalogue of the 
library of the late W. E. Sedgwick. , .an extraordi- 
nary collection of books of ballads and songs. . . 
sold at auction at the Clinton Hall sale rooms. , . 
Mar. 27 and 28. N'ew York: Leavitt, 1877. 68 p. 

Society of Antiquaries of London. Catalogue 
of a collection of printed broadsides in the posses- 
sion of the society, compiled by R. Lamon. xi (i) 
228 p. ill. London: The Society, 1866. 4°. 

General Works. 

Bach-Sisley (Jean). L'evolution de la chan- 
son. (Rev. de France. Annce 3, pp. 1030-1044; 
1 1 23-1 1 33; II 86-11 96. Paris, 1898.) 

Boeckel (Otto). Psychologic der Volksdich- 
tung. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1906. i p.l., iii-v 
(1)432 p. 8°. 

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upon classical music. (Intcrnat. Quar. v. 7, 
pp. 32-44. Burlingto7i, Vt., 1903.) 

Engel (Karl). An introduction to the study of 
national music. London: Longmans, 1866. x (i), 
435 p. 8°. 

Musical myths and facts. London: No- 
vello, Eioer ^Co., 1876. 2 v. 8°. 

Eschelbach (Hans). Rettet das Volkslied. 
Titelillustration von Aloys Sieberath. Berlin: Ball 
(S^ Pickardt, 1901. 30 p. 8°. 

Fitz-gerald (S. J. A.) Stories of famous 
songs. London : J. C. ISlimmo, 1898. xviii, 
426 p. 8°. 

Folk Song Society. Annual report. June, 
1905. London, 1905. 12°. 

Journal, v. i-date. (T899-date.) \_London, 

1899-date.l 8°. 

Gummere (F. B.) Primitive poetry and the 
ballad. (Modern Philol. v. i, pp. 193-202. Chi- 
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1 88 


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See Abyssinian, Arabic, Negro, Tuareg. 



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See Indian (American), Spanish-American, United 



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I go 


Armenian, confd. 

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See also Bohemian, German, Hungarian, 

Moravian, and Swiss. 

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See Arabic above. 


See also Flemish and \^ aXloon belozu. 

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Bohemian, cont'd. 

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Brasilian Indian. 
See Indian (American). 


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Danish, cont'd. 

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See also Danmarks gamle Folke- 
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No music. 

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See Arabic above. 


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Answer (An) at large to a most heretical!, 
trayterous, and papisticall byll, in English verse, 
which was cast abrode in the streetes of Northam- 
ton, and brought before the judges at the last 
assizes there. 1570. Lmprinted at London by J. 
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£^Son,\'i%\. 25 p. 8°. 

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[song] ... in Clari or The Maid of Milan. Com- 
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Bishop. [Voice and piano ace] Philadelphia: 
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Home, sweet home, song, composed by 

H. R. Bishop. [Voice with piano ace] San Fran- 
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Engllsh, cont'd. 

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Popular music of the olden time; a collec- 
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See also Roxburghe Ballads, [under Ballad 


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Another copy. 

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[Collection (A) of ballads ; broadsides mounted 
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troductions historical, critical, or humorous. [By 
A. Philips.] Illustrated with copper plates. Z(7«- 
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Collection (A) of right merrie garlands for 
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Consists of "The Fisher's Garland " for 1821-45, with 
other pieces separately paged and a collective title-page. 

A^ezvcastle-on-Tyne: G. Rutland, i?>b^. 

XV, 312 p. 8°. 1. p. 

50 nos. of " The Fisher's Garland," 1820-1864, with a 
memorial to Izaak Walton, etc. 

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Collection (A) of songs- \London? 1775?] 
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EnglisJi, cont'd. 

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Curiosities of street literature : comprising 
" cocks, "'or " catchpennies ". . .street drolleries. . . 
broadsides on the royal family. . .street political 
papers; "Ballads on a subject"; dying speeches 
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Epistolary (An) letter from T H 

to Sir H.... S.... e; who saved his life, and 
desired him to send over all the rarities he could 
find in his travels. Printed at Dublin and Re- 
printed at London for T. Payne. .1729. London: 
Reprinted by E. A. B. Mordaunt, 1904. 7 p. 2. ed. 

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dotes, poems, songs, &c., with the curious Will of 
Mr. Day, never before printed. Totham: C.Clark's, 
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Printed on one side of the leaf only. 

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See also Robin Hood. 



English, cont'd. 

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Complete in 2 v. 

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Narrative of the miraculous cure of Anne 

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English, cont'd. 
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Above is the ^cover title for the individual works noted 

V. I. Old ballads from early printed copies. Ed. by J. P. 
Songs and ballads relative to the London prentices. 

Ed. by C. Mackay. 
Historical songs of Ireland. Ed. by T. C. Croker. 
Pain and sorrow of evil marriage. Ed. by J. P. 

The King and a poor northern man. Ed. by J. P. 
V. 2. A selection from the minor poems of Lydgate. Ed. by 
J.O. Halliwell. 
Early naval ballads of England. Ed. by. J. O. Halli- 
A search for money, by William Rowley. Ed. by J. P. 

The mad pranks and merry jests of Robin Goodfellow. 
Ed. by J. P. Collier. 
V, 3. Political ballads published in England during the Com- 
monwealth. Ed. by T. Wright. 
Strange histories, by Thomas Deloney. Ed. by J. P. 

A marriage triumph, by Thomas Heywood. Ed. by 

J. P. Collier. 
The history of Patient Grissel. Ed. by J. P. Collier. 
V. 4. Specimens of ;iyric poetry. Temp. Edw. I. Ed. by 
T. Wright. 
The boke of curtasye. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 
Specimens of old Christmas carols. Ed. by T. Wright, 
The nursery rhymes of England. Ed. by J. O. Halli- 




Kind-Heart's dream, by Henry Chettle. 

by E. F. Rirabault. 
A knight's conjuring, by Thomas Dekker. 1607. Ed. 

by E. F. Rirabault. 
The meeting of gallants at an ordinarie. 1604. Ed. 

by Halliwell. 
The two angry women of Abingdon, by H. Porter. 

1599. Ed. by the Rev. A. Dyce. 

V. 12. 
V. 13. 

v. la. 

V. 19, 

Ancient poetical tracts of the sixteenth century. Ed. 

by E. F. Rimbault. 
Cock Lorell's bote. Ed. by E F. Rimbault. 
The crown garland of golden roses. Ed. by W. Chap- 
FoUie's anatomy, by Henry Hutton. Ed. by E. F, 

Poems by Sir Henry Wotton. Ed. by the Rev. A. 

The harmony of birds. Ed. by J. P. Collier. 
A paraphrase on the Seven Penitential Psalms in 
English verse. Ed. by W. H. Black. 

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A Kerry pastoral. Ed. by T. C. Croker. 

A selection of Latin stories. Ed. by T. Wright. 

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James Thomson. Ed. by P. Cunningham. 

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Old ballads illustrating the great frost of 1683-4. Ed. 
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The owl and the nightingale. Ed. by T. Wright. 

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St. Brandan, A legend of the sea. Ed. by T. Wright. 

The romance of the Emperor Octavian. Ed. by J. O. 

Friar Bakon's prophesie. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 

Poetical miscellanies. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 

The crown garland of golden roses. Part 2. Ed. by 
W. Chappell. 

The Seven Sages, with an introductory essay. Ed. by 
J. O. HalHwell. 

The Romance of Syr Tryamoure. Ed. by J. O. Halli- 

Scottish traditional versions of ancient ballads. Ed. by 
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Ancient poems, ballads, and songs. Ed. by J. H. 

The pastime of pleasure, by Stephen Hawes. 

The civic garland. Ed. by F. W. Fairholt. 

Life and martyrdom of Thomas Becket. Ed. by J. H. 

Barnfield's Affectionate Shepherd. Ed. by J. O. 

Dialogue on wit and folly. Ed. by F. W. Fairholt. 

Proverbs and popular sayings. Ed. by M. A. Den- 

Song of Lady Bessy. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 

Popular songs illustrative of the French invasions of 
Ireland. In four parts. Edited by T. Crofton 

The Cytezen and Uplondysham. Ed. by F. W. Fair- 

An interlude of the four elements. Ed. by J. O. 

Interlude of the disobedient child. Ed. by J. O. 

The autobiography of Mary, Countess of ^\a^wlck. 
Ed. by T. C. Croker. 

Westward for smelts. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 
, Songs and carols of the fifteenth century. Ed. by T. 
Festive songs of the sixteenth and seventeenth cen- 
turies. Ed. by W. Sandys. 

Popular English histories. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 


English, cont'd. 
V. 24. Chaucer's Canterbury tales. Volume the first. Ed. 
by Thomas Wright. 

V 25. The Canterbury tales of Chaucer, v. 2. Ed. by T. 


V 26 The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer, v. 3. Ed. by 

T. Wright. 
V. 27. Beleeve as you list. Ed. by T. C. Croker. 

Satirical songs and poems on costume. Ed. by 

F. W. Fairholt. 
V. 28. An Anglo-Sa.\on passion of Saint George. Ed. by the 

Rev. C. Hardwick. 
A poem on the time of Edward II. Ed. by the Rev. 

C. Hardwick. < , rv 

The poems of William de Shoreham. Ed. by 1. 

The triall of treasure. Ed. by J. O. Halhwell. 

V 2Q Notices of fugitive tracts and Chap-books. Ed. by 

J. O. Halllwell. 
The man in themoone. Ed. by J. O. Halhwell. 
The use of dice-play. Ed. by J. O. Halhwell. 
The loyal garland. Ed. by J. O. Halllwell. 
Poems and songs on the assassination of the Duke of 

Buckingham. Ed. by F. W. Fairholt. 
V. 30. The garland of good will. Ed. by J. H. Dixon. 

Britannia's Pastorals; a third book. Ed. by T. Crof- 

ton Croker. 
John Bon and Mast Person; a dialogue in verse. Ed. 

byW. H. Black. 

Philips (A.) See CvOUection of old ballads. 

Pictorial penny balladist. London: J. C. 
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Published in weekly numbers, no title-pages. 

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Pieces of ancient popular poetry : from 

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See also Lytell geste of Robin Hode; 

Robin Hood. 

Roberts (John S.) The legendary ballads of 
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(Chandos classics.) 

Robin Hood: a collection of all the ancient 
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that celebrated English outlaw: to which are pre- 
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Joseph Ritson]. n. p., n. d. iv, 112 pp. 8°. 

London: C. Stocking, 1823. x, Ixxiv, 

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See also Historical anecdotes; Lytell 

geste of Robin Hode. 

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Rondelay; or, The New Syren; a collection 
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Title-page and pp. i-x missing. 

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n.p., n. d. 488 p. 8°. 

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modelled, and original, founded on well known 
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[Sir John Barleycorn.] Zwei unbekannte Fas- 
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Six ballads with burdens. From .. 
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Edited by J. 
Goodwin. London: Percy Society, 1844. xii, 15 p. 



English, cont'd. 

Skylark (The): containing a. . .collection of 
...English songs.. .to which are added... II a 
new and correct list of all the Freemason's lodges 
in Europe; with the time of their institution and 
days of meeting. III. the art of swimming, diving 
and floating; by which any person may learn to 
swim without further instruction. IV. a concise 
account of all sorts of river and pond fish, the best 
baits... V. rules and laws to be observed at the 
game of cricket, as settled at the most respectable 
meetings. London : T. Evans, ill'i. sq. 32°. 

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Towneley (The) mss. English Jacobite bal- 
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French, cont'd. 
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With music. 

Contents : v. i. Chants guerriers et patriotiques, chansons 
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lesques et satiriques ; v. 3. Chansons choises, romances, rondes 
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sm. sq. f. 

Les voix de Paris, essai d'une histoire lit- 

teraire et musicale des cris populaires de la capi- 
tale. . .et suivi de les cris de Paris; grande sym- 
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French, cont'd. 

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Series continued, irregularly, in later issues. 

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The additional air anne.xed, with music. " Les Plaisirs du 

Vieilles chansons patoises du Perigord (avec 
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Twelve old French songs, together with 

pianoforte accompaniment by Weckerlin. Selected 
and translated by G. L. Osgood. Boston: G. 
Schirmer, jr., 1903. 41 p. 4°. 



French, cont'd. 

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See also Irish, Scotch. 

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Gaelic and English te.\t. 

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German, cont'd. 
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German, cont'd. 
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Alphabetical list of titles, with notes. 

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German, cont'd. 

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[My heart is sad. Den lieben langen Tag. Ger- 
man Folksong, arranged for voice and piano.] 
Boston: O. Ditson Co., cop. 1859. 5 p. f°. (Ger- 
mania, New vocal gems from the German. Eminent 

German and English words. 

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Reprint: Geiger's Zeitschrift fiir die Geschichte der Juden 
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120 ein- und zvveistimmige Volkslieder fiir 

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